Champagne The Musical

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As the curtain opens, we SEE many half naked women scampering around the dressing room getting ready for the night. Some sit in front of their mirrors applying make-up, while others engage in conversation while putting on the beautiful costumes and formal ball gowns. ARCHIE, a gay and extremely flamboyant hairstylist, is doing BLAZE, an entertainers hair. While ROSE, the bipolar house mom, and former dancer herself attempts to hurry the girls along. ROSE Come on ladies, there’s no money in here! I need you to hurry up and get out on the floor. Please don’t get me in trouble tonight with Nikko, you know he hates you lingering back here. Blaze are you just about ready, you’re up next on main stage? ARCHIE (irritated) If she would keep her head still and stop trying to be nosey I can finish her hair. DIAMOND, a young law student, and already dressed for the evening briefly lifts her head from her pile of books. DIAMOND Rose I’ll go up in her place if she needs more time. I was just sitting here cramming for my exams in the morning. Sheena, a beautiful Asian lesbian ponders over several costumes, while JASMINE, a single mother of four, and fairly new in the club bends down to strap up her six inch stilettos. JASMINE Oh yeah Diamond that’s right, you’re getting ready for the bar exam, how’s that going? DIAMOND Girl don’t ask. I’m so stressed out about this test I don’t know what to do. I have studied and studied but I am still so nervous. (MORE)

2. DIAMOND (CONT'D) My brother failed it the first time he took it, and he’s always been the smart one, at least according to my family that is.

Sheena, holds up two outfits, showing them to the room. SHEENA What do you think, trashy or classy? ARCHIE Classy girl, be the Diva that you always are! BLAZE It doesn’t really matter. good in anything girl. You look

Blaze admires the dress, while Archie puts his hands on hid hips in frustration. BLAZE (CONT’D) This is so hot. Did you get this from Shannon? She is too high with her stuff, so I get my costumes from Cleo. SHEENA She is kind of expensive but I love her clothes though. I just keep all my receipts and claim them on my taxes as expenses, right along with my hair weave, eyelashes, waxing, nails, whatever it takes to make me spectacular for my job. She takes items from her bag. SHEENA (CONT’D) I know one thing. I’m going to leave my make-up right here on this counter, and I dare one of these skeeza’s to touch it tonight. This is the second time I’ve had to replace my MAC, and everybody knows how expensive that make up is. ARCHIE I don’t know who the thief is in here, but who ever she is, if she’s not making enough money in here to buy her own costumes and make up than she shouldn’t be stripping.


DIAMOND My red dress is gone. ARCHIE The one with the low back? Damn! I had my eyes on that thing myself. That thang’ was bad! She nods. ARCHIE (CONT'D) See, that’s trifling’. Ooh! Let me catch somebody in my stuff. SHEENA If they would just stop hiring all these new girls! ROSE We hire new girls because you ladies won’t show up for your scheduled days like you’re supposed to, and leave us hanging. SHEENA Rose if I wanted a nine to five, I’d do that. If I’ve made a few grand earlier in the week and I don’t feel like coming in then I shouldn’t have to. A day off with some peace is worth the $100 fine this club gives me for not showing up. DIAMOND Not me! I can’t see the first $100 I hustle up on having to go to the club for a fine. That’s just Nikko’s way of pimping us more than he already does. I work too hard for my money and it’s hard enough to come by as it is. Diamond freshens up her lipstick. DIAMOND (CONT'D) Okay, let me hurry up. Ooh I need to be studying! ROSE You got to stop worrying about the exam honey. What did I tell you last week? Claim it. (MORE)

4. ROSE (CONT'D) Let go and let God honey, and just watch how those answers just pop into your head. You have to believe in yourself Diamond.

DIAMOND Lord knows I need to pass that exam so I can get out of this club. I can’t take it anymore! Yeah, it was good to me. I’ve paid my way through law school, bought a little condo in Buckhead, paid off my vette, even got a little money saved for a rainy day. I’m just, so ready to retire from this scene. Blaze turns around in her chair to speak to Diamond. becomes visibly irritated BLAZE I know that’s right honey. The money is great, but I can’t see myself dancing for years and years like some women. ARCHIE You know what! BLAZE Okay, okay, I’m sorry. She continues her conversation. BLAZE (CONT'D) What are you doing here anyway girl, you should be at home studying? DIAMOND I know girl, but trust me, the only reason I came in tonight is because my best customer Frank called me and said he was coming in, and you know what that means. She rubs here fingers, symbolizing money. EVERYONE Cha-ching! DIAMOND He is always good for at least a grand every time I see him. Archie


ARCHIE I know that’s right, get that paper baby. Diamond high fives Archie. ARCHIE (CONT'D) Cause’ you don’t want me to have to repo’ that hair do you?. Oh, I have not forgotten that you owe me for doing your hair last night. When you gone’ pay me? DIAMOND You’re the one that left early. I told you to give me a minute to hit somebody up. ARCHIE I had to go and drop it like it’s hot girl! BLAZE Oh, yeah that reminds me. Can I pay you later tonight too. ARCHIE Okay! Ya’ll hot messes up in here gone’ stop playing with me. You know I gets emotional about my money honey. I got you. minute. DIAMOND Frank will be here in a

BLAZE I need a customer like that. Every time you see him walk in the club you know you don’t have to worry anymore about your night. DIAMOND It’s good in that respect, but it can also get a little overwhelming, especially, when they start pressuring you, to see you outside of the club. Rose picks up the phone on her desk.


ROSE Hey Jake do me a favor, could you put Diamond on main stage next and move Blaze down a few sets. As always she’s not ready yet. She slams the phone down. BLAZE Why did you have to say it like that Rose? ROSE Because everyday you come in here late, and you make my job harder. Thanks Diamond, Jake said you’re up after this song. Diamond exits, and DAKOTA, another dancer enters the dressing room wearing a jogging suit. Rose looks concerned at the tearful woman as she walks by her towards her locker. ROSE (CONT'D) Dakota you’re late again. Dakota remains silent. Everyone in the dressing room notices her crying, but only shake their heads. Rose pulls her to the side. She see the bruises on her face. ROSE (CONT'D) (sighing) How long are you going to let him do this to you? DAKOTA I’m okay Rose, we just had a little disagreement about him baby sitting tonight that’s all. That’s why I’m late because I had to beg my mother to keep them for me, and he left with the car so I had to catch a cab to work. JASMINE Baby sit! Those are his kids aren’t they? He doesn’t even work, the least he can do is watch the kids while you make a living. DAKOTA I know, but things will get better. He’s just been under a little stress lately, and he promised not to hit me anymore.


ROSE You said that last week, remember when I was attempting to cover your other bruises with makeup. DAKOTA I love him, and he’s my kid’s father, what am I suppose to do? She takes off her jacket exposing more bruises on her back and arms. Rose gasps. ROSE (whispering) Lord have mercy. DAKOTA I’ll be alright, I just need to hurry up and get out there on the floor, make my money and go home. JASMINE I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this Dakota, but you have to leave him before he kills you. DAKOTA (smirking) Darren isn’t going to kill me, he loves me. ARCHIE Child please! JASMINE Are you crazy! Girl look at yourself. Jasmine turns Dakota towards the mirror. JASMINE (CONT'D) How are you suppose to go out the and make money with your face busted open like this. Seriously. You deserve better than this, you’re a beautiful and intelligent girl. Dakota SING AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS

Jasmine’s phone RINGS.


JASMINE (CONT'D) Oh God it’s my daughter. I hate leaving them alone at night. She answers her phone. JASMINE (CONT'D) Hello sweetie is everything alright? She pauses. JASMINE (CONT'D) Yeah, that’s fine as long as you clean up your mess. She pauses again, sighing deeply. JASMINE (CONT'D) I know baby, I don’t like being in that hotel either, but I promise we will have our apartment in a few days okay. Pause. JASMINE (CONT'D) I know you miss your daddy honey. I don’t know why he hasn’t called, maybe he’s just a little busy right now. I’m sure he’ll call you soon. Pause. JASMINE (CONT'D) (nervously) Why is K.J crying, what happened? Well please honey, don’t let them get into anything okay. It’s almost 9 o’clock anyway, they should have been sleep. Pause. JASMINE (CONT'D) I will be home as soon as I can okay? Pause.


JASMINE (CONT'D) Well it’s home for now okay, now please just let mommy go back to work so I can make some money. I love you. Bye-bye. Sheena closes her locker, noticing Jasmine’s despair. SHEENA Your kids? She sighs. JASMINE Yeah, my oldest daughter Tia, she’s thirteen. I hate leaving them alone, especially in a hotel room, but I really don’t know anyone in Atlanta yet? SHEENA You know what, I can give my sister a call, she takes her son to a twenty-four day care not even 10 minutes from here. JASMINE Oh, I would really appreciate that. It would take so much stress off of me while I’m here. SHEENA No problem, I definitely understand. JASMINE Do you have kids? SHEENA And mess up this body? Yeah right!

JASMINE I couldn’t imagine my life without mine. Oh, don’t get me wrong, those little guys can get on my last nerve, but I can honestly say that they are my reasons for getting up in the morning. I’d do anything for them, obviously.


Sky, an 18 year old dancer, enters the dressing room carrying a garment bag and wearing a McDonald’s uniform. SKY Sorry I’m late Rose, I had to pick up my gown. I can’t wait to show everyone. BLAZE Oh please tell me you brought some food I’m starving. ARCHIE Child, if she works for Micky D’s I’m someone’s baby daddy. ROSE And we all know that’s not likely. ARCHIE Whatever, don’t hate. I could probably teach all ya’ll fishes a little something about getting and keeping a man. Sky pulls her gown out of the garmet bag. SKY No, I don’t work at the McDonald’s across the street anymore, I quit three weeks ago. ARCHIE Oh that dress is fierce honey, what size is that? They admire the studded gown. BLAZE That is pretty. She looks at the price tag. BLAZE (CONT'D) Whoa, I don’t know if it’s quite that pretty. Archie nudges Blaze. ARCHIE Ask her where she’s going to wear it.


ROSE Stop being messy Archie. SKY I’m getting ready for my twelve grade prom. BLAZE High school? ARCHIE (whispering) Girl, I told you Miss Thang’ was a mess. JASMINE Wait a minute this is news to me too. My Lord Sky, I knew you were young but I didn’t know you were still in school. I have a daughter just starting high school and I couldn’t imagine the thought of her in a place like this in a few years. What do your parents think about this? SKY They don’t know I quit McDonald’s. After I get off here I just change back into my uniform and run across the street so my dad can pick me up. My friend’s sister is the manager so she’ll cover for me if my parents get suspicious. ARCHIE Umh, just grown honey. JASMINE High school? SKY What, I’m 18, I’m old enough to dance. JASMINE Well, I guess you’re right on one hand, legally you are of age. I’m just not sure if you’re mentally ready to be in a place like this. (MORE)

12. JASMINE (CONT'D) There are some evil demons running throughout this building, and I wouldn’t want to see your innocence snatched away that’s all. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution...

CANDY and CHEYANNE, enter the dressing room, each carrying a glass of champagne. ARCHIE Speak of the devil. Everyone snickers as the two extremely beautiful dancers sashay towards their lockers. Cheyenne rolls her eyes. JASMINE My point exactly. ROSE Candy and Cheyenne are you too ladies finished with your VIP room? CANDY (tipsy) Yes ma’am. I have never eaten so many shrimp and crab legs in my life. CHEYANNE I know, I’m stuffed too. Those guys from the Yankees were so nice. Too bad they had to leave so early. BLAZE Wow, you guys have already had a VIP customer? Kitty told me no one was spending any money out there yet. CHEYANNE Kitty couldn’t sniff out money if it was taped to the end her nose. That’s why she leaves every night with 40 bucks. KIMBER, an older, very educated dancer pauses as she touches up her make up. KIMBER (smirking) But you two do huh? All money ain’t good money, that’s all I have to say.


CANDY Well I’m glad that’s all you have to say since we weren’t talking to your old ass anyway. KIMBER Baby girl, don’t hate on me because I don’t have to do the things you do in VIP rooms in order to get money. I’m a Veterinarian and I have my own clinic that I run everyday. However, if I can come in this club and make an extra six figures, non-taxable income per year, working only two or three nights a week, I’d be a fool not to. I have stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This is a business for me. In a few years Candy, I will be able to retire at thirtyfive. With those men out there, I just pretend to be stupid. What’s your excuse? Kimber exits the dressing room, giving Blaze a high five. CANDY You better walk your skinny ass out of here before I bust you in the face with this chair. ROSE Hey, hey, hey put a dollar in the swear jar. Candy puts five singles in the jar. CANDY Here’s your dollar that I owe you Rose, and four more for when she brings her buck tooth behind back in here. CHEYANNE Why can’t the two of you get along? CANDY Cheyenne, you know I can’t stand her and she keeps starting with me. She thinks she’s better than all of us.


JASMINE She, thinks she’s better than everyone else? I don’t see that at all Candy. I think you may be a little jealous. CANDY Of what! First of all Jasmine, you don’t even know me. Kimber thinks just because she’s got more education than I do that she’s supreme. SHEENA Well, keeping it real, whether or not you care to admit it Candy, there is a big difference between your GED, and Kimber’s PH.D. ROSE Kimber is right, sometimes playing the stupid role works in your favor in here. A lot of these arrogant business men are turned off by a woman with a head on her shoulders. It’s sad to say but some like belittling dancers. ARCHIE Speaking of supreme, where is the pizza man? I’m am starving! ROSE It’s Friday, no one’s cooking tonight so they are probably swamped.

Rose and Jasmine continue to assist Dakota in concealing her bruises. ROSE (CONT’D) I’m excusing you from your stage sets tonight Dakota because those black lights will make these bruises stand out from across the room. DAKOTA Thank you Rose, you’ve always been there for me.


Jasmine embraces Dakota. JASMINE Are you going to be alright honey? I have four kids, and we don’t have much, but you and your babies are more than welcome to stay with us. I just left my husband a few weeks ago also, and believe me, I was scared. So I, unlike a lot of these young women without children, understand why it’s so hard to take that first step. I have no idea how we will make it. Yes, I have my bachelors in business administration, however, with my salary alone, I couldn’t afford the mortgage in the home we had together, so we are now living in a hotel. This is my first week doing this and I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. DAKOTA Where’s your husband now? JASMINE Probably somewhere with his new baby mama that I found out about recently. DAKOTA I’m so sorry Jasmine. I definitely know how that feels. My husband has cheated on me so many times in the past. He also had another child out there during our marriage. As a matter of fact, she and I were due around the same time. I was hurt and embarrassed, but I was also in love, so I stayed with him. JASMINE You don’t have to feel ashamed or stupid for loving the man you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. DAKOTA I also have been paying his child support for that kid for the last three years.


JASMINE Okay, now that is stupid. There is a KNOCK! KNOCK! At the back door. heads towards the knocking. ARCHIE Okay ladies get your money out! Archie opens the door. A young boy, PRINCE enters the dressing room with his eyes covered. Sky attempts to hide her face from the young boy. CHEYANNE I don’t want any pizza. ARCHIE What ever Cheyanne. That’s what you said last time and you ate three slices. He collects money from the ladies as Prince continues to cover his eyes, but also peeks. PRINCE Um... $37.50 Please. ARCHIE Put your arm down boy, you ain’t fooling nobody! Young Prince complies, looking shy, yet excited. PRINCE Good evening ladies. JASMINE Auh, he’s so cute. He hugs Rose. ROSE Hello Prince, it’s so good to see you. How is your mama? PRINCE She’s fine, still in school. ROSE Well, that’s good to hear. Tell her I said to call me sometimes so can check on her. Archie quickly


Yes Ma’am.

