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Chinese Cultural Association of Miami newsletter Oct 2010



V o l u m e 4 | I s s u e 2 | O c t o b e r 2 0 1 0
P. O . B O X 1 6 5 9 2 0 | M i a m i , F L 3 3 1 1 6
Aloha Islander Dancers
Dear Members:
As Iall approaches, we look
Iorward to our end oI year
activities, our annual picnic
to be held at Tropical Park,
Children`s Christmas party
at Ron Ehmann`s Park and
Iamily Christmas Dinner
Dance. In addition to our
activities, there will be a
golI tournament by the Doral Overseas Chinese Business
Council, Chinese classes, and the Asian American Advisory
Board scholarship awards. I hope you will come out and
show your support Ior our community.
We had a very successIul summer with both our Luau dinner
dance and Father Easton Lee luncheon and karoke being sold
out. At Father Easton Lee`s luncheon, I met many members
whom I did not previously know. Our games day was
suspended during the summer since many oI our members
went on holidays but they resumed in September. I want to
thank you all Ior supporting CCA. Let me know what other
events you would like us to hold.
The CCA Managing Committee is considering purchasing a
place Ior our home. We are looking Ior a place where we can
hold some oI our events like our children`s Christmas party,
games day, cooking classes, exercise classes, etc. We are
currently looking at warehouses in the Kendall area. Let us
know what your thoughts are on this matter or iI you know
oI a place which may suit our needs. Do you think this is
a good idea Ior CCA? Will you support our community
center? What other activities would you like us to have at
our community center?
I look Iorward to seeing you at our last events oI the year. II
you don`t know me, please come up and introduce yourselI.
You may reach me at dlowelaw( or at 305-
Very truly yours,
Deborah Lowe
2010-2011 CCA Ofcers
President Deborah J. Lowe
Vice-President Lena DeQuattro
Vice-President L. George Yap
Treasurer Lurline Tenn Yuk
Secretary Anna Casey
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JoAn Fong-Yee P.O. Box 165920
Wilfred Lai Miami, FL 33116
Ken Lee
Margaret Lee
Ann-Marie WongSam
Deborah J. Lowe, Editor
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On a hot and sunny Sunday July aIternoon, Easton Lee entertained
a crowd oI over 300 persons at the Good Shepherd Church with
stories oI his childhood in Jamaica and China. The aIternoon
began with a wonderIul lunch catered by Silver Palace Chinese
Restaurant oI garlic roast chicken, vegetables and white rice and
cake Ior dessert.
AIter lunch, Rev. Easton Lee entertained the crowd starting with
how the Chinese came to Jamaica to help build the railroads.
Many Chinese men came alone as they had to pay their own
way to Jamaica. The beginning oI the Chinese in Jamaica is very
similar to slavery in the U.S. AIter paying oII their debt, Chinese
started small mom and pop Iood shops and Laundromats. This
began the mixture oI the Chinese man and the black Jamaican
woman. The China man was attractive to the black Jamaican
woman because the Chinese man always have Iood in the shop
and always take care oI their children. The black Jamaican man
said to the black Jamaican woman the China man will take
you back to China where they will eat you to scare the black
Jamaican woman Irom the China man.
LiIe in the shop in the countryside is diIIerent Irom liIe in
Kingston. Credit was given by the shop keeper and it was always
paid back. The shop keeper would keep a ledger oI what was
purchased and Ior how much and how much was paid by the
shopper. When the shopper had a little extra money, the shopper
would tell the shop keeper to keep it as credit against Iuture
purchases. When the shopper needed a little extra money, he/
she would come to the shop keeper and ask Ior a loan and all
transactions would be written in the ledger.
In between the stories were Jamaican phrases such as 'belly
woman¨ meaning pregnant lady or 'cha cha¨ meaning place
is all chuck up. Easton ended with a saying oI his dad`s that
certainly ft today`s economy 'When you have money, you buy
what you want, when you no have money, you no want¨ which
means always live within your means. AIterwards Easton sold
his books to beneft the Chinese cemetery in Jamaica and talked
to the audience.
The Leesang Iamily oI approximately 100 persons started their
Iamily reunion at our event. They were also celebrating the 18

