Bentonville City Council agenda - Oct. 11, 2011

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Committee of the Whole Community Development Planning Commission Meeting Room Regular City Council Meeting Community Development Planning Commission Meeting Room Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:00 p.m. 305 SW “A” Street Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:00 p.m. 305 SW “A” Street

Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance Moment of Silence – For our Military Forces Invocation: Bill Rogers of Word of Life Fellowship Roll Call Approval of Minutes: September 27, 2011 Swear In Police Officer – Travis C. Nichols

1. 1a. Planning:

VGP LLC: Roth Estates, Lot Split, 6077 Southwest Regional Airport Blvd, Zoned R-1.
The planning commission voted 4-0 recommending approval. The applicant has submitted a Lot split for 9.96 acres located on the corner of Southwest Regional Airport Boulevard and Nomad Road which will be known as Roth Estates. The applicant is requesting to split the property into three lots. Lot 1 zoned I-1 will consist of 1.99 acres and is reserved for commercial purposes at the corner of the aforementioned streets. Lot 2 (3.45acres) and Lot 3 (3.46 acres) will serve as single family lots. Right of Way has been dedicated for the planned extension of Windmill road on the south side of the property along with a 30’ utility easement and a 20’ drainage easement.


Roger Norbeck: Zoned R-3.

Norbeck, Rezoning, 714 Northwest 3rd Street,

The planning commission voted 4-0 recommending approval. The applicants are requesting a rezoning from R-3, Medium Density to R2, Duplex and Patio Home Residential. The applicant has submitted a lot

split for unplatted land at 706 and 716 Northwest 3rd Street. The .46 acre parcel will be divided into two lots. Lot 1 Norbeck Addition will house a single duplex unit and consist of .148 acres while Lot 2 will consist of .303 acres and the residential four-plex. Drainage and utility are being dedicated with this plat for existing utilities located on this site. 1c.

Gary and Tarah Hamm: Property Line Adjustment, Lot 3 and 4 Peach Orchard Addition, 401 Peach Orchard Road, Zoned R-1, Single Family Residential.
The planning commission voted 4-0 recommending approval. The applicant has submitted a Property Line Adjustment for Lot 7 Abbey Addition and Tract 1 Peach Orchard Addition. Lot 7 Abbey Addition is being added to the south half of Tract 1 Peach Orchard addition and will be known as Lot 4 Peach Orchard Addition consisting of 3.21 acres. The remaining .63 acres of Tract 1 will be known as Lot 3 Peach Orchard Addition.


Resolution Setting a Public Hearing: Jeff or Kristi King, Resolution, Utility and Drainage Easement, 304 SW Chablis Street.
A gas utility easement from the City of Bentonville to Source Gas at the intersection of Tiger Blvd and Bella Vista Road. The easement will be for the relocation of a 4.5” high pressure valve currently in the right of way for Tiger Blvd. The new gas utility easement for the new high pressure valve will be approximately 10’ X 15’. Appointment of Joe Haynie to the City of Bentonville’s Planning Commission filling Miguel Rivera’s unexpired term. (Term Expires 7/01/2014) Appointment of Judy Ann DeGarmo to the Bentonville Public Library Advisory Board filling Melanie Elliott’s unexpired term. (Term Expires 12/31/2015) Reappointment by City Council of Bob Boehmler to the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. The term is for three years and shall expire on October 11, 2014. Reappointment by City Council of Debi Havner to the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. The term is for three years and shall expire on October 11, 2014. Council approval of Change Order #1 for the 28th St./Medical Center Pkwy. Signalization Project in the amount of plus $7,217.00 for revisions to the fiber optic installation component of the project. Award Bid to Water Products in the amount of $101,996.35 for the water and sewer materials that will be supplied by the City of Bentonville to APAC for the improvements to Central Ave.









Approve Resolution setting public hearing regarding the placement and amount of liens to be placed on certain properties for mowing and remediating unsanitary and unsightly conditions. This process is mandated by State law. The City has been forced to take action to remediate weeds and tall grass and other unsightly conditions at the subject properties. Code Enforcement advised the property owners of the violation and requested that they take action prior to the City stepping in to take action. Property owners have also been advised of the costs and that a lien would be placed on the properties if the costs were not paid. All property owners have been invoiced and failed to pay as of the date this item is submitted. Approve Ordinance adding the Parks and Recreation Director to the Traffic Safety and Signage Committee. Many events that come to the Committee for approval and planned street closures involve coordination with Parks and Recreation staff, due to the corresponding use of an impact to Parks facilities. For example, many events also utilize the Square or Memorial Park. To fully address potential traffic and safety issues and facilitate orderly scheduling, City staff is asking Council to formally approve the Parks and Recreation Director as a member of this committee. The Chief of Police, Assistant Fire Chief and Transportation Engineer all support this addition. Adopt Resolution certifying the rate of taxation levied on real and personal property in the City of Bentonville. This Resolution is required to by the Quorum Court and County Clerk in order to facilitate the millage levy to be collected in 2012. This year, the City is proposing to adopt only the standard taxes and omit the voluntary taxes. In our experience, the concept of a voluntary tax statement is somewhat misleading to citizens, creating unnecessary confusion and ill-will. Voluntary tax is not a significant or reliable source of revenue (see attached spreadsheet from the Finance Department), and citizens who wish to donate to a particular department or facility will still have an opportunity to do so. Finance and the departments that receive the voluntary funds support this proposal.



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