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Case Case study MBA University



Name - Asir Ninian

Case Study: Green Roadways Company Innovation Study Synopsis:
Parameshwari Prasad, superintendent of the Green Roadways Company is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the company buses. The company has over fifty buses which operate on eight different long distance routes across the country. The company recently received many complaints regarding the quality of service provided to bus travelers, schedules, setting of fares and replacement of equipment. This optimization study intends to solve the above problems in the transportation.

Problem Definition:
These are the following problems the company is presently facing with their transport system. 1. The quality of the service provided to bus travelers is not good. 2. The Transport schedule (Departure and arrival) is not consistent. The bus timings are not convenient to the travelers. 3. The ticket fares are not competitive with the local trend and the fares are moderately high. 4. Conditions of some buses are sub standard and ill maintained.

The quality of the service provided to bus travelers is to be improved by educating the bus crew, improving the seating arrangement (with adequate leg room and overhead luggage cabins), and interior infrastructure improvement (Ergonomically designed seats and audio visual entertainment system). The transport schedule (Departure and arrival) to be strictly followed and the schedule should be modified according to the convenience of the travelers. For important routes the frequency of the bus service is to be increased. The delay in

timings is to be kept to a minimum only due to unavoidable reasons / circumstances. The ticket fares should be competitive with local trend and not compromising on quality. Every day maintenance check to be carried out in all the buses and periodic maintenance to be ensured for the safety and comfort of the travelers.

Analysis of alternatives:
Quality of service indicators (QSI): Parameswari Prasad should have a Quality of service indicators (QSI), which helps in identifying poor performing routes and allowing remedial action to be taken. Reliable and punctual bus routes to be maintained, for this each driver should have a time table and he should match the results against the time table. Evenly spaced intervals of bus timings should be maintained and do not bunch and give a wide selection of travel time. Time taken to stop at major bus hubs and for meal timings to be kept consistent. The average time that passengers actually waited should be noted because the excess waiting time is a Key Performance Indicator since it denotes how much time passengers had to wait in excess of what we would have expected them to. Reliability data is based on 12 week rolling periods and compare trends against target. Prasad should measure the performance of each route against minimum standards considering factors like number of major centers, traffic hot spots served and length of the route. If the performance lines are above the minimum standard the route has achieved or exceeded its set target.

Floor level buses enable all customers, including wheel chair users, and people with other mobility impairments to get on and off easily. Air conditioning, reclining seats with head rests, adequate leg room with foot rests and tinted windows to be provided for the travelers. On board audio – visual facilities to be provided.

Professional services:






Transport buses to be fitted with long range fuel and water tanks. Preventive maintenance sheets to be kept by the bus crew and to be maintained properly. Every day pre-trip inspections of interior, will cut major repair and operation cost. exterior, brakes

Road rewards to be offered for regular travelers. Deals and discounts shall be provided military, veteran and senior citizens. to children, student,

Customer friendly service facility, adequate training staff, enhanced customer waiting area to be improved. of the

By implementing the above quality improvement strategies the services can be enhanced there by luring passengers to prefer green road ways. This will ensures full strength in all routes there by reducing the operating cost, increases profit and offer services at a very competitive and affordable cost.

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