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-- 0.843 2014-04-28 -* [#1307978] Fix subtract list functionality (crise)
* [#1309390] [NMDC] Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests (pa
vel pimenov)
-- 0.842 2014-04-10 -* Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1g - notably fixes the TLS heartbeat attack
-- 0.841 2014-04-07 -* Reset fav hub column sizes (poy)
* [L#395400] Revert the hub list caching patch as it was messing logs up (poy)
-- 0.840 2014-03-31 -* [L#1115765] Added ability to filter out files and directories from the share (
* [L#1225420] Open own list when using get/browse file list on self (ullner)
* [L#1250614] Added menu option on hub tab for only searching in that hub (ullne
* [L#250238] Remove queued files that are already shared when DC++ starts (ullne
* [L#309815] Hub icon will change depending on user status (user/registered/oper
ator) (ullner)
* [L#721513] Transferview: Added "Remove file from queue" menu option and "Force
attempt" is now only available for downloads (ullner)
* [L#210217] Add connectivity status for hubs to the favorite hubs window (ullne
* [L#593613] Added /lastmessage in PMs to show the time of the last message (ull
* [L#363092] Disallow transfer port and encrypted transfer port to be the same (
* [L#1245179] Avoid connection failures (maksis)
* [L#1228927] Fix columns for file lists in the Download Queue (emtee)
* HTTP fixes (crise)
* Safer hub state tracking (poy)
* Add "/d <search>" for DuckDuckGo searches (poy)
* Add a dialog box to nag XP suckers into upgrading (poy)
* Support for a new XP-only branch in version checking (poy)
* [L#395400] Hub list caching fixed on Linux (maksis, ullner)
* [L#1030613] Safeguards against user command flooding (ullner)
* [L#1030613] Separate internal from external user commands (ullner)
* [L#991342] Verify keyprints against all available certificates - works with ce
rt chains (crise)
* [L#991342] Use keyprints to indicate trust for hubs and clients - keyprint is
equivalent to certificate pinning in this regard (crise)
* [L#991342] Generate temporary TLS keys dynamically at startup (crise)
* [L#991342] Use variable size temporary TLS keys (crise)
* [L#991342] Log some certificate verification errors (crise)
* [L#991342] No longer use SHA1 for automatically generated client certificates
* [L#991342] Automatically generated certificates remain valid for 90 days inste
ad of 10 (crise)
* [L#991342] Request certificate for all TLS connections regardless of security
settings (crise)
* [L#991342] Better OpenSSL integration regarding multi-threading and clean-up (
-- 0.831 2013-11-11 -* [L#1249810] Fix NMDC TTH search responses (emtee)
* [ADC] Don't disconnect CCPM conns after 3 minutes of inactivity (poy)
* [L#1246868] Increased maximum command length to 512 KiB and added an option in

the UI (ullner)
-- 0.830 2013-09-22 -* [L#1010996] Correct search responses (maksis, poy)
* [L#1206658] Fix transfer painting issues (poy)
* [L#1208049] Properly ungroup transfer items (poy)
* [L#1206855] Fix a bug with duplicate directory downloads (maksis)
* Optimize searches with multiple extensions (emtee, poy)
* [L#1032153] Added CDATA parsing to XML parser (crise)
* [L#233798] Added option to set automatic search interval (ullner)
* [L#1033249] The text in the /help-command now lists the description of each co
mmand. (ullner)
* Move the PM channel selector to a status bar menu (poy)
* [ADC] Direct encrypted PM channels (poy)
* [ADC] Validate connection tokens to avoid impersonators (poy)
* [ADC] Send FM / FB in code 43 STAs instead of FL (poy)
* Don't reconnect after a manual hub disconnect (poy)
* [L#1225930] Always show the window when double-clicking the notif icon (poy)
* [L#1220488] Upgrade the compiler
* Reduce the max protocol command size from 16 MiB to 16 KiB
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone
-- 0.828 2013-07-23 -* Translation fixes
