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My aspiration is to become a marketing executive working in advertising and public relation, market research and product management; it’s been a lifelong dream for me. A marketer’s job involves the development of marketing campaigns which promote products, services and ideas; this involves planning, public relations, product development, advertising, promotion campaigns. It could be a very challenging but exciting job. Immediately after the completion of my studies I hope to get a job in a marketing firm or organization, I see myself pushing through the ranks to become a marketing executive, in the next 5 yrs gaining the needed experience and expertise to become a senior executive, With hard work and perseverance starting up my own business firm within the next 10yrs. A marketing job in a multinational company will be a dream job as these will give me an opportunity to learn and improve on my marketing skills on a global stage, working with peoples for different cultures and background and an opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. In choosing where I would want to work after my graduation my decision was helped by my desire to work in an economically stable environment with opportunities for young graduates, countries such as Canada and Australia come to mind these are countries that are developed both economically and socially and are in need of a work force. Therefore getting well paid jobs will be easier in such location. Getting a job is not easy these days because there are thousands of graduates graduating each year from the university seeking jobs and a lot of unemployed graduates still seeking jobs, this makes the labor market very competitive. As such to improve my chances of getting a job my sole aim will be to

graduate with good grades and improve on all the skills needed in my chosen field while gaining valued experiences. Obtaining a masters degree from a top university would also boost my chances of getting a well paid job. According to market 20011 A marketing executive is responsible for the promotion of brands, services, and products. They persuade potential customers the buy the product and services, for a marketing executive to function well at his/her job they need to be creative in order to create awareness about products brands or services. A marketing job is result oriented as such the marketer must possess certain amount of skills and competences in order to function well at his/her job, these skills and competences include the following. Excellent spoken and written communication skills, Creative thinking, Must be able to work well in a team setting, Excellent presentation skills ,Must be able to work well under pressure and deadlines, Good business sense and budget management ,Should possess confidence in order to sell ideas, Leadership skills and Effective Organization skills.

One of my strengths from the above mentioned skills and competences needed by a marketing executive is my excellent presentation skill, this skills as been developed over time with my involvement with different groups in college, I was responsible for doing the presentation and given speeches while I was a member of the music club, this skill was further improved upon while in the university with the use of presentation slides and other forms of communication. I have learned to make my presentation

interesting while making very important points keeping the audience involved and interested, I take presentation very serious and have been complimented on this by my lecturers. My weakness is that I have not been able to manage working well in a team because I am a perfectionist, i feel like I can do all the work myself better than when I am working in a team setting, although this has not been a problem it can affect my future job as a marketer as such I have been working well toward improving this skill by constantly working together in teams, the university has also helped improved these skills by given group work assignment which allows for each student to work in a team. Every individual has a combination of values that are personally significant; understanding ones values structure can provide considerable insight into ones career aspirations. An individual with strong political values is most likely being unhappy in an occupation that provides little opportunity to exercise leadership qualities. Making use of the “big five personality traits” I was able to identify my values using the five factors which include extraversion, agreeableness, emotional stability, openness to experience, conscientiousness. Using an online big five personality test questionnaire the results are as follows. Big five personality test Results I rated moderately high on the big five scale for extraversion, my score Extraversion indicated that I have more extraverted traits than introverted. Extroverts are typically sociable,

expressive, dominant, I rated high on the big five scale of Agreeableness agreeableness, a high rating means you are warm, friendly, kind, polite generous, helpful. I rated high on the big five scale of Conscientiousness conscientiousness, those with high rating are described as serious, responsible, hard working According to the test I rate moderately high on the big five scale Emotional stability of emotionality, this personality is concerned with the amount of emotional stability versus emotional disorganization I score moderately high on the big five scale of intellect, which also Openness to experience referred to as openness to experience, this test is concerned with different aspects of intelligence, imagination and logic. Those with high rate are described as imaginative, intellectual and witty.

