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Project Report on: RBI and its autonomy

Submitted By: SNEHA S. SHARMA T.Y. Banking & Insurance Semester: [v]

Submitted To: University Of Mumbai

Project Guide: Prof. Reetu Maheshwari

Academic Year 2009-2010

CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled is successfully done by Sneha Sharma during the Third Year, Fifth Semester of B.com [ Banking and Insurance ] under the University Of Mumbai through the Thakur College of Science \& Commerce, Kandivali , Mumbai ± 400101.

___________ Co-ordinator Project Guide

___________ Principal

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External Examiner

Internal Examiner

DECLARATION I am Sneha Sharma, from Thakur College of Science & Commerce, student of T.Y.B.Com (Banking and Insurance), semester V, Examination Seat no:-__________. Here by submit my project report on ³Online Banking´. I also declare that this project which is the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of T.Y.B.Com (Banking and Insurance) of the Mumbai University is the result of my own efforts with help of experts.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the project on RBI and its autonomy. Firstly, I take the opportunity in thanking almightily and my parents without whose continuous blessings, I would not have been able to complete this project. I would like to thank my project guide Prof. Reetu for her great help, valuable opinions, advice and suggestions in fulfillment of this project. I am thankful to our college for all the possible assistance and support, by making available the required books and the internet room which have proved useful to me in successfully completing my project. I hope that I have succeeded in presenting this project to the best of my abilities.


This project titled ³RBI and its autonomy´ is an attempt to unveil the risks attached to banking sector at various stages and how to manage those risks. The main objective of this project is that risk management is emerging as an important area that financial institutes need to handle with view of play market forces in all financial markets effective risk management can reduce the adverse effects of macro economic instability on the soundness of financial systems. Banks in the process of providing financial service assume various kinds of financial risks namely credit, interest rate risk, liquidity, market risk etc. to some extent this risk can be eliminated through sound business practices. Risk management is a process involving several steps which needs carefully and continuous considerations. First of al risk is to be identify the area where the risk is involved and then to measure the amount of risk. The other steps in risk management are the asset liability management is one of the most important functions to manage the risk in banks.


By the information provided in this project it concludes that risk are inherent, which cause to business entities loss which result of financial drain. Time being force effective strategies should be adopted by business entity to expose the risk. Although the risk cannot be eliminated or vanished but it can be managed and minimized to certain extent. it gives birth to risk management as matter dealing with a risk in banking sectors. Thus phenomenon highlights the banks are very sensitive to the risks, so the risks like liquidity risk, fundings, interest rate risk, market risk etc. should be managed in very effective manners by using different strategies like asset liability management, managing information systems. Risk management process involves various steps like identifying the risks, measuring the risks, pricing, the risks, monitoring and controlling the risks and mitigation of risk. The bank using these steps to manage the risks surely will have should background of his business.

INDEX:Sec1. Introduction of Risk. Sec2. Managing of Credit risk. Sec3. Managing Market Risk in banks. Sec4. Managing Interest Rate Risk. Sec5. Managing Liquidity Risk. Sec6. Asset Liability Management in banks. Sec7. Risk Management Strategies. Sec8. Risk Management Frameworks in Banks. Sec9. The New Basel Accord- Implications For banks. 56-61 52-55 47-51 41-46 31-40 24-30 19-23 10-18 1-9

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