* [L#1194299] Prevent races when sending INF/MyINFO (maksis, poy)
* [L#1194299] Prevent races when closing a connection (maksis, poy)
* [ADC] Send the LC (locale) parameter in INF
* [L#1197557] Fix collateral row deletions in transfers & searches (poy)
* Fix duplicate user rows in transfers (poy)
* Icons in the plugin menu to show whether they are enabled (poy)
* Toolbar button to open the download directory (emtee)
-- 0.825 2013-06-18 -* [L#1191099] Group partial file list uploads to avoid a crash (poy)
* [L#1189975] [ADC] Disallow some malevolent messages (maksis)
-- 0.822 2013-06-03 -* Improve plugin management
-- 0.820 2013-05-21 -* Rotate the icon while DC++ is loading (poy)
* [L#243727] Allow expanding merged search results (poy)
* Merge connections, downloads and uploads in the same list (poy)
* [L#249622] Add user commands to transfer menus
* Add a tab menu command to disconnect a hub (poy)
* Validate input before trying a TTH search (emtee)
* Display HTTP downloads in the transfer list (poy)
* [L#190964] Handle more connection errors (poy)
* Support city-level GeoIP databases - new params such as %[city] (poy)
* Distribute an x64 version
* Package plugins as .dcext files (poy)
* Toolbar button to access plugin commands (poy)
* Update zlib to version 1.2.8
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.8
-- 0.811 2013-03-04 -* Fix status bar parts when the window is too small (poy)
* [L#534440] [NMDC] Preserve encodings in some search results (poy)
* [ADC] Fix problems after marking oneself as a favorite user
* Display progress information when DC++ starts (poy)


No GUI freeze when DC++ starts (poy)
Plugin API: conversion functions return the required buffer size
Update Boost to version 1.53
Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1e
[L#1029629] Compile with MinGW-w64 instead of MinGW

-- 0.810 2013-01-30 -* Fix a race condition on file list download (thanks bigmuscle)
* [L#668548] Fix a potential infinite loop in BufferedSocket->setDataMode (crise
* Add "chunked" transfer encoding as per the HTTP/1.1 spec (crise)
* [L#1072041] Fix DPI conversion problems (poy)
* Remove the "Windows UPnP" port mapper in favor of MiniUPnP (poy)
* Improve the plugin API (poy, crise)
* Delete "View as text" files only when their window is closed (poy)
* Fix queue matching when files have the same TTH but a different size (thanks i
* Update Boost to version 1.52 and atomic&lockfree to the version in trunk
* Restore "Requesting" messages in the transfer list
* [L#1071363] Apply link & plugin formatting to status messages (crise, poy)
* [L#311818] Share file name duplicates due to directory merges (poy)
* [L#311818] Share file name duplicates due to case differences (poy)
* [L#311818] Reject file lists that contain duplicate items (poy)
* Drag & drop text into text input fields (poy)
* [L#1096465] Add "user online" / "user offline" status lines to PMs (emtee, poy
* Apply "send unknown /commands" to PMs (poy)
* Don't clear the message box when trying to send a message to a disconnected hu
b (poy)
* Improve OpenSSL error handling
* Add copy menus to various lists (poy)
* [L#289713] Add a "Copy user information" menu item (poy)
* [ADC] Revise INF order in c-c connections as advised by ADC 1.0.2
* Add to default hub lists
* Add a toolbar button to open own file list (poy)
* [L#489704] Fix invalid share sizes after a directory merge (poy)
* Satisfy some boost lockfree requirements, could fix bugs on heavy load
* Clean up earlier after receiving zlib data (thanks irainman)
* [ADC] Send passive search replies via the hub they were requested from (poy)
* [ADC] Actions on search results happen on the correct hub (poy)
Note: The hash registry will be upgraded when running this version for the
first time. Make sure all your drives are connected to avoid re-hashing.
That upgrade only works on Win >= Vista; re-hashing is compulsory on XP.
