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H o ld

T h e Ad ams’ Pray e r L e tte r


R o pe !

LEFT: The Thai flag blowing on a hot, balmy Bangkok day. ABOVE: A scene from the busy downtown area of Bangkok.

One More Year!
This week, Thursday to be exact, Trey begins his last year of seminary. With just over 20 credit hours left to complete, he will be very busy as he seeks ordination, studies for classes, interns with Redeemer PCA in Jackson, and as he and Kiki raise support for their time in Thailand. Kiki will finish her clinic hours (at the RTS counseling center) and remain active in a counseling role there while continuing to disciple and lead her Resident Assistants at Belhaven University. Pray with and for us as we begin this final year in Jackson, MS; a place we’ve truly grown to love. Pray

that we will be able to keep our focus on Christ and His Kingdom, and that this focus would compel us to work harder and to finish well as we look towards graduation and Thailand. Also, pray with us that God will raise up financial and prayer partners quickly so that we may reach Bangkok by July or August 2011.

Reaching the city of Bangkok

Planting Thai Churches

Training Thai Counselors

The Rough Timeline
Here is an updated timeline for us as we prepare to leave: August 25, 2010...RTS classes begin October 24, 2010...Trey preaches at The
Village Church in Huntsville, AL November 5-7, 2010...Global Missions
Conference in Chattanooga, TN December 20, 2010...back home to GA
to visit family and friends, support
raising and Christmas February 12-17, ATL for “Living
in Grace” Conference May 15ish, 2011...Graduation!!! May 25ish, 2011...Ordination to the PCA
(pending approval of the Presbytery) June GA part of the time, visiting
family, detoxing from seminary July 2011...CCMI (Cross-Cultural Ministry
Training) in NYC August 2011...Depart for Thailand!!!

We seek to plant bible-believing, Christ-centered, and communityserving churches in the greater Bangkok area. We hope to work with Thai nationals to evangelize, disciple, and train leaders for the Thai Church who are rooted in and committed to the Scripture, who have a heart for their country, and who are able to reproduce healthy, self-sustaining churches.

Bangkok is home to nearly 12 million, most of them Buddhist. The city is a bustling, tropical mixture of beauty, international business, old-world tradition, poverty, nightlife and prostitution. In the face of thousands of Buddhist temples, mosques, and spirit houses, we pray and work for the health and growth of the 120 or so churches, of which only a few are healthy.

“Is not the commission of our Lord still binding on us? Can we not do more than now we are doing?”
William Carey

Preparation and Partnership We are currently at about 10% of our pledged support, though we are still waiting for a few pledges to come in. Our monthly need is about $4000 to cover living expenses/ salary, ministry costs (including aid for the young church), as well as insurance and other like expenses. We ask you to consider partnering both financially and in prayer with us. We need people who will budget finances monthly to partner with us in the work of the Kingdom in Bangkok, Thailand. We need people who will faithfully pray for the work, the Church, and our team in Bangkok. Please consider giving of your finances and time in prayer.

We are currently looking for partners...people who will pray, give financially, and consider joining us for a short or long term trip in Bangkok. We would love to speak face to face with you or by phone and explain this partnership, so please contact us at: email: [email protected] phone: 770.826.8911


Actual Monthly Pledges

Monthly Goal

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