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EduMark Pvt Ltd …Practice questions for Average
Attempt all the questions:

1. The average of first 10 natural numbers is…
a. 4.8
b. 5.5
c. 3.6
d. 6.2
2. The average of 8 numbers is 12. If each number is increased by 3,
the new average is
a. 18
b. 13
c. 15
d. 16
3. If the average of 20 numbers is 140, then the sum of the numbers is
a. 2800
b. 1400
c. 2000
d. 3200
4. The average of 7,5,3,2,11.3,17.5 and x is 10. The value of x is..
a. 13.4
b. 11.2
c. 12.6
d. 10.5
5. What is the average of first 25 multiples of 12?
a. 96
b. 82
c. 78
d. 156
6. If the average of the four numbers k,(2k+3),(3k-5) and (5k+1) is
63. What is the value of k?
a. 12
b. 32
c. 23
d. 21
7. The monthly incomes of Rahul, his wife and their son are Rs.
8200, Rs.4300 and Rs.5500 respectively. What is the average
income of the family?
a. Rs. 6000
b. Rs. 4900
c. Rs. 5100
d. Rs. 7010
8. The average of 11 results is 50. If the average of first 6 results is 49
and that of last 6 results is 52, find the 6th result.
a. 64
b. 56
c. 48
d. 34

9. The average of 5 quantities is 6. The average of three of them is 4.
What is the average of remaining two quantities?
a. 9
b. 24
c. 18
d. 36
10. A batsman scored an average of 12 runs in 7 innings in a cricket
match. He played one more innings and the average, and then
became 14. The runs he scored in the last innings are..
a. 34
b. 28
c. 18
d. 24
11. The average of five consecutive odd numbers is 17. Find the
largest of these number.
a. 19
b. 23
c. 21
d. 24
12. There are two classes I and II consisting of 40 and 52 students
respectively. If the average weight of class I is 45 kg and that of
class II is 49 kg. find the average weight of all the students of class
I and II.
a. 42.17 kg
b. 41.25 kg
c. 43.50 kg
d. 39.75 kg
13. The average weight of A, B and C is 48 kg. if the average weight
of A and B be 45 kg and that of B and C be 50 kg. find the weight
of B.
a. 44 kg
b. 54kg
c. 46 g
d. 56 kg
14. Out of 10 persons, 9 persons spent Rs. 40 each for their meals.
The tenth one spent Rs. 18 more than the average expenditure of
all the ten. The total money spent by all of them is….
a. Rs. 420
b. Rs. 235
c. Rs. 540
d. Rs. 350
15. The average of 50 numbers is 35. If three numbers, namely 25, 35
and 45 are discarded. The average of the remaining numbers
a. 42
b. 35
c. 45
d. 25

16. The average weight of three brothers is 68 kg. if their weights are
in the ratio of 3:4:5, the weight of the heaviest of the three brothers
a. 85 kg
b. 70 kg
c. 90 kg
d. 82 kg
17. Out of three numbers, the second number is twice the first and
also one third of the third number. If the average of the three
numbers 54. Find the second number.
a. 36
b. 18
c. 108
d. 56
18. A man travels from destination A to B by car to an average speed
of 48km/hr. and returns on his bike with an average speed of 16
km/gr. Find the average speed for the entire journey
a.36 km/h
b. 24km/h
c. 32km/h
d. 21 km/h
19. The average weight of 5 persons is decreased by 2kg when one of
the men whose weight is 50 kg is replaced by a new man. The
weight of the new man is
a. 40kg
b. 45 kg
c. 42 kg
d. 48 kg
20. The average age of 25 students in a class is 10yr. if the teacher’s
age is included, the average increase by 1 yr. the age of the teacher
a. 33yr
b. 42 yr
c. 36 yr
d. 45 yr
21. Twelve years ago, the average age of a husband and a wife was 20
yr. the average remains the same today, when they have two
children. What is the present age of the youngest child, if they
differ in age by 2 yr.
a. 12 yr
b. 9 yr
c. 11 yr
d. 7 yr
22. The average of 100 numbers is 50. It is found that while
calculating the average, two numbers, namely 81 and 66 were
wrongly reads as 18 and 6. The correct average is ..
b. 41.45
c. 36.42
d. 52.46

