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FEATURES FEA TURES & SPECIFICA SPECIFICATIONS TIONS The SUTUS Business Central 200 THE COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR UP TO 25 USERS  Auto-conguration, auto-detection, online online monitoring and backup backup ensure that your small business is up and running as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible.

  E   B  L  E  A   D   E   O  R   L   O   T  E     F  F   F   E  T  A   M  P  L  E   O   T  I   C  O   I  O  N     U  U   O  L   S  O

• IP PBX • VoIP • Secure Networking • Outlook IMAP Support • Free/Busy Calendaring • File Server • email Server • WWW Server • Firewall • WiFi Access Point • Router • Voicemail to email • VPN Remote Access

The Business Central 200 is specifically designed for small business. It reduces complexity, increases productivity and enables customers to take control of the technology that drives their business.

“Above all, The BC200 has  given us the ability to control the technology ourselves.” - Footprints Recruiting

 Audio In  Audio Out GiGE LED USB 2.0 LED

8x 10/100 PoE Ethernet Ports

LED PoE Indicators

1x 10/100/1000 GiGE Ethernet Port 2x USB 2.0 Ports

Power LED and LED Indicators 1x 10/100 WAN Ethernet Port

The SUTUS Business Central 200 is the perfect all-in-one solution for your small business. The BC 200 offers an unparalleled combination of phone, networking and data applications that are fully integrated and designed for small businesses. You You need more than just the right features, you need a solution that is comprehensive, affordable, affordable, reliable and one that just works, everyday. Ease of Use Industry experts and customers are unanimous in praising the Business Central 200’s straight forward and easy to use web based interface. In fact, our management interface is so uniqueConguration and easy to use, that remote it is protected by 3 different patents! wizards, management and workspace tools allow it to be set-up by resellers or customers in signicantly shorter time than the alternatives

and at much less cost. We recommend you have your reseller do the installation, this allows you to spend more of your budget on value added services and products instead of basic installation.

More than Just a Phone System Our patented Personal and Shared workspaces make it easy and efcient for business to manage their day to day operations. It comes with 2x250GB hard drives in a RAID conguration to protect your data - a feature some competitors charge more for - and all the software capabilities are enabled for a single licensing fee. The Bottom Line Central Reduces Complexity, The SUTUS Business Eliminates Cost Associated with Implementation and Provided the Core Features your business needs.



Computer Tr Troublesh oubleshooters ooters Delta


Features with an * denote SUTUS Business Central 200 exclusive feature

Telephony   Access Voicemail Voicemail Remotely

Call Routing

Call Transfer Transfer

Caller ID

Visual Call Waiting

Dial by Name

Interactive Directory Listing

3-Way Calling

Visual Voicemail Indicator

Stutter Dialtone for message

Voicemail to Email

Personalized & Default Messages

Do Not Disturb

Call Forward on Busy

Call Forward on Away

Call Forward

 Autodial/Speed Dial

Roaming Extensions

Remote Ofce Phone Support

Call Details Record

Time & Date

Cordless Mobility

Multiple Call Appearances

Call Flow Control

Outbound Call Restrictions

SIP Trunk Support



Reach Me Outside™

Softphone Support

Auto Phone Detection

Auto-Update of Phone Firmware

 Audio on Hold

Auto Phone Conguration

Call Park/Retrieve

Call Pick Up

WAN Router

WAN QoS ToS Labeling



Stateful Firewall

VoIP Compliant Firewall

Automated Firewall Rules

Port Forwarding

DNS & Dynamic DNS


Network Time Protocol Server

Bridged LAN & WLAN Support

Static LAN Address Support

Primary Domain Controller

Static IP Support

Hostname & Domain Assignment

WINS Support

Expansion Port

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Secure Wireless Router

WMM Wireless QoS

Wireless Channel Selection


WPA Authentication

802.11 b/g

10 VPN Tunnels

DoS Protection

Enforced Authentication


Mapped Network Drives


Software Single Sign on for all Services

Secure Remote Access

Secure 128 bit SSL

Network File Shares

Personal & Shared File Shares

Backup & Restore

HTTP/S Server

Workspace Email Accounts

Secure Email Services

Mobile/PDA Email (IMAP/S)

Anti-Spam Protection

Email Relay

Outlook Auto-Setup (XP, Vi Vista)

Outlook Calendar Free/Busy

IMAP & IMAPS (Secure)

SMTP & SMTPS (Secure)

Conguration Script

Quota Support

Usability Web Management & Conguration

User Conguration

Local/Remote Management

Business Central Manager

Context Sensitive Help Center

Auto Default Set-up

Intelligent Set-up Wizard

Company Sub-Domain Acquisition

WAN Availability Notication

Personal Workspaces

Shared Workspaces (Teams)

Corporate Shared Workspaces

Centralized Lo Logging

Web Recovery Assistant (Flash)*

Secure Remote Technical Support

System Auto-Recovery

Static & Dynamic DNS

Sub-domain Registration

Customer Accounts*

BC200 Registration*

Status & Health Monitoring*

Multiple Target Groups

System Update (Multiple Targets)*

Fleet Reports*

Remo Re mote te Su Supp ppor ortt Key Key Tra rans nsmi miss ssio ion n

Eventt Logging Even Logging

GigE Port

Hosting/Remote Services

Hardware RAID

USB Ports

100M Ports

Music on Hold

802.11 b/g

Audio Out (Overhead Paging)


Computer Tr Troubleshooters oubleshooters  103-8356 120th Street | Surrey, Surrey, BC Delta  778.565.7050 | www.computerTdelta.com


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