Autumn Newsletter 2014

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Autumn Newsletter 2014



As the end of 2014 draws near we would first like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a joyful and
prosperous Christmas and New Year!
In this seasons edition of the Concept Metal Products newsletter we will be updating the progress on our shop floor
extension and introducing Christopher Galvin our maintenance technician. In ‘Under the Spotlight’ we focus on our new
640 tonne LVD 9m Tandem Press, and we keep you updated with the latest news from Concept.

Firstly we would like to thank all of our
customers and suppliers for their
patience so far this year while our 8000
sq/ft extension has been underway.
As we near the final stages of our
extension we can now see everything
coming together. We mentioned, in our
summer newsletter, that the foundations
had been completed and the framework
was being erected, this is now
completed along with the base walls.
Within the next few weeks the cladding
will be mounted onto the walls and roof
so that work can commence on the
drainage and extending our overhead

Once completed our extension will boast 3 roller shutter doors to allow deliveries to be unloaded by cranes. It will also be
the new permanent housing for our Guillotine, rollers and our fabrication bays and much of our stock material.
But, with Concepts drive to offer our customers even more capabilities, our short term plans include, 4m rollers, 10m x 3m
x 6KW laser and even a 10m x 1000 tonne press!
To find out more about our facilities please contact [email protected]

LVD Press – New Arrival!! – [email protected]

As you will have all seen from our
last newsletter we have been
awaiting the arrival of a new 9m
Press Brake which has now arrived
and is up and running!
The LVD 9m 640 tonne Tandem
Press has helped to bump up the
bar on our capacity with regards to
folding, allowing us to stay ahead
of the competition.

The press has a dual function, being able to function as a singular 9m long 640 tonne press or as 2 individual 4.5m
long 320 tonne presses, it has increased our maximum foldable length and our maximum shop floor capacity.
As with all our presses the new LVD has an auto crowning feature and it also has an increased throat of 600mm
allowing us to form longer and deeper than ever before, ideal for longer corrugated sheet and channels.
To find out more please email [email protected]

Christopher Galvin –
Maintenance Technician

A hard working individual, Chris is always on site conducting
daily checks on our 3 lasers and 9 presses to ensure they all
remain working to their full potential. As we are all aware, things
can break down, but having our own in house maintenance team
enables us to get any issues resolved in a speedy manner.
In his spare time Chris is a keen hiker and has trekked many
terrains and environments to witness some of the UK’s most
breath taking backdrops and views.
Spending most of his time fixing things it’s hardly a surprise that
Chris also enjoys restoring classic cars and motorcycles. He is
currently restoring an old Honda CD175. Although much slower
than his SV1000 Chris is ever eager to be taking it for a test ride
once finished. – [email protected]

Kawasaki have recently made engineering History
by releasing the Kawasaki Ninja H2R – the most
powerful motorcycle ever put into production, and
just in time for Christmas!
With a staggering 300BHP and a state of the art
centrifugal super charger the new H2R blows the
current superbike kings out of the water.
The bike still hasn’t been tested to its full potential
as will all that horse power, you’re going to need a
lot of space to gallop! But, recent test rides on race
tracks have clocked it over 210mph.
While its nearest road legal competitor is unable to
muster even 200BHP, No One knows what
possessed Kawasaki to manufacture such a monster.
But we haven’t heard many bikers complaining
about it.

Edwards Pearson CNC – 4m long x 10mm thick M/St –
6mm thick St/St
Laser Cutting
Bystronic Bystar 4Kw – 8m x 2.5m bed size x 20mm
M/St – 15mm St/St – 10mm Alu
Bystronic Bystar 6Kw – 4m x 2.5m bed size x 25mm
M/St – 25mm St/St – 12mm Alu
Amada EML (Combination punch / laser) – 7m x 1.8m
bed size x 6mm thick
Geka Hydrcrop – 50ton capacity punch
Full range Mig, Tig and electrical Arc welding
Coded welders – BNFL work undertaken.

Press Brakes
Edwards Pearson 1.55m x 30 ton
Edwards Pearson 4.1m x 250 ton
2x Edwards Pearson 4.1m x 250ton Tandem capacity of
8.2m x 500 ton
Edward Pearson 5.1m x 350 ton
Edward Pearson 5.1m x 650 ton
Edward Pearson 7m x 650 ton
(All our press brakes have multi axis computer control)
LVD 4.5m x 320ton Tandem capacity of 9m x 640 ton
In house computer aided design department using the
most up to date RADAN software.
2D and 3D modeling and development undertaken.
Direct link to laser and punch machines.
2x 7.5ton Leyland 45 trucks

Trumpf TruTool TKF 1500 2 speed with forward feed. 640mm thick plate @ 20-55degrees
3000mm pyramid power rollers

Concept Metal Products Co. Ltd
Mills Hill Road
M24 2EF

Tel: 0161 643 2961 / 0845 456 9978
Fax: 0161 655 3554 / 0845 456 9979
E-mail address: [email protected]
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