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IHRM case Study



Md. Shariful Islam
ID: 801415002

Bandag Automotive
Elevator Pitch: This case mainly talks about the HR problems arise after Jim Bandag took the
business from his father. He was frequently getting issues with managing employee Retention,
Engagement and Careers. Though Bandag auto supply business is a renowned business over a period
of time but due to improper HR management it is facing various problem id different sectors.
Employee's appraisal, compensation and maternity policy were overlooked due to financial stability
but it creates unhappy environment in work place and had to face quite bad reputation in public that
affect the productivity negatively.
1. Yes, of course. The organization should recognize the HRM function because there was no
structural HR department in the Bandag. Having two functional part and over 300 employees in
Bandag the HR department was not working properly and they were depended on third party to
resolve their issues like recruiting screening and performance appraisal. Without having an effective
HR department in a company such Bandag the problem will continue for infinity. In modern world
the key of success depends on the employees of any company. If employees are happy they will
remain loyal and will work together to achieve organizational goal. Bandag should introduce HR
department to resolve the issues more ever the department can look after any HR issues within very
short time than any third party solution.
2. First off all I suggest to establish a effective HR department into Bandag instead of some back
dated third party solutions. They need to improve the recruitment system, screening process, training
process to choose the best person for the best place and I would make sure that the organization is
following all the US labor Act’s like EEOC and Pregnancy Discrimination Act etc. so that no one can
sue against the organization and productivity don’t get hampered.
3. I think the employee who fired by Jim has no legitimate claim against Bandag. He was working in
his position but he had some major behavioral issues. That employee argued with others and made
complain to authority. As he was making the environment poisonous, he were not fired for his mental
illness rumors.
4. Of course Yes. Gavin has worked for Bandag for 10 years, priority should be given to him. Bandag
should offer him an equivalent position, same salary, benefits, and bonuses. According to me these are
not enough to retain him. He is one of the experienced and valuable employees of the Bandag. So
Bandag should retain him by offering him same level of position not only in terms of salary and
remuneration but also in terms of authority and responsibility. It is what he deserved.
5. In my opinion, the EEOC and courts would not agree with her because for her recovery from
pregnancy she took extra 3 week leave also her firing decision was made after observing her
performance for 2 month and found forged documents.
6. turning down was the right decision as per my thought as it was done for his own safety and avoid
damage of the company's property. Distribution trucks are not smaller vehicles so it was right
7. over the time business environments are getting more and more complicated and as a result
employees complain is increasing. So having a effective HR department is the solution for handling

those issues. And Jim didn’t manage issues like his father. His gather was more concern aboput
workers personal and family life than Jim. By ignoring this issues and distance between workers and
manager creates unhappy environment.

Angelo’s Pizza

Elevator Pitch: This case mainly talks about the problem Angelo's Pizza facing after they expands
their business without giving proper training and the effects of theirs mistake. In franchising business,
choosing right person in a right place is mandatory, if it is done properly firm may face lots of
challenges and without proper Human Resource Management, Customers may have bad perceptions
and that will affect the organization negative way. Mainly no proper structured HR system, customers
bad impression, high employee turnover rate, will hamper the reputation of the firm and overall
1. Before Expanding business and go for the franchising there are so many things needed to be
analyzed and anticipating future challenges is important. The business is growing and number of fresh
ingredients will be needed. On the other hand, only fresh ingredient supply does not meet all the
needs for running stores successfully. There are few things a successful manager should do as bellow:
“Empowerment of Employees” should be the no. one consideration for the managers.
Waiter and counter worker faces the customers and they need to act so quickly and efficiently to make
customers happy. The stores must have competent employees who will be able to provide
standardized service to the consumer.
Before hiring employee, proper "Job analysis" will ensure right people in the right
place. An effective Job analysis will helps the applicants to decide either the job is for him or not.
C) "Training" is the key to have skilled workers. Skilled workers do the assigned job
efficiently than other worker. Expanding business is easy but managing the business with unskilled
worker will bring devastating result for the company's success. Proper training and closely monitoring
new trends will ensure better skills. Regular updating the Training programs as per changing business
environments is needed.

a) No proper training program or process.

b) Assuming wrong concept that managers who had working with me had enough knowledge
to run a store.
c) Dishonest Employees.
d) Effective screening process is absent here.
e) Higher Employee turnover.


3. By the following questions we can take interviews with candidates mentioned in the questions, and
also ask similar question to all candidates because questions are based on some situational and
behavioral judgments.
Structured Interview Form
Position applied for:
1. What make you select our organization?
2. Is physical appearance making any difference in this business?
3. How to deal with angry frustrated customer? Describe a time when you dealt with a customer who
was demanding, impatient, or angry.

Why was the customer upset?


How did you respond to the customer's requests or demands?


What was the final outcome of your actions?