-- 0.802 2012-10-20 -* Perf improvements using lock-free queues, requires P6 CPUs (poy)
* Reduce freezes when displaying file list dirs that contain lots of files (poy)
* Less CPU consumption with large hubs/queues/lists (poy)
* Fix incorrect user lists when DC++ is under heavy load (poy)
* Plug resource leaks (poy)
* [L#411484] [ADC] Fix BLOM when h > 32 (thanks yorhel)
* [L#198416] Fix a crash when closing the download queue (poy)
-- 0.801 2012-09-29 -* [L#1029629] Prevent crashes on heavy use by updating Boost.Atomic
-- 0.800 2012-09-16 -* [L#270107] Revamp favorite hub settings (poy)
* Reduce resource consumption when slots are full (poy)


[L#984330] Make PM windows more aware of the selected hub (poy)
[L#927821] Don't choke on hub addresses with spaces (poy)
Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1c
Fix a mixup between IPs and hostnames leading to wrong search results (poy)
Tweak help tooltips in the settings dialog (poy)
Make the menu bar hideable (poy)
Add a /info hub command (poy)
[L#957994] Fix glitches with the file list loader (poy)
[L#1007103] Correct download logging after an app restart (emtee)
Replace option to disable ADC C-C TLS with one to require it (cologic)
[L#1007099] Fix disabled buttons in user matching settings (poy)
Do not automatch queue for bad/removed sources (emtee)
Minor DL queue tab fixes (poy)
Replace the slot up-down control by a context menu (poy)
[L#745162] Fix upload log format for partial lists (emtee)
Fix GUI problems in a download attempt of a public hublist with invalid addres
Fix unsuccessful HTTP redirections (emtee)
[L#1016205] Avoid deadlocks when changing user matchings (poy)
[L#249159] Improve performance when selecting lots of lines in lists (poy)
[L#1016907] Exclude temporary downloads from queue dupe check (emtee)
Greatly improve user command removal time when closing a hub
[L#587597] Add plugin API (Crise, iceman50)
[dwt] Add a link control (poy)
Allow Magnet links to be pasted in the "Quick connect" box (poy)
Rise the minislot size to 512 KiB
More Alt+I shortcuts for list filters (emtee)
Increase the chat buffer limit (iceman50)
Eliminate GUI freezes when opening large file lists (poy)
Remove the search spy in favor of the dev plugin - works on ADC too (poy)
Fix partial list browsing after loading an old full list (poy)
Add QP support (iceman50)
[L#305811] Grant extra slot hangs connection in ADC hubs (iceman50)
[L#1032227] Fix a crash when parsing messages with Magnet links (poy)
[L#1039537] Fix a crash in Windows 8 (poy)
Update Boost to version 1.51
Merge 2 identical active mode settings (poy)
Fix NAT-PMP renewal (poy)
[L#226968] Remember list sorting & splitter positions (poy)
[L#1041553] Fix help tooltips in Windows 8 (poy)
Fix GeoIP & OpenSSL problems with wide character paths (poy)
[L#288756] Automatically mark sources of large files as bad if the full tree i
not available (emtee)
Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

-- 0.799 2012-05-05 -* Add icons (iceman50)
* Fix table header column translations (emtee)
* Improve chat link menus (poy)
* Fix crashes when closing the DL queue window (poy)
* [L#330176] More reasonable DL queue directory expansion (poy)
* Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1b
* Update zlib to version 1.2.7
-- 0.797 2012-04-17 -* Save and restore partial file lists (poy)
* Apply ADL searches in partial file lists (poy)
* Heuristics to send additional levels of info in partial file lists (poy)
* Add a "Download full list" button in the file list toolbar (poy)
* Partial file lists in NMDC hubs (poy)

* Reclaim memory after a file list match
* Improve file reading operations
* [L#678432] Context-sensitive help tooltips in the settings dialog (poy)
* [L#804993] Improve multiple monitor support (poy)
* Propose a default nick using the Win user account name (poy)
* [L#914457] Fix missing tab icons (poy)
* Add a setting to enable away mode when Windows is locked (poy)
* Make the away message optional (poy)
* [L#704502] Away mode after some time of inactivity (poy)
