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Greetings from BWCC, August is around the corner, so take a look at some of our fun upcoming events in the August newsletter!








August 2014


An Epistle from Ed
By Ed Cadwallader, Pastor

Just as we eat three meals a day to sustain our physical bodies and health, we must also feast on God’s
word daily to sustain our souls. If we don’t we are in danger of losing our spiritual way. We are told,
in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” It is possible to lose your way
because of not caring enough to read and study God’s instruction book on how to find and remain on a
pathway to our God.
The Apostle Paul assures us that people will become lost, in 2 Thessalonians 2:10,“Because they did
not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” Darkness wants to distract us with the
cares and deceits of this world. It truly does not want us to read and study our Bibles – ever. It knows
that we become weak and vulnerable when we fail to read and nourish ourselves on the Word of
God. Our only defense is a shield of faith. How should we obtain that shield of faith to protect
us? Again, Paul points out, in Romans 10:17,“So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word
of God.” The more we study the word of God the stronger our faith will tend to be - if we want to
protect ourselves against darkness we must struggle to continually strengthen our faith. What happens
when we fail to study God’s word and eventually become spiritually starved? Second Peter 3:16
points out that those who are “untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also
the rest of the scriptures.” We cannot understand God’s word unless we study it! Because of this
Jesus, himself, stated, in Matthew 15:14,“They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the
blind, both will fall into a ditch.”
As the summer leads to the autumn we will be restarting our adult Sunday School programming. We
have had a lot of fun in sharing and learning the meaning(s) in scripture as well as the tools enclosed
there that aid us so greatly! To help fend off wandering around in spiritual darkness, let’s study God’s
word TOGETHER! Let’s not endanger ourselves through a lack of studying our God’s word. Let’s
take time to study it – together, in groups, ourselves - daily.
Think about it...
Yard Games Day
By Joe Bayer, Worship Committee

The Outreach Committee is planning a “YARD GAMES” day in the church ball
field on Sunday August 17
from 1:00-3:00 P.M. Get outside and participate in
some old favorite backyard games or try a new one. This fun event is sure to
delight family and friends! Yard games delivers hours of entertainment for kids
of all ages, even kids at heart. Bring a friend as yard games are perfect for
bringing the community together.
Coffee Hour Lite
By Jane Siefers, Hospitality Committee

Just a reminder that Hospitality will not be hosting any lunches after church in July or August. We are
encouraging the summer hosts to “keep it light” with just a simple snack and some beverages. Please
consider signing up to host a coffee hour this summer. Thanks for your help!
The Return of Reverend Ing!
By Sue Bayer, Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is delighted to announce that the Reverend Ingrid
Kalchthaler- ordained minister, youth services librarian, and stand-up comedian-
will return to the pulpit at Bradford Woods church! Rev Ing is scheduled to
deliver the message on the morning of Aug. 31 while Pastor Ed is on vacation. If
you missed hearing Rev Ingrid in July, then make it a point to find a spot in the
pew to hear the uplifting message of this talented, engaging speaker!
We Are The Champions Of Softball
By Bob Doak

What a day! What a year! What a season!
Congratulations to all of us for a job well done. We were not going to be denied this year. We
played so well over this past weekend and won (4) straight to claim our first ICC League
Championship since 2005, when we won 3 in a row in 2003, 2004 and 2005. We will need to add
shelves in our Church library at BWCC to make room for this year's First Place Trophy! All are invited to come to our
church any Sunday to look at all of the trophies collected over the years.
Saturday's scores were:14-4 in 8 innings over Memorial Park, WIN; 18-16 over St. Ferdinand White, WIN.
Sunday's games: Winner's Bracket Final 9-3 over St. Kilian Green, WIN; Championship Game 16-14 over St. Kilian
Green, WIN! We are a GREAT 'team' in every sense of the word.
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" ~ Philippians 4:13
Wanted: Nursery Attendants and Sunday School Teachers
By Norma Liebenguth, Christian Education Committee

Before you know it, we’ll be starting up Sunday School classes again. Our attending children have a
great range of ages and it would be nice to have a few more teachers involved so that we could add
another regular class. Would you consider helping out?
Also, we are delighted to have regular use of our nursery for kids 3 and under. Would you be able to
staff the nursery on occasion? This would give the parents of the little guys who regularly use the nursery a much-needed
If you can do either of those, or have questions, please call or e-mail me: [email protected]; (724) 934-0731.
Thank you for helping our growing church!
Exciting Summer Sermon Series Continues
By Caitalyn Kowal, Office Manager