PRINCE I will.

JASMINE And he has manners too. She continues to smile at him. JASMINE (CONT’D) So your real name is Prince? PRINCE Yeah, I’m like royalty baby. My mothers is the Queen. There’s no king in our castle, but it’s all good. I got my mom’s back. Rose chuckles as she continues to hug him. avoid eye contact with Prince. Sky continues to

ROSE Yeah, he’s always been a good boy. I’ve known him since he was a little baby. His mother used to work here years ago. JASMINE Well, I can see she has done a wonderful job. You are wearing a belt and everything. PRINCE No ma’am, I don’t wear my pants hanging down off my butt, smoke weed, or cuss and I still have friends. My mother taught me how to be a leader not a follower. Prince RAPS: ONLY GOD

The women are impressed by his mature lyrics. ARCHIE So you are a rapper? PRINCE I can rap. I wouldn’t say that I was just a rapper though. He kisses Rose on the cheek. PRINCE (CONT’D) See you later Auntie. I got to go back to work.


ROSE Okay suga’, be good okay. Prince heads for the door, stopping at Sky’s locker as she buries her face into it. PRINCE Stop trying to hide Tina, I saw you when I first walked in. Sky looks scared and ashamed. SKY Prince, please don’t tell anyone you saw me here. My parents will kill me if they found out I was working in this kind of club. Name it, I’ll do it! Just keep this between us. Prince grins as he whispers into her ear. NIKKO, the Italian and very shrewd club owner startles the women as he burst into the dressing room. NIKKO (yelling) Rose, would you mind telling me why I have a club full of customers out there and these broads are still back here fooling round? I will fire each and everyone of you tonight, and have a line of girls around the corner tomorrow that will be happy to take your places. You broads don’t appreciate this club and the money we allow you to make in here. If I find out you ladies are ordering anything other than champagne, you’re fired! SKY What about me Nikko, I’m under 21? I got in trouble the other day. NIKKO You got in trouble for drinking the champagne! Yes! You are still required to order champagne in this club, and when he’s not looking, pour it in the plants, pour it on the carpet for all I care, cause if you’re caught drinking in my club again, you’re out of here!


Rose nervously springs to her feet as the women begin to hustle. ROSE Ladies out on the floor right now! NIKKO Rose, do I need to find another house mom to take care of me and my girls? ROSE Nikko I have been telling these ladies over and over to get a move on it. Candy and Cheyanne remained seated. BLAZE What about them? NIKKO They’re fine, I have big spenders in VIP room #10 that are waiting for them to freshen up. BLAZE And how is that possible, they’ve been sitting back here with the rest of us. How do these big spenders know about them all of a sudden? NIKKO Blaze, maybe what you need to do is mind your business. JASMINE That’s not fair Nikko, they’ve already had a VIP room tonight. Can someone else get the chance to make some money in here, or is this just one of the perks that comes with sleeping with the boss. Candy is visibly upset as she charges towards Jasmine. CANDY Excuse me, what did you just say! Nikko grabs Candy’s arm.


JASMINE No, don’t hold her, let her get some of this. NIKKO Jasmine how long have you worked here? JASMINE A couple of weeks, why?. NIKKO Well, if you want to keep your job, I’d suggest you quickly figure out how I like things around here and get with the program. He stands close to her face. NIKKO (CONT'D) And if you ever question my authority again, I will hurt you. Nikko exits the dressing room. Cheyanne and Candy follow him, giving Jasmine an evil look. ROSE Jasmine honey, if I were you, I’d stay clear of him for a while. You don’t need any trouble, and you know you need this job to get back on your feet. Tears roll down Jasmine’s face. JASMINE How in the hell did I get here? Every time I walk in this God forsaken place I get sick to my stomach. Each time I take off my clothes for these strange men, I feel as though I’ve shed a layer of my skin. I know I’m better than this. What happened to my life? ROSE Sweetheart I’ve asked myself the same question over and over again, and twenty years later, I’m still here. Do whatever you need to do Jasmine to get out of here as fast as you can. This place will swallow you alive.


Jasmine exits the dressing room.



The atmosphere in the club is electrifying. We HEAR “SHOW ME WHAT CHA’ GOT BABY”, as a dancer gives a hot performance on main-center stage. Her sequined costume sparkles in the clubs flashing lights. Two DANCERS twirl down from the ceiling on each side of her, while a sexy Cuban bartender, TITO, flexes his skills behind the bar; twirling bottles, and using fire. BO, a sarcastic, yet humorous bartender, snarls with envy as Tito steals all of the attention. Jake, the clubs D.J, hypes the crowd on the ones and two’s. Trap star type men, draped in diamonds and hip hop gear, party at a table in the corner of the plush lounge, waving bottles of champagne in the air. Sky and Diamond are also partying with them. A large bouncer affectionately known as, TINY, greets a well dressed man, and his three very shy and conservative Asian clients, leading them to a comfortable section in the lounge. Jasmine and another dancer, who were sitting at the bar, quickly make their move on the gentleman. The Asian men are obviously uncomfortable. The crowds cheers Tito as the music ends, putting money in his tip jar. CHEETO, one of the trap boys, admires Sky’s body. CHEETO Hey little mama what’s your name? SKY Sky, what’s yours? CHEETO (cool) Dey’ call me Cheeto baby. SKY Cheeto huh? CHEETO Hey shorty, check this out, I’m a producer right, and me and my homeboys are shooting a video next week and we need some fine girls like you, what’s up?


SKY Oh, I want to be in your video. POOCH You do huh? Well give me your phone number, and I will call you later about an audition. SKY I love your grill, I think that is so sexy. He grins for his new found groupie. Diamond smiles when she sees FRANK, her overweight and slightly balding customer enter the club. He finds a seat at the bar. DIAMOND Oh, my customer! Got to go! CHEETO Hey shorty where are you running off to? Alright, you’re going to miss out cause’, we gone’ buy the bar out over here, and then later we’re going to have a private party at my boy Jeezy’s crib. SKY You know Young Jeezy? Sky cuddles closer to him. DIAMOND No thank you, I don’t do private parties, so if you want to spend some money on us, you have to do it in here. Diamond snatches Sky by her arm, pulling her away. DIAMOND (CONT'D) Listen boo, don’t fall for the okiedoke okay. That guy is full of it. SKY What? He seems nice, and he’s so fine, and he know Jeezy! She jumps with excitement. DIAMOND Look Sky, I’m trying to school you a little bit. Remember why you’re in here okay. (MORE)

23. DIAMOND (CONT'D) You come in here, make your money and take your Little butt home. You’re not going to find a man in here, especially not him okay. Those type of guys are only here to use you and degrade you. You’ve got to walk around and find a man that looks you in your eyes and seems to have a weak spot for you. Those trap boys over there are in control. So be careful and remember what I said. Now, I have to go, my big money customer is waiting for me at the bar.

Cheeto pulls on Sky. CHEETO What’s up Shawty. You gone’ get this paper or what? Your girl don’t know who she talking to. DIAMOND Negro, who are you? CHEETO You don’t know Cheeto. know me hoe! Cheeto RAPS: DON’T KNOW CHEETO Sky You don’t

Diamond struts towards Frank smiling from ear to ear, as returns to the trap boys table. DIAMOND Hey baby! She embraces her. FRANK You look beautiful as ever. BO You didn’t show me love like that when you saw me. DIAMOND Oh Bo you know I love you, but this is my baby though, he takes care of me.


BO Oh, I don’t take care of you? Every time you come off main stage all hot and sweaty, don’t I have a nice cool drink waiting for you? DIAMOND Yes you do Bo, I can’t lie, you make sure I have something refreshing to drink to cool me off. BO I’m the only one that makes sure that your dry white lips are straight. DIAMOND (giggling) Thank you Bo. FRANK Drink? DIAMOND I’d love one, are you ready to go upstairs and get our room? FRANK Well, not quite? I’m sorry Hon’, my money is a little funny right now, can we just sit down here and have a few drinks tonight, maybe watch the game, have some dinner. I’m dying for some of Lou’s Prime rib. Diamond looks disappointed. DIAMOND Frank, you called me earlier today saying you wanted to spend sometime with me tonight. I wasn’t even scheduled to come in here, I have my bar exam in the morning. FRANK That’s right. Wow, that time rolled around fast huh? Well, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll do fine. I know how hard you’ve worked at this. Maybe we can take a trip to Hawaii or Europe soon to celebrate.


DIAMOND Yeah we’ll see. He looks at her arm. FRANK I see you still have the Rolex that I bought you. DIAMOND Oh course I still have my Rolex, I love my watch. Diamond appears restless. FRANK Can you just sit down for a while and have a drink with me, maybe check out a little bit of the game or something for a while. Do I always have to be on the clock with you? DIAMOND At my job, yes! Frank, I’d really love to just hang out with you, but I really need to make some money tonight. FRANK I understand. Maybe you can stop by when you’re not so busy later. DIAMOND Yeah, sure. She hugs him, then he sadly watches her walk away. FRANK Give me another one Bo. BO Coming right up Buddy. FRANK (smirking) Can you believe this? Last year alone I know I’ve given that women over one hundred grand, not including the corvette I helped her purchase, and she won’t even give me the time of day.


BO And the Rolex, don’t forget the rolex. FRANK I have totally stretched myself too thin, and to make matters worse, my wife is taking me to the cleaners in this divorce. He chugs down the rest of his drink extending his empty glass for Bo to refill it. Dakota makes her way to the bar and takes a seat. Her feet are aching from dancing on them nonstop. FRANK (CONT'D) Fill her up baby. BO You know what you need, a dance. Dakota, would you give Frank a few dances please on me. FRANK Oh, no thank you I’m fine really. Dakota moves closer, attempting to coax him a little. DAKOTA It’s okay, Bo said he’ll pay for it. FRANK I know, but I’m actually waiting for someone. DAKOTA Diamond? FRANK Yeah Diamond. Diamond enter the club once again noticing Dakota with her arms wrapped around Frank. He nervously attempts to ignore her advances. DAKOTA Okay it’s your loss. DIAMOND Excuse me, I think I’ll have that drink now.


Diamond stands with her hands upon her hips, eyeballing Dakota as she walks away with no incident. Frank springs to his feet. FRANK Diamond you’re back? She gives him a nasty look as she sits sown next to him.

Nikko approaches Tiny. NIKKO Hey big guy, what’s going on with those suits over there? TINY Well the boss is ready to spend lots of money. Those are his clients from Japan and he needs to show them a good time tonight. There’s a multi-million dollar deal on the table and he wants it. NIKKO Has he opened a tab yet? TINY Not yet, but they have a black American Express card. NIKKO Those are the cards we like, no limit. Nikko flirts with a dancer on the stage. NIKKO (CONT'D) Well Tiny, let’s get them into a private room and help him close the deal. TINY I’m on it boss. NIKKO And get rid of those new girls over there. I want our top entertainers milking that credit card for everything on it. This is no time for amateurs.


TINY Yes sir. Jasmine sits on the bosses lap, and he appears to be enjoying her company. BOSS You are so beautiful. Would you and your friends care to join us in the VIP room. I’ve got to get these guys loosened up a little or they will never sign our deal in the morning. JASMINE I would love to join you handsome stranger, and you brought your clients to the right spot. Tiny interrupts. TINY Excuse me sir. Can I have a word with you. Tiny pulls him to the side. Jasmine motions to the other dancers with excitement. Candy, Cheyenne and Kimber sashay towards the unsuspecting man. CHEYANNE Hey cutie. BOSS Wow! The three women embrace him, nibbling playfully on his ears and neck. He giggles with excitement. CANDY Where are your friends, we want to have fun? They playfully bounce around him. TINY I’ve got a VIP room upstairs if you’re ready. The room rate alone is $500 per hour, and the girls are a minimum $300 per hour each. BOSS Well, you’ve got my card right? Start us out at three hours and we will go from there.


TINY Sound good Boss, is every one ready? Candy seductively touches him, whispering in his ear. squirms with anticipation. CANDY Oh he’s definitely ready. BOSS Ah, Tiny could you make that $500 per girl. CANDY That sounds much better big daddy. BOSS Can I offer you ladies a drink? CHEYANNE That sounds wonderful, we’d love some champagne. KIMBER Yeah, and it comes with lots of whipped creme and strawberries. BOSS Sounds like fun, count me in. Tiny give us two bottles of champagne would ya? TINY Our bottles of PJ are $475 each. The boss looks at Tiny. BOSS Well in that case give us four bottles. We don’t want to run out any time soon do we ladies? Jasmine notices the women invading in on her customer. pushes her way through the crowd of sharks. JASMINE (sarcastically) Excuse me ladies! She gives him a quick smile. She He


JASMINE (CONT'D) Hey, Baby I’ve been waiting for you to come back. Are you ready to go upstairs to the VIP now? BOSS Well yeah, but I think I’m going to go with these ladies here. They seem like they are really ready to have fun. Jasmine looks disappointed. JASMINE What happened Suga’, I thought you wanted me to go with you. BOSS Not this time, kiddo’. He reaches in his pocket. BOSS (CONT'D) Here’s a twenty for your time. Cheyanne, Kimber and another blonde dancer grab the shy Asian friends as they walk away with Tiny. Cheyanne and Candy smirk at Jasmine as they walk away. Jasmine angrily walks to the bar and takes a seat, while Dakota feverishly hustles around the club in search of dances, as if she has a quota. DAKOTA Would you like a dance? The customer shakes his head. She moves on to the next, then smiles as he agrees to a dance. CUT TO: A very tipsy BACHELOR, and his four buddies enter the club. TINY Welcome gentleman. BACHELOR (slurring) It’s my bachelor party and we are here to have a good time night. Bring on the girls! Milo, his best man, interrupts.


MILO Pardon my friend, we’ve been getting him wasted all day, but you have my word big guy, we will keep him on his best behavior. We’re car salesmen at a local dealership, so you don’t have to worry about us getting into any trouble. We just want to show our boy a good time before he gets married tomorrow.


JAKE the dj attempts to hype the crowd. JAKE Alright ya’ll let’s get this party started. Tell em’ my name! CLUB Jake the Snake Mane’! He RAPS: TELL EM’ THE NAME

Jakes struts through the crowd getting them hype. CUT TO: INT. CLUB - BAR -NIGHT A flashy and very eccentrically dressed old school pimp, FLASH, 40 something enters the club. A SEVENTIES music theme PLAYS as he struts very slowly through the club, commanding attention although everyone quietly snicker as he passes. His extremely long feather in his hat smacks people as he passes. We can see his permed candy curls dangling from underneath. He’s wearing outdated clothes with leopard and tiger prints. He is wearing high heel shoes and walking with a cane. He flirts with the dancers as he finds a seat at the bar. FLASH Ye-ah Sir! Be patient ladies, Big Daddy just walked in the door. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around, ye-ah sir!


