Brandon Brice

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Brandon Brice
As a result of the efforts of this young professional, many veterans across America have housing
and the necessary educational skills to transition back to civilian life.
WASHINGTON, DC - After a nearly decade in politics, Brandon Brice has decided to help
veterans, school reformers, and small business owners through his work in media.
As a 19 year-old college student Brandon Brice majored in business at Howard University in
Washington, DC. Soon after Brandon Brice was on Capitol Hill as an intern for House Speaker
Denny Hastert (R-IL), while a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

A fellowship at the United Nations brought Brandon Brice to New York where he’d eventually
earn a Masters in International Affairs from Rutgers University as a fellow of their Eagleton
Institute for Politics. Upon gaining experience through various community organizing and
professional positions Brandon Brice felt prepared for a second graduate degree, an Executive
Master of Public Affairs degree from Columbia University.
Armed with some experience and pursuing an Ivy League educational credential, Brandon Brice
became one of the founding bloggers at where he challenged his peers

to and fellow music and culture enthusiasts to look at issues through a politically conservative
Coming from a working-class family in Detroithe knew he wanted to make a difference in
people’s everyday lives, the way his mom and dad did, a registered nurse and state trooper
respectively. So when Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) tapped Brandon Brice for a hybrid role as
Director of African American Affairs and Education Policy Liaison for the Office of the Governor,
Brandon Brice promptly rose to the challenge.
Brandon Brice describes those days as:”Challenging because I had to walk a fine line to bring
consensus for everyone at the table, in terms of black constituent groups, Ed-Reform groups,
and the Administration, but we got it done and I’m very proud of those accomplishments”
Brandon Brice immediately took to the educational policy aspect of his post, implementing 24
education reform programs on behalf of the governor, managed more than 2000 constituent
relationships with key African-American stakeholders, and created a 15 member special
advisory committee to advance the governor’s school reforms through the state legislature.
Prior to the appointment of Commissioner Richard Constable (cabinet member), Brandon Brice
was the highest-ranking black staffer in the Christie Administration. For his stint at the Port
Authority of New York and New Jersey Brandon Brice was Property Representative in the Real
Estate Unit working under the now disgraced David Wildstein.
Eventually being proverbially chewed up and spit out by the injustices of the political world,
Brandon Brice opted to return to the non-profit sector to make an impact for America’s - often
unsung heroes - military veterans.
Since veterans needed additional education to re-enter the civilian workforce Brandon Brice
says he knew he could support the mission of the Veterans Empowerment Organization of
Georgia and relocated to Atlanta.
As their Director of Strategic Partnerships, Brandon Brice maintained a million dollar budget to
provide temporary housing for veterans assimilating back into civilian life. The organization
also offered educational programs to assist returning veterans as well. As a collaborative result
the White House and former US President Jimmy Carter, a fellow Georgian, recently recognized
the organization.
Brandon Brice says: “I will continue raising awareness for the issues I believe in, education
reform, small business advocacy, and supporting our veterans, through my work in media while
I explore some upcoming long-term opportunities in those areas”.

PolitiWeek News is proud to have Brandon Brice on board writing about education policy,
veteran’s affairs, small business news, and politics.
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