4. Sometimes employees must communicate sensitive or unpleasant information to customers.
Describe a time when you had to encounter similar situation.

What did you have to tell the customers?


How did you communicate the information?


How did the customer respond?


What was the outcome?

5. How would you deal with the complaint dish of the customer?
6. One of your co-workers is absent. As a result there is a pressure on work and you are making delay
to customers order. How can you deal in such situation where the customers cannot get frustrated and
also the organization’s is not face problem?
7. Would you like to prefer a team based work environment or team work hampers your

8. Which thing motivates you more? Recognition or salary based incentives? And why?
9. What is your preferred working schedule?
Final Rating:





Oral Communication


Interpersonal Skills


Highly Recommended for Position


Recommended for Position


Not Recommended for Position


Interviewer’s Signature:
4. Selection process is really sensitive and needs few steps to be done and starts with initial sorting
from recruited applicants finishes up with giving Joining letter. Before final selection of employees
some selection steps should be implemented. As bellow:
First of all need to decide the Source of recruitment. As Angelo's Pizza is a small
business they do not need high skilled or qualified employees. To recruit waiter and counter person
they can advertize in business school or in local public places and for manager and store manager they
might publish their advertisement on daily news paper.
Secondly, for interviewing candidates, I prefer the personal interview session with a
panel of judges. And the judges will be asked all the candidates the same types of questions related to
the business. So the question is a structured format interview type, consists of some sort of question
based on situational and behavioral judgments.
At the final stage of interview, judges may ask the candidates, why they choose to
apply Angelo's Pizza and what is their perception about Angelo's Pizza and where they want to see
themselves after 5 years. Instant personality test by questionnaires could be a best way to find the
personality needed by the position.

This case mainly talks about the recruiting process of google and the problems they facing while
recruiting their employees. Goolge growing so rapidly and its already became a global brand that’s
why they have competitive advantage of recruiting efficient employees. Though they recruit only
higher achiever in education but their main problem is it takes too long to select a perfect worker for
the perfect position. They also look for diversity in applicants so that they can adjust the culture and
take the challenge. Due to this problem few applicant are reluctant to join and join somewhere else.
Google needs to find some efficient and perfect solution to resolve this issue. As they have the
demand of higher rate of employees they must find a solution to recruit them in short process.


1. Yes, of course it is a praise good idea. Correlating personal traits from the current employees and
then use it for screening new job candidates. It will be very helpful to get the right person in the right
place on a particular point of time. Google’s hiring strategy right now is to hire potential employees
with different types of skills rather than hiring people with some particular set of skills. Therefore,
Google prioritize the experience of employees to determine how well the candidates’ skills and
abilities will add value to Google. Also candidates who have equal traits will be encourage to apply
for the job. And this will save time from long screening process of google.
2. Google pay's enormous benefits with share to its employees. It is differentiating them from other
job offering companies to the candidates. It is Google's competitive advantage in job market. Having
higher payments and facilities keep employees happy and loyal to the company. Having many
amusement facilities within premise employees need not to go outside for their entertainment which
reduce the risk of intellectual loss

a) First of all, I will look Diversity and challenge taking attitude in candidates.

b) I would plan for a marketing program of Google in several good universities and campuses
like MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford etc.
c) I would also give the opportunity of on the spot job that will create a buzz in the job
d) I would add benefit package like company's share and comfortable working hour.
e) Ability to work in groups,
f) Using certain traits to find out the best.
a) Google has implemented the lack of hierarchy and a flat organization like environment. It
helps employees in a psychological way to work in an environment where people can explore other
and learn from different culture.
b) The HR activity with benefits and incentives Google has to offer to its employees,
therefore, in return of the employees’ contributions, they are provided and should continue to be
provided with benefits.
c) Google is now a Global Brand, the cultural differences and diversity of work force should
be understood and adapted so there is no miscommunication that could bring dissatisfaction among
the employees.
d) Flexible work schedule in another. It gives the employees time to finish their work anytime
they want and projects but reduces their level of stress.
e) Google is trying to find a way to facilitate its employees over the world equally as just
giving the same facility to all employees is not the same as different countries have different tax

a) The position for which they need to recruit.
b) Distance from Head office,


c) Cultural and political Differences,
d) Corporate and labor law or other countries,
e) Any restrictions on the home country firms for doing business in others country
6. In orienting new employees Google should welcome warmly which would allow their confidence
level to rise within fewer periods and engage in conversations with the staff comfortably.
a) Efficient manpower
b) Relaxed working hour
c) Unique group meeting strategies
d) Standardizing their recruiting process to find the best person for the required position.

