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My career path Everyone possesses different unique skills for jobs, positions, and experiences, and this aspect shows that each person, in essence, pursues a career of their choice. Career can be defined as the form of work-related experiences that bridge the course of a person‟s life. In other words, when considering our career path, we must consider the subjective and objective component part. Where the objective part include situations such as job positions, job duties, and work-related decisions, while the subjective part include aspirations, expectation, values, needs, and the experience needed for the job. (Greenhaus, Callanan, & godshalk, 2010). As a student currently studying business administration in a university, my aim is to become a marketing manager. Marketing manager can be defined as a manager whose main task is to manage the marketing resources of a product or business. (Business dictionary, 2011). I chose a business related course, because it is the field I‟ve always been interested in since my high school days. I„ve had some experience in marketing back in my country, where I helped a company new to the markets make their product known to the public. The experience came as a natural thing to me because am very good when communicating with people and back then, people do say I have the ability of persuasion due to my charismatic attitude. My experience was success because I got to meet different kinds of people, wanting to know more about the product I‟m selling and the cost of it. Also, I got to know the market place better. Though I used to go to the market place before then, but during my marketing experience, I got to know a lot about the markets in terms of the organization and control of the market and the level of performance of some of the products in the market. To be a marketing manager, I have to possess the values, skills,

abilities, and most important of all, the ambitions to be successful. However, I can say I possess little or more of these characters and I will be elaborating with some points below. As a marketing manager, I must possess the following,  A vision creator: in this case, I will say I‟ve got what it takes to be able to create a clear and focus concept for products and services in a market place. Referring back to the marketing experience I had during my high school days, back then , my task wasn‟t just to sell the product I was given, I was also ask to study the markets, people, the level of sales of other products relating to the one I was selling and the reactions of the markets and people. At the end of each day, I had to give feedback on the reactions of the markets, the public and the comparison between the product I was selling and other products related to it.  A strong ego: in this case, a marketing manager must have the confidence and courage it takes to create a vision well thought of and to stand by his/her ideas no matter what happens. Being the first born in a polygamous home with eight siblings, including six boys and two girls, I got all the egos I need in this aspect. As long as can remember, I have been responsible for my junior one when ever our parent is not around. I have been responsible for making decisions, organizing them, listening to complains in order to avoid sentiments in my justice and most important of all, leading by example. Though, I made some wrong decisions, but overlooked them because I knew it was the right thing to do, while I tried to make some right immediately I realized it wrong. So with this, I will say I‟ve got what it takes to lead in a marketing department.

An artistic eye: a marketing manager must have an artistic eye because most of the communication that happens in the market place, prospects and the company is visual. However, during my high school marketing experience, I came across different products with different designs and brand-mark. The designs and brand-work represent their companies in the market. I also noticed that the visual style interprets what their company is all about and people can easily differentiate between them even if they are in the same line of products or related. So I can say I had a little experience of this too, because it was part of the assignment given to me then.

Understand the markets and customers: as a marketing manager, understanding what is happening in the market place and the reason why people buy a certain goods or services is very important. Like I already explain above, I had a lot of marketing experience during the period I had a marketing job in my high school. I made good friends with people who bought the product I was marketing. Through the friendship I made with the market sellers, I found so many things about different products. For instance, some product sell because of their designs which attract the public, mostly kids. Some sell because they have something other products don‟t have. An example of this was the product I was marketing then. The product is made of herbs and it is use for skin diseases. Some product seasonal, which means they only sell when the producers decides to make some promo to attract the attention of the public and this prompted some people to develop in such products.

Understand the fundamentals of branding, marketing, and advertising: a marketing manager must know the role of which advertisement plays in the company, whether it portrays the organization, products, services, and values of the company. Also to know the role the branding plays, whether it encapsulates what the people think about the company‟s products and services whenever they come across it. And also to know if the public relations create a favorable image and awareness for the company in stories and articles found in relevant media outlets and whether they manage crises that threaten the company‟s image. An example of this is where the marketing of products is built around features or proofs of the products or services, instead of the benefits. For instance, the feature of a herbal soap is that it cures skin diseases, but the reason why it was needed in the first place, which is what people will benefit from it, is that, it will help people to be skin diseases free. This was one of the strategies I was train to use during my marketing job. Where the benefits of the product was what attracted the people to buy the product.

