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Best Colleges to Study in India
By Vox Purpli - YahooINEditors – June 30th, 2010
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For class 12 students, the happiness of getting out of school is short-lived as the worry of finding the right college takes over. Most of us were clueless about what we wanted to do; choosing the perfect course was more or less nerve-wrecking. Then came the madness of rushing from one college to another for the prospectus. And once we did figure out exactly what we wanted to do, there was the worry of wondering whether we’d be accepted in that college. To help you make your choices simpler, here are institutes in the country that rank top in various fields. When it comes to engineering colleges, there’s no contesting the reign of the IITs. They remain unbeatable this year as well. Among the IITs, the Kharagpur and Kanpur schools are on top in most ratings. The going has been so good for IIT Kanpur over the past decade that they’re taking their teaching and research excellence international. The excellent student-teacher ratio clubbed with outstanding facilities make the IITs invincible. What’s remarkable is that they impart the knowledge they gain in their respective schools to those who cannot afford it, like six students of IIT Mumbai’s prize-winning initiative to help the underprivileged with coaching classes. Outlook magazine breaks it down further. If it’s medicine you’re interested in, trying for admission in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a good idea. In every rating, this institute comes out tops. On its website, the introduction to the institute reads as such, “All-India Institute of Medical Sciences was established as an institution of national importance by an Act of Parliament with the objects to develop patterns of teaching in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education in all its branches so as to demonstrate a high standard of Medical Education in India; to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity; and to attain self-sufficiency in Post-

graduate Medical Education.” Despite all the controversy that has surrounded AIIMS over the past few years, from student strikes to demand for pay hikes, no one has been able to point fingers at the amount of knowledge there is to learn for students. Here are the top Medical colleges on Outlook magazine. For those who want to make it big in the corporate world, there’s nothing like making it to the IIMs. If you can crack the CAT, that’s half the battle won. Post a management degree from any of the IIMs, rest assured you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. IIM Ahmedabad has been ranked numero unobeating its own sister institutes like Bangalore and Calcutta. IIMs’ increasing number of international faculty and students only adds to the diversity and perspective in education. Here are the top B-schools on Business World magazine. National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, remains the best place to study law. Says India Today magazine, “Distinguished professors of law, jurists and judges visiting NLSIU and exploring joint research opportunities with institutions like Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law have also helped add to quality.” In the 20 odd years since its existence, NLSIU has emerged as a premier institute for all things “law”.

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