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Authentication: Authentication is nothing but providing security to the system. Here every must enter into the system through login page. The login page will restrict the UN authorized users. A user must provide his credential like user Id and password for log into the system. For that the system maintains data for all users. Whenever a user enters his user id and password, it checks in the database for user existence. If the user is exists he can be treated as a valid user. Otherwise the request will throw back.

Authentication: This module provides security to the application. Every user should enter correct user name and password to proceed. This request will goes to database and check the user existing. If you entered wrong user name and password then it prompts you

³Incorrect Username or Password«´

Authentication The process of identifying an individual usually based on a username and password. In security systems, authentication is distinct from authorization, which the process of giving individuals access to system object based on their identity. Authentication merely ensures that the individual is who he or she claims to be, but says nothing about the access rights of the individual.

Authentication Authentications process of granting or denying access to a Web based Application.It is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is declared to be. authentication is commonly done through the use of credentials i.e. user name and passwords

The system has a process of registration. Every user need to submit their complete details including user name and password in the form of registration. Whenever a user registration completed then only a user can get log in into the system by using his user id and password.


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