A big picture manager, not micro-manager: in this case, some marketing managers chose to manage the resources they have at hand. In other words, they tend do some task they have not been train to do or delegate it to someone who only have the idea of the task, instead of delegating it to someone who has been trained for the task. For instance, referring back to the influence I have over my junior ones when given tasks to do. I always delegate the tasks to them according to their strengths. And there are some that I do by myself, because I know they can do it.

A loose planner: a marketing manager must always have a plan. However, executing the details of the plan to the letter is always insidious and extremely time consuming. It also distracts the marketing manager from the true task of leading the company towards the market place with a vision. A good marketing manager must not just have a plan, but his/her plan must be loose to allow spontaneity that creates market forces and creativity. In this case, I‟m not very good at planning. However, I can still relate to this in the sense that, I‟ve always had plans but my plans always have some loopholes. This often leads to adjustment in my plans, where some unexpected things will fall in and the least important will be forgone.

A master of internal company politics: a marketing manager must be able to master internal issues and fears between colleagues, senior management, or the marketing manager‟s direct supervisor can damage a marketing program. Marketing manager need to constantly remind the production team about their vision. However, referring to my back ground of being born in a polygamous home, I will say I‟ve got what it takes to master internal issues. As the first born in my family, I am responsible for making decisions, keeping the family together making sure everything is in order after my dad. In other words, it all about creating a climate for peace, success, and harmony.

In control of budget: marketing managers must have control over the budget allocated to their department. As cost is part of every project, most company‟s business affects the marketing manager‟s budget. In other words, marketing managers need to calculate the cost of every project before and after they have

been executed. Also, while budgeting for the projects, they need to make budget for backup too, as they cannot determine the hours it will take them to execute creative projects. However, I‟m very good at making budget, what I lack is the control over it. Even then and now that am in college, I‟ve always been caught up in the same problem. At times, I‟ve had to take drastic measures when I know I‟m going to face some difficulties if I don‟t stick to my budget. However, taking forceful measures has helped me improve in controlling my budget and I only give in when I know there is no other alternative.  Love the marketing process: marketing managers must love their job. They must love to sell, to hunt, to chase and to close. They must love the marketing process, the doubtfulness of it all. Knowing whether they have the right vision, contemplating on the customers‟ needs, if they were able to provide them and always ready to battle their counterparts in the market place. The reason I choose marketing as my occupation is because I love the marking process. I am not a type of person who loves to sit down in an office, taking note of some event that has already taken place. Instead, I want to be at the event, to meet people, to know what is happening outside in the market place. This will help me to develop more skills and know the market place better. (Greg, E. 2004). Where I want to work My childhood dream has always been to live in United States of America. So I will choose there as my work destination. As the country is popularly called “land of opportunity”, the country is well developed and industrialized. I am fascinated by

country‟s life style, mixed culture, and the accent. The company I plan to work with is called Sticky Ass Glue (SAG) international, LLC. This company came into existence in the year 2008 and it located in southern California, USA. The company is mainly specialized in making glue which is adhesive for all gluing and bonding needs. (Sticky ass glue, 2011). This is the type of company that needs a good marketing manager to take their company to the market place. However, the working environment of marketing managers in USA requires some important actions. Marketing managers needs to work in an office close the top managers. Also, working under pressure is inevitable when agendas changes, and problem rises, and still deadlines and goal must be met. Also, constant travelling may be required in order to meet with customers and consult with others in the industry. However, according to the record of year 2008, more than eighty percent of advertising, marketing, promotion, public relations, and sale managers worked more forty hours a week, which include evenings and weekends. Furthermore, the rate of employment in USA has dropped in the last four years. Recently, the unemployment rate fell in 24 states, while it rose in 13 states. The trend of unemployment in the country affects the weak economy, which has been hindered by high gas price and lower factory output. However, according to the employment record in 2008, 28 percent of marketing managers jobs were distributed in areas like the professionals, scientific, and technical services, and the finance and insurance industries also employed 32 percent of marketing managers. However, employment rate in advertising, marketing, promotion, public relations, and sales managers is expected to rise by 13 percent by year 2018. Job growth will be driven by competition for an increasing number of goods and services, both foreign and domestic, and the

