Calculate Friction Factor

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Calculate Friction Factor darcy equation



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Excel Function To Calculate Friction Factor
Input Gas Parameter: Gas Gravity (Air=1.0) Mole Percent CO2 Mole Percent H2S Surface Temperature, Deg F Surface Pressure, psia Gas Rate, Mscf/d Well & Tubing Data Inner Diameter of Flow String, inches Pipe roughness, inches Intermediate Calculation: Surface Temperature, Rankine Pseudocritical Temperature, Tpc Pseudocritical Pressure, Ppc Reduced Temperature, Tr Reduced Pressure, Pr Gas Z Factor Gas Viscosity (cp) Reynold Number Results: Friction Factor 0.7 0 0 65 1206 10962

1.991 0.00065

524 377.59 663.34 1.389285 1.818083 0.776009 0.013918 5,538,073


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