Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt



Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma to Jane and Bill Pitt. He was the oldest o three children !brother Do"# and sister J"lie$. • He had a normal childhood and was %er& acti%e in school 'la&s, s'orts !tennis$, the debate team and ch"rch. His amil& also mo%ed to S'rin# ield, (isso"ri when he was a child. • He attended )icka'oo Hi#h School in S'rin# ield and a ter #rad"atin# in 198*, he attended the +ni%ersit& o (isso"ri, -ol"mbia. He ma.ored in Jo"rnalism. /ltho"#h, it was ne%er his ambition #rowin# "', he mo%ed to 0os /n#eles be ore #rad"atin# to '"rs"e a career as an actor. He lied to his 'arents and told them he was inishin# "' school in 0./., since he onl& needed two more classes to #rad"ate. • /t irst, he did not recei%e an& actin# .obs, howe%er, he took actin# lessons b& da& while workin# odd .obs to make mone& !e.#., deli%erin# a''liances, a limo dri%er or stri''ers and wearin# a -hicken cost"me or a ast ood resta"rant$. His looks and talents e%ent"all& earned him a''earances on tele%ision, s"ch as Dallas and Another World. He ke't '"shin# and e%ent"all& made his mo%ie deb"t in Cutting Class. 1t was d"rin# the ilmin# o this mo%ie that he met lon#,time actress #irl riend Jill Schoelen. / ter a ew more small roles !e.#. Thelma & Louise$, he a''eared in lar#er 'arts s"ch as Cool World (199*$, A River Runs Through It (199*$, True Romance !1993$, Kalifornia !1993$ and Interview With a Vam ire !1992 3 (45 /wards or Best (ale Per ormance, (ost Desirable (ale and nominated or (45 /ward or Best On,Screen D"o with 4om -r"ise$. 4hen his l"ck chan#ed in 1992 when he a''eared in Legends of the !all in which he #ained international acclaim as an actor and a se6 s&mbol !es'eciall& a ter "eo le ma#a7ine classi ied him as the 8Se6iest (an /li%e9$. :or this role he recei%ed the Bron7e ;ran#ler /ward or 4heatrical (otion Pict"re and was nominated or the <olden <lobe or Best Per ormance b& an /ctor in a (otion Pict"re 3 Drama. ;hile all this was ha''enin#, he also won the 1993 Sho;est (ale Star o 4omorrow award. He went on to star in man& other bo6,b"ster ilms s"ch as #e$en !199= 3 (45 /wards or (ost Desirable (ale and nominated or (45 /ward or Best On,Screen D"o w>(or#an :reeman$, Twelve %on&e's !199= 3 nominated or an /cadem& /ward or Best /ctor in a S"''ortin# ?ole and (45 (o%ie /ward or Best (ale Per ormance, and he won the <olden <lobe or Best Per ormance b& an /ctor in a S"''ortin# ?ole in a (otion Pict"re, Blockb"ster @ntertainment /ward or :a%orite S"''ortin# /ctor , Science :iction and the Sat"rn /ward or Best S"''ortin# /ctor$, The Devil(s )wn !199A$, #even *ears in Ti+et !199A , ?embrandt /"dience /ward or Best /ctor$, %eet ,oe -lac& !1998$, !ight Clu+ !1999$ and Snatch !*BBB 3 nominated or the <olden Satellite /ward or Best Per ormance b& an /ctor in a S"''ortin# ?ole, -omed& or ("sical$.

1n J"l& o *BBB, he and Jenni er /niston !actress o !riends ame$, a ter a '"blici7ed relationshi' were married. He also a''eared on the tele%ision show and was nominated or an @mm& /ward or O"tstandin# <"est /ctor in a -omed& Series. (ore more roles came in or Brad Pitt s"ch as The %e.ican !*BB1$, )cean(s /leven !*BB1 3 nominated or the (45 (o%ie /ward or Best On,Screen 4eam$, the # ' 0ame !*BB1$, Tro' !*BB2$ and )cean(s Twelve !*BB2, nominated or the B:-/ /ward or Best /ctin# @nsemble !shared w>cast$$
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Jenni er /niston has recentl& iled or di%orce rom Pitt which became o icial on October *, *BB=. Pitt is c"rrentl& workin# on mo%ies s"ch as Chad #chmidt and -a+el. He has also recentl& won the *BB= Peo'leCs -hoice /ward or :a%orite 0eadin# (an. /ltho"#h Brad Pitt and /n#elina Jolie !whom co,starred in %r1 and %rs1 #mith$ den& r"mors o a romantic relationshi', the two D riendsD ha%e been s'endin# a lot o time to#ether, incl"din# a tri' to @thio'ia !/ rica$ where /n#elina was %isitin# in order to ado't a second child. Brad has also ado'ted /n#elinaEs two children. 4he r"mors o a Brad,Jolie relationshi' ha%e been Do iciall&D con irmed with the Jan"ar& *BB6 anno"ncement that /n#elina Jolie is 're#nant with Brad PittEs child. /n#eline Jolie #a%e birth to a bab& #irl on Sat"rda&, (a& *Ath in / rica. She and Brad Pitt ha%e named the child Shiloh Fo"%el Jolie,Pitt. Pitt mo%es with Jolie and the rest o the amil& to Few Orleans in Jan"ar& *BBA. :a%oritesG mo%ies H "lanet of the A es !ori#inal$ and #aturda' 2ight !ever. Some amo"s women he has had romantic relationshi's withG Jill Schoelen, <eeena Da%is, J"liette 0ewis, <w&neth Paltrow, ?obin <i%ens, Jenni er /nistonG c"rrentl& datin# /n#elina Jolie

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