need to make some product different from another. Also, because the sales and marketing managers are some of the most essential forces in an organization, they are least expected to be unemployed than other managers. The employment of marketing managers however, is expected to increase about as fast as average at 12 percent between 2008 and 2018, and so is it for sales managers at 15 percent over the same period. (Bureau of labor statistic, 2009). What I need to do Marketing managers develops a company‟s marketing scheme. With help from the sales or marketing team, marketing managers calculates demands and distinguish markets for the firm‟s products and services. However, About 176,000 marketing managers were employed in 2008 and the employment facts of marketing managers in USA are as follows. (McKay, R. 2011).  Educational requirements: as a marketing manager, one must either have a bachelor‟s degree in business with focus on marketing. Also, most employees prefer candidates with good computer skills and also with strong and persuasive communication skills, both in writing and orally.  Advancement also known as promotion which is an upward movement with an occupation, the passage to self employment that comes after acquiring experience, and completing additional training or earning certificate. (McKay, R. 2011). In other words, when choosing a career path, it is essential to know what promotion opportunity lie ahead and the effort we need to make to reach them.

Job outlook: in this case, according to the US Bureau of labor statistics prediction that the employment in the field of marketing managers will increase as fast as average from all occupation by year 2018, the job employment for marketing managers is in good condition.

Earnings: also the median annual earnings of marketing managers was $87,210 in year 2009.this means the median annual earnings for year 2011 will have increased at least by 20 percent more than the one of 2009. (McKay, R. 2011).

My long term goals and my short term objectives It is very important to specify our goals and objectives when planning our career. However, goals can be defined as the process of determining what we want to achieve and creating plan to achieve the result we desire. (Ward, S. 2011). While objectives can be defined as the result we hope to achieve with a specific period of time. (Lake, L. 2011). However, in order to be successful in my career, my short term objectives are as follows,  Improve my education: in this case, even after I have started working, I continue to improve my education by dedicating at least an hour daily to reading books or magazines related to my profession. This will help me to develop more skills, know current strategies, and what is going on in the market place.  Get to know the entire department in the company: by doing this, I will get to know all the departments in the company I work with, maintain good relationship with them, and know the function of each department. In order to achieve this, I

will with the company for 3-4 years and try to gain more experience in my career before moving to another company position.  Step up my responsibilities: this is where I will be putting my skills and learning outcomes into action by increasing my responsibilities in the company I‟m working with. This will help me to gain more ground in the company and lead to an increase in the resources that are available to me.  Secure a financial future: money plays an important role in the life of everyone. However, my short term goal is to secure enough financial future by working for different companies within a specific period of time, in order to live a comfy life and maintain a good lifestyle. (Job interview site, 2009). Also, my long term goals are as follows,  Attain the highest position in a company: my long term goal is to attain the highest position in a company. Position like CEO after I have acquired all the experience I need in my career.  Establish my own business: after achieving my first long term objective which is to achieve the highest position in a company (CEO), and I know that I‟m financially okay, I will establish my own business.  Retirement: also, after establishing my own personal company, have shares and assets in different firms and locations, I will put my children in charge of my business and retire at the age of sixty. (Job interview site, 2009).

Conclusion The career path I choose is marketing manager. I also explained the values, skills, abilities, and ambition I need to be successful. Also, I explained the working environment in USA, and the rate of employment in the country, which is positive in my area of qualification. However, I also prepared an updated CV that will help me get the job and I explained my objectives and goals. In other words, with the information above, I hope I have been able to explain what career development is all about.

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However, the curriculum vitae I will need to acquire this job are as follow.






PORFFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION 2012-2014: JR. EXECUTIVE, GOBLE& CO    Helped prepare presentation for clients. Attended all meetings for documentation. Assisted the marketing team with planning.

REFERENCES MARK MCMASTER GOBLE& CO 877-664-7865 [email protected]

LE ROY LINTON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 877-568-9428 [email protected]

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