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July 28th 2013

Cell phones have become an important part of our daily life. Back in 1980, the number of cell phones in the world was mere 11.2 million— or just two cell phones per 1,000 people. But now it is very common and mobile phones are necessary for many people throughout the world. It is one of the luxurious items. Mobiles have even taken the place of the wristwatches. People now find it easier to see the time in their mobile phones. Mobiles phones have also become the personal diaries. Mobile phones also work as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It keeps you remind about your updated of all your meetings and important events. Mobile phones are becoming even more useful for communicating data in addition to making voice calls, and they are increasingly being used for sensitive activities such as on-line banking, as well as for searching the Internet and downloading mobile games. Mobile phones are a portable electronic device. They are now inexpensive, easy to use, and comfortable. They are not just for phone calls, they are also operational with almost every latest feature which we want such as calculator, internet, games, camera, videos, alarm clock, notes and many more. If you are feeling bored you can listen songs for entertainment and also keep some good videos or movies. Communication skills can be improved, the more you talk, the more you know how to talk.

A coin has two faces. Likewise, mobile phones have its own demerits. People spend less time bonding with their family and friends. It has severe health implications.

Symptoms caused such as headache, cancer, heart attack, traffic accidents, blurring of vision by
the radiation of mobile phones is one of the most argued problems. Mobiles disturb social life as well as personal life. We are living in a dangerous world where so many incidents happen regarding crime. Today it is common to have cells with children because of its advantage but children start to misuse it so parents of children having mobile phones must take some steps to ensure safety of the child. Parents should warn and keep children aware of the various mobile phone felonies. Sometimes it is possible for a child to get track by strangers over the phone. Parents of young children who have a mobile phone must get a post-paid connection and check the cell phone bill every month. They should also check that they are not spending more time on phone rather than study. Everyday new softwares are being introduced on internet which can hack your mobile. So attackers know many tricks to hack your mobile and they can simply misuse your personal data from your phone. The main threat is from terrorists and kidnappers. Once your phone is hacked, the attacker can interfere in your personal life. It is much possible that attacker keeps an eye on your personal matters. So your life becomes more risky.

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1/ What was life like before cell phones? 2/ What cell phone functions are important for you? Are there any features on your cell phone you don’t need? 3/ Can people use their cell phones while they are driving in your country? 4/ Would it be a big problem for you if your cell phone was lost or stolen? 5/ How often do you turn your cell phone off? 6/ Which cell phone maker is best? 7/ Do you think cell phones really interfere with equipment in hospitals and on airplanes? 8/ What are the best things about cell phones? 9/ Do you get annoyed with other cell phone users? What do you do when you annoy other people with your cell phone? 10/ Do you think people should be fined for using their cell phone in a no-cellphone area? 11/ Are you worried about brain damage from using cell phones? 12/ How do you feel if you leave the house without your cell phone? 13/ Do you think the call and rental charges for cell phones are reasonable? 14/ Have you ever slept with your cell phone? 15/ Do you have any complaints about cell phone batteries? 16/ Did you hear that using a cell phone near a gasoline stand can cause an explosion? 17/ Can you remember your first mobile telephone? 18/ Are you happy with the mobile telephone you have now? Why (not)? 19/ What new functions would you like to see on mobile telephones? 20/ Do you think mobile telephones are dangerous in any way? 21/ What would you do if your date spent more time on his/her mobile telephone than he/she spent talking to you? 22/ Do young people use mobile telephones too much?

23/ Do you think schools should ban mobile phones? mobile telephone and why did you choose it? 24/ What is the ring tone on your mobile telephone and why did you choose it?

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