BECOMING GALACTIC - The Myth of Energy Stealing

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december 28, 2008
the myth of energy stealing

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Many people believe that they are
engines, biomechanical devices, alive
in a wondrous universe of space and
time -- and nothing more. No wonder
those who are not awake to their full
consciousness fear death.
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“I hope I didn’t take too much of your energy,” the young woman said to me after I had
given her a Reiki session.* She was speaking of my life energy, or chi.
Should you ever be concerned about that? There are two answers to that question and
both are right:
(1) Yes, you should be concerned that you or another can deplete personal life energy
(2) No, there is nothing really to worry about.
The second law of thermodynamics states that “the total entropy of any isolated
thermodynamic [mechanical, heat operated or producing] system tends to increase over
time, approaching a maximum value.”
Entropy is “a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system
that is no longer available for doing mechanical work; entropy increases as matter and
energy in the universe degrade to an ultimate state of inert uniformity.”
In other words, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The machine becomes less efficient over
time until it finally grinds to a halt.
Part of an individual (the meat body) is a closed thermodynamic system, like an engine
or wristwatch, containing only so much energy or fuel at any one time and which system
will eventually, through wear and tear, break down. This approach is true in that the
second law of thermodynamics applies to our physical existence in the space/time
continuum. Everything and everyone ends. Entropy and gravity are ultimately and
inevitably victorious.
As every engine needs energy or fuel to convert into energy in order to operate, our
bodies need chi, as well as the organic matter we chew up and swallow. The uninitiated
can bring chi into the body only through eating food and in the air we breathe. Because
our stomachs and lungs only have so much capacity, our bodies can contain only that
much chi derived from these sources.
However, our existence in the quantum realms is not subject to entropy and laws of
thermodynamics. The brain deteriorates, but quantum consciousness does not. It is from
the quantum realms that we can consciously control the energy that gives us the
manifested universe, as well as our physical presence in this universe. We can learn to
open our body’s energy channels even more. We can learn to direct the energy with our
In so doing, we can easily supplement the chi that we bring into our bodies through
eating and breathing. There are energy exercises that increase chi, such as chi kung, tai
chi and yoga.
As a Reiki master, I laugh when I hear people talk about stealing energy or having their
energy stolen by someone else. We live in an ocean of energy. The supply is unlimited.
It’s like thinking you can run out of space in an infinite universe.
If you think of yourself as a closed system, and behave accordingly, you absolutely
can be subject to energy depletion.
If you can learn to consciously channel the energy, you can easily allow others to have
all the energy they want from you. You have no need whatsoever to take another’s energy.
There is more than enough to go around.
Reiki is a J apanese energy healing system. Rei means “soul” or “spirit” and ki is the
word for the life energy. So Reiki would mean “soul energy.” The Reiki practitioner is
initiated into the capability of channelling chi, or ki, from the space around her -- in
through the top of her head and out her hands -- to pass on to another person. The
energy flows through a Reiki practitioner like water through a faucet. Her “personal”
energy is never depleted, but constantly replaced. The initiated become an open
thermodynamic system and the second law of thermodynamics does not apply to the
energy body, which is quantum.
Because energy organizes matter,* the effect on the body is one of increased energy
to get through life, better health and longevity. The inevitable entropy of the body can
even be slowed. Wounds heal faster. Illnesses become less frequent, and of lesser
intensity and shorter duration.
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