* Allow empty user matching definitions that match every user (poy)
* Add predefined user matching defs for favs (bold, more red) & ops (more blue)
* [L#300971] Keep updating GUI elements while a menu is up (poy)
* Apply user matching definition styles to nicks in chats (poy)
* Fix favorite hub groups on Win XP (poy)
* [L#925659] Safer window cleanup (poy)
* Reduce chat flickering (bigmuscle)
* [L#923612] Show the last chat line in taskbar previews (poy)
* Show chat logs with a dim text color (poy)
* Re-add lost user information tooltips (poy)
* Fix discrepancies in the /conn chat command (poy)
* Update boost to version 1.49
* [L#947895] Move the "follow redirect" command to inline chat links (poy)
* Format chat links (poy)
* Improve threaded file list loading (poy)
* [L#981733] Prevent the keyboard language from switching
* [L#966339] Fix bot detection in NMDC hubs
-- 0.791 2012-01-14 -* Update translations
-- 0.790 2011-12-29 -* Fav users frame becomes users frame and shows all users
* Experimental implementation of KEYP ADC extension
* Display the name of the device MiniUPnP has bound to (poy)
* Add NAT-PMP for port mappings as an alternative to UPnP (poy)
* Continue from the beginning after reaching the end of a file list when searchi
ng (poy)
* Report the progress of file list searches in the status bar (poy)
* Repurpose Ctrl+F to in-place searches in chat windows & file lists (poy)
* Better splitter resizing
* [L#730828] Prevent a stack overflow when searching within too big file lists (
* [L#710359] Add finished downloads log (emtee)
* Save and restore the current directory of file lists (poy)
* Move file list status bar buttons to the toolbar (poy)
* Faster startup with many tabs
* Reduce flickering when resizing
* Reorganize connectivity settings (poy)
* [L#748623] Port mappers respect the bind address (poy)
* Make more parts of the interface DPI-aware (poy)
* Resizable and scrollable settings dialog
* Remember the last settings page (poy)
* Fix focus problems in dialogs (poy)
* Fix Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4 sometimes closing the wrong tab (poy)
* [L#604983] Fix transfers dying on setting upload/download throttle to 0 (colog
* [L#591626] Menus to adjust the bw limit from the tray menu & status bar (poy,
* Increase the max bandwidth limit from 32 MiB/s to 1 GiB/s


More icons (many from the Crystal Clear project, thanks to them)
Add notifications via balloon popups and sound (poy)
Fix taskbar tab previews when DC++ is elevated (poy)
When holding shift at start, hubs are opened but not connected to (poy)
Fix an integer overflow when starting a search 25 days after the previous one
DC++ survives a Windows theme change better (poy)
Remove the license page from the installer
Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.0e
[L#189241] Store crash reports in a CrashLog.txt file (poy)
Improve "View as text" windows (poy)
[L#804024] [ADC] Separate application and version in INF (ullner)
[L#696761] Modal dialog fixes (poy)
Link with DEP and ASLR support (thanks cologic)
Store the password (if available) using "Add to favorites" (thanks iceman50)
Fix queries in http downloads (thanks bigmuscle)
Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.6
[L#309402] Initial IPv6 support
Update boost to version 1.48
COM initialization fix for the Windows UPnP mapper (thanks bigmuscle)
[L#425667] More accurate indexing time left calculation (poy)
Switch to binary GeoIP databases, add the IPv6 one (poy)
The country format can be customized, see help for available codes (poy)
Handle GeoIP database updates from within the program (iceman50, poy)
[L#783516] ZLIF compression support (iceman50)
[L#874282] Fix the "Close disconnected hubs" command (poy)
[L#721102] Close tabs when releasing the mouse button (poy)
[L#729684] Fix the /userlist chat command (poy)
Revamp style settings (poy)
Add user matching settings (poy)
[L#887021] No beep on ctrl+A in some text-boxes (poy)
Improve list filters, add one to filter search results (poy)