I have been attending a computer based training program for the past four months in seremban Malaysia in order to improve upon my computer skills which is very important to my studies, the trainers at the computer training center have thought me on how to make better use of the computer through the creating of graphics making use of Microsoft office, creating a website and data based management. The computer training program has helped me improve on my computer skills and knowledge which includes data based management, the use of Microsoft office which includes PowerPoint, excel, Microsoft publisher and Microsoft word also I now know how search for information making use of the internet search engine. This experience has made me more knowledgeable about the computer and has helped me in better conduction of research for my assignment. I also know how to use PowerPoint for my presentations. This experience will also help in my chosen profession as a marketer because I will be able to search for information relating to products and services, keep track of what is going on in the business environment, and prepare documents and record keeping of such document.

As a group of four we were given a team based assignment in school on developing people a course in human resources management, as a group we where to go to a company and collect information from the HR manager on how they conduct training programs for their employees, what methods are been used and for how long these training program is to last, we are to use the information collected to conduct a training program of ours for the

assignment. As the group leader I was responsible for interviewing the HR manager and passing on the information at our group meeting which was also organized by me, it was my responsibility to fixed time for meeting and discussion where we shared ideas. The group based work had helped improve on my team building skills, leadership skills and time management, as the group leader I was able to motivate my team members to share ideas and come up with solutions, also made such everybody was there for our meetings and discussions and delegated work to each team member. Working in a team also improved because I used to have problems working with other people. This experience will go a long way in helping me in my career as marketer as I will need to work in teams to come up with ideas to promote products and services, create campaigns. The leadership skill will also help me delegating work; motivate my workers so as to achieve our goals.

During the holiday 3 months ago I was opportune work for my aunt who owns a cake baking company back home in Niger; her company bakes cakes for different events, weddings, birthdays, social events and package sales. I was responsible for taking customers request for order and enquire both in person and via the phone. I entered their orders into the computer database and booked dates and contacted them when their order is ready for collection, these information was also made available to other workers at the company to facilitate their work. My work experience at my aunt cake company has helped improve my oral, written and communication skills, dealing with customers in person and

over the phone requires a great deal of listening, customers make orders or enquires and some time complaints, it’s my responsibility to pass down their messages effectively to the bakers and the management so that their orders made ready at the agreed time and management can make corrections to their complaints. I have been able to apply this experience in my academics and my interaction with other individuals it’s helped to become more organized with my work, I communicate better with my lecturers and course mates. I will apply these interpersonal and communicative skills to my chosen career for effective relations with customers and other employees.

Telephone interview: telephone interview are selection interview techniques that is used to get rid of poorly qualified candidates. Leaving just a few individuals left. The jobseekers task for this type of interview is to get invited for a face to face interview. Hints Treating this interview as important as you would a face to face interview is very important. Focus on the conversation; make sure your listening carefully before answering each question. Having a copy of your resume or CV is close while on the interview will be very helpful Avoid any interruption while on the interview

Face to face interview Face to face interview is the traditional form of conducting an interview. It requires the jobseeker to meet face to face with the employer. Face to face interview techniques makes use of straight forward questions. For example the interviewer may ask the interviewee such questions like. Where do you see yourself in the next five years in this company? Why do you want this job? What skills do you think this job requires Hints As an applicant for employment your focus should be on the interviewer, making eye contact, listening and respond with clear smooth language to each and every question. Team interview techniques With this type of interview technique there is normally more than one interviewer, about 5 to 10 panel of interviewers, in this type of interview gives individuals a chance to show their presentation skills. Hints It is very important to connect with each member of the panel making eye contact and responding to each question asked, identifying each interviewer personality type would be of great help.

Be responsive to the approach in the team, if they seem to want to control the interview, let them and go with the flow, be sure to ask and offer information. Make sure that the team understands what you have to offer, but don’t come off as aggressive but show your zeal. Each of the team members opinion is very important, and one individuals disapproval can disqualify a applicant, so it better to be responsive and respectfully to every of them.

Case interview In a case interview you may be prompted to display your problem solving skills. A task might be given to you by the interviewer asking you to create a solution or plan for the given task Hints The interview is will looking to see how you apply your skills and knowledge when faced with actual real life problems. Speaking and layout your plans clearly, so as to let the interviewer understand your line of thought.

