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The board has replaced our management company agent. Our new agents are Tammy Hall and Matt Hema. Please look for their contact information at the bottom of this newsletter. If you live in a 14-plex that has garage door damage and have knowledge about whom the responsible party for the damage is, please report this information either to the board or the management company as soon as possible.
Reconstruction Experts (RE) has begun redoing the patios with multi-coat surfaces. They have completed building 1629 and have begun work on building 1631. During this time, all personal items should be removed from those decks AND OWNERS SHOULD AVOID WALKING ACROSS THE PATIOS ON THE DAY(S) THEIR PATIO IS RESURFACED. The next buildings are 1630 followed by 1638 and 1646. RE predicts that each remaining building will take between 14 and 19 working days. Continue to look for updates to this schedule in the newsletter as well as on the community blog. If you have questions and need to contact RE, please feel free to contact Jacquelyn Wayne at 303-783-2562 (office) or 303-895-0560 (cell). Please do NOT use the contractor’s debris boxes. These are for construction debris only and not resident’s disposal. The Amendments to the Bylaws and Declarations did not pass. A questionnaire was mailed to all home owners to see what the majority of home owners wished to have in the bylaws and declarations the results are: • To re-include and modify the Pet Restrictions: 64 votes Yes, 31 votes No. • To place the Rental Cap at 35%: 52 votes; at 40% 38 votes • To re-include the Assessment Cap: 90 vote Yes, 7 votes No • To place the Quorum at 20%: 75 votes; at 10%: 21 votes The board is in the process of having all duplexes and 4 of the 14-plexes painted this summer. Those getting their decks redone will likely be postponed for at least another year or as the funds become available. All units will be notified when their buildings are to be painted. Railings will also be painted. Please report any issues to the management company.

Sprinklers:  If  you  see  leaking  sprinkler  heads  or  heads  facing  random  directions,  please  report  these  to  Matt  or  Tammy  at  the  management  company  so  we  can  get  them  fixed  immediately  and  keep our water bills down.  Garage Cleaning – The board has looked into companies to clean garages and has only been able to come up with the company hired last time. At that time everyone complained. Therefore several board members suggested that each building organize a day for everyone to clean their own space and have a picnic afterwards. The expense for the 14 unit garages has already exceeded the 2009 budget with several garage doors being repaired and one replaced.

Please do not use our dumpsters for large items. Consider calling ARC to donate these items, or please take them to the dump yourself. Disposal of large items costs the association a lot of money each year, so please don’t do it.
Attention dog owners: If you live in Lakewood Vista, you are REQUIRED to clean up after your dogs. If you are caught and turned into the association by a neighbor who sees you not cleaning up after your dogs, you will face fines for violation. Also, dogs are NOT allowed in the pool area.

Our community pool is open. Please follow the rules posted at the pool. If you need a key, please contact Sam Carrasco. Additionally, Sam is providing nightly security for our pool, please report any late night visitor issues to him at 303-999-0562. If you have not seen the issue resolved in 15 minutes, please proceed to contact Lakewood Police at 303-987-7111. The pool will be closing Labor Day Weekend!

All  grills  should  be  removed  from  the  premises  ASAP.  As  the  management  company  walks  through the  premises  on Monday,  August  24th at  5:30pm, all residents with illegally  placed  grills  will  be  issued  citations.  Additionally,  as  stated  before,  these  grills  are  prohibited  by  West Metro Fire Department and can result in fines up to $999, as well as up to 6 months in  jail.     Graffiti Hotline – 303-987-7187 Non Emergency Police – 303-987-7111; Poison Control Center – 1-800-222-1222 Animal Control 303-987-7173 West Metro Fire Non-Emergency – 303-989-4307 Board of Directors
Billie Price, President [email protected] Ralph Buckwalter, VP Carol Baca, Secretary Sam Carrasco, Treasurer Charlie Loan, member


Property Management Co.
Maximum Property Management 2851 S. Parker Rd., #840 Aurora, CO 80014 Tammy Hall or Matt Hema, managers 303-369-0800 ext 1004 (Tammy) OR ext 1005(Matt) [email protected] [email protected]

HOA Meetings
2 Thursday of each month 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse

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