23. The average temperature of the first three days of the week is 250C
and that of the next three days is 27oC. if of the last day of the
week is….
a. 31.50C
b. 29.5oC
c. 21oC
d. 27.5 0C
24. The average of 5 observations is 15. If three new observations
16.5, 18 and 14.5 be added. Find the new average.
a. 14.8
b. 15.5
c. 1.2
d. 15.6
25. The average income of 20 employees in an office is Rs. 1800 per
month. If one more employee is added the average salary becomes
Rs. 1810 per month. What is the monthly salary of the new
a. Rs. 1840
b. Rs. 1960
c. Rs. 2010
d. Rs. 1980
26. The average of three numbers is 52. The first is half of second and
the second is twice the third. The difference between the second
and first number is…
a. 78
b. 39
c. 72
d. 33
27. A batsman has a certain average of runs for 13th innings. He scores
72 runs in he 15th innings thus his average increased by 2. Find the
average after 15th innings.
a. 44
b. 46
c. 42
b. 48
28. The average age of 45 students in a class is 13yr, 15 new students
with an average age of 18yr join the class. What is the average age
of all the students in the class.
a. 13.15
b. 14.25
c. 12.28
d. 16.42
29. The average weight of 55 students in a class is 30kg. if 15 of the
students whose average weight is 28kg leave the class. Find the
average weight of the remaining students.
a. 31.25 kg
b. 29.45 kg
c. 32.50 kg
d. 30.75 kg

30. The average mark obtained by 80 students in a certain examination
is 28. If the average mark of the students who have passed is 40
and that of those who have failed is25, how many students failed
the examination?
a. 64
b. 24
c. 16
d. 38
31. There are 70 students in a hostel. If 14 students increased, then the
total expenditure increased by Rs. 84 but the average expenditure
decreased by Rs. 2. Find the total expenditure originally.
a. Rs. 1260
b. Rs. 1120
c. Rs. 1080
d. Rs. 1220
32. One-half of a certain distance is covered at 40km/h. one-third of it
at 80km/h and the rest at 120km/h. find the average speed for the
whole journey.
km / h
c. 52 km / h

a. 51

km / h
d. 56 km / h

b. 55

33. A company employed 600 men and 400 women. Their average
wage was Rs. 68 per day. If a woman gets Rs. 30 less than a man,
what is the average wage of a woman?
a. Rs. 50
b. Rs. 80
c. Rs. 40
d. Rs.30
34. What is the average of all numbers from 1 to 100 that end in 3?
a. 49
b. 46
c. 48
d. 47
35. If the total sales for a business in a certain year were Rs. 132000.
What were the sales in June, if June sales were half the monthly
a. Rs. 8400
b. Rs. 7200
c. Rs. 5500
d. Rs. 6300
36. The average monthly salary of 11 workers and one officer in an
organization is Rs. 600. When the officer whose salary was Rs.
1600 per month retired, a new officer was appointed and the

average salary of the 12 employees is Rs. 570 per month. The
salary of the new officer is.
a. Rs. 1260
b. Rs. 1240
c. Rs. 1220
d. Rs. 1280
37. The average age of husband, his wife and daughter 2 yr ago was
24 yr and that of his wife and daughter 4 yr ago was 18 yr. what is
the husband’s present age?
a. 32 yr
b. 30 yr
c. 34 yr
d. 36 yr
38. The average monthly salary of the employees of a firm is Rs. 3000.
Out of the employees 12 officers get an average of Rs. 5000 per
month and the rest an average of Rs. 2000 per month. Find the
total number of employees.
a. 36
b. 24
c. 21
d. 32
39. The average of 11 numbers is 12:6. If the average of the first five
numbers is 11.2 and that of the last five numbers is 13.1, what is
the middle number?
a. 9.8
b. 7.2
c. 17.1
d. 14.6
40. The average of 11 observations is 14. If the average of the first six
observations is 16 and that of the last six is 13. Find the middle
a. 20
b. 13
c. 24
d. 15
41. The average cost of 5 pencils and 4 pens is Rs. 36. The average
cost of 7 pencils and 8 pens is Rs. 48. Find the cost of 12 pencils
and 12 pens.
a. Rs. 1044
b. Rs. 2088
c. Rs. 720
d. Rs. 324
42. The average wages of a man during a fortnight comprising 15
consecutive working days was Rs. 100 per day. During the first 7
days his average wages was Rs. 95 per day and the average wages
during the last 7 days was Rs. 101 per day. What was his wage on
the 8th day?
a. Rs. 128
b. Rs. 108

