Barron's 181 GRE Latin Root Words

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Ab/Abs - Absens: From, away, off

Acer/Acid/Acri - Asidus: Harsh, bitter, sour

Act/Ag - Ago: Drive, do, lead, act, move

Acu - Acuo: Sharp, to sharpen

Ad: To, toward

Aev, Ev - Aevum: Age, era

Agr - Ager: Field

Ali - Alienus: Another

Alim- Alimonium: Support, nourish, cherish

Alt - Altus: High, deep

Alter: Other

Am - Amo, Amor: Love, liking

Amb/Ambul - Ambulo: To go, to walk

Ambi - Ambiguitas: Around, on both sides

Anim- Animus: Life, breath, spirit

Annu/Anni/Enni - Annus: Yearly

Ant/Ante: Before

Antiqu - Antiquus: Old, ancient

Appell -Appellare: Name, to call upon

Apt/ept - Apto: Skill, ability, suitable, competent

Aqu/Aqua: Water

Arm/arma: Weapons

Art: Art

Aud/Audi/Aud - Audio, Audax, Audacia: Listen, hear, bold, daring, courageous

Aug/Aux - Augmen, Auxilium: Increase, help, assist

Bel/Bell - Bellum: War, to wage war, warrior

Ben/Bon - Beneficium: Well, good, favorable

Bi- Biceps: Two, twice, double

Brev - Brevis: Short

Cap, Capit - Captus: Head

Cap/capt/cept/cip - Capto: Hold, seize, take

Card/Cord: Heart/ harmonious

Carn - Carnifex: Flesh, body

Ced/ceed/cess - cedo: to hand over, surrender, yield, move, go

Celer - celero: Swift

Cent - Centum: Hundred

Centr: Center

Cern - cerno: to distinguish, perceive

Cert- Certus: Certain, fixed

Cid/Cis: Cut, kill

Circu/circum- Circumspect: Around

Cit/Citat - Cito: To summon, call forward, call, start

Civi - Civis: Citizen

Clam/claim - clamor: To call out, shout

Claud/claus - Claudo: To shut, close

Clemen - Clemens: Gentle, kind, mild, merciful

Cli/Clin/Cliv - Clinatus: Leaning, inclined, sloped

Co/Col/Com/Con/Cor - Compactum: Agreement, joining together, with

Cod - Codex: Wood, book, paper is made from wood

Cogni/Gno - Cognitio: Getting to know, learn, know

Contra/Contro -: Opposite, against

Corp - Corpus: Body

Cour/cur - Curro: to run, course

Cracy/Crat: government, rule, strength

Cre/cresc/cret/cru - Accresco: to grow, rise

Crea - creator: Bring forth, create

Credo: believe, trust

Cur/cura - curo: to care for, pay attention to

De: down from, away, against, thoroughly

Dei, Div - Divinitas: God, godlike, divine

Demi: Partly

Dic/Dict - Dicto: to say, speak, pronounce

Dif/Dis - Differo: to differ, to carry in different directions, apart, away, not

Doc/Doct- Doctor: Teacher, teach, prove

Dom/Domin - Dominus: master of the house, master, lord

Don - Dono: to give as a gift, give

Drom - Dormito: to be sleepy, sleep

Duc/Duct - Ducto: to lead, pull

Dupl - Duplico: to double, two

Dur - duro: to make hard/handy, lasting

E/ex: Apart, above, away, beyond, from, out

Ego: I, self

Equ -: Equal

Err - erro: to stray, to be mistaken, wander, mistake

Extra/extro: Besides, beyond, outside of, more

Fac/fic/fec - Facio: to make, to do,

Fall/fals - Fallo: to deceive, deceptive, false, erroneous

Fed: League, pact

Fer - Ferax: Fruitful, bear, carry

Fid - Fido: to confide in, faith, trust

Fin - Finite: end, finish

Flect/flex - Flecto: to alter the shape of, bend, twist

Flu/fluct/flux - Fluctus: Streaming, flowing