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Ken Lee, Jr and Darren Casey
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the perIormers which had the audience in stitches especially the
last dance with our own George Yap. Now you can imagine how
Iunny George made this. AIter the perIormance, there was a
contest Ior the best dressed Hawaiian boy, girl, man and woman.
The adult prizes were donated by the Jamaican consulate and
TECO. The audience determined the winner so next year bring
your own cheering section. The evening ended with everyone
dancing to the Iabulous music oI Paul Chin-Quee and Cosmic
Over 300 persons attended CCA`s 2
Luau dinner dance
at St. Timothy`s Church in June. The event was attended by
the consul-general and vice consul-general oI Jamaica, the
Honorable Sandra Grant-GriIfths and Desreine Taylor and by
Stephen Olano oI the Taiwan Trade Center Miami.
AIter dinner, the audience was treated to a wonderIul Hawaiian
dance show by Aloha Islander Dancers. The group encouraged
the audience to participate and taught them a Iew Hawaiian
dances. Each oI the volunteers had a short dance with one oI
Olive V. Chung-James, M.D.
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Children - Adults - Gvnecologv
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wedding anniversary oI Rand and Karen Lee Sang and the 25

wedding anniversary oI Castillo and Kathy Grant. AIter the
event, the Iamily was leaving to go on a cruise.
AIter Easton spoke, Adam Blahnik played a Iew songs on the
violin and then Karoke began. George Ho Sang started it oII
with Unchained, Iollowed by Cassandra Chen who sang a Iew
Chinese songs and many others. A Iun time was had by all. Be
sure to come out to our next event the annual picnic at Tropical
Park, Shelter 10 on Sunday, October 17
Andrew Chen & his daughter
Janice Josephs & Caelyn
(her granddaughter)
Winston A. Lowe C.P.A.
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Corporations, Individuals
Partnerships, Estates & Trusts
13374 S.W. 128 Street
Miami, Florida 33186
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Rev. Michael Greer, Rev. Jorge Luis Rodriguez (at right)
This July the Lee Sang Iamily came together Irom all corners
oI the globe Ior a week oI sun, Iun, and quality Iamily time.
AIter several kick-oII parties, one hundred lucky Lee Sangs
boarded the Carnival Imagination cruise ship and took the
party seaward towards Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.
Many oI us had not seen each other since the last reunion
fve years earlier, so the days were spent catching up and the
nights were spent dancing at the cruise ship`s disco. It was not
uncommon to see several generations oI Lee Sangs on the dance
foor getting down together! For the younger generation, having
the opportunity to see each other again was particularly exciting
because many oI us had grown into young adults since the last
reunion. We had a great time becoming re-introduced with one
another not only as rarely seen relatives, but also as Iriends.
Four days later, the Imagination returned to port in Miami, but
the Iestivities were still not over. We bid Iarewell to the out-oI-
towners with another weekend oI epic parties hosted by Grace &
Kevin Blakey and Al & Patsy Merritt, with Iood prepared by none
other than our own Anson Chin, to make sure they would not wait
another fve years to return. A Lee Sang Family Facebook group
account was created to store and share the infnite photographs
that were taken!
Lee Sang Familv Reunion 2ô1ô
Over 300 ex-patriates
and Iriends gathered to
celebrate Jamaica`s 48

