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Purpose: The Data Backup Policy document establishes the activities that need to be carried out by each Business Unit, Technology Unit, and Corporate Units (departments) within the organization. All departments must utilize this methodology to properly backup and store media that contains critical electronic data records. All electronic records existing on the organization's data processing systems must be backed up and sent to an offsite location according to Offsite Storage Requirements of this policy. Retention standards must be defined and put into action to support business and regulatory requirements. Table of Content TERMINOLOGY ACCOUNTABILITY I. POLICY OVERVIEW A. Purpose B. Scope C. Ownership Roles & Responsibilities D. Data Backup Process E. Data Backup Types F. Data Backup Requirements G. Data Backup Frequency H. Data Backup Testing H. Offsite Storage II. DATA BACKUP REQUIREMENTS A. Electronic Storage Media B. Retention of Media C. Backup Frequency D. Monitoring Requirements E. Regulatory Requirements F. Change Management Requirements G. New Project Requirements H. Audit Requirements III. OFFSITE STORAGE REQUIREMENTS A. B. C. D. E. F. Specifications & Location Of Offsite Facility Security of Facility & Data Authorized Personnel Storage of Materials Audits Provider Expectations

APPENDIX Appendix A ± Data Backup Plan Standards Appendix B ± Regulatory Compliance Security Rule for Data Backup Plan Appendix C± Regulatory Compliance Security Rule for Device & Media Controls

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