Employers make use of interviews to verify if candidate have the needed skills, knowledge and motivation to add value and fit into the organizations culture. They also want to see of your career goal go in line with prospect

offered at the organization. The following are some points to be considered during the interview. Give sincere answers with positive tones Focus on the employer’s needs and not yours Highlight on how you can add value to the organization Explain your past responsibility and accomplishment

Presentation techniques For a presentation during a job interview you might be asked to present a small committee of people or just one individual, you should be prepared carefully; it should be to the point and persuasive enough to get you the job. Here are some presentation techniques Designing of the presentation: design the presentation to meet the needs of you anticipated audience, try to learn what the interviewers are looking for before the presentation, doing some research on the company will help in knowing what special skills or talent you can provide. Knowing more about the audience will help improve your presentation. Once you know what the interviewers are looking for make you presentation around this information, carefully not make a long presentation cause most presentation just allow 15 to 10 minutes. Using the rule of three, design your presentation to focus on only three topics.

Develop illustrations: once you got a design for your presentation, make use of a power point slide to create illustration of your main points, but in making use of a power point slide make sure to use slide with more pictures than text, picture slides allow you to talk directly to the audience. Do not use to many slide for the presentation a maximum of 5-6 slide will be appropriate as using to many slides will make you rush through the presentation and not hit the main points. Also the use of audio visuals aids like flip chart will help to elaborate on your topic. Be sure to find out if the company can provide this equipment if not bring yours. Career objective 1) I would like to improve on my knowledge of marketing and its objectives, so as to be a good marketing executive with all the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in the near future. 2) Improve on my time management skills, improving on my time management skills will go a long way in helping to plan, organize projects and have them ready at their due dates, this skill is very important for my marketing career. 3) Improve on my confidence in public speaking; improving on this skill will also aid my chosen career as marketers sometimes have to promote their products publicly. 4) A swot analysis is a strategic planning system which is used to accesses both internal and external environment in which an organization operates; it’s also used to access one’s self through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats. 5) SWOT ANALYSIS

Excellent oral and written communications skills. Good leadership and team management skills. Strengths Good interpersonal skills, I am able to interact with other individuals effectively and with confidence. Computer literate able to make use of computer software effectively.

Lack of time management skills. Lack of confidence in public Weakness speaking. Little knowledge about marketing and what it entails.

Readily made environment in the university where I can learn more Opportunities about marketing. Attendance of seminars and workshops. Internship training. Lack of job opportunities, due to Treats high rate of unemployment. Economic instability. 6) Career management action plan

7) Making use of the principles of (SMART) specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed. Objective, Specific areas to be improved 1. I would like to improve on my Action to be taken to achieve the objective Getting an internship job in a marketing firm Time frame for achieving objective 7 months January 2012- July 2012

knowledge of marketing so to improve my and its objectives, so as marketing skills, also to be a good marketing executive with all the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in the near future. 2. Improve on my time management skills, improving on my time management skills will go a long way in helping to plan, organize projects and have them ready at their due dates, this skill is very important In order to improve on my time management skill I will attendant seminars and workshops that teach or educate on time management. Personally I will set myself objectives to be finished at specific date reading more books on marketing and its practices.

4 weeks July 2012 – August 2012

for my marketing career to test myself, and make sure I follow up.

3. Improve on my confidence in public speaking; improving on

I order to improve on


this skill, I will be joining August 2012 – public speaking training December 2012

this skill will also aid my program, where I will be chosen career as marketers sometimes have to promote their products publicly. trained I the different ways of presentation in public and gain confidence.

Conclusion I choose to be marketing executive as it suits my aspirations, competences and wants, and also because all the work experiences I have had has to do with creating, managing and promoting of products and services which are the part of the job specification of a marketing executive. Making use of the SWOT analysis I was able to identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats, making use of the personal development plan i will be able to develop where I had lapses in my skills so as to achieve my plan of been a marketing executive.

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