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Smart Card Based Petrol Filling System
The objective of this project is to provide easy access and save time in the petrol bunk.

This project is made the automated petrol bunk. The customer need not wait in the petrol
bunk. It reduces the time as well as man power.

Brief Methodology:
This project is designed with
 Microcontroller
 Prepaid card
 Relay with driver circuit
 Keypad
 LCD display
In this project the customer having the prepaid card. The card is nothing magnetic member is
embedded in the card. The reader circuit generates majestic signal to read the majestic
number. When customer inserting this card on the reader, the reader reads that majestic
number and given the corresponding signal to microcontroller. In microcontroller we
have already programmed. So it checks the number wheather it is related to Hindus than
Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum or Reliance Petroleum card corresponding information is
displayed on the LCD display. The keypad is used to enter the quantity of petrol. In
microcontroller we already set time for liters. When you entered the desired quantity on the
keypad. Microcontroller activates the relay driver for that particular time period. The driver
circuit is used to turn ON, turn OFF the relays. Relay output is directly connected to petrol
pump. So it pumps the petrol as per our desired quantity entered in the keypad. The petrol
quantity and their corresponding cost are displayed on the LCD display. Hence this project
made the automated petrol bunk in coder to save time and manpower.


Headlights of vehicles pose a great danger during night driving. The drivers of most
vehicles use high, bright beam while driving at night. This causes a discomfort to the person
travelling from the opposite direction. He experiences a sudden glare for a short period of
time. This is caused due to the high intense headlight beam from the other vehicle coming
towards him from the opposite direction. We are expected to dim the headlight to avoid this
glare. This glare causes a temporary blindness to a person resulting in road accidents during
the night. To avoid such incidents, we have fabricated a prototype of automatic headlight
dimmer. This automatically switches the high beam into low beam thus reducing the glare
effect by sensing the approaching vehicle. It also eliminates the requirement of manual
switching by the driver which is not done at all times. And moreover due to rain the wipers

are indeed important during the rainy season. when the rain droplets are arsing this automates
the wiper to ON automatically wiper the glass of the four wheeler.

Automatic Break Failure Indicator and Break Failure Alarm

Wireless Motorized Jack

Fabrication of a motorized screw jack is easy especially when the parts are available
in the market. This mechanical engineering project can be easily completed by integrating an
electric motor with a screw jack. A screw jack or a Jackscrew is operated by turning a lead
screw. The height of the jack is adjusted by turning the lead screw. This can be done either
manually or by integrating an electric motor with it. This integration is our project.
The difficult part in the project may be finding a low speed motor that is able to work at 12V.
This is because the battery output of an automobile is 12V, and the electricity needed for the
operation of the screw jack is taken from this battery. Another problem will be regarding
speed reduction. 12V motors usually operate at higher speeds, likely at 4000 or 5300 rpm. So
reducing this high rpm to the required lower rpms for the operation of screw jack without
bulky accessories or power loss can be challenging. This operation of the motor can be done
in wireless without any connect wires inbuilt in the circuit.
1. The main them of the project is that it can be controlled by remote using RF
2. Lifting speed can be controlled.
3. It can be controlled variable Distance through remote.
4. Distance is displayed on LCD.
1. Screw Jacks are the ideal product to push, pull, lift, lower and position Heavy loads of
anything from a couple.
2. It can be used as elevator.
3. Automobile application
4. When an industrial machine needs to move a cover or lid onto a dead stop
5. Solution for precise clamping in lowering applications in industrial machines.
1. Can run at a Lifting Speed of up to 5.4 m/min which is 90 millimetres per second.
2. The majority of our worm gear screw jacks are self locking meaning enhanced safety and a
cheaper solution.

3. The jacks must have an adjustable anti-backlash feature to assure accurate bidirectional
4. Linear motion transmission
5. self-locking capacity
6. shock-absorbent and silent

Vehicle Exhaust Emission Testing
The emission factor from the vehicles is getting worse day by day by this technique
we can control the emission of the waste gases from the engine. By this project we can
control the emission rate and if the emission rate is higher, then fuel to the engine is stopped
automatically stops the engine.
A majority both vehicle and engine development and of routine testing is concerned with
Environmental Legislation directed primarily towards the limitation and controls of the
Engine Emission
Engine Emission products :
1. HC
2. CO
3. CO2
4. NOx
5. PAH (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons) (Benzene,Formaltihyde,1,3
The Various Harmful results of atmospheric pollution on the environment in generally , and
human health in particular.

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