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AutoLISP.10: Using entmake Function to Add Entities to Drawing ~ Dai...

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AutoLISP.10: Using entmake Function to Add Entities to
10/15/2009 Orhan Toker in AutoLISP , Programming labels.

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Hello dailyautocad readers,
In the past, we used to use command function in order to draw entities in AutoCAD. For example, to
draw a circle, we use the following command:

(command "" "15,7" "1")
However, this command line makes AutoCAD slower and also we cannot draw the circle in another
layer. For this reason, in professional AutoLISP applications, entmake function is used to add entities
to the drawing. I will explain this function by giving some examples.
You have to pass entity list to entmake function as parameters. In previous lesson, Managing Lists in
AutoLISP (List Handling), I have explained about entity lists. You will also do management of lists, as
you do the example that I will give for entmake function below.
Drawing LINE by using entmake

Drawing CIRCLE by using entmake

Creating MTEXT by using entmake

Creating a LWPOLYLINE by using entmake

11/18/2010 11:56 AM

AutoLISP.10: Using entmake Function to Add Entities to Drawing ~ Dai...

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Adding a new LAYER into the LAYER table by using entmake

DXF Group Codes
As it can be seen, use of entmake function requires advanced AutoCAD knowledge. Because, it you
know about the structure of AutoCAD entities and you are well aware of drawing database, then only
you can use entmake function efficiently. If you are going to use entmake function, then the most
important thing that you will need to know about is DXF group codes. We have explained this lesson
previously in detail.
Drawing Database
AutoCAD drawing database includes information for definition tables of layers, line type, blocks etc. in
addition to all of the entities that are kept within the drawing file (DWG) and background. You can
examine this database by using only the entget function. I will explain this topic in detail when we come
to the professional lessons.

11/18/2010 11:56 AM

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