The women smirk as he continues to make a fool of himself. He notices Jasmine sitting solemnly at the bar. He sprays breath freshener in his mouth then eases next to her. She glances at the clown man before her as he over does it with the flirting, sliding her empty glass to Bo. JASMINE One more please Bo. He gives her a concerned look as he pours her drink. She downs the drink but it’s obvious she’s forcing the burning sensation down while making horrible faces. FLASH I’ll have a Johnny Walker Black baby, thank you so much for asking. Jasmine looks confused at Bo. FLASH (CONT'D) Two cubes please. JASMINE Excuse me? FLASH How rude of me and you’re buying me a drink, my name is Flash baby and I know the pleasure is all yours, ye-ah sir. He holds his hand out to her, showing off his many rings on his fingers. She stares at it. JASMINE Make that a double Bo, I see I’m going to need it tonight. FLASH Slow your roll baby! You don’t have to try to get me drunk to get any off this. JASMINE The double is for me, and I’m not here to buy men drinks, I’m sorry. Flash slowly backs up from her in his seat. FLASH Oh, you one of them new fangled, independent types I’ve been hearing about. (MORE)

33. FLASH (CONT'D) Back in the day baby, women stood in line to buy me a drink and hope to get a moment of my time. You just don’t know a good thang’ when you see it that’s all. You must be one of them lesbians or something, which is cool, cause I happen to love lesbians myself. You and your home girl can join my team. Stick with me baby and Flash will get you paid.

He looks up as if he can see it. FLASH (CONT'D) I can see it now, the dynamic duhoes! JASMINE Listen Huggy Bear, I don’t know what you are talking about so and if you don’t mind, I’d rather just sit here by myself, quietly. She looks at him. JASMINE (CONT'D) Alone! He slowly stands to his feet walking way. FLASH Hey baby, you don’t have to get so huffy with me okay. Be careful now brown suga’, I just had to catch myself, my pimp hand is always set on auto-slap. Jasmine continues to ignore him as he begins to SING. INSERT SONG. He struts around, unsuccessfully attempting to tantalize the women with his pimpology song. JASMINE Why did they even let him in here? Bo shakes his head as he wipes down the bar. BO How are you doing tonight Jasmine? JASMINE Fine now, why you ask?


BO Well, normally you order Shirley Temples or a soda, and tonight you’ve just downed your third Tequila shot, and judging by the look on your face you’re forcing it down. Let not your heart be troubled. What ever it is, it’s not going away just because you can see it or feel it anymore. You seem like a nice, sweet girl and I’m just a little concern that’s all. JASMINE I’m just having a horrible night that’s all, and customers like that breathing on you drives me crazy. I really just want to go home but I need to work so bad. I don’t know, maybe a drink or two will calm my nerves so I can get back out there and try to make some money. It’s kind of hard to smile at these guys if I’m feeling so low. Bo points at LOLA, a tipsy dancer at the end of the bar. BO You see Lola sitting down there at the end of the bar? I remember the first day she started here. She was so nervous, but she was kind of like you in the beginning, she didn’t want any alcohol, she just didn’t care for the stuff at all. She was so beautiful and full of confidence. They notice her staggering with her arms around a customer. Her hair was a mess and her make up a little smeared. She had a sloppy look.

JASMINE So what happened to her? BO Life! Too many wasted or misguided opportunities. Years of trying to cope with this place. (MORE)

35. BO (CONT'D) Drinking to mask the pain of rejection and stiff competition night after night. There’s a long list of reasons why most of you girls wind up like that. I’ve been behind this bar for a long time.

Lola and her customer chug down another shot. LOLA I beat you that time! BO Now she can’t start her night without at least two or three shots of something. Then throughout the night she continues to throw them back like a sailor. The club loves it of course, she can really run up a tab for them. The customers continue to feed her liquor, hoping she’ll be drunk enough to let them have their way with her. By the time they’ve realized they can’t out drink her, it’s too late, now they’re drunk and she has control of their credit card. The club will eventually fire her like they do so many of the young girls that they use up for all their beauty and charm. Allow them to be drugged up or push alcohol on them just so they will be more friendlier, loosen up. It’s just like a food chain in here, and only the strong will survive. You got to be smart in a place like this Jasmine. If you’re not careful you can pick up a habit or two in here before you know it, just trying to deal, just trying to keep up. I sit behind this bar, but I can see a lot from here. I see how you girls fight to get attention and work so hard to get these customers to like you. I can honestly see how a gorgeous woman’s self esteem can be eaten away a little bit at a time. I don’t think I could do it myself. (MORE)

36. BO (CONT'D) I mean, I’ve looked in the mirror at myself, you know, after a shower, and not only would I have to be drunk to take my clothes off in front of a stranger, but they would definitely need to be about blind themselves. Trust me it’s not a pretty sight, I don’t know how my wife does it.

Jasmine giggles. cross.

Bo reaches in his shirt and pulls out his

BO (CONT'D) You see this? I never come in here without my protection. This cross comforts me at times. He points at Tito at the other end of the bar, doing bar tricks, and entertaining people. Customers are putting more money in his tip jar. BO (CONT'D) You see what I have to deal with every night. Ricky Martin is down there making all the money, muscles popping out everywhere, looking all swole. Jasmine admires Tito. BO (CONT'D) See what I mean. JASMINE He’s good what can I say. I love you Bo. You know

BO I used to be buffed just like that. She lingers with her stares as Tito continues to flex. BO (CONT'D) As I was saying, I see you have your own cross on as well. When things start to look a little bad, reach for the cross, not the tequila. She reaches for her cross.


BO (CONT'D) He will give you the strength to bring you through if you have faith. BO (CONT’D) Just because you’re in here, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to him. You don’t have to say much, just say the name Jesus. A handsome customer LENNY, sneaks up from behind Jasmine. LENNY Perfect timing, my lady is not busy. Jasmine is startled, yet relieved to see him. JASMINE Hey, I thought you were out of town? LENNY I’m back. My wife and I had a wonderful time. I brought some pictures of our trip to Turks and Cacos for you to see. I tried to call first to see if you were here tonight, but I must of misplaced your number. He takes a seat bar. BO Lenny, how’s it going man? LENNY Just trying to catch the game with the prettiest sports buddy I’ve ever had if she’s not too busy for me tonight. Maybe we could watch the game upstairs in the VIP and eat some of Javier’s prime rib. I’m starving how about you? JASMINE Sounds excellent. Bo motions for Tiny in the corner. TINY Go evening Sir, How can I help you tonight?


LENNY Could I have a private room with Ms. Jasmine here? TINY I’m sorry sir, but all twenty of our rooms are full up there, even the ones out by the pool. We have the Master’s in town and two conventions. I’d be happy to put you on the waiting list. Jasmine looks sad. LENNY The valet told me Dennis Rodman was here tonight. TINY Yeah, he comes in every time he’s in town. He’s a lot of fun man, and a good tipper too. LENNY I saw Dominique Wilkins eating dinner here the last time I was here. TINY Chris Rock was here last night, now he’s real cool. He usually just sits out here in the Viper lounge and chats with everyone. Lenny looks at Jasmine. LENNY Well, I guess we’re going to have to watch the game right here with you Bo. He shakes Tiny’s hands. TINY I’ll let you know if something comes available. JASMINE Just my luck. I finally have the opportunity to make some money tonight and now look, all the rooms are full.


LENNY Relax. He reaches in his pocket, pulling out some money. LENNY (CONT'D) Here’s two hundred dollars for now. I need to get more cash from the ATM. Get us a menu so we can order our dinner. I’d much rather give the money to you instead of the club anyway. She hugs him. JASMINE You are so sweet. BO There’s that pretty smile. LENNY Isn’t she something else? A gorgeous woman who knows and loves football. I wish my wife liked sports. She won’t even go to the games with me, and I have season tickets with great seats. JASMINE I like watching it at home, but I love the excitement of being in the stadium much better. LENNY I actually love watching it at home also. I love to relax in my big comfortable chair, with my 50 inch plasma, and a beer, but my wife won’t let me watch it in peace. Sundays are her Lifetime channel marathon days and she usually tries to make me watch it with her all day. I would love to take you to a Falcon home game one day, but that feels way too much like a date to me. JASMINE Yeah, it does doesn’t it? I don’t think I would feel comfortable with my husband taking another woman anywhere. We can just enjoy the games right here.


LENNY I am going to run to the bathroom right quick, don’t let anyone steal my seat. JASMINE Are you kidding? I’m guarding it with my life sweet heart. He walks away as Jasmine playfully waves at him. BO See how good God is. Sometimes all you have to do is just say his name. JASMINE He was right on time wasn’t he? BO He always is. Sometimes my tips come in so slow, I don’t know if I can make ends meet, then out of no where here comes a few big tippers to take care of me. JASMINE I think I have my first regular customer. He takes care of me every time he comes in here. He is so sweet and is always the perfect gentleman, even in the VIP room. I can tell he really loves his wife too, he talks about her and his kids all the time. It’s nice to know that there are some men out there that love and honor their wives even when they aren’t around.

CUT TO: INT. CLUB - DJ BOOTH - NIGHT Sky stands at the dj booth looking around. JAKE Just take that baby, and I bet you’ll feel better before you know it.


SKY What is it? JAKE It’s x. SKY Ecstacy! JAKE Just scream it out for everyone to here you why don’t you. SKY I’m just not feeling up to it tonight. I knew I should have been a waitress instead. JAKE As fine as you are girl that wouldn’t have been right for you to deny us all of that. This is just what the doctor ordered, it will relax you. SKY I heard makes you lose control. I don’t want to be acting all freaky up in here. JAKE Don’t worry baby, Jake wouldn’t let anything happen to you. Don’t you trust me baby? Didn’t I say that I would hook you up with a job here. You know how hard it is to get hired in this club, especially if you’re black. Just be cool okay. Hold on a sec. He changes the song. JAKE (CONT'D) Coming to the main stage is Star. Star to the main stage. He hands sky a glass of champagne. JAKE (CONT'D) Anytime you need anything, Anything, you just come see me baby. She reluctantly swallows the pill, downing the entire glass.


JAKE (CONT'D) There you go. Take it easy on the champagne Lil' bit. SKY What chu’ talkin’ bout Jake? Shoot I can hang! I’m grown! Jakes smirks. JAKE You’re grown huh? Yeah we’ll see.


Rose and Blaze are assisting a passed out dancer, as Dakota looks on. BLAZE Is she drunk? Dakota smirks. DAKOTA Hum! ROSE I don’t think so honey, I’ve been doing this for a long. She shakes the dancer. ROSE (CONT'D) Cali, this is Rose honey, what have you taken? The dancer mumbles. Sheena enters.

SHEENA Oh my God is Cali alright? ROSE We’re trying to find out now.


SHEENA Do you think we need an ambulance again Rose? ROSE I hope not Sheena. This will be the third time this week. I’m fed up with this behavior, you girls know better than this. I’m going to start bringing the dogs back in to search for illegal drugs. SHEENA Good luck Rose. You know if the girls don’t bring it in, then someone out there will. On any given night there are drug dealers out there, for the girl and customers. ROSE Well, I’m not having another one of my girls OD In front of me. DAKOTA I don’t want to see that either Rose. I can still see Gina’s eyes rolling in the back of her head. I have never been so scared in my life. I knew in my heart when the ambulance took her away that she wasn’t going to make it. SHEENA Maybe someone put something in her drink. ROSE Well, we warn you ladies during each meeting to keep your eyes on your drinks, and never leave it unattended. If you go to the bathroom, or have to have to go on stage, take your drink with you. ARCHIE Co Co had to learn that the hard way. BLAZE What happened to her?


ARCHIE A few years ago a customer slipped a mickey or a ruffie in her drink while they were in the VIP room. After she passed out he tried to rape her, but a floor man walked in and caught him taking off her clothes. ROSE That’s why the floor man patrol back and forth through the VIP areas. We have to do everything in our power to protect you girls while you’re in here. SHEENA That’s why I don’t I don’t do the private party thing. I don’t like to be touched and grabbed. I feel safer in the club. ROSE Look at the dancer in the Duke Lacrosse team rape. That poor girl doesn’t stand a chance against those rich white boys and they’re attorneys. They’re using the fact that she’s a stripper against her, and it’s not fair. I believe in my heart that something happened to girl. BLAZE They said there was no DNA from the accused boys. ROSE That does not mean something didn’t happen. I believe those boys held her down against her will and violated her in other ways. The police and the media want to discredit her because of how she makes a living and nothing else. Just because a woman dances that doesn’t mean she’s asking to get rape or deserves it. The dancers agree.


ROSE (CONT’D) There was a dancer that was murdered about eight years ago that used to work here by the name of Lark. SHEENA I remember that story. Didn’t they find her in the woods off 285 with no clothes on? ARCHIE I heard her head was almost decapitated. ROSE The news reports were all the same. Stripper found dead, stripper this, stripper that. The detectives were sure she had met the killer in the club and left with him that evening. We were all scared to death. Lark’s killer was still at large and we all thought he would come back to the club in search of his next victim. Six months later it came out that her ex-boyfriend killed her because she wouldn’t come back to him. DAKOTA That’s a shame. All that time they wasted looking in the wrong place. Assuming that because she was a dancer, she died doing something promiscuous. They basically smeared her name insinuating that she was a prostitute. ROSE Well, let a lot of people tell it there is no difference. You have to understand, in many eyes there is a fine line between exotic dancing and prostitution. Unfortunately for us, we are constantly trying to prove to everyone around us that we are one of the good girls. It is, what it is, and dancers get a bad rap. Stripping is a part of the billion dollar sex industry, always compared to porn and prostitution.


SHEENA What is prostitution anyway? Why is it that I can sale you my car, sale you my house, my shoes, even my child, but not my body? Ain’t nobody but a man behind a law that. Sex is power, and men know it. It’s just another way to control what they can’t have. I can give it away all day long to anybody I want, but I can’t sale it. That’s bull! DANCER 1 I guess I’m a prostitute then, because I don’t know about anybody else, but when I get married and my husband doesn’t do right, I won’t either. Don’t let him take care of my needs, oh we will have a problem, and he will most likely be on the couch that night. No money, no honey baby! They high five one another. BLAZE What about a gold digger or a young woman that marries a rich man? It’s obvious that you’re in it for the money, so is that prostitution? ARCHIE Anna Nicole Smith! DANCER 1 Didn’t she come up when she met that old man in that strip club? I swear I’ve been looking for a sugar daddy like that with one foot in the grave, and ready to leave everything to me. SHEENA I know that man knew that Anna Nicole wasn’t in love with him, but she made him feel so good inside for what ever time he had left. I guess he wanted to feel like a man, and feel loved even if he had to pay for it. It worked out for both of them I guess.


DANCER 1 Some of these women out here though have messed the game up, just like dancing. Women are giving men sex and money for nothing in return. Where’s the chase? What happened to the man taking care of the woman, bringing home the bacon? Don’t hate on me because I believe I deserve better for myself. Some women actually take care of a man, buying cars and diamonds so he can impress some other woman, just for the sake of saying she has one. I’d rather be labeled a gold digger than a fool any day. ARCHIE Amen honey! SHEENA These men are spoiled in Atlanta honey, and the fact that it’s 9 women to every 1 man makes it harder. Women in Atlanta know they are sharing a man. They are just concerned about their positioning. So many women are okay with a man having a wife or a situation. They are okay with being number two. Just as long as they have someone in their face from time to time. That’s why I have so many chicks chasing me. I know how to treat a woman. Diamond burst into the dressing room. DIAMOND Rose, I need to hide out in here for a minute. I just saw a guy that I know from back home and he doesn’t know what I do. ROSE So what are you ashamed of? This is a legal hustle, you’re not doing anything wrong. DIAMOND I know, but I hate it when people judge you based on what you do. (MORE)

48. DIAMOND (CONT'D) I don’t want him to see me in here, start telling everyone and then the next thing you know, everybody’s talking about me.

