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Berkeley United Methodist Church 2407 Berkeley Ave., Austin, Austin, TX 78745 Phone: (512) 447-6633 Fax: (512) 851-8438 www.berkeleyumc.org May 1, 2011


8:30 a.m. & 10:50 a.m.

Communion Sunday Second Sunday of Easter

Leader: Forgive us, Lord, an and d empower us to live lives of faith and witness. (Silence) †  ASSSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS  Leader: Hear the Goo Good d News: When Thomas Thomas doubted the rep reports orts of his closest friends, Jesus continued in his love for Thomas and made it possible for him to have faith. YOU walk in faith and confidence  –   even when doubt rears its head, remembering that God has promised to be with you to the end of the age.† age.† 

You are invited to come come forward at the the ushers’ direction. You will receive a piece of bread (or gluten-free alternative if you prefer) and can dip it into the cup of grape juice. Please indicate to an usher if you  prefer to be served in your your seat.






UMH #748 


(* ) P lease stand as you are able. 


Welcome   Welcome

Welcome, welcome to this place. You’re invited to come and know God’s grace. All are welcome the love of God to share ‘cause all of us are welcome here; all are welcome in this place. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CELEBRATING OUR COMMUNITY OF FAITH  

 As we greet one another and have some brief announcements, announcements, please fill in the yellow card to let us know of your presence and your prayers!

This Joyful Eastertide arr. Bankston

Chancel Choir

I Peter 1:3-9


PRAYER FOR ILLUMINATION  Risen Lord, stand among us and cause us to hear what is written in the Scriptures so that we come to believe that you are the Son of God; and that believing, we may have have life in your name. Amen. SERMON

The Faith of Resurrection

Jessica Goad



 Faith, While Trees Trees Are  Are  Still in Blossom

UMH #508

I f you would li ke to know more about about baptis tism m or beco becoming ming a member of Berkeley United Methodist Church by profession of faith or transfer of your current church membership, please speak with Rev. Devine today today following wo worsh rship. ip.  THE BENEDICTION

You are invited i nvited tojoi join n hands as we we share in the song: Christ the Lord is Risen Today 

UMH #302

Soar we now where Christ has led, Alleluia! Following our exalted Head, Alleluia! Made like him, like him we rise, Alleluia! Ours the cross, the grave, the skies, Alleluia!

RESPONSE TO THE WORD *CALL TO WORSHIP  Leader: Unlock the d doors oors of fear an and d doubt. Let your faith spill into the streets! People: Jesus is risen! Leader: Death has no m more ore claims on your your life. In life, in death, in life after death, Christ is your life. People: Peace be with you. Leader: Even in the darkest valley, God’s glory sustains us. † 

TIME OF REFLECTION  (A moment of silence for meditation) *RESPONSE IN SONG

We Walk by Faith  Faith 

TFWS #2196



 Easter People,   Raise Your Voices Voices

UMH #95

UMH #304

PRAYER OF CONFESSION  Leader: Today, along with Brother Thomas, we confess that we are often slow to believe. All: There are times tthat hat we refuse to b believe elieve unless we see the marks of Jesus’ nail-scarred nail -scarred hands

Leader: our Forgive us,(Silence) Lord…for midst. (Silence)    the times we fail to recognize you in Forgive us, Lord…for demanding proof! (Silence)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here below; Praise him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and and Holy Ghost. Amen.  THE GREAT THANKSGIVING Hymns to be sung while receiving communion:  Let Us Be Bread Come to the Table

Thank you for worsh worshiping iping with us toda today! y! I n between our our services, servi ces,  yo  you u are are invited invited for coffe coffee e and and fellow fellowship ship on thedeck   —we’d love to  get to know yo you u bet bette ter!  r!   THOSE LEADING IN WORSHIP TODAY Pastoral Intern, Jessica Goad, will bring the sermon. Our worship leader for the 8:30 service is Kathy Beth Stavinhoa and for the 10:50 service is Julie Burns. Summer Kaylor Kaylor is our Media Coordinator. Coordinator. We thank all our greeters, ushers and acolytes.

UMH #23 

TFWS #2260  #2260  TFWS #2264

† Selections taken from The Africana Worship Book Year C ©

Forgive us, Lord…for times when we would rather believe the shouts of Fear, than the whispers of Faith.(Silence) Faith. (Silence)

 Here is Bread, Here Here is Wine 

TFWS #2266  #2266 

 Discipleship Resources, Resources, 2008. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with  permission.


Upcoming Events This Week  

The BUMC youth appreciate your prayers during their participation in the 30  Hour Famine this weekend. weekend. They will continue to collect collect donati donations ons of cann canned ed and non-perishable food items for the Capital Area Food Bank through the month of May. Please place donations in the designated basket in the narthex.

