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Are you following the FirePath?It's time to take the non-traditional route.



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Newsletter August

Promoting an Eclectic Librarianship in Rural Appalachia Are You Following the FirePath? . . .
It is time to take the non-traditional route.
There is a severe educational and informational deficit in Appalachia. Over twenty million people live in Appalachia; the cultural region covering mostly mountainous and often isolated areas and in which all of West Virginia is contained. Thirty percent of adults in Appalachia are considered functionally illiterate. In the central part of the region, only 68% of the children graduate from high school. According to recent Census figures, Appalachians living in poverty have increased to an overall total of 13.3 million. In my little town locally, 60% of adults between the ages of 35 and 40 did not graduate high school. These people travel very long distances to mediocre paying jobs and have a yearly income of around $30,000.00. Sound familiar? Librarians living in this region are knowledgeable of the brutal land speculation, unequal labor policies, poor state-wide investments, political hierarchies, bypassed communities not considered “growth centers,” limited employment opportunities, prejudice and disconnectedness, and illiteracy. For this reason, the objective of „The Settlement Library Project‟ is to empower and connect local residents through education and information access to help repel these continued practices. What is your objective? Through community participation in decision-making, marketing and the endurance of local history and genealogy via local archiving, your library can offer rural communities in the Appalachia region – separated from larger metropolitan areas which foster traditional library services – an opportunity to establish non-traditional libraries designed to provide programs, links to services and educational development while striving

It is my hope that you will find the content of this newsletter helpful as you strive to serve your community and embed your library into its DNA. Please share what you like with others by sharing this newsletter with a friend. Thank you.

“We must stay true to our core roles while discarding practices and concepts that no longer serve our interests or those of our customers.” Stephen Abram


toward the retention of the historical quality and personality of the residents of the community. Because your library’s business is people. Not every community requires a full-service institution. For those communities separated by distance or economic difficulties, your rural library should secure a sense of community identity, individual intellectual freedom, information access and constitutional representative republic ideals to help lead your area residents into becoming better informed, more educated and knowledgeable citizens. But what can your library do? It‟s easier than you think to customize your programs and services to address the educational and informational deficits and social needs of your community. Just promote cooperative partnering between private individuals and public agencies, and secure an emotional link through the preservation of local historical customs and culture. So follow the Firepath in your community and serve up nontraditional library practices and services. Become your community‟s trusted neighborhood think-tank, equitable source for civic thinking and clearinghouse for community-wide resources. Because a library with strong support is a successful library.

Have you “created” your career? Do you understand how to develop your professional skills to enhance your “physical” resume? How you feel about yourself affects how others perceive you . . .

Non Traditional Librarianship for Non Traditional Librarians Non Traditional Jobs for Special Librarians Straight From the Stacks: Non Traditional Librarianship

IN THIS ISSUE Taking the Non-Traditional Route No Librarian Left Behind: Personal Branding Aspire For Success

Check out this link to see if you qualify! Special Libraries

Brand or be Branded: Do You Brand Yourself? . . .
Expose your genius.

“You are much better off connecting people, helping them find one another, than on

Do you know that other people think about you? What they perceive as your talents and your weaknesses? How they think you fit into the professional venue? Do you know how your coworkers and public perceive your value both personally and in the library setting? Your personal image and experience are messages you toss out into the public eye every day. Those messages are received, understood - or misunderstood - and internalized for the positive or the negative whether you like it or not. How do you explain who you are and what you do? Does your personal image express your value? Does it enhance the public‟s relationship with your library? A Personal Brand should be just as relevant, distinct and memorable as any business brand. Depending on your circumstances, your brand should stand for something, be authentic and uniquely yours. And, it should spillover into your corner librarianship in a positive way. Understanding how you are perceived by your coworkers and your public can help you improve your value and promote the value you are already delivering. Take an interest in how you and your library. are perceived and you‟ll learn how to better market yourself Simple Win #1: People are looking at you and making up their mind about your library solely upon how you present yourself to the public. Personal Branding is not so much what you say about yourself, but what others understand about you. So dress for success, always see yourself as the professional, and behave yourself at all times. If your personal brand is memorable, your library will be also! . Simple Win #2: There is an old adage that people buy from people, and it is just as true in librarianship when dealing with your public. People connect with people, not institutions. So network, network, network including professional associations, general groups, faith-based organizations, social networks, online networks and more! Create a product out of yourself! Simple Win #3: Some say it is better to deliver a knock-out experience for one rather than a mediocre experience for ten. Truth is that one

capturing material.” Larry Prusak

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A 'Settlement Library' is a social enterprise and symbolic site of collective

fantastic experience will deliver more for you and your library by cementing your name, your reputation and your library in the public‟s eye. A positive personal and professional brand will attract coworkers and customers. It can make you irreplaceable and your library essential. So deliver the goods! An effective Personal Brand comes into play when you can align what you say with what you are. That is when you have a strong, integrated brand that people can connect with. A successful Personal Brand is one which promotes a relationship and emits positive emotions in others. So expose your genius: It’s what makes you and your library special and unique.

memory for each individual rural community it serves. A 'Settlement Library' encourages individual learning and self-mastery as a way to address change personally, socially, environmentally, and politically. A „Settlement Library‟ is a trusted neighborhood think-tank, equitable source for civic thinking, and clearinghouse for community-wide resources.

Do You Have a Brand Called “You?” . . .
What makes you unique makes you successful.
"Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You" Tom Peters. Personal Branding is all about identifying and communicating what makes you unique and relevant and differentiated for your target audience so that you can reach your career and/or business goals. If you understand your strengths, skills, passions and values you can use this information to separate yourself from your competitors and really stand out. When you navigate a career change, job search, or a business launch with your unique brand, you‟re working from a position of power. Let Aspire help you fulfill your career ambition and make your library card the most important card in your public‟s wallet.

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Housekeeping Tricks of the Trade . . .
For the rural librarian, funds may be scarce for housekeeping. Here are some easy solutions to everyday problems in the library that won‟t break the bank.

“People are not viewed as indispensable based on the function they perform but on the value they deliver.” Janice R. LaChance

You Should Be Cleaning Your Heating System!
If you have a forced-air system, change or wash the air filters regularly. A dirty filter can A furnace should be properly maintained. Consider a service contract which includes an

prevent proper air flow. Make sure the filter fits. It should occupy the entire filter cavity and prevent air from bypassing it. Vacuum the outside of the furnace or heat pump once every month or so. If you have radiators, clean them regularly to keep them at their optimal operating efficiency.

annual inspection of your furnace. The technician should check electrical connections and wiring and gas piping for deterioration and leaks. Despite the improved efficiency and comfort of most new furnaces, it is generally more cost-effective to repair a furnace than to replace it. The average furnace typically lasts about 18 years.

THE JOKE A man walks into a Glasgow library and says to the librarian, "Excuse me Miss, do ye huvany books on suicide?" The librarian looks up and says, "Get lost! Ye'll no bring it back!"

THE WORD “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man,if he shall gain the whole world,and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:34-36


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