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Project level backup and recovery: (moving a project repository to another project or another server)

Make sure that the project is being baked up should not be accessed from any DS Clients.

Step 1: Create a command file having all DataStage files to be backed up from a project. Code: C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBS C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBOBJECTS C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_AUDIT C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_DATATYPES C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_CONTAINERS C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_ROUTINES C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_STAGETYPES C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_TRANSFORMS C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_METADATA C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\VOC

Step 2: Backup the project repository to an external file. Code: uvbackup -f -V -cmdfil "D:\Command_File" -l "Full Project Backup"> "D:\Project_Development_full"

Step 3: Create a project Test using DS Administrator or dsadmin tool

Step 4: Restore the backed up file to the new project Test Code: uvrestore -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\DS_JOBS -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBOBJECTS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\ DS_JOBOBJECTS -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_AUDIT=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\DS_AU DIT -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_DATATYPES=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\D S_DATATYPES -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_CONTAINERS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\ DS_CONTAINERS -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_ROUTINES=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\DS _ROUTINES -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_STAGETYPES=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\ DS_STAGETYPES -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_TRANSFORMS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test \DS_TRANSFORMS -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_METADATA=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\ Test\DS_METADATA -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\VOC = C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\VOC -V -U "D:\Project_Development_full"

Job level backup and recovery: (Job Design) Make sure that the project is being baked up should not be accessed from any DS Clients.

Step 1: Create a command file having only two DataStage files (having Job Design Information) Code: C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBS C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBOBJECTS

Step 2: Find the Job number of the Job BackupCheck using DS Admistrator-->Development<Project Selection>-->Command Code: SELECT JOBNO FROM DS_JOBS WHERE NAME like %BackupCheck Step 3: Get the list of all record IDs specific to that Job in the DS_JOBOBJECTS. Code: SELECT @ID FROM DS_JOBOBJECTS WHERE @ID like 'J\19\%' Here 19 -->Job No, J\<JobNo>\ Step 4: Back up the Job design related files to an external file Code: uvbackup -f -V -cmdfil "D:\Command_File" -l "Job Design Backup" > "D:\Development_JobDesign_full" Ensure that there is no Job with name BackupCheck in project Test. Step 5: Restore the DataStage file DS_JOBS from file Development_JobDesign_full Code: uvrestore -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\DS_JOBS -R BackupCheck=BackupCheck -V "D:\Development_JobDesign_full" Step 6: Find the latest(largest) Job no of the project Test using DS Administrator?Development<Project Selection>-->Command Code: SELECT max(JOBNO) FROM DS_JOBS ; Step 7: Update the Job Number of the restored Job with one more than the highest Job no. Code: Update DS_JOBS SET JOBNO='517' WHERE NAME like '%BackupCheck' Step 8: Restore the Job Design of that Job BackupCheck from the file Development_JobDesign_full by taking particular records and replacing with new records Code: uvrestore -F C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Development\DS_JOBOBJECTS=C:\Ascential\DataStage\Projects\Test\

DS_JOBOBJECTS -R "J\19\ROOT"="J\517\ROOT" -R "J\19\V0S8P1"="J\517\V0S8P1" -R "J\19\V0S0P1"="J\517\V0S0P1" -R "J\19\V0S2P4"="J\517\V0S2P4" -R "J\19\V0S2"="J\517\V0S2" -R "J\19\V0S1P1"="J\517\V0S1P1" -R "J\19\V0S2P2"="J\517\V0S2P2" -R "J\19\V0S2P3"="J\517\V0S2P3" -R "J\19\V0S3"="J\517\V0S3" -R "J\19\V0S2P1"="J\517\V0S2P1" -R "J\19\V0S8"="J\517\V0S8" -R "J\19\V0"="J\517\V0" -R "J\19\V0S0"="J\517\V0S0" -R "J\19\V0S1"="J\517\V0S1" -R "J\19\V0S3P1"="J\517\V0S3P1" -V "D:\Development_JobDesign_full Step 9: The restored Job would NOT become ready-to-use Job because we did not backup the Job Executables meaning that no run time files of that Job were backed up here. So create a Copy of that Job. Step 10: Delete the original restored Job. The steps for Back up and Restore in Server UNIX would be same but will need the correction in the DataStage Internal files location.

(some of the steps may be reduced for simplification or time consumption and this could be one of the ways to follow on backing and restoring Jobs from Server side)

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