Fort - Fortitudo, Fortuna: Brave, strong, chance

Frac/Frag -Fractus: Break

Frat- Frater: brother

Func - Functio: Perform, discharge

Gen - Genus: Birth, decent, origin, class, race, generate

Gloss/Glot: Language, tongue

Grad/Gress - Gradus: a step

Grat -Gratis: thanks, pleasing

Grav/Griev - Gravitas: serious, heavy, harmful

Greg - Gregarious: Of a heard, a private soldier, flock

Herb - Herba: Vegitation

Hom/homo/human: Human being, man, humanity

Ig/il/im/in/ir: Not, without

In: in, upon, on, not

Inter: Among, between, within, mutual

Intra/intro: into, inward, within

Jac/ ject/ject: Throw, fling

Jur/jus/jud: swear, law, judge, just

Lect/leg/lig - Legio, Lego: a choosing, read

Leg - Legitimus: Law

Lev - Levis: light

Liber: Free

Librar/libr - Libraria: library, book

Liter: Letter

Loc/log/loqu - Loquax: talkative, work, speak

Luc/lum/lus - Lumen: light

Lud - Ludo: to play, game

Macro: Large, long

Magn - Magnificus: Great

Mal - Male: bad

Man - Manus: hand

Mand- Mandatum: to order

Mar/Mari - Mare: Sea

Mater/Matr: Mother

Min - Minimus: small

Miss/Mit - Mito/Missum: to send, move

Mob/Mot/Mov - Mobilis: Move, moveable

Mon/Monit - Moneo: to warn, remind

Mori/Mort - Mortuus: death

Multi: multiple, many

Mut - Muto: to shift, change

Nas/Nat - Naturalis: natural, birth, be from, spring from

Nav- navis/navigo: ship, to sail

Nec/nic/noc/nox- Neco: to kill, death, harm

Neg- nego: to say no

Neut/Neutr: Not either, neutral

Noct/Nox - Noctis: sleep, darkness, night

Nom/nomen/nym: Name

Non: Not

Nov - Novo/Novis: to make new, new

Num- Numero: to count

Ob/oc/of/op: Against

Omni -Omnis: All, every part

Oper - Operor: to work, labor, be busy

Opti/opto: eye, vision

Ortho: straight, correct

Os/oss/ost/osteo- Osseus: bony, bone

Pac- Pax: Peace

Par: Equal

Pater/Patr: Father

Pel/Puls - Pulsus: To influence, drive, urge

Per: Through, completely

Pet - Peto, Petit: To seek, request, assail

Pict - Pictura: The art of painting, paint

Plac- Placeo: To please

Pon/Pos: Put, place

Popul - Populus: people, the people

Port - Porto: To carry, gate

Post: After

Pre: Before, earlier

Prehend/ Prehens: Seize, grasp

Prim: Before, first

Pro: In favor of

Pub - Publico: to make public, the public

Punct - Punctim: stabbing, to point, to prick

Put/Putat- Puto: to think, ponder, to calculate

Quer/ques/quir/quis: Ask, seek

Re: back again, repeat

Rect - Rectus: Upright, straight

Rect/Reg/ Regn - Rex/Regina: King, Kingdom, to rule, to govern

Retro: backward

Rid/Ris - Rideo: To laugh

Rog/Rogat - Rogare: To ask

Sacr/Sanct: Sacred, holy

Sci - Scio: To know, to understand

Scrib/Scrip: To write

Se - Sector: away, apart

Sec/sect/segm: To cut

Secu/Sequ - Sequor: To follow

Semi: half, partly

Sens/Sent - Sensus: To feel, be aware

Sol: sun

Solv/solu - Solvo: To loosen, Free, dissolve

Somn- Somnus, Somnio: sleepy, to dream

Spec/Spect/Spic - Specto: To look at, see

Spir - Spiro, spiritus: to breathe, energy, animation

Strict/string - Stringo, strictus: To draw tightly together, tight

Struct - structura: the act of building, to build

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