Cells, Tissues and Organs

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1 a Label the parts of this cell.
b Which type of tissue does this cell form?
c Which organ might this tissue be found in?
d Which organ system would this organ be found in?
2 Which organ system:
a carries oxygen and food around the body for respiration
b breaks down food for nutrition
c takes oxygen out of the air for respiration
d helps your body to sense things around it
e cleans waste materials from the blood for excretion?
3 In the following sentences, one organ is not correct. Put a cross through the wrong organ and
write the name of the correct one in the space.
a he breathing system contains the lungs and intestines.
b he circulatory system contains the li!er and blood !essels.
4 "ame a #ob in which you would need to know the answers to all of the $uestions abo!e.
5 List the organs in a plant%s water transport system.
I CAN...
& describe the organs in and functions of some organ systems
& identify careers that use science.
42 'xploring (cience edition ) Pearson 'ducation Limited *++,
2ells, tissues, organs and systems

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