c. Rs. 146

d. Rs. 114

43. A car covers four sides of a square at a speed of 10,20,30and
40lm/h respectively. What is the average speed of the car in its
flight around the square.
a. 19.2 km/h
b. 18.2 km/h
c. 19.5 km/h
d. 19 km/h
44. In 5 compulsory subjects a candidate secures an average of 70
marks. In 2 optional subjects he secures equal marks and when
these are added to his total his average marks drop by 6. How
much did he secure in each subject?
a. 47
b. 51
c. 49
d. 53
45. In a class of 30 students the average of marks obtained is 140. If
the top 10 students got, on an average got 180 marks. Find the
average of marks obtained by remaining students.
a. 112
b. 120
c. 116
d. 124
46. The average age of 5 men is increased by 3 yr when one of them
whose age is 24 yr is replaced by a new man. What is the age of
the new man?
a. 39 yr
b. 41 yr
c. 47 yr
d. 35 yr
47. Five years ago the average age of four men is 48 yr, now, a new
man joins and the average age increases by 2 yr,. what is the age of
the new man?
a. 36 yr
b. 42 yr
c. 41 yr
d. 38 yr
48. The mean yearly salary of an employee of a company was Rs.
20000. The mean yearly salaries of male and female employees
were Rs. 20800 and Rs. 16800 respectively. Find the ratio of males
to females employed by the company.
a. 3:2
b. 4:1
c. 2:1
d. 5:3
49. Average of two numbers is 14.5 and square root of their product is
10. What are the numbers?

a. 16 and 9
c. 4 and 16

b. 25 and 4
d. 25 and 9

50. What is the average cost of manufacturing the article, if the fixed
cost of producing 4000 units is Rs 16000 and variable cost is Rs 8
per article?
a. Rs 12.50
b. Rs. 11.75
c. Rs. 12
d. Rs. 11.50
51. The mean daily profit made by a shopkeeper in a month of 30 days
was Rs 350. If the mean profit for the first fifteen days was Rs,
275, then the mean profit for the last fifteen days would be.
a. Rs. 200
b. Rs. 350
c. Rs. 275
d. Rs. 425
52. There were 35 students in a hostel. If the number of students
increases by 7, the expenses of the mess increase by Rs. 42 per day
while the average expenditure per head diminishes by Rs. 1. Find
the original expenditure of the mess.
a. Rs. 480
b. Rs. 520
c. Rs. 420
d. Rs 460
53. The average age of all the students of a class is 18 yr. the average
age of boys of the class is 20yr and that of the girls is 15yr. if the
number of girls in the class is 20, then find the number of boys in
the class.
a. 15
b. 45
c. 30
d. 50
54. A batsman’s runs just before the last match of the season, add up
to 750. In his last two innings, he scores only 6 runs and his
average drops by 2. His final average of the season is
a. 25 runs
b. 30 runs
c. 28 runs
d. 24 runs
55. The average marks of a student in 8 subjects are 87. Of these, the
highest marks are 2 more than the one next in value. If these two
subjects are eliminated, the average mars of the remaining subjects
are 85. What are the highest marks now obtained by him?
a. 89
b. 94
c. 91
d. 96

56. Sonu is 4 yrs younger than Manu while dolly is 4 yr younger than
Sumit but 1/5 times as old as Sonu. If Sumit is 8 yr old, how many
times as old is Manu as Dolly.
a. 6
b. ½
c. 3
d. none
57. A group consisting of 25 teachers, 20 engineers, 18 doctors and 12
salesmen visited a fair and spent Rs. 1330 altogether. If was found
that 5 teachers spent as much as 4 engineers; 12 engineers spent as
much as 9 doctor and 6 doctor spent as much as 8 sales man. If
every person in a professional group spent the same amount, the
amount spent by each engineer is…
a. Rs. 18
b. Rs. 17.50
c. Rs. 14
d. Rs. 21
58. If the age of P and R are added to twice the age of Q, the total
become 59. If the ages of Q and R are added to thrice the age of P,
the total becomes 68 and if the age of P is added to thrice the age
of Q and thrice age of R, the total becomes 108. What is the age or
a. 17 yr
b. 19 yr
c. 15 yr
d. 12 yr

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