Business Rules=Life Rules

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Business rules = Life rules
Business success is based on three rules: • Distinction • Excellence • Service These three rules also apply to life and friendship, which is by the way the most important part of our journey. We are social beings, and should never forget about it. Alone, we cannot survive and thrive. Only with social, family and friendship support and challenges can we only evolve in our terrestrial journey... So let's quickly makes the parallel between business and life: • Distinction: Being unique, delivering unique value and content to your customers. Display your uniqueness to your fans and followers, the more influential you will become. Well this also applies to life. Being yourself, delivering unique value and information to your entourage, family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. The more true your are to yourself, the more others will appreciate you, trust you and follow you. The more influence you will also have on them, in the 7 areas of life (spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, family, social, physical). Strengthen that invisible bond that exist between friends, and loved ones. That invisible bond is what makes human society what it is. That invisible bond is what gives purpose in our lives and in the life of those we encounter and get to meet... • Excellence: Excellence is about giving your greatest effort and caring enough about your career and customers to make sure the value your bring is equal of better than anything else out there. It's striving to be a master and a leader in what you do. Develop an obsessive focus on being the best at what you do. Challenge your customers to be their best in everything you teach them to do. The sad truth is that most people do not have someone in their lives to push them to grow as a person and become better at what they do. So be that person for your customers. Challenge them to be their best selves and act with excellence. The more you set accountabilities and standards for people, the more they become attached to your work and the value you are providing – because nobody else is doing that for them. Well this is also the case in life. The more you strive for excellence in life, whether in relationship with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, the more you fill a void. A void in your life, and a void in their lives. Become a master in what you do and do it with sincerity, passion, and genuine care. Be the best you can be with your entourage, friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, challenges them, push them to be their best, to help them realise it and reach their highest potential. Because, as in business, sometimes the people you care about and whom you meet have no-one else to do that for them. Keep them accountable, and set standards of excellence in your relationships, whether that relationship is general, casual, deep, or intimate. So whatever you do in life, be that person for them and help your friends see their magnificence and reach their highest potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful live. That is what life is and the least you can do, but it is also the best you can for them.

• Service: Business is based on helping others by providing valuable information that can improve their lives. Care about helping others, have a deep connection with those you serve, help them reach their potential. Create great products and information not because doing so will make you millionaire but because it will help improve millions of lives. Empathy, compassion, altruism. Be a servant leader.Always take care of your customers. Again, this also applies to life. Your life purpose is to help others improve their lives, so you also improve yours at the same time. We are an interdependent society, so whatever you do to others will someday, somehow, sometime come back to you. What you sow you shall reap. What you think about, and thank about, you bring about. So always take care of the people that made an effort to meet you and know in greater depth. For those are the people that care about you, believe in you and want to see you shine. To those people, give your best, be sincere, authentic, open, caring and genuine. Treat them the same way you would like to be treated. Because they are only a reflection of yourself, or some parts of yourself. Take care of your relationships, because those are the most important things your could ever have, and also because you choose them, so make sure you keep them alive and well. Allright, that was my insight from this morning reading of the Millionaire Messenger. A great little business book, but more than that a great little book on life lessons. I have tears of gratitude while writing this post. So grateful to have found this little book and the message within it. It is definitely a Millionaire message. I believe there are many life lessons within it, and it's gem. I shall keep distilling the lessons in my blog posts and in my conversations...(HeHe :)). Not to brag about myself and what I learned, rather just to share genuinely some information that can make a difference in people lives. I believe some of these lessons are for me to get and can also benefit the people I love. As Brendon said in the book, an entrepreneur is both a student and teacher. Well, it's the same for me. My attitude towards life is to be an eternal student of life, and teach what I gain from my life experiences, and lessons. That reading also reminded of the importance of relating to others, in family, friendship, colleagues, and how I am very blessed to be surrounded by the people I know, appreciate and trust. Many people don't have this luxury... either due to where they live geographically, in war zones, or third world countries, those that don't have families, or with poor socioeconomic status... Thanks to the Universe, for giving me the opportunity to live a good life, for making this happen and for bringing these people into my life. That is definitely something to be grateful for, always... Dr Olivier J. Becherel

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