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Paramveer singh Ashish rana Anil kumar Karamjeet singh Gurtinder singh Jagdev singh


Company description 

As India is know for the spicy food and hence spicy food is greatly loved by all the population segment from young kid to to the employed person.



Target population ---lovely students , faculty

and staff membe members rs . Competi Comp etitor torss- yo food , ccamp ampus us ccaf afe e , ffood ood court and all the stalls inside the lovely

----lovely professional university

campus . Founders  Date of commencement -14-8-2011.


Type ype of ve veg. g.k kab abab abss and and Mock Mockta tail il th that at we will will provide are ----1. full cheese kabab 2. veg veg mix k kaba abab b 3. kabab abab ee- punj punjab abii  

Mocktail Ice coffee. Strawberry crushed. Strawberry Mango feel.


food .....at VEG. KABAB HUNT


 

Mission To provide outstanding quality and service , so that we make every customer at our booth satisfied.

 

vision To extend our chain of booths to the nearby cities.


Location 


booth ::--

1. One One bo boot booth oth h near nea nearr by by eeng engineering ngin inee eeri ring ng bloc bl block. ock. k. 2. 2nd booth near by LSM/LSB. 3. 3rd booth near by ADMISSION. 


1. v 1. vehicle ehicle on on hire. hire. 2. Bicycle. 2. Bic Bicycle. le. Ecofriendly. Ecofr ofrie iend ndly ly..


Competitor analysis


Swot analysis analysis of competitors 

Strength ...

Already established

Good location.


Similar kind of products .



Marketing Mark eting mix 

Price product matter .

Placement Plac ement-- display display in store.. store..

Promotion-banners and VEG. KABAB HUNT Promotion-banners pamphlets ... Prod Pr oduc uctt  veg kab abab abss and and Moc Mockt ktai ail. l.


Marketing Mark eting stra strategies tegies 

Pricing ...more the amount more discount . (only on multiply of 100)

Happy hours .11-12 am scratch cards.


Marketing Mark eting technique techniquess 

Banners and VEG. KABAB HUNT pamphlets ...

Word of mouth....i.e. viral marketing

1  11 11111 1111111111


Human resource managers




9 workers ( Full time).

Part time workers workers work on main season,

function or basis on requirement More workers will be required during starting of new sessions and on special spe cial occasion.


Salary paid 

Full time around 3500 / month

Bonuses will be paid quarterly...


Sources of funds 

partners investment investment ---6,00,000 lakh ( each partner 1 lakh)

from bank -----8,00,000lakh (agriculture loan on the land around 30 acres from cooperative bank at the rate of 2.5 % per annum ).. total funds 14,00,000


Overview of expenses. expenses. otall Tota

funds funds-- 14 la lakh kh

Infras Inf rastruc tructure ture of the booth- 2lak 2lakh*3=6 h*3=6 la lakh kh Rent of land land-- 15000*3* 15000*3*12= 12= 540000 Equipments =1.5 lakh Electricity bill=7000*3*12=2,52,000

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