Cheyanne quietly enters, sits at her station and call a number on her phone. SHEENA So! Everybody in your little town is broke, what do you care what they think? As long as you don’t conduct yourself like a stripper in the streets, they shouldn’t have anything bad to say about you. I don’t care what anybody has to say about me and what I do. Those same people talking won’t lend you $10 when you need it. Cheyanne YELLS at her cellphone. DANCER 1 How come you didn’t answer your phone earlier? Don’t tell give me that mess about you leaving it in your car again either Frankie! The entire dressing room quiets down in order to ease drop on her conversation. Cheyanne begins to get louder, pacing back and forth as she continues to argue on the phone. DANCER 1 (CONT’D) Whatever! I’m so tired of your drama I don’t know what to do! Every since you bought that car you’ve been tripping. That’s alright though, just keep hanging out with boys and getting numbers from them rim chasing hoes you trying to impress in the streets with all your fake bling’, bling’ on. I hope you tell them hussies you still live with your mama! The women giggle as she hangs up the phone. ARCHIE Let him have it girl! The dancer shakes her head with disgust.


DANCER 1 That nigga’ right there thinks I’m stupid! ARCHIE What has he done this time boo? DANCER 1 He’s is just getting on my last nerve and I’m about to get rid of his trifling ass. See what happens when you try and stick with a broke man and help him get his life together. When he was broke and didn’t have anything, I was the one that had his back. He just wanted to lay up under me and watch movies and stuff. Now that he has a few dollars in his pocket, and he’s looking good with his fresh hair cut and his Red Monkey jeans on, he wants to go out and flex for other women. DIAMOND Men are so stupid. They kill me riding around in their cars trying to attract women like honey to a bee, and then wonder why the women around them are gold diggers. ROSE What was he driving when you met him? DANCER 1 His mama’s mini van, when she let him. SHEENA See, that was your first mistake baby. DANCER 1 No, I just wanted him for who he was. All my friends were always telling me how shallow I was for only dating men with money. The entire dressing room speaks in unison. EVERYONE Um huh!


SHEENA Second mistake! ARCHIE Your friends were just jealous because they couldn’t get a man with money. They hated to see you getting yours. The women all agree. DANCER 1 I thought he was nice. Everyone smirks. EVERYONE Um huh! CHEYANNE I thought he was cute, and fun to be around, and the sex was ooh wee! Girl his joint was so bi..nice. DIAMOND Yeah girl, that’s one right there will get you every time. ARCHIE E...veryyytime! SHEENA Okay, well how do you feel now? CHEYANNE Now I just feel like a fool. EVERYONE Um huh! CHEYANNE Not for loving him, but for every time his phone rings in the middle of the night and he says it’s his boy. Everyone agrees. DIAMOND Or what about this one girl, leaving his phone in the car or on vibrate when he’s around you.


CHEYANNE That’s him alright. Then he wants to trip on me because I snoop through his things and look through his phone. The way I see it is, if you’re sleeping with me, then I can look up your butt if I thought another woman might be hiding in there. They laugh. CHEYANNE (CONT’D) I guess that’s the price you pay for dealing with busters in the first place. I need to go back to the way I used to be. Falling in love is over-rated. The next man I meet will have to be willing to stamp my passport at least two or three times or he’s not getting my number. Fly me around the world, show me some things. DIAMOND I’ll take a garbage man if he was good to me. SHEENA Yeah, you say that now, just wait until those bills start piling up. Cheyanne adjusts herself in the mirror, ignoring her cellphone as it RINGS. CHEYANNE Like my mother used to say, I can show him better than I can tell him. She sashays out of the dressing room. comments. Archie quickly

ARCHIE You know her man is gay right? His comment immediately excites the dressing room as they gather around. DIAMOND What? SHEENA Archie you swear everybody is gay.


ARCHIE No, I’m serious, ya’ll better listen to me. I know a gay man when I see one, and I’m telling ya’ll just like I told her, he is a undercover brother. SHEENA Good for her. She gets on my last nerve. How do you know this Archie, you must tell us everything? ARCHIE Well, normally I can just tell, all gay men can tell when another man is gay, trust me on that one, but I saw him at the gay club last year but he didn’t know that I knew his girl. SHEENA A lot of people go to gay clubs that aren’t gay. You know, I know! ARCHIE That’s true, but he tried to talk to my home girl Strawberry and Strawberry is a he and he knew it. DIAMOND Atlanta is full of down low brothers. ARCHIE More than ya’ll really want to know. A lot of these hard, thug types are the main ones honey. The passed out dancer mumbles again. An ex-dancer, BROOKLYN enters the dressing room carrying a baby. SHEENA Oh look, it’s Brooklyn and she brought the baby. The women crowd around her in amazement. BROOKLYN Hey girls! They embrace her as Rose completely forgets about the passed out girl.


ROSE Oh, you finally brought the baby. She quickly takes the bundle. Brooklyn looks at the girl on the floor. BROOKLYN I see some things around here don’t change. ROSE Oh she’s so precious Brooklyn. SKY What’s her name? BROOKLYN Her name is Dominique Rose. Rose looks up in amazement. BROOKLYN (CONT'D) I named her after her father and the only mother I’ve ever had.

She tearfully looks at Rose as they hug. ROSE That is so sweet, thank you for thinking about me. BROOKLYN I also want you to be her God mother. You have been there for me so much Rose, and I don’t think I would be as happy as I am now if it were not for you listening to me and guiding me through all the rough times in my life. ROSE Stop, you’re making me cry Brooklyn. Sheena reaches out for the baby. SHEENA Come on Rose, you can’t hog the baby.


Rose reluctantly gives her the baby, stealing several kisses first. ROSE I could just eat those fat cheeks up. Sheena smiles at the baby. SHEENA Oh she’s is so tiny and cute. Maybe I will have a baby one day. ROSE You got to sleep with a man to get a baby Sheena, that’s how that works. SHEENA Oh yeah, that’s right, yuck! The women laugh. BROOKLYN Girl you are still crazy I see. SHEENA Girl, you know I only want one thing from a man, M-o-n-e-y, and lots of it, other than that, I don’t want to be bothered. I can’t even stand the smell of men’s cologne, it actually makes me sick to my stomach. BROOKLYN Child please, you just don’t know what you’re missing. I’m huh. SHEENA I know, remember I tried everything to get you in my bed all the time, but I guess I couldn’t get you drunk enough. They laugh. BROOKLYN If those men out there had any idea that you were a lesbian they would die.


SHEENA It’s funny too, because they actually think they might have a chance. I just keep lying, and they just keep giving me all of their money. It works for me. SKY How long did you work here Brooklyn? BROOKLYN Too long honey, about six years, and I hated every day of it. She gives Sky a closer look. BROOKLYN (CONT'D) How about you? How long have you been dancing, you look kind of young? SKY I just started about a month ago, I like it though. Brooklyn and Sheena smirk at one another. BROOKLYN You like what? SKY Dancing. BROOKLYN You dance because you like it, or you have to? Do you have any kids? SKY No, I don’t have any kids, I’m still in high school. BROOKLYN So what are you doing here then girl? You should be somewhere at a game, or a party or something having fun. ARCHIE She should be at home in the bed, getting ready for school.


SKY I am having fun. I like the money and the independence. BROOKLYN Well are you at least saving for college? SKY I’m not going to college. BROOKLYN You’re not, why? SKY I don’t think I need to anymore. The way I’ve been getting paid lately, I will make more than my parents, and my mother is a judge. BROOKLYN But what are you going to do when you get older, and no one wants to look at you naked anymore, not even you? SKY Well by then, I will have saved up so much money, that I won’t have to worry about it. Brooklyn looks at Rose. BROOKLYN She’s got it all figured out huh Rose? ROSE She thinks she does. Don’t worry, I’ve got my eye on her. BROOKLYN Oh, I know you’ll keep her in line. SKY Ya’ll sound like that other dancer, Jasmine. She’s thirty-three and still dancing, but she wants to try and school me.


ROSE No sweetie, you’re only part right. She’s thirty-three, but she just started dancing. She was married and needed to leave her husband. That’s why we say have a goal, make plans for the future, because you never know what’s coming around the corner baby. Sky smirks. SHEENA Ladies, Jake said we can do my birthday dance after this set. DIAMOND Well I’m ready, I don’t know about anyone else. Sky are you going to dance with us? SKY Sure, what do I have to do. DIAMOND We all go on main stage and dance for tips for Sheena. I made over a thousand dollars on my last birthday dance. SKY Yeah, that sounds fun. I can’t wait until my birthday. How about you Dakota, are you going to dance with us? DAKOTA I don’t dance for free. Don’t get it twisted Sky, I don’t do this because I like it, I do it for the cash. Sheena smirks. DIAMOND Well, I’m going to look out for my girl Sheena. Some of us don’t have to worry about our pimps. Dakota rolls her eyes at Diamond. DAKOTA Neither do I.


SHEENA Whatever Dakota! You’re up in this club five days a week, and I see your man come up here and get money from you all time. DAKOTA That doesn’t mean he’s pimping me. SHEENA I know a pimp when I see one, you obviously don’t. DAKOTA Ya’ll worrying about the wrong thing. The women look at one another smirking. DIAMOND Anyway, Brooklyn how have you been girl? DIAMOND (CONT'D) Where is that ole’ fine man of yours? SHEENA You mean, Captain Save a Hoe! BLAZE Captain Save a Hoe? BROOKLYN Yeah, they like to call him that because he’s an Army pilot, and he married me and basically saved me from this club. ROSE I’ll never forget the day he came in here all dressed up in his uniform, got down on one knee and proposed in front of everybody. BLAZE Ah! ROSE After she said yes, he picked her up and carried her out of the door. BLAZE He sounds so sweet.


BROOKLYN He is, and he’s been taking care of me every since. He’s in Irag right now though, but he’s coming home in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait and neither can he, because he’s never held his little girl before, and she looks just like him too. We’re all leaving for Italy when he gets back too. No more Irag for him for a while and I’m glad. This is his third tour, and he promised now that he has a family that he would get another assignment so he can stay with us. BLAZE He sounds too perfect, I know you didn’t meet him here then. BROOKLYN Believe it or not, I did. He came in a few times, we got to really talking and realized we had a lot in common. He never judged me for what I did, because he realized I was just trying to make a living for me and my son. ROSE I am so excited for you. Italy!

BROOKLYN I know, I can’t wait! You’re going to have to take a break and come visit me. ROSE You’ve come all long way, and I am so proud of you Brooklyn. BROOKLYN Remember when I was the girl that was passed out on the floor? ROSE Don’t remind me of those days girl, you drove me insane! BROOKLYN Yeah, but you never gave up on me though, and that’s why I love you so much. (MORE)

60. BROOKLYN (CONT'D) All those nights we sat here and talked, or you talked to me rather, I listened. My mother turned her back on me when I was sixteen years old. I guess I was just too much for her to deal with at the time. She had a lot of plans for me, college and stuff like that, but I was a lot like you Sky, no one could tell me anything. At sixteen, I actually thought I had all the right answers, so I ran away from home and moved in with my boyfriend who was 22 at the time. Much too old for me, but I was hard headed. After a few years of him beating me to a pulp, and putting me and his baby out on the streets, because he wanted to bring another woman in our bed, I looked for a way out. For me, it was this place. It was hard at first because every trap that I could have fallen in, I did. Alcohol, drugs, prostitution, you name it, I was involved. I didn’t have anyone guiding me in my life to steer me away from all the evil things in here, until one day while Rose was cleaning puke off my face for probably the tenth time. She let me have it that day, but she explained it in a way that my mother or no one else had been able to. From that day, I tried to straighten up and fly right. Rose even took me to church with her a few times, and introduced the Lord to me in a way that I never knew I could know him. I guess I didn’t think the Lord would listen to a wretch like me, but again, I was wrong.

Sheena counts her money, looking very disappointed. SHEENA I could have stayed home for this. BROOKLYN What’s wrong Sheena? Have you been having a rough night?


SHEENA Girl, hit and miss, hit and miss. I was sitting with these guys for twenty minutes, and they weren’t spending any money so I left. The next thing I know, I see them walking upstairs with some other girls. ROSE Patience my dear. You know some of these guys need to get comfortable first before they start spending money. You’re so spoiled you want a guy to go straight to VIP once you introduce yourself. SHEENA What’s wrong with that? Why waste time. I’m just not the one to be bouncing all over the room trying to hustle $10 dances all night like some people. I just want to sit down, cross my legs, sip champagne and get paid by the hour. I might give him two or three dances just to be nice, but other than that, I’m not really trying to take my clothes off. Especially not for $10. ROSE It’s like sex with no foreplay. Relax, have a drink or two, get to know the guy a little. Ask him questions, get him to talking, and before you know it, he has started to relax a little himself. Some men are very apprehensive about spending money in strip clubs because they think the club and the dancer is out to take them to the cleaners. SHEENA We are! They laugh. BROOKLYN I know that’s right.


DIAMOND Rose is right, you’ve just been spoiled Sheena. SHEENA Looks who’s talking. I saw your stalker at the bar earlier, sitting there looking pitiful. She mocks Frank, looking sad. SHEENA (CONT'D) Where’s Diamond? Has anyone seen Diamond? BROOKLYN She must be talking about Frank. DIAMOND Who else girl? BROOKLYN He knows he’s got it bad for you Diamond. He’s been coming here to see you for years. I didn’t even know the guy was married for a long time because he spent so much time in here. I mean I’ve had some faithful customers before that would come and see me on the regular, but not like Frank. He would already be here sitting at the bar at 8 o’clock when we get out on the floor every night waiting for Diamond, and he would stay all night. DIAMOND Well, I guess his wife must have gotten tired of that because he’s getting a divorce. SHEENA I guess so. I’m trying to figure out how he was hiding those credit card bills every month, because I know you had that bad boy on fire many nights. DIAMOND Well he hasn’t been spending any money lately, that’s for sure. That’s why he’s sitting out there by himself. (MORE)

63. DIAMOND (CONT'D) I had to run Dakota out of his face earlier, because you know how she will try and steal your customer.

Diamond rolls her eyes at Dakota. DAKOTA Trying to steal your customer! Bo just asked me to dance for the man that’s all. Ya’ll heffas’ be trippin’ up in here with that trying to steal your man stuff. You don’t own him Diamond, and he can spend his money on anyone he wants to. BROOKLYN No Dakota, what she’s trying to say is, that it’s just a respect thing, a code amongst the girls. Someone’s regular customer is just off limits, you know, kind of like your man. DIAMOND Don’t tell her nothing Brooklyn. I don’t have a lot of patients around here for these backstabbing hussies. I only have a couple of guys that come to see me regularly anyway, but Frank, that’s my bread and butter. I have him trained, and he knows how far I’ll go, so he doesn’t pressure me to met him outside of this club. Plus, I use his marriage as a reason I want to keep our relationship friendly. He keeps hinting to me about his divorce, like I really care, but I’ll play along until I can’t anymore. BROOKLYN Some of these guys get fantasy crossed with reality, and he thinks he’ll eventually win your heart as long as he’s nice to you. DIAMOND Well, that will never happen, first of all he doesn’t have that much money. Frank is nice but he isn’t my type at all. (MORE)

64. DIAMOND (CONT'D) As far as I’m concerned he is a business associate, just like my other regulars. It’s not my fault if he get’s it twisted.