Sunday, May 1 Communion Sunday 6:30 am Work Corner Preparation  8:30 am Worship 9:40 am Sunday School 10:50 am Worship 12:00 pm Covered dish luncheon for

Wednesday, May 4 10:00 am Childcare Chapel 6:00 pm Handbells 7:00 pm Choir Thursday, May 5 Kairos #12 Team to Lockhart thru

Today is the last Sunday our pastoral intern, Jessica Goad, will be with us until September. She will spend the summer back in Arizona, her home state,

those remaining for the Junell Treece Memorial Service (FH) 1:30 pm Memorial Service for Junell Treece 2:30 pm Intern Advisory (7) 4:00 pm Outreach (7) 5:00 pm Covenant Group (9)

Sunday 6:30 pm Disciple II Bible Study (FH)

 serving as a hospital cchaplain haplain iintern. ntern. She will return return for he herr final ye year ar of  study at Austin Austin Presbyt Presbyterian erian Theo Theological logical Seminary a and nd her fall internshi internship p here at Berkeley. Please take a moment to greet Jessica today and express  your appreciation appreciation ffor or her mini ministry stry among u us. s.

Monday, May 2 10:00 am Women’s Group (9)  12:00 pm Library Committee (9) 5:30 pm VinCare Services (FH, 7) 7:00 pm Covenant Group (9)

Sunday, May 8 Mother’s Day  Day  6:30 am Work Corner Preparation   8:30 am Worship 9:40 am Sunday School 10:50 am Worship 5:00 pm Covenant Group (9)

Tuesday, May 3 6:00 pm Congregational Care (9) 7:00 pm Trustees (7)

The newsletter newsletter de deadline adline is is::  Sunday  Sund ay,, May May 15, 2011 2011

 Announcements  Berkeley will will observ observee Native American M Ministrie inistriess Sunday on May 15, one of  six special special Sundays in the Unit United ed Methodist Methodist Churc Church h when a special special offering offering is received. Envelopes will be available on that day. If you prefer to make a donation today rather than on May 15, please place it in the basket as you come forward for communion. Thank you for your generosity.

The ten BUMC team members (Polly Aranda, Sue Bordovsky, Amy Carroll,  Jeff Cecil, Cecil, Emily an and d Barbara Hu Huff, ff, Tyler Mabry, Mabry, Vikki Schwarz, Liz Skiles, and Irma Trevino) who will participate in Kairos # 12 at Lockhart request  your prayer prayer support. Today you can can sign up ffor or one or more more 30 minute minute  prayer slots slots to pray for the 42 wom women en who wi will ll partici participate pate the weekend weekend of  May 5-8, the the team and all the 10 1000 00 incarce incarcerated rated men and and women.

Come explore the issues of how poverty impact people in our community. The  Just Neighbors Neighbors series series is an intera interactive, ctive, dy dynamic namic way of studying studying and  providing facts abou  providing aboutt these im important portant issu issues es while ffostering ostering d dialogue ialogue and and advocacy in our church community. Peace with Justice will be offering the 9 session series series througho throughout ut the next next year--you year--you can co come me to one, ccome ome to some, some, or come to all of the sessions.  sessions.   The fir st se session, ssion, entitled, Who I s My Neighbor? will be in the CL C' s F ello ellowship wship Hall on Sunday Sunday May 22nd. 22nd.  We will meet after the second service for a brown bag lunch and begin the study at 12:30. You can RSVP by contacting Jamie Justus at  [email protected] [email protected] l.com  or 940-7591.   jblackw

 Berkeley’s Church C  Berkeley’s Council ouncil on April 26 affirmed affirmed the policy th that at all church wide requests for funds or donations, and all sales of goods or services by an individual or group at Berkeley UMC must be presented to the Finance Committee for prior approval and scheduling. If you plan to request money, collect items, etc. you may e-mail your request to Polly Aranda, Chair of the  Finance Committee Committee,, at   [email protected] [email protected] ate.tx.us..  The committee meets on the third Sunday of each month.

The Stewardship Committee has provided offering envelopes for your use;  you can find find them in inside side the ffront ront cove coverr of the Uni United ted Meth Methodist odist Hym Hymnal. nal.  Please use them if: (1 (1)) you donat donatee cash and want want your g gift ift credi credited ted on you yourr  giving record; record; or (2) you contri contribute bute to a de designated signated o orr special ffund und and not notee that on the envelope. It’s not necessary to use an envelope if you donate by check, provided you note any special designation on the memo line. Our counters and Finance Committee appreciate your help.

Ministers: Members of the Congregation  Pastor: Rev. Jeanne Devine ([email protected] ([email protected]) al.net)  Pastoral Intern: Jessica Goad ([email protected]) ([email protected])  Youth Director: Brad S traup ([email protected]) Director of Music: Victoria Schwarz ([email protected] ([email protected]) m)  Pianist: Tyler Mabry ([email protected]) ([email protected])  Administrative Assistant: Tara Nash ([email protected])

 M ay 1, 20  Ma 2011 11  Seco  Se cond nd Sund Sunda ay of E Ea aste ster

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