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F777 before mydnight, once more hammerfall: dreamland, the dead kennedys-holiday in cambodia, pennywise: everytime, affliction, kreator: violent Revolution sodom: m16,the art of killing poetry, annihilator- rage absolute, bled all for you, perfect virus, megadeth: endgame, 1320,head public enemy no 1, never dead,sudden death, 13,new world order, whose life (is it anyways?),we the people, wrecker, guns, drugs, an d money, deadly nightshade, accept: teutonic terror, Hibria- shoot me down, the scorpions: slave me, raised on rock, 321,the cross, hour 1, we will rise aga in, nightwish:storytime, symphon x- iconoclast, reign in madnesss, the lord of chaos, children of a facel ess god, heretic, coroner: des mussolini xentrix questions, nuclear assualt- rise from the ashes, betrayel, game over, sin, cold steel, axxid-heavy rain system of a down-chop suey,toxicity, hypnotize,lonely day,BYOB motley crue=saints of los angeles Queens of the stone age- sick, sick, sick five finger death punch- bulletproof in flames, crawl through knives annihilator-set the world on fire Let me know if you wanna go, there's a place for you and me Let me take you to the temple of your heart, let me know You entered the gates and there's nothing left to fear but don't let the matter stand, you're near Come with me, I'll take you there to the land of make belive Let us fly beyond our dreams, fall into reverie On the wings of destiny,

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