Dakota switches out of the room. ARCHIE Girlfriend didn’t like what you said. DIAMOND I don’t care! I just don’t need some skeeza rubbing on my man when I’m not looking, then all of a sudden he’s bored with me. This is not a game, this is my lively hood. Diamond looks at Brooklyn. DIAMOND (CONT'D) Anyway, I know you’re not talking Brooklyn. I remember back in the day when you had customers falling in love with you left and right. ROSE Leaving their families for her and everything. DIAMOND Yep, what was his name Rose? Brooklyn shakes her head. BROOKLYN Oh don’t remind me about that guy! DIAMOND What was his name Brooklyn? The tall guy that owned that seafood restaurant in Buckhead that we used to eat for free all the time? Brooklyn ponders. BROOKLYN Man, what was his name? ROSE You should know he left he wife for you for God sakes!


BROOKLYN Charlie! DIAMOND Yeah Charlie. They had to eventually ban him from the club didn’t they? BROOKLYN I didn’t believe him at first when he told me he left her and his two kids for me. I had to just tell him, this is what I do. I’m nice to you just like I’m nice to all of the men that give me money, but this is just business. Now I realize how easily it is for people to get the wrong idea or perception. DIAMOND You have definitely changed Brooklyn. Married life must be good for you. BROOKLYN Married life, my baby, my closer walk with the Lord. I have been reading the bible more since my husband has been away. I’m at peace for the first time in my life, I found it, not from drugs and alcohol like I used to think, but simply getting on my knees and reading my bible. I feel so much better about life and myself since I’ve given myself to the Lord. Oh how could he love a wretch like me I used to think. I was so ashamed of dancing and what people thought of me. The other mothers in my son’s cub scouts den would stare and snarl at me. Anytime their husbands were around they’d get nervous, like I was trying to flirt with them, and usually it was the other way around. I have changed and it feels so good. Kimber burst into the dressing room visibly shaken. KIMBER Rose I quit!


ROSE What’s going on now? KIMBER What else? Candy and Cheyanne are once again making it hard to work in here. ROSE What have they done this time Kimber? Candy and Cheyanne enter the dressing room. KIMBER I’m sick of working with these whores, they keep messing up my money! CHEYANNE Who are you calling a whore, bitch! Cheyanne reaches for Kimber, as they exchange a few blows. Rose gets between the two women, yelling on her radio for help. ROSE Tiny, I need you in the dressing room now! CANDY She’s always got something to say! CHEYANNE I’m going to bust you right in your mouth if you keep talking! ROSE Ladies! Nikko burst into the dressing room. NIKKO (yelling) Rose, will you please tell me why I have unhappy gentleman upstairs in VIP room #1, and why there are no girls in there, and he has spent over $10,000 so far? ROSE Nikko, I’m trying to get down to the bottom of this right now!


NIKKO Trying! He looks at Kimber. NIKKO (CONT'D) What’s your problem now Kimber? Kimber frantically puts her jogging suit on over her costume. KIMBER My problem is your problem Nikko! Candy and Kimber are up there basically having sex with these guys, and now the customers expect me to act like them, and let them grab all over me. That one Asian guy actually tried to unzip his pants. NIKKO How much money have you made up there so far Kimber? KIMBER $1,500, why? NIKKO Then get your butt back up there, and get some more money out of him. I want nothing left on that card by the end of the night, do you understand! Now he said he wants to stay longer, so let’s go! Order some more Kimber and crab legs for Pete’s sakes. This guy wants to play big shot for his clients, and impress you ladies with all of his bull, let’s take him to the cleaners! KIMBER Well Nikko since you feel so strongly about making him happy tonight, then why don’t you go upstairs and play with him! I quit! She slams her locker shut, grabbing her gym bag. ROSE Kimber honey just relax for a while.


NIKKO No Rose, let her go, I don’t need her here! I have much prettier girls that I can hire in the morning. Hurry up and get out of here Kimber! KIMBER I don’t need this place Nikko, and I definitely don’t need you. You obviously have me mistaken for one of these women without a brain or any sense. So no matter what you say Nikko, I’m a doctor, and you or no one else can take that away from me. I won’t let you break me down into believing I’m unworthy. She exits. NIKKO Listen you too, get up there and take care of business will you. He notices Brooklyn in the corner as Candy and Kimber exit. NIKKO (CONT'D) How’s it going Brooklyn? Looking to get your old job back? BROOKLYN I would never come back here and work for you Nikko. He smirks. NIKKO Yeah, that’s what they all say toots. You’ll be back. He exits. BROOKLYN He makes my skin crawl. SHEENA Girl, yours and every body elses. Sheena hops into Archie’s chair. DIAMOND Everyone except Candy that is.


BROOKLYN Don’t tell me she’s still chasing behind Nikko? DIAMOND Like a fool. ARCHIE Child please I think he’s so gangster. He has me open girl, got me watching the Sopranos to this day. Girl I love a man with an edge. DIAMOND You are a fool Archie. ARCHIE Whatever honey. I am dead serious, I think Nikko is hot! Ain’t nothing like a manly man honey. A thug to slap me around and pull my hair. They continue to laugh at Archie as he freshens Sheena’s make up. BROOKLYN What could Candy possibly see in that pig? I’ve never been a fan of Candy’s, she’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever known, and she swears she’s the bomb, but even I don’t think she deserves to be with a man like him. SHEENA She’ll figure it out one day. He flirts with other women right in her face, not to mention throwing her around like a rag doll. BROOKLYN Rose, do you remember when he slapped Pumpkin so hard that he broke her nose and knocked out two of her teeth? Rose nods. DIAMOND Yeah, that was another idiot in love with that psycho.


ROSE I really thought she had gotten her life together once she got Nikko out of her system. She popped in around Christmas last year looking so happy. She had a new job, a new man and she was looking good too. BROOKLYN I know, she came to my baby shower in her brand new Jaguar that her boyfriend had just bought her. She said they were going to get married, and they were in the process of buying a home together, so when I heard she killed herself I couldn’t believe it. ROSE The funeral was heart breaking, watching her two kids taking it so hard. She was all they had. She never looked more beautiful, so at peace. BLAZE Does anyone know why she did it? ROSE Honey, why do any of them do it? Between all of the years I’ve been in this business, I’ve known personally at least ten dancers that have committed suicide. There’s a deep pain and a darkness inside of these women that you can’t see because you’re looking at the beauty on the outside. I have a best friend from high school, and all our lives she has kind of lived in my shadow. She’s always been a little over weight, and men had always paid more attention to me. She used to say to me, that she wished she was pretty like me, that I was so lucky. Well, she had it all wrong. Yes, it’s true that I had more men chasing me, but I also had a lot of bull crap thrown at me. She always thought she wanted my life though. It’s funny, now she has all the things I long for. A man that loves her, children, a family. (MORE)

71. ROSE (CONT'D) I’ve made a lot of money in my days, but I never found a man that could deal with what I did for a living. Now I have a huge five bedroom house that I share with two cats. I work all the time because I hate going home to an empty house.

Jasmine enters the dressing room. ROSE (CONT’D) Hey hon’, is your night getting any better out there? JASMINE Yeah, my customer Lenny stopped by to watch the game and have dinner. He is such a sweet heart. He gave my a foot rub and everything. ROSE Well that’s good. I know you had a rough start tonight. JASMINE Has anyone else in here met Flash yet? DIAMOND Whose that? And does he have some money? Jasmine chuckles. JASMINE Girl, a hot mess, and hell to the no! SHEENA Sounds like you just need a drink to calm your nerves. JASMINE I wish I could drink and smoke my problems away. The women start to SING: DRINK AND SMOKE MY PROBLEMS AWAY : BY SUNSHINE ANDERSON. The women in the dressing room SING background as they primp and get ready to go back on the floor. Song ends.


ROSE Drinking and smoking will only make you look old before you time ladies. Jasmine all you need to do is wear some protection. JASMINE Oh, I wear my cross. ROSE Alright naw! SHEENA Go see my girl Ms. Sylvia downtown, she’ll take care of you. Take your baths, burn your candles, and rub a little come to me, and money drawing oils all over your body before you walk through the door and watch your money start flowing. I’m serious Jasmine, my mother and grandmother have been going to see her for years. JASMINE Ms. Sylvia huh? Naw, I’m okay. I feel a little funny about messing with things like that. Seems a little like witch craft to me. ROSE Thank you! DIAMOND I think the bible speaks of protecting yourself from those who try to harm you. I know my mother believes in it too. Jasmine holds her cross in her hand. JASMINE This is all I need. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. SHEENA Stay around here long enough, and more than just our friend Candy can get up underneath your skin. BROOKLYN Boy, Candy hasn’t changed a bit. She still has everyone in the club hating her guts doesn’t she?


ROSE Has anyone in here ever just sat down and talked to Candy? DIAMOND For what? ROSE To get to know her. Diamond shakes her head. DIAMOND For what? ROSE I just think you ladies would be surprised. She’s actually a very sweet girl if you get to know her. SHEENA Rose have you been drinking again? ROSE No Sheena, I have not been drinking. No, I don’t like a lot of things that Candy does, or says for that matter, but I have spent many nights right here in this chair crying with her, as I have with many of you. I know her fears, I know her dreams, I know what’s in her heart. JASMINE So what, you want us to be nice to Candy? ROSE I want you to just get to know her as I have, and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to at least understand her, and why she does the things that she does. JASMINE She does the things that she does because she’s evil. Diamond CHANTS: DIAMOND (singing) Skeeza!


ARCHIE (singing) Jezebel! Rose SINGS: JEZEBEL BY SADE

Rose finishes her song. SHEENA Leave it to Rose to always find the goodness in someone. Brooklyn’s cell phone RINGS. She looks at the caller id.

BROOKLYN It’s my mom, she get’s worried when I have the baby out late. I told her I was bringing the her here for a visit. She answers her phone. BROOKLYN (CONT'D) (smiling) Hello mama, I’m getting ready to leave now. She pauses. BROOKLYN (CONT’D) What? Mama slow down, I can’t understand what you’re saying. what about Dominique’s plane? She screams, falling to her knees. from her shaking arms. NO! FADE TO BLACK. INT. CLUB - NIGHT Sky and Prince scamper through the dark back room of the club. SKY I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re going to get me fired. Try not to get noticed, will you.


The women grab the baby



PRINCE Don’t worry, I’ll lay low. No one will even notice I’m in there. He stops and grabs her arm. PRINCE (CONT’D) Answer this for me though Tina. Why are you doing this? I mean, you were always so smart in school. SKY Oh so you think these women in here are stupid, or high school drop outs huh? PRINCE No, I just mean you don’t have to do this. Isn’t your mom a lawyer or something? SKY She’s a judge. PRINCE Whatever! I know you never wanted for anything. How long have ya’ll lived in that big house? SKY All my life. PRINCE See what I mean. My mom and my sister and I have moved so many times, I went to 3 different high schools last year alone. I’m going to live with my grandma so I can try and graduate on time. I want to study Pre-med and I don’t want my grades to suffer. SKY Pre-med? I thought you wanted to be a rapper. PRINCE I want to be a neurosurgeon. My baby sister was born with severe brain damage and one day I want to figure out a way to make her better so I can walk her down the aisle.


SKY Auh, that’s sweet, but shouldn’t your father do that? PRINCE Like I said earlier to you. You never wanted for anything Tina. They bump there way through the back room. PRINCE (CONT’D) Ouch! SKY Shhhh! I don’t know what the big deal is anyway Prince, you’ve seen plenty of naked women, from what I heard. PRINCE Not with my own eyes. magazine or a video. She looks puzzled. SKY Stop lying! PRINCE I will put that on everything Tina. I am still a virgin. SKY No way! But what about all the girls in school? PRINCE I’ve never been with any of them. SKY Whoa! So I guess we both have secrets huh. PRINCE I guess you’re right. They sneak through the back door into the club. INT. CLUB NIGHT Maybe a

All the girls enter the club for Sheena’s birthday dance. We hear LUKE : IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY”, as the women dance around on main stage getting tips for Sheena.


Sheena dances along the stage with her birthday bag and balloons. Money is flying everywhere, as all customers come to the stage to give them money. Candy and Cheyanne lead their once very timid Asian customers, around the club in a party train. The Asian men are wearing the girl’s bra’s on their heads, seemingly having the time of their lives. Candy stops dancing as she notices a familiar face. Once the song is over, all of the women exit the club. Prince finds himself a chair in the corner as he stares at the women. Candy stays behind, staring at Cheeto and his Trap boys table as they continue to spend money and entertain several dancers. Candy walks towards the table. CANDY I thought that was you over here balling out of control. Cheeto smiles at her. CHEETO Hey Candy what’s up girl? Long time no see. Want a drink or maybe that’s not strong enough. How about some crack? Cheeto and his friends laugh at Candy. CANDY Ha, ha, very funny Roosevelt! You must tell me one day how you’re able to control your puppets like that. She looks in the air. CANDY (CONT'D) I can’t even see the strings. CHEETO Man, whatever! You still dancing? Don’t they have a rest home for strippers somewhere? She gives him an evil look. CHEETO (CONT'D) It about time you retired that garter don’t you think? Give me a call sometime, I may have a little outside work for you. I hear you’re pretty talented.


CANDY So is that what you tell these young, weak minded girls to get them to fall for your tired game, and give you almost all of their money? CHEETO Pimpin’ ain't easy baby. CANDY The pimp game has played out. CHEETO No, you have played out Candy, the pimp game is stronger than you think. I have four girls working for me in here right now in this club alone. CANDY And that makes you feel good? CHEETO No, at the end of the night when they bring me my money, that’s what makes me feel good. He laughs. Gone’ girl, I ain’t got time for you or your crazy-ass sister. CANDY My crazy-ass sister is at the hospital right now, and has been every night for the last few months with your baby, while she fights for her life. Let you tell it, you are always so broke, but you’re up in here tonight buying the bar out with your wanna-be thug friends, and from what I here in the dressing room, tricking off a few stacks of cash with the girls. CHEETO Man gone’ with that drama. I’ve been telling both of ya’ll for three years that ain’t my baby! She doesn’t even look like me. I don’t know why she thought I was her meal ticket? She saw a brother coming up, and wanted to try and trap me off. (MORE)

79. CHEETO (CONT'D) I don’t wife em’, I one night em’. Hey, tell her to go on Maury and find her baby daddy. I’ll bet you she gone’ run off the stage.

His boys laugh with him as he demonstrates her running back stage falling down. His buddy JOCKO stands, pointing at Cheeto. JOCKO You are not the father! They all laugh hysterically. Candy’s temper flares as she sticks her finger in his face. CHEETO You can’t get a brother himbed up like that girl. This is what I do, Trap all day, play all night, this is the life of a go geta, go geta! I’m not falling for the trap. CANDY Trap? You niggas set you own traps. You and your homeboys are sitting here looking like clones with your dreads and gold teeth, draped in diamonds and brand new clothes. You look like drug dealers to me. Who do you think you’re fooling? You look like a felony waiting to happen. CHEETO Hey, somebody better come get this broad up out of my face! Tiny holds on to Jasmine’s arm, keeping her from invading his space as he continues to sit in his seat. CANDY She’s not your baby Cheeto? Brittany's not your baby? What are you trying to say about my sister? You were her meal ticket? Please! Your sorry behind lived in her house for two years, so how is that not your baby? Candy is visibly upset, as Tiny and Jasmine pull her away.