Muffler Magic

Elevator Pitch: This case mainly talks about the problems managing HR management of Muffler
Magic. The Company is facing tremendous pressure to handle these problems and looking for the best
solution to decrease the ratio of problems. The size of the company is increasing day by day but the
profit margin went down and it was losing opportunities and market share due to lack of proper HR
system. Later The owner Ron Brown and the HR manager of Muffler asked one professor of business
for the solution. After monitoring activities and working environments the professor advised Mr. Ron
three solutions to get over from the problem. Mr. Ron took her advice and thinking that either these
solutions is suitable for the company or there is more things to do to resolve the problem.
a) First recommendation I want to make with respect to HR function is that to introduce sick
leave for the employees. In Muffler Magic there were no quota for sick leave, therefore, employees
has to come to the workplace even when they are sick. It reduces the production quality and hindrance
the goodwill.
b) 2nd recommendation Is that provide the technician with a letter grade from A to E based on
that technician’s particular skill level and abilities. This will motivate the employees morally and
increase the productivity as a whole.
c) 3rd recommendation is that Muffler Magic’s manager should calculate the total labor hour
and total hourly paid to technicians and announce incentives according to workers productivity
improvement so that it will works like a motivational tool and will increase the efficiency of


Why should I recruit you?


How you got interest in automobile repairs?


How Muffler Magic is different from others?


Why you are applying for Muffler magic?


What did you enjoy most about your first job?


What is the goal of your career?


If I ask you to work more than 8 hours will you take it easily?


Do you like to work alone or you prefer group work?

What do you do first if “Toyota Premio 2015 edition” is not starting the engine
though plugs are all fine?

Tell me detail about work experience


Do you enjoy what you do for living?

3. Yes, I would like to implement those recommendations. The business professor monitors the
working environment closely and gave his three recommendations. By paying paid sick leave will
motivate employees in a positive way and they will have the freedom of not to attend work when they
cannot give their output properly. Having employees those are not productive at work, always hamper
the total productivity. So it's better to have fit worker who can give their highest effort in the work.
5. of course I would recommend to implement Skill based pay and incentives program for the
employees but I would rather add modify the plan little. They fixed skilled based pay is Ok for me but
the incentives package should more attractive. Like as per the professor a worker can achive only 40
dollar incentives when his or her fixed pay is $400. Its only 10% of the total fixed salary. As the
productivity increase 60% to 80% or more, I would suggest the plan where worker may get at least
10% and highest 20% of their fixed salary.

BP Texas City

Elevator pitch: This case talks about British Petroleum’s Industrial accident and investigation to find
reason behind it. According to CSB’s finding, the main reason is cost cutting strategy to make profit
create safety gape. Some of others are Lack of leadership, monitoring, maintenance, depreciating
machinery, catastrophic safety. BP investigates the case by their internal audit and they conclude that
management resistance to change philosophy; complex management structure and lack of safety
awareness are underlying causes. James Baker report indicated that BP has HRM planning problem
which lead not to emphasize on the overall safety process. In 2009 BP paid $87 million for Texas City
1. The principles of conduct governing to make sure safe work environment and social responsibility
are Ethics. Their first concern was to cut the cost as much as possible and make the profit as much as
they could. The significant breakdown in safety requirements became part of the culture at BP. BP
always overlooks their safety issues. BP's profit oriented strategy, lack of leadership; lack of
communication by top management causes the breakdown in the company’s ethical system. Profit
making policy and negligence of safety issues and ethical laps is pattern of major accident.

2. Occupational safety and health administration’s policies are needed to set a standard for the
counties business environment. It’s help to provide a safe and healthy work environment. But
government can’t insure that because in the end it’s up to company’s ethics which is breakdown for
BP. Bp has some safety program but not for the catastrophic safety. But in 2009 they fill fine for this
accident as per this government safety policies.
3. Though BP took some initiatives but that was not enough. BP had emphasized personal safety but
they did not focus on overall safety system. By focusing on these somewhat misleading improving
personal injury fates, BP created a false sense of confidence that is was properly addressing process
safety risks. The safety culture at Texas City did not have the positive, trusting, open environment that
a proper safety culture as required.
First of all top management need to realize the importance
leadership on process safety of the organization.

and implement a

Secondly, top management should take initiatives to aware all employee regarding the
danger and employees need to be trained and oriented on the importance of safety.
Finally a reporting process needs to be implemented where staff can report safety
concerns without the fear to the proper authority.
5. Another most important strategy BP should consider to implementing incentives or reward plan for
the workers who takes lead to implementing safety management within the organizations. It will
encourage employees to implementing organizational safety with having smart benefit together.
Participation from of worker is most important and BP should aware and motivate them to achieve the
6. The Company can use Strategy map HR scorecard and digital Dashboard so that they can monitor
and development to achieve organizational goal. The company's goal is to set strategic HRM system
so that they can know the capabilities of employee. Its aim is to gain competitive advantage. It has
been proven already; HHM strategy with a high quality workforce together can achieve a competitive


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