anniversary oI the day oI
independence at Good
Shepherd Catholic Church
on Sunday, July 25, 2010.
The actual independence
day is August 6
. A Mass
oI Thanksgiving was said
by one oI Father Richard
HoLung`s missionary
priests stationed in Jamaica.
The Jamaican Independence
choir under the direction oI
Norma Darby perIormed a beautiIul medley oI Jamaican songs.
The choir included such CCA members as Princess McNeill,
Cynthia Chin and Sonia Chin. The emcee Ior the event was Joe
Rhoden. Guest speakers included Marlon Hill, Iounder oI the
Caribbean Bar Association and US Jamaica Diaspora.
The event was organized by the energetic June Chin and
committee, including Grace Lue, to beneft Father HoLung`s
Missionaries oI the Poor. Special thanks to Rev. Michael Greer
oI Good Shepherd, who generously provided the venue Ior the
event and to Fred Kong Ior copies oI the oIfcial photos taken Ior
Father HoLung.
bv Ann-Marie WongSam
It has been many years now since we last visited Toronto so
when our annual trek to Alaska was cancelled, we decided to
visit Toronto. We spent two weeks and had a tremendous time
re-acquainting ourselves with longtime school Iriends, meeting
their spouses and grandchildren, reminiscing about old times;
and eating, eating and eating. We were amazed at the number
oI Chinese restaurants and grocery stores and iI you cannot fnd
whatever you want in those stores, it probably doesn`t exist.
We were kept busy by Iriends inviting us out to eat, going to
the CCA annual picnic, and a 50
wedding anniversary. The
weather was beautiIul, which we enioyed aIter leaving the triple
bv Maurice & Olive Chin
digit degrees here in Miami. We enioyed the picnic which was
very well organized, and noticed there were a lot oI interesting
activities Ior the children, which is important since they are
the next generation to carry on the association. OI course, no
vacation is complete without a maiong game, iI you are a player,
and a visit to one oI their many casinos. We thank our hosts,
Peter & Iris Williams, Ior opening their lovely home to us and
taking us all over the city. We took up our entire crop oI mangoes
and avocadoes which was enioyed and appreciated by all, so we
think we will have an open invitation to visit again, which iI time
and health permits, we certainly will.
Trinidad & Tobago
also held a Mass oI
Thanksgiving to celebrate
the 48
anniversary oI the
Independence oI Trinidad
& Tobago on September
19, 2010 at Christ the
King Catholic church with
Father Leslie Tang Kai oI
Sangre Grande, Trinidad,
Las Vegas, Nevada (Iormerly
oI Schaumburg, Illinois) passed
away on Sunday, June 27, 2010
at the age oI 78. He was born in
Port Antonio, Jamaica and is a
graduate oI Titchfeld School.
He completed his undergraduate
studies at Oklahoma State
University and his graduate
studies at the University oI Kansas. He was an exemplary
chemical engineer Ior Universal Oil Products (UOP - Illinois) Ior
30 years. He is survived by his wiIe oI 43 years, Prapa; brother
Leslie; sister-in-law Cherry; nephews and nieces Andrew, Kirk,
Dean, Claudine and Tamara; and grandnephews and grandnieces
Nicole, Leah, Brandon, SteIan, Nathan and Karis. He will be
missed by all. A memorial service was held on Saturday, July
10th at 11:00 a.m. at the Chinese Baptist Church oI Miami
CHAI. LESLIE. 78. passed away on July 13, 2010. He was
living in a nursing home in Homestead aIter sustaining a stroke
Iollowing open heart surgery. Leslie`s last remaining years were
not without trials and disappointments. He was divorced, unhappy
and in poor health, and had accepted his misIortunes in liIe. In
his early years in Miami, he was a member oI CCA`s Managing
Committee. As an energetic member, he was responsible Ior
locating places Ior CCA`s annual Iunctions. The most important
fnding by Leslie was oI Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus,
where the annual Chinese New Year Festival is held. In Iuture
years, we can thank Leslie Ior fnding this star location Ior CCA/
CCF most successIul event. Leslie is survived by his sisters,
Perline Chang, Enid Bing, Bonnie Lee Sang, brother Ronald,
daughter, Sandra (DaYung) and grandchildren.
1ustin Moo Young graduated as salutatorian Irom Westminister
Christian School in June. He was a star soccer player Ior the
school and will be attending Georgetown in the Iall. He is on
the soccer team at Georgetown. He is a recipient oI the Asian
American Advisory Board Scholarship.
Xavier Richard Lin was born
on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 9:36
p.m. at St. Vincent`s Hospital
in Portland, OR to Stacey Lowe
and Richard Lin. Xavier is
the Iourth grandchild oI proud
grandparents, Winston and
Lorraine Lowe and Heng and
Ping Lin. Congratulations to all.
14707 S. Dixie Highway, #209
Miami, FL 33176
Tel: (305) 238-6111, Fax: (305) 238-5999
• Handcrafted Cake Decorations
• Cake Decorating Classes
305 253-6340
Chinese Cultural Association (CCA)
P.O. Box 165920
Miami FL 33116

CCA Picnic at Tropical Park, Shelter 10 - Sunday, October 17, 2010 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
• Children’s Christmas Party – Ron Ehmann’s Park – Sunday, December 5, 2010 from 1 - 4 p.m.
• CCA Christmas Dance – Saturday, December 18, 2010 at Good Shepherd’s Catholic Church from 7 p.m. - ????
• Games Day – 1st Sunday of each month
Come ioin the Kiwanis Club oI Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus,
where we will be meeting Ior a Iund raising walk to beneft the Leukemia Awareness program in Florida. For more inIormation call
305-517-3981. Pre-registration Iorms can be obtained Irom Ann-Marie WongSam or Olive Chin.

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