CHEETO Well take me to court then Candy. Let’s see if your sister, what ever her name is, can get a judge to give you any of this. He holds up stacks of cash. CHEETO (CONT'D) My other baby mama tried that same thing, getting child support on me, trying to stick me for my paper. I fixed her though, she gets $35 a week, and that’s all she’s getting too. Ya’ll see my rims, my tv’s in my truck and my bling, and think you’re about to come up. CANDY (tearfully) No, I see a fool with no sense. You know what Cheeto, I don’t even know why I’m standing here wasting my time with you. My niece needs a heart transplant soon, or she’s going to die, and I’m doing everything in my power to race against time. If I have to swing from that pole from sun up to sun down, I’m going to come up with the money for that poor baby. We don’t need you Cheeto. He throws a few dollars on the floor in front of her. CHEETO There you go hoe. Get it off the floor. Crawl on your knees for it. I’m Cheeto and I dog hoes before they dog me!! Cheeto RAPS: I DOG HOES!!

Candy walks away, exiting the club, as the men chuckle. Jasmine follows Candy into the dressing room, bumping into Flash on her way in. She stops him before he can speak. Holding her hand in his face. JASMINE Negro please! She exits. Flash shakes off her rejection then slowly strolls to the bar, accompanied by his theme song of course.


FLASH You don’t have to beg baby. Flash takes a seat near Frank at the bar. Frank downs another shot. Bo gives the tipsy customer a concerning look. BO Are you okay buddy? FRANK I will be as soon as you fill my glass. Bo hesitates, then complies. BO Is Diamond coming back? FRANK She knows I’m still here. Like I said before you know, the last few times I’ve been in here, I haven’t spent any money, so I guess she’s upset with me. I just can’t afford to give her three or four thousand dollars every time I come in here. Why can’t she understand that? FLASH Sounds like you done’ got the pimp game all twisted up. Cats like you have made it hard for a real player like me. Ye-ah sir, things have changed since I’ve been gone. Ya’ll done’ spoiled these women rotten. A player can’t even get a drink around here. A shady-typed character, PAULY, sits down besides Frank at the bar. PAULY Now where were we, before I had to run to the little boys room? These things just go right through me. FRANK No problem, I think we have a clear understanding of what I need from you. Pauly sits back admiring the women on stage in front of him.


PAULY I could do this all day. Just sit here at the bar, sip on a few cold ones, and stare at hot chicks. FRANK You should at least tip a few of them if you’re going to stare like that. PAULY (chuckling) I don’t spend money in joints like this, these women are too boosey, too many rules. No touching the girls, they can’t sit on your lap, the next thing you know, they won’t be allowed to get naked. Now Magic City, or the Rolex in Miami, those are my spots! FRANK Yeah, but a place like this has quality women and class, that’s why I like it. These girls in here are the kind you see in your dreams. They’re not only beautiful, but they make you feel like a man. Pauly opens his jacket revealing his gun. PAULY My gun makes me feel like a man. FRANK (conspicuously) Is that how you’re going to do it? PAULY What difference does it make, you want the job done right? FRANK Of course I do. I just want it clean that’s all. Pauly gives a sinister smirk. PAULY (smirking) Clean huh? He stands, patting Frank on his shoulder.


PAULY (CONT’D) You just worry about my other twenty grand. FRANK I told you that once the insurance company pays off, you’ll get the rest of your money. Jake leans in closer to Frank. PAULY Can I ask you a question? FRANK Shoot. Jake laughs. PAULY That’s funny, shoot. He pauses. PAULY (CONT’D) I just want to know if you ever loved her? My wife? time. FRANK Sure I did, once upon a

PAULY Is there another woman? Frank remains silent as he catches a glimpse of Diamond as she sashays by. FRANK I thought you were only asking one question? Franks stands, throwing money on the bar for Bo. FRANK (CONT'D) Just do it! I need that insurance money. He exits the bar. Prince continues to watch the women.



CUT TO: INT. CLUB - NIGHT A visibly upset woman enters the club. WIFE Where is he? My cousin sent me a picture text of him in here loosing his mind! He doesn’t even have a job. I know he’s not spending my money up in here! Where is he? She looks around for her husband. Final she sees him in the corner, getting very personal with a dancer as she sits on his lap. He is throwing money at her, looking very happy. She stands back and watches him for a while. WIFE (CONT’D) I know she ain’t... no he didn’t... She is visible upset. WIFE (CONT’D) I will kill em’! She snatches the dancer off of her husband. WIFE (CONT’D) Excuse me Boo Boo. I’ll take it from here. Her husband jumps when he see her. SHAFLO RAPS: Betrayed

Her husband follows her out of the door like a puppy dog. WIFE (CONT’D) I’m done playing with you! done laying with you! HUSBAND Wait a minute baby! explain. They exit the club. Let me I’m


The lights on the stage go black, then we hear: MAKE IT RAIN: FAT JOE. Dancers give a sexy choreographed routine with umbrella’s as the trap boys throw many dollar bills in the air each time the chorus says OH! The club is electrifying as girls twirl from the ceiling and bills fly through the air. Flash slyly slides money under his foot, quickly stuffing his pockets.


Jasmine enters. Candy is tearfully attempting to freshen her make-up. Jasmine sits next to her. JASMINE Are you okay? Candy takes a deep breath, attempting to hide her emotions. CANDY I will be. JASMINE I heard what you said out there. I’m sorry to hear about your niece Candy. CANDY I appreciate that, but too bad for us, sympathy won’t pay the doctor bills. Can you believe that the doctors are actually waiting for another payment before they do the procedure? I’ve tried getting a loan, but I don’t have any credit, and that clown out there is just throwing money around. I can’t believe how he’s treating my little sister and she’s so in love with him for some strange reason. Jasmine hands Candy some tissue for her tears. JASMINE Just pray baby girl, God’s going to make a way, he always does.


CANDY Yeah, I’ve been hearing that all my life. All I know is I’ve been waiting for the Lord to help me for a long time and it’s just seems as if he has forgotten about me. JASMINE I’m not the most religious person in here, but I can tell that the Lord hasn’t forgotten about you or me. Trust me, he’s only going to give you what he thinks you can handle. He know’s you are a strong woman, that’s why he put that baby in your life. CANDY She’s so beautiful. She points to a picture on her locker. CANDY (CONT'D) I just hate to see all of those tubes in her little body like that. JASMINE This is a cruel world we live in, but I believe God takes care of little children. CANDY Oh yeah? Where was he when I was eight years old and my grandmother died of cancer. She had been raising me and my little sister because my father was in prison for murder and my mother, well she was in the streets. My grandmother always said, she loved the streets more than us. She lights a cigarette, taking a hard pull from it. CANDY (CONT'D) Anyway, after the funeral, my mother moved into my grandmother’s home with us. Me and my sister were excited because we really loved our mother, and we’d been missing her for so long, but after only a week or so we started to see who our mother really was. (MORE)

87. CANDY (CONT'D) Different men would come in and out at all times of the day and night, laying around all over my grandmother’s nice things, what was left of them. Sometimes we didn’t even have food in the refrigerator to eat. I was missing my Nana.

She gazes at an old photo her grandmother, her and her sister when the were younger on her mirror. CANDY (CONT'D) One night when we were asleep, my mother tipped into my room, waking me up. She dressed me up and put lip stick on my lips. She took my shirt and pulled it down across my shoulders, trying to make me look sexy for the pervert that was waiting for me on the couch. At first, all I had to do was give them oral sex, then after a while, they wanted more. She made me give them more. After the men would leave, and she would wash me up, and she would always say to me, Lisa, you are a very pretty girl, and men are always going to want to be with you. I always knew there was something wrong and dirty about what she was making me do, but we needed to eat and mama needed her drugs. I had to do what I had to do. When she didn’t have the money for her drugs, she would be so irritated and mean, that she would just beat us for the smallest things. JASMINE Oh my God, Candy I’m so sorry. That’s sounds like a horrible life for a small child to wake up to every morning. CANDY One day when my sister and I came home from school, we found our mother in a familiar spot, sitting slumped in a chair at the kitchen table, only this time she was dead, with a needle stuck in her arm. (MORE)

88. CANDY (CONT'D) To make a long story short, every foster home we ever ended up in from that point on was no better than home. Mr. Pittman, my junior high principal, was the worst. He molested me everyday for two years because he knew I had no one to run home and tell.

JASMINE I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I knew some grown man has put his hands on one of my children. CANDY My sister is a little different from me though. She’s kind of shy and very smart. I’m all she has, except for her baby. We’re all we got. This is all I know how to do Jasmine, this is who I am. A lot of girls around here have a problem with me and the way I get mine. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money, and at the end of the day, none of these hoes in here is going to do a damn thing for me, so to hell with them! I feel more ashamed about the sex I gave away in my life, than any sex I may have sold. JASMINE I don’t think I could ever do that. CANDY If a man offered you $10,000 to go to a hotel with him for one hour, you wouldn’t do it? JASMINE No I wouldn’t Candy. I wouldn’t sale myself like that. CANDY What if your children were hungry, and you were sleeping in your car, ducking and dodging the repo man? JASMINE Not even then.


CANDY You’re either a fool or you haven’t hit your rock bottom yet. You would actually let your babies suffer one day for the sake of what another person might think about you. How do you know that man wasn’t your blessing, God sending you what you need, right on time? JASMINE It’s more of what I’m going to think of myself Candy that would make me say no to him. I’m the one that’s going to have to live with the woman that I see in the mirror. CANDY Never say what you won’t do Jasmine. I’m sure you never thought you’d end up in a place like this did you? Jasmine ponders on her question. JASMINE Never in a million years. I‘ve always thought dancers were whores, just like everyone else. She smirks. JASMINE (CONT'D) Naw, I never saw this coming. She giggles. JASMINE (CONT'D) $10,000, right now would be hard to turn down, I’m not going to lie. CANDY How about a million dollars? She grins. CANDY (CONT'D) Demi Moore, Indecent Proposal style? JASMINE I don’t know?


CANDY Oh, now you’re questioning your morals? Everyone has a price Jasmine. I don’t know many people that would turn down a million dollars, for something so easy. Now that’s a come up! Why not? You’d give it to Pookey for ride in his Benz, or to your baby daddy that just wants to parlays up in your section 8 house playing play station all day. It’s simple mathematics to me. Now my sister, she feels like you, but then again, that’s why she’s in the situation she’s in. You can’t win for loosing sometimes.

Jasmine places her hand on Candy’s. JASMINE She’s lucky to have a sister like you Candy, and I’m glad that you shared something so intimate with me. Rose was right, you are a special person. You are a strong woman and you have carried a heavy burden for a long time, and I am sorry. Candy holds up her glass of champagne, as she stuffs a handful of pills down her throat. CANDY If we could just drink and smoke our problems away. JASMINE When you sober up you’ll have the same problems though. CANDY Yeah, that’s true, but you can sure look at them a little differently. If it’s just for only a little while, I’d like to have some peace, not worry so much about things beyond my control. JASMINE What did you just take?


CANDY Oh, just a little something to take the pain away. I’ll be alright. Like they say, what doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger. I must be the world’s strongest woman. Candy SINGS: I’M STILL STANDING

Diamond bursts into the dressing room. DIAMOND Rose can I go home? ROSE No ma’am, I only have seventy-seven girls here tonight as it is. DIAMOND But I’m not even scheduled tonight remember, I was suppose to stay home for my exam. ROSE True, but you know the rules Diamond. Once you’re here, you’re here. Nikko would have a baby if he found out I let someone go home. DIAMOND I don’t want to go back out on the floor. ROSE Well you can’t sit in here all night long that’s for sure. Rose is visibly upset. ROSE (CONT'D) Listen Diamond will you please just give me a moment. I am still trying to swallow poor Brooklyn’s bad news. Just when her life was finally coming together. What is that poor girl going to do, now that she’s alone once again, but now she has two babies to worry about. CANDY God, I hope she doesn’t have to come back to this place.


ROSE I hope not either, but honestly this government has no real compensation for these poor young widows that lose their husbands behind this senseless war. She living on base now, but she was telling me once before about how dirty the military was treating a friend of hers that also lost her husband over there. They practically kicked her and her children out on the streets within 30 days with not even a medical benefit. I’d you can her JASMINE like to send some flowers if have her address, and maybe we take up some donations to help out a little.

Nikko enters the dressing room. NIKKO Rose, which one of these girls was just in VIP room #2. JASMINE I was just in there. Nikko holds up a small receipt. NIKKO What is this? JASMINE Excuse me? He reads from the receipt. NIKKO Two bottles of water and a glass of wine? Is that all you could get this guy to spend? JASMINE Nikko, he didn’t want champagne, I tried twice, ask the waitress. He said he didn’t drink at all, so what was I suppose to do?


NIKKO How much did he give you for the hour? JASMINE Five hundred dollars, why? NIKKO Rose has she cashed in her money yet? ROSE Not yet Nikko. NIKKO Good, that money belongs to the club now. Jasmine quickly stands to her feet. JASMINE What money? NIKKO Jasmine, I told you earlier, if you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to be team player. You getting $500 for yourself, and only $40 for the club is unacceptable. JASMINE So what, you’re just going to take my money? I’m sorry the rules room, you least one ROSE sweet heart, but you know here. If you get a VIP must sale champagne, at bottle.

JASMINE He didn’t want a $450 bottle of champagne, and I didn’t want to push him. Please Nikko, you just don’t understand, I have kids and we don’t have a place to live right now. NIKKO That’s not my problem Jasmine. He holds his hand out for her money. hesitates. She tearfully


JASMINE I’m not giving you my money Nikko. NIKKO Then take your money and get out of my club, I don’t want you here any more. I don’t need you here, you’re not making any money for me. Rose looks at her. ROSE Please honey, you can always come back tomorrow night and make the money back. JASMINE (crying) But this isn’t fair Rose, you know what I need to do. ROSE I’m sorry. Jasmine throws the money at Nikko, then tearfully runs out of the dressing room. Rose gives him an evil look. ROSE (CONT'D) For God’s sake Nikko, have a little compassion. These girls are human too, they’re not your personal robots. She exits after Jasmine. NIKKO If you don’t like how I handle things around here, then you can go too. Candy looks at him with disgust. CANDY You must really feel good about yourself when you bully helpless women around huh? NIKKO If I wanted a comment, I would have put a quarter in you, that’s about all it would be worth.


CANDY You weren’t saying that when I was in your bed. NIKKO Of course I wasn’t saying that then dumb ass! That reminds me, have you taken care of that little situation that you laid on me last week? CANDY If you’re wondering if I’ve terminated my pregnancy, the answer is no. He quickly grabs her around her throat. NIKKO What do you mean, you haven’t done it yet? What are you trying to do to me? Are you trying to trap me into leaving my wife for a piece of trash like you! She breaks free. CANDY (screaming) You keep your filthy hands off me Nikko! He chuckles. NIKKO Or what? He exits the empty dressing room, passing Tiny as he enters. Tiny approaches Blaze as she admires herself in the mirror. TINY Don’t worry Henderson, you look good. BLAZE Can you believe I have made almost $800 tonight so far? This is crazy, I’ve never made this much money in my life at one time. TINY Yeah, I’ve noticed how much fun you’ve been having. Too bad this is all over for you after tonight.