This August, Rev Ed will continue his Summer Sermon Series. Each Sunday we will explore real answers to life’s
biggest questions. In August we can look forward to exploring questions like, “What makes you think you’re right, and
everybody else is wrong?” and “Why is Communion so important?” You definitely don’t want to miss these sermons!
By Jean Hipwell, Missions Committee

Too many tomatoes? If your summer garden has a wealth of abundance that you don’t know what
to do with, then please donate your excess garden veggies to the church. North Hills Community
Outreach will gladly accept any produce from our home gardens along with the requested food
items for July and August. The food items requested are: pasta, jarred sauce, peanut butter, jelly
and school snacks. Missions Committee will be taking a trip to NHCO with donated food for their pantry along with
donated school supplies at the end of July.
Enjoyable Choir Picnic
By Norma Liebenguth

The choir enjoyed a relaxing, end-of-year get-together thanks to Christine and Paul Swann, who
hosted in their lovely home, and Cindy Snyder, who provided the delicious chicken, hamburgers
and hotdogs for all. With family and guest friends, twenty-five people attended! Thanks also to
everyone for providing the great side dishes and desserts.
The choir has the summer off and will resume singing on Rally Day, Sunday, September 7. If you are interested in
singing – even occasionally – please see Cindy Snyder or call the church office at (724) 935-3135.
Treasurer’s Report as of 7/29/14

Actual Budget
Pledge $16,413 $29,167
Plate $14,621 $11,667

TOTAL: $31,034 $40,834

Total Year Budget $70,000
Worship Leaders and Acolytes
If you would like to volunteer to be a worship leader, please contact
Pastor Ed. Thank you for your service.

Aug 3 Jenn Hudak, Vanessa Verbaarschott, acolyte
Aug 10 John Liebenguth, Ben Cadwallader, acolyte
Aug 17 Shelly Muhlenkamp, Amber Swann, acolyte
Aug 24 Ann Brehm, Mac Coltharp, acolyte
Aug 31 Jennie Griffin, Beth Muhlenkamp, acolyte
July Happenings
Waterfall where we stopped- some
adventurous paddlers went down
the fall like a giant water slide-
Vanessa, Ben, and yes, even Joe!
Family River Trip!

Taken from canoe going down river.
The 10 participants in the river trip
enjoyed a scenic paddle and serene
surroundings as they shared in the fun
and sights of the Beaver River.
We will need to add shelves in our library
to make room for this year's First Place
Trophy! Way to go guys!
3 Communion Sunday
13 Church Council Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
17 Yard Games Day, 1 - 3 p.m.
31 Guest Pastor: Rev Ing Kalchthaler

AA/NA: Thursdays, 7:00 p.m.
Events for the Month of August:
August Birthdays
4 Zachery Brehm; 7 Jeff Ptak; 10 Betty Uhland; 11 Shari
Kurz; 14 Garett Liebenguth; 15 Gayle Bacquet; 18 John
Baun; 27 Rayanne Hayhurst; 28 Amber Swann; 29 Betsy
Baun and Corinne Swann; 30 Lois Fawcett

4836 Wexford Run Road | P.O. Box 421
Bradford Woods, PA 15015
(724) 935-3135
Fax: same as above
Serving Bradford Woods and surrounding North Hills communities.
Visit our website: | Contact us: [email protected]
ICCC Mission Statement
Bradford Woods Community Church is a member of the ICCC (International Council of Community Churches) whose mission state-
ment is: “As people devoted to following Christ we are committed to community, to treasuring diversity, to living our faith in service and
Please help us with our mailing list costs. If you could view this newsletter via email or online, please
contact us at 724.935.3135 or [email protected].
Prayer Concerns and Praise
Joseph Bossman, Cathy Carter, Diane Dilanni,
The Davenport Family, Christine Feagin,
Laurie & Joe Gillespie, Ron Liguori,
Jace James Lippert, Kelly Oakes & Family,
Clay O’Connor, Myleigh Smith,
The Todd Stefan Family, John Valley, and The Waldron
If you are new to our congregation, please pass your
information to Caitalyn Kowal in the church office, regarding
your address, phone number, email address, etc. so we can
keep our records up to date and keep you up to date. Thank
Coffee Hour
Please sign up to handle the duties of coffee
hour any Sunday. Preparing coffee, a cold
drink and an (optional) refreshment is all
that’s needed. And, it’s appreciated!
Ushers Needed
Please volunteer to handle the duties of ushering any
Sunday. Greeting new guests, handing out bulletins, and
collecting contributions in the collection plates during
service is all that’s needed. And, it’s appreciated!

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