BLAZE What is your problems Hicks? TINY My problem is that my partner has gotten too deep. You really seem to be enjoying yourself, BLAZE! I can’t tell if you’re a cop pretending to be a stripper or if you’ve always been a stripper pretending to be a cop. BLAZE You go to hell! I am a cop and I’ve always been, maybe that’s been the problem. All my life I have been a tom boy, and men have never looked at me the way they do here. For the first time in my life I feel like a woman, a beautiful and desirable woman, and when this assignment is over, I don’t want to go back to being just Henderson. I think I’ve found a part of me in this place that I don’t want to lose again. I love the way getting pretty makes me feel. TINY The lieutenant says it’s going down tonight. I would advise you to get your head on straight. I’m counting on you to have my back out there. If you can’t handle this, let me know now. BLAZE I’m fine okay! Let’s just get this over with. They exit the dressing room. Lola, the club drunk wobbles into the room, throwing her head into the trash can. Rose enters, then rushes to assist her. ROSE (tearfully) All of you hard-headed, scared little girls. I’ve wanted to quit this place for so long, but you all need me. I’ve come to the conclusion that God put me in hell for a reason. (MORE)

97. ROSE (CONT'D) I was supposed to be here night after night, so I can help someone whose heart is broken, and has probably been thrown away by everyone they’ve ever trusted.

She lights a cigarette. LOLA Today is the first anniversary of the death of my father. ROSE Oh Lola, bless your heart. You should have stayed home tonight. would have taken you off of the schedule. She chokes up as she slowly speaks. LOLA No, I came in to try and keep myself busy, but.. She just shakes her head. LOLA (CONT'D) They kept saying he was getting better, the kemo was working. I guess I just thought I had more time. She cries a little harder as Rose grabs a Kleenex box from her desk. LOLA (CONT'D) She breaks down. Rose knells down in front of her. LOLA (CONT'D) Rose please tell me that there is a Heaven, because if there is then I know he’s there, and I have one more chance to look in his eyes and let him know that I love him more than life itself. (MORE)


98. LOLA (CONT'D) In spite of all his of his faults that he beat himself up for and spent so many years drinking and smoking his self to death, just to ease his own pains, I still thought he was the most beautiful man that I had ever known. I had no idea how much strength I got from my father until he was gone. All I had to do was just hear the sound of his gentle voice and everything would be alright. He gave me love when I thought my mother didn’t love me enough. God I want to believe! If never before for myself, to save my own soul, but for the chance to be with him again. I want to believe. My faith is being tested. I’ve cursed God so many times for taking my father away that I don’t know if he will listen anymore. It sure doesn’t seem like it. I need answers, I’m searching for the truth. Are all my Jewish friends going to Hell? My Chinese or Muslim friends, just because they were born into families of different beliefs. I just want the truth Rose, so I can be standing in the right line come judgement day.


LIFE LINE INK RAPS: Getting F’ed Up! The guys in the bachelor party are having a wonderful time as well.


Diamond and Sheena are sitting on the bachelor’s lap as he grins from ear to ear, wearing several pieces of underwear draped around him. Lil' marco, the bachelor’s other friend is also very drunk. He yells for Dakota. LIL' MARCO Excuse me miss, can you please dance for my buddy and make him come to his senses. He pleads to the bachelor. LIL' MARCO (CONT'D) Don’t do it man, don’t fall for the trap. Come on baby, put it on him. DAKOTA Don’t say that! You make marriage sound so bad. LIL' MARCO That’s cause it is! Our other homeboy got married last year and we haven’t seen him since the wedding. I heard he’s driving a mini-van and everything. Dakota leans forward and seductively whispers to the bachelor. DAKOTA Hey baby, are you having fun. He nods. DAKOTA (CONT'D) Have a good time, but be a good boy. He’s just jealous because he doesn’t have what you have, remember that. What’s her name? BACHELOR (confused) Ah, Tera. DAKOTA I wish you and Tera the best of luck. She gives him a peck, then sashays around him. SHEENA So when are you getting married big daddy?


He searches for his friend Milo. BACHELOR Milo! Milo! When am I getting married man? MILO Tomorrow at 4 o’clock, if I can get you there in one piece. BACHELOR You better get me there or Tera and her mother are going to kill you and me both. MILO Hey, why don’t all three of you dance for my man. We aren’t ballers like those guys over there, but we can get a few dances. DIAMOND We would love to dance for him, won’t we ladies? SHEENA Of course we would. LIL' MARCO You like G’s huh? SHEENA Yeah. LIL' MARCO Well, I’m a G’. DEM’ GETA’ AWAY BOYS RAP IMMA G.

Diamond takes the money from Milo, then returns to the bachelor. Milo admires her as she walks away and sits upon the bachelors lap. MILO Man, she is fine. LIL' MARCO You need to get her phone number and stop messing around, you’ve been staring at the girl all night. If you don’t then I will cause she is beautiful.


MILO Yeah she is, but I don’t know about getting her number though. LIL' MARCO Why not? You got to get back in the game someday. You haven’t really kicked it with anyone since your divorce has been final, and it’s obvious that Kim has moved on. MILO I know man, but I’m just very picky. I have two little girls at home that I’m raising all by myself now, and the next woman in my life is going to have to be a good mother type. I want a God fearing woman. LIL' MARCO And what makes you think she’s not, because she’s a dancer? MILO Pretty much. LIL' MARCO But you don’t know anything about this woman, how can you count her out already just because of what she does for a living. Kim worked at the post office remember, and she was the biggest hoe... MILO Hey! Hey, that’s still my baby mama. LIL' MARCO Well, you baby mama, is the biggest.. MILO Okay, okay, I get it! I just don’t think I can handle my woman taking her clothes off for another man, and I definitely don’t want to worry about her in here doing more for money.


LIL' MARCO I think you’re making a negative assumption about her and all dancers. Most dancers don’t have sex for money, believe me I know, I’ve tried, on many occasions, but that’s another story. Most of this is just simple teasing, so we can do just what we’re doing, spend all of our money, and get nothing but a smile and a fake number. My sister danced at Pin Ups for years, and she used to tell me all about the game. These women could make great actresses, because they have a way of making you believe anything. MILO You sound like you’re speaking from experience man. LIL' MARCO Oh yeah, hell yeah! I’ve been caught up before. I’m a man, I can admit that, but she was smooth though man. He sits back as he remenises. LIL' MARCO (CONT’D) Hot chocolate was her name. Dog! She was beautiful, smart and mean as hell. I spent all my Waffle house check on her man. I don’t know what it was about her, but she had a brother open. MILO Okay, so what happened? LIL' MARCO Well, then I went to Magic City and met Delicious. Brah! MILO So you messed it up huh? LIL' MARCO Basically, but You aren’t a manwhore like me. You are more of the one woman type.


MILO I mean, you’re right, she might be a good girl, and maybe I could trust her in a place like this, but I am a professional man. I want a professional woman. She’s fine, but I need a woman with a head on her shoulders. Lil' Marco throws his hand at his friend, walking away. LIL' MARCO You’re trippin’! MILO I’m still young. I like them college girls. Sophisticated and educated. Milo SINGS: COLLEGE GIRLS

Diamond and the ladies dance as Milo continues to sing. Diamond ends her routine in front of the bar. She is exhausted, but has clearly had a good time with Milo and his friends. She wipes the sweat from her face as she notices Jasmine sits tearfully at the opposite end of the bar alone. A handsome man approaches her from behind. It’s KEITH, her cheating husband. KEITH Karla. She turns towards the familiar voice. Keith! JASMINE What are you doing here? He looks around

He grabs her arm as she stands to walk away. the club. KEITH I need to ask you the same question. What are you trying to do, you’re my wife and the mother of my children, and you’re in here strutting around like some call girl. Look, I know we are going through some things right now baby, but you don’t need to do this. I will still take care of you and the kids, I have the money and you know that. Who knows you’re in here! If the media gets wind of this...


He takes of his jacket, attempting to cover her. Diamond and Bo continue to eavesdrop. KEITH (CONT’D) That’s it, you’re tying to embarrass me. JASMINE I’m trying to embarrass you? Are you serious? You are my husband and you have fathered another woman’s child. He attempts to quiet her. JASMINE (CONT’D) You’re right, you have money Keith, and if I except it, then I’m excepting you, and frankly, the sight of you right now makes me sick. Just mind your business and leave me alone. This must not be so bad to you, wasn’t your baby mama a stripper, or call girl as you put it? Didn’t you find her in a place like this? Yeah, I seem to remember you risking it all for her. KEITH Baby, I know I’ve messed things up real bad, but I want you and the kids back in my life where ya’ll belong. JASMINE That’s all we are to you, a possession, something you own, like your Bentley or your boat? Something you can just trade in, or throw away, whenever you feel like it? Oh, so we are all just supposed to be one big happy family huh? You, me, the kids and your bitch and your bastard! KEITH Stop worrying about her Karla, she’s never going to be a problem for us. I don’t even know for sure if that’s my baby. He pulls her towards the door.


KEITH (CONT’D) Look, get your things, we’re leaving. JASMINE So you’re calling your woman a whore? KEITH She’s not my woman! I’m just saying, I don’t believe I was the only person she was fooling around with that’s all. She wasn’t my girl, or someone that I would even consider being with, never mind leaving my family for. She was just there for convenience, a groupie. She looks at him with her arms folded. JASMINE Then you are stupider than I thought you were. All the more reason you should have worn a condom. Didn’t even think about what you could have brought home to me, did you?. Convenience huh? How much more convenient can a beautiful and very passionate wife at home in your bed be! I prayed many nights alone when you were away on the road. I prayed that you were different from all the other wife’s husbands, but I guess I was stupid for trusting you, loving you. KEITH I am so tired of going back and forth with you on this. Why can’t you just trust me. I need you and you need me. Work with me! She interrupts. JASMINE I` will be just fine without you. KEITH In here? Is this how you plan to take care of my children, dancing in a strip club for all of these men for a few dollars?


She smirks. KEITH (CONT’D) Where are you staying? Where are the children right now? JASMINE Keith please! KEITH How are you getting around, you left your Benz in the garage. JASMINE That’s your Benz, you bought it. He grabs her hand. (Keith) Niwri SINGS: WORK WITH ME

Bo looks at Keith with uncertainty. BO (interrupting) Excuse me, but aren’t you Keith Bridges, the wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins? KEITH Yes sir I am, but would you mind giving my wife and I a moment? JASMINE See what I mean Keith, you don’t need us, you’ve got your new family and all of your fans to stroke your ego. I’m sick of dealing with you and your groupies. Keep your ultimatums for She looks into his eyes. JASMINE (CONT’D) I know I deserve better than this. KEITH And you do, baby you do. She takes her hand from his, looking around the club. JASMINE All of this. Tiny approaches Jasmine with concern.


TINY Is everything okay over here? Jasmine? JASMINE I’m fine, this is my husband, he was just leaving. KEITH Not without you though? that shit! Believe Tiny places one

Keith swells his chest and reaches for her. hand on Keith. TINY Don’t be no hero. you are brah’, but take you hands off now, something bad happen to you.

I don’t know who if you don’t this woman right is going to

Jasmine quickly intervenes between the two. JASMINE Keith just leave! Please. Keith steps backward. KEITH You’re messing up girl. good thing. You had a

JASMINE Niggah, I am a good thing! And I love me a hell of a lot more than I love you! I good. Keith shakes his head as Tiny escorts him out. Jasmine exit into the dressing. Bo and Diamond look on in amazement. CUT TO:

INT. CLUB - NIGHT Dakota exits a private room counting her money. Sky goes from customer to customer asking for dances. She is very frisky and under the influence. SKY Hi would you like a dance?


The customer shakes his head.

Dakota walks towards Sky.

DAKOTA Hey girl, how has your night been? SKY Kind of slow, I only have $300 and it’s already after Midnight. I need to make some more money before I have to go. My dad is picking me up across the street in about an hour, so I need to hurry up. DAKOTA Hey, there’s a guy in VIP room 3 that’s getting dances. He’s very handsy and a little drunk, but if you can handle that, go and get some dances from him right quick. I’m coming back in a minute, I just need a break from him for a while, he’s all over me. He’s wearing a wedding ring and trying to get me to go to a hotel with him. These men are a trip, that’s why it doesn’t bother me to take their money. I’m just going to string him along and take all of his cash until it’s time to go home, then I’m going to have Tiny put his butt out. SKY Well, I’m going to get me a few dances from him right quick. I’m feeling good too. DAKOTA Yeah, just keep him busy until I get back from the bathroom, and don’t let any of those other sharks get near him. We’ll tag team him together. Dakota exits the club, while Sky checks herself in the mirrored wall. She enters the VIP room. SKY Hey big daddy, are you ready to have some more fun? Let’s get this party started!


Tina! here!

VIP CUSTOMER (O.S.) What in the hell are doing

A large man, Sky’s FATHER forcefully exits the room with his young and half naked daughter. SKY Daddy? VIP CUSTOMER Don’t daddy me little girl. I want to know why you’re in this club. He wraps his jacket around her. VIP CUSTOMER (CONT'D) This is going to kill your mother. What is going to think about this? SKY I don’t know daddy, what are we going to tell her? I mean, I know what I was doing in here, but why were you here again? VIP CUSTOMER Not that I have to explain anything to you little girl, but I just came in to have a few drinks and kill some time before you got off from work. Now I see everything has been a lie, and I’m so disappointed in you. Don’t try to flip this thing around Tina. I’m an adult, and I can come to an establishment like this if I want to. SKY Oh yeah, well does Mama know that you come to places like this and solicit sex from girls? See I know, I was wrong for lying to you and mama about my job, but you are violating mama’s trust in a worst way. Dakota already told me about you Daddy. VIP CUSTOMER So what, you think you’re about to blackmail me or something?


SKY I’m just saying, why can’t we just keep this our little secret. I’ll quit right now, if you say you won’t tell Mama about this. VIP CUSTOMER You got one thing right little girl, you are quitting right now, and we’re both going to tell your mother what we’ve been doing in here. He grabs her arm, taking her out of the club, nearly bumping into an older woman in hair rollers. Tiny greets her at the door. JAKE (O.S.) Dakota, see Tiny at the front door. Dakota, front door baby. Dakota enters the club, heading towards Tiny and the visibly irritated OLD WOMAN. DAKOTA Mama, what are you doing here? OLD WOMAN What happened to you getting off at 10 o’clock Angela? I told you I wasn’t baby sitting all night! DAKOTA I’m sorry Ma’, I actually lost track of time once I got kind of busy. I can give you a little something extra, but you didn’t have to come up here looking for me like this? OLD WOMAN Angela, I am tired, and I have to get up early in the morning and teach Sunday school. I ain’t got time to be dealing with this. Now hurry up get dressed, we’ll be in the car waiting. DAKOTA You brought my kids up here mama? You were so ready to get rid of them, that you had to bring them out at this time of the night? (MORE)

111. DAKOTA (CONT'D) Mama, I’m working! I’m not just running the streets.

OLD WOMAN You call this working? Walking around here shaking your tail in the air for all these men to see. I raised you better than this. DAKOTA Better than what mama? I’m not doing anything illegal. I don’t necessarily like what I do either, but I make a good living working here, and I don’t have to beg anyone for anything. You don’t seem to mind the extra money that I put in your hands every month to help pay your bills. Yeah, this is how I get it Mama. Would you have more respect for me if I were on welfare and getting food stamps? OLD WOMAN Why can’t you just get a descent job, make an honest living? DAKOTA You mean like a receptionist, or customer service job? OLD WOMAN What’s wrong with a job like that? Dakota softly sings. DAKOTA (singing) Mama may have, Papa may have, but God bless the child that’s got her own, that’s got her own. Dakota shakes her head. DAKOTA (CONT'D) I have three kids mama, non of them are close to school age yet. I would be working just to pay day care, cause Lord knows I can’t get any help from you. OLD WOMAN Like I told you before, I didn’t help you make them babies suga’. (MORE)

112. OLD WOMAN (CONT'D) You were the one running around trying to be grown and got all them babies, back to back like that. I tried to tell you to slow down and leave that no-good Darren alone, but you wouldn’t listen to me, you never did. Like my mama told me, you made your bed hard, now lay in it. Now, those are your children in the car, and I‘m ready to go to bed.

DAKOTA I know that I have made some poor choices in my life mama, and I am sorry that you are so ashamed of who I am, but I’m trying my best to pick up my life. I went to school and got my G.E.D, OLD WOMAN (interrupting) You gave up on your dreams Angela, at one time you wanted to be a doctor, how are you going to do that with a G.E.D? DAKOTA I’m still trying to get into that medical assisting program I told you about. OLD WOMAN But what? What’s the excuse this time Angela? If you stop giving all your money to that poor excuse of a man of yours, you might be a little further along in life. He has been a thorn in your side and mine, since you were fourteen years old. All he has done is taken from you girl, can’t you see that? DAKOTA You just never liked him. OLD WOMAN Because I could see him for the snake he was, you just couldn’t, and judging by those bruises on your face that you’re trying to hide, once again, he hasn’t changed a bit.


DAKOTA If things don’t change, I’m going to leave one him day. OLD WOMAN Hopefully not in a pine box. be in the car. The old woman exits the club. Candy and Jasmine enter the club from the dressing room. Jasmine catches Candy as she stumbles along. They sit at the bar next to Diamond as she sips her drink. JASMINE Bo, can I have a cup of hot coffee please. Bo goes for the coffee as Candy holds her head in her hands. JASMINE (CONT'D) You don’t look so good. Candy remains quiet and in a daze as Bo sits the coffee cup on the bar in front of her. He shakes his head at Candy. BO I thought you said you were going to leave that stuff alone Candy? Candy just shakes her head in disgust. JASMINE That smells good, I’ll take one too. Bo pours Jasmine a cup of coffee. BO Did my ears deceive me or did Keith Bridges say you were his wife? JASMINE Soon to be x-wife. Candy looks up with confusion. CANDY The football player? BO Yes, that’s Jasmine’s husband. I’ll


Candy looks at Jasmine. CANDY Get out of here! DIAMOND I heard him say it too. CANDY Girl, what are you doing here if you’re married to a millionaire? JASMINE Starting over I guess. BO I’ve been a fan of your husbands since his Florida State days. I know all about him. CANDY All I know is I heard he has a crazy contract, and I saw his house on Cribs. She pauses. CANDY (CONT’D) You left that house! On the beach! BO Oh he’s a beast! JASMINE Yeah, he seems to have a lot of fans everywhere. That’s the problem. It’s gone to his head. BO I wasn’t eaves dropping or anything. JASMINE (interrupting) Yes you were. BO Okay I was, but still, I couldn’t help but see a pitiful man that looked very sorry for whatever it is that he’s done. He’s begging you to come back home.


JASMINE You call that begging? He stood there and told me how much I was loosing. He didn’t sound like a man that was sincere. CANDY I guess you can walk away from an indecent proposal. You already have money. Jasmine shakes her head. JASMINE That’s his money. DIAMOND Yeah, but you are his wife and Florida is a community property state and you are entitled to half. BO Damn Alley McBeal. CANDY Girl, if you don’t take your butt home to that fine, rich man, I know something. Are you crazy, you hit the jackpot with that one? Do you know how many women would sell their soul to the devil, just for one night with a professional athlete? You’ve actually married one and have his babies, girl you should be set for life. I wouldn’t care what he did out in the streets, as long as he came home. I’d be right there chilling. JASMINE (chuckling) See that’s the problem. There are so many women out there willing to do any and everything for him. I’m not even going to try and compete with that everyday for the rest of life. Yeah, I could have that, as long as he comes home to me attitude, but what happens the day he doesn’t. (MORE)

116. JASMINE (CONT'D) When he changes his mind about me, leaves me for the other woman because she’s been working overtime to get him, and I’m so comfortable with my situation that I don’t even see it coming. Keith and I have been together since high school and I actually thought he was my soul mate. I even begged my parents to allow me to attend the same college he got his scholarship to. Good thing I had a 4.0 so I got a full ride as well. I’ve never been with another man, Keith is the only one. This NFL thing has changed him into some cocky male chauvinist. It’s either your purse, or your pride. You have to choose one.

CANDY Isn’t it funny how we grew up in two totally different situations. You had both of your parents, graduated from college, and married a millionaire. How did we end up at the same place? DIAMOND Well, I agree with you Jasmine. No matter how much money a man has, he must respect you, period, no room for compromise, or eventually, it will break you down. DIAMOND SINGS: WITHOUT LUV Archie is

The club is beginning to thin out a little. enjoying a drink at the bar with Cheyanne. ARCHIE I am so ready to go! I wish these girls would come on with my money! CHEYANNE If you start making them pay up front like I keep telling you then you wouldn’t have to chase them around the club all night for your money.

ARCHIE They are working my last nerve girl, and my man is outside waiting for me.


Prince walks up to the bar.

Archie is shocked.

ARCHIE (CONT’D) Excuse me Boo-Boo! What are you doing in this club little boy? PRINCE I just came in to get something. ARCHIE I know if Rose sees you, you’re going to get beat down! Get out of here boy and go home somewhere. You can’t do a thing with one of these naked women in here. PRINCE I’m leaving now. I’m just getting some water I promise. My mama is going to kill me anyway. I’ve never been out this late. ARCHIE Good, I hope you get a whoopin’! Prince politely smirks, takes the water and walks away. ARCHIE (CONT’D) How in the hell did he get in here? Child, that’s why I couldn’t have no kids honey. They are just too grown these days, just too much! I’d be in jail, cause I whoops kids. I will beat dey’ asses! Archie takes a sip of his drink. CHEYANNE Are you still going to the after hours club when you leave here? ARCHIE You know it child, I’m ready to really get my drink on, and I know you got paid tonight in that VIP so let’s go have some fun! They high five each other. CHEYANNE You know I made mine. I don’t come in here for nothing. This is not a game. (MORE)

118. CHEYANNE (CONT'D) I’m going to pass on the club though, I’m meeting Gary later, he’s picking me up.

Archie gets excited. ARCHIE Gary huh? You two have been kicking it a lot lately, what’s up? CHEYANNE I like him so much, he’s so sweet and fine as I don’t know what! ARCHIE But? CHEYANNE You know. ARCHIE You still haven’t told him yet? CHEYANNE I can’t find the nerve, what am I suppose to say? ARCHIE You’re suppose to say Gary, I really like you and before we go any further, I just want you to know that I was born a man. Cheyanne nudges Archie. CHEYANNE Shh! Just tell the whole club why don’t you! A few of the girls are already starting to talk. ARCHIE Girl, don’t no body know your secret but me okay. You’ve got all the right equipment now so who’s going to know? As fine as you are, no one is going to question anything. You know you’re my girl and your secret is safe with me. Archie sees Prince speaking with Jake. ARCHIE (CONT’D) Look at him, hard-headed! Didn’t I tell him to go home? Where is Tiny? (MORE)

119. ARCHIE (CONT’D) I bet he’ll throw his little butt out of here.

Prince is at the DJ booth with Jake. JAKE You’re kind of tight dude. Thanks, PRINCE here’s my CD.

JAKE Cool, I’ll check it out and maybe I’ll play it in here sometime. PRINCE Good look out Jake. you a little taste. PRINCE RAPS: Let me give


Diamond returns to Milo and Lil' Marco’s section as they prepare to leave. DIAMOND Thank you for coming out tonight guys and showing us love. You guys were perfect gentlemen. LIL' MARCO No thank you. DIAMOND I’m going to get out of here and see if I can leave early. I have a test tomorrow and I want to get a little rest. LIL' MARCO You’re in school? DIAMOND Yeah, law school, this is my last year. Lil' Marco nudges Milo. LIL' MARCO Law school huh? He throws him in front of her.


LIL' MARCO (CONT'D) Milo was just saying how he thought you were nice girl. He’s single too. MILO Hey man chill out for a minute. Anyway, can’t you see that ring on her finger. DIAMOND Oh this? She looks at her finger. DIAMOND (CONT'D) This is just a diversion that I use so guys won’t try to pick me up all the time, especially in here. I’m not married though. I’m not even dating. MILO Really. Well in that case can I have your phone? She smiles. DIAMOND I’m sorry Milo, it’s nothing personal, but I just don’t give my number out in here. LIL' MARCO Ah come on, my man Milo is cool. DIAMOND I’m sure he is, but I have my own rules about dating men from this club. If we would have met in the grocery store or at the mall, then sure, I’d probably give you my number, but because you met me here, I’m sure you’ve already made a perception about me, and probably a negative one at that. I like to meet on a level playing field, where I don’t start out trying to dig myself out of a hole and prove anything about my character. It just works out better for me that way.


MILO I feel you. I can honestly see where what you do for a living could cloud anyone’s first impression. You do seem pretty cool and down to earth though. Where do you shop for groceries? I’d like to try this again. She smiles, then shakes her head. MILO (CONT'D) Well good luck with your test in the morning. I wish you all the best, and I still hope we can meet again on different circumstances. DIAMOND Maybe you’ll need a good lawyer one day, who knows. Diamond looks at the staggering groom. BACHELOR I love all of you ladies! He reaches out for a dancer passing by. BACHELOR (CONT'D) Will you marry me? DIAMOND You make sure you get him home safe tonight. She turns to walk away. Cheeto slaps her on her butt.

CHEETO Hey hoe, give me a dance! Diamond is visibly upset, throwing her drink in his face. DIAMOND Keep your hands off me! Cheeto angrily reaches for Diamond. CHEETO I know you didn’t! Milo quickly interferes.


MILO Hey man watch yourself! I saw what you did and you were dead wrong! What did you think she was suppose to do? You and your boys have been disrespecting these women all night. CHEETO Oh so you wanna play super hero now? What chu' gone’ do with your lame ass? MILO Lame? Milo SINGS: ALL THE WAY GANGSTA! dance battle. CHEETO Cheetos crew rushes Milo and his crew, turning over tables as the girls scream running for cover. GUN SHOTS RINGS out. The entire club scatters. Cheeto and his crew race out side. Rose races into the club in a panic. Prince slowly walks towards her, then he falls to the floor. ROSE (screaming) Oh my God, Prince! Us! INT. DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT His boys and Cheetos boys

Somebody Help

The girls continue to whimper as they get dressed to go home for the night. Diamond tearfully stuffs her things into her gym bag. Rose nervously enters, examining the girls. ROSE Is everyone alright back here? CANDY I think so. We’re just still freaking out a little that’s all. I still can’t believe that Cheeto would do something like that. ROSE How did he get in this club? What am I going to tell his mother. Rose sinks into her seat.


DIAMOND (crying) This is it, I’m never coming back in here again! I thought was dead! When I saw that gun pointing at me, I thought I was dead! JASMINE Poor little Prince. I need to go home to my kids. My hands are shaking so bad I can hardly stand it. Nikko enters the dressing room. him. Blaze and Tiny enter behind

NIKKO See this is why I said no more rap music in this club! We never had this much violence until we started trying to cater to those gun toting thugs. Blaze and Tiny approach Nikko. BLAZE Nikko can I have a word with you in your office. Nikko never turns towards her. NIKKO Can’t you see that I am a little busy right now? Get back with me later. Blaze slams his face against the wall, hand cuffing him. Rose gasps as she sits at her desk. ROSE Blaze! BLAZE So you want to make a scene huh Nikko! I tried to do this the easy way, but you left me no choice. NIKKO What in the hell is going on! Tiny do something with this crazy broad for Pete sakes! Tiny flashes his FBI badge to Nikko.


TINY Nikko Marcony, you are under arrest for racketeering, money laundering, prostitution and a long list of other charges that should keep you locked up for a long time. ROSE What is going on Tiny? NIKKO You too! You double crossing snake, you played me! TINY Shut up Nikko! You played yourself. TINY (CONT'D) Rose I’m sorry, but this club is now property of the US government. We will be shutting these doors tonight. The FBI has been investigating this entire operation for some time now and we have the one we want right here. Everyone is startled at the commotion, equally surprised at the reveal of Blaze and Tiny. ROSE My God, the club is closing. Rose sinks in her seat, speechless as she looks into the faces of the women who are also speechless. Nikko struggles in the handcuffs. NIKKO Rose call my lawyer! Don’t worry about a thing okay, these clowns don’t have anything on me, they’re full of it! BLAZE I had along talk with Candy tonight, and she’s willing to testify against you. It seems your girlfriend knows quite a bit about your illegal dealings. I wonder what your wife is going to think about that? Oh well, I guess we’ll soon find out huh?


NIKKO So you were a cop all the long huh Blaze? She gives Tiny a look. BLAZE Not the entire time I’m afraid, but I’m back now! Nikko gives Candy a nasty look as Tiny and Blaze escort him out of the door. Jasmine comforts Candy. JASMINE It’s over Candy, everything will be alright. This is God’s way of telling all of us that we have to get out of here, and we shouldn’t be doing this. Any of us could of gotten caught in that fire tonight. God, my hands are still shaking. Candy smirks. CANDY It might be over for you Jasmine. You can go home to your millionaire husband and live happily ever after, but for me, I still need a over 100 grand for my niece’s heart operation. I can’t stop now, she needs me. Tomorrow, I’ll go to another club and start all over again. JASMINE You’re right Candy, I can go home, but I’m not. I’ve made a little money in here the last couple weeks to get me started. I don’t know how I’m going make it but God said the righteous will never be forsaken or neither his seed begging bread. I know he’ll make a way for us, we just have to have faith. Candy pulls her garter full of money off of her leg. hands it to Jasmine. CANDY This is about 2,500. Jasmine looks confused. She


CANDY (CONT'D) Please take this and pay a few months in advance on your rent. Get those kids out of that hotel room first thing in the morning. Jasmine pushes the garter away. JASMINE I can’t do that Candy, that money is for your niece and her operation. Candy insists. CANDY I told you earlier we were from two different places. You don’t belong here Jasmine, but me, I’ll be back tomorrow, and the night after that. Besides, you would have made this money if I hadn’t invaded your space. Candy holds it in her hand. JASMINE I will never forget this, thank you so much Candy. God will make a way for us, He’s got to. CANDY I wish had your faith.


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