[L#901237] Fix a possible crash on parital list removal from the queue (thanks
* [L#900650] Fix removal of same ADC users logged into multiple hubs when they g
o offline (emtee)
* Plug memory leaks in list and tree controls (poy)
* [L#735512] Switch to Boost.Atomic to solve freezes (poy)
* [L#871975] Safer updating of the finished transfer window (poy)
* Load file lists in a separate thread (bigmuscle, poy)
-- 0.782 2011-03-05 -* Prevent a remote crash triggered via malformed user commands (poy)
* Avoid crashes when closing from the taskbar too often (poy)
* [L#580051] Restore DC++ colors to the fav hub window (poy)
* Be stricter when determining whether MiniUPnP has succeeded (poy)
* [L#704743] Fix hang on exit under WINE in active mode (cologic)
* [L#654483] Don't duplicate file list entries when re-downloading it (poy)
* Highlight window splitters on mouse hover (poy)
* Prevent endless redirection loops with some Coral servers (poy)
* [L#590651] Plug a resource leak with regard to tab icons (poy)
* [L#726254] Avoid a crash related to the Win 7 taskbar integration (poy)
-- 0.781 2011-01-12 -* Add a dummy serial number to TLS certs to satisfy some parsers (poy)
* Avoid loading unprocessed file lists on exit (poy)
-- 0.780 2011-01-10 -* Compiled with C++0x support
* Update Boost to version 1.45
* Prevent hub-provided cmds from "open own list" from going to the wrong hub

* Remove ADC empty token workaround targeting 0.698 (cologic)
* Enable Data Execution Prevention (cologic)
* Improved tabs, new settings (poy)
* [L#571546] Add an "X" icon to close the active tab (poy)
* [L#603071] Linux compile fix (thanks netcelli)
* [L#606435] Prevent potential re-hashing (thanks vasily.n)
* Automatic incoming connection type detection - enabled by default (emtee)
* Add "Close all hubs" to Window menu (emtee)
* New icons
* Update the links in the "Help" menu (poy)
* Prevent current-directory Windows DLL injection (cologic)
* [L#617021] Fix linux semaphore (thanks gennady proskurin)
* [L#617591] Fix multi-core/cpu issue with ref-counting (thanks gennady proskuri
* Fix some counters that could have caused issues when running dc++ for a long t
* [L#617517] More portable critical sections (thanks big muscle)
* Removed stlport support (probably defunct by now...)
* Modernize the installer and make it translatable (poy)
* Customize the font selection dialog, save the charset (poy)
* Blacklist rogue hub-lists (poy)
* Fix some wrong menu fonts (poy)
* [L#630655] Separate IP and Country columns in users and connections lists (tha
nks iceman50)
* Support taskbar thumbnails and "Aero Peek" live previews on Win 7 (poy)
* Fix menu separators on Win 7 (poy)
* [L#588224] Display folders using the correct icon on Win 7 (poy)
* Help updates (poy, emtee)
* [L#571914] Fix crash when a zero sized bloom filter is requested (emtee)
* Don't close the net stats window when double-clicking on the status bar (poy)
* Fix a random crash when reconnecting hubs and being unlucky (poy)
* Added notice about the original C implementation of Tiger (you must include th
is in mods!) (ullner)
* Add a menu to change the group of a fav hub more easily (poy)
* [ADC] Support hidden users as per the ADC ext spec (poy)
* [ADC] Group search extensions thanks to "SEGA" (poy)
* Keep search history in file list windows (emtee)
* Add a "Previous" button in file lists for backwards searching (emtee)
* More efficient file list searches that start from the current selection (poy)
* Move the file list searching functionality to a togglable search bar (poy)
* Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.0c (poy)
* [L#378829] Make sure our OpenSSL binaries aren't "optimized for MS-DOS" (poy)
* [L#674545] Add magnet keyword search (thanks flow84)
* [L#506288] Save settings periodically (poy)
* Add titles to various menus (poy)
* [L#535556] Make sure menus are not too wide (poy)
* [L#610466] Fix sharing of downloaded files from different drives (emtee)
* [L#300728] Fix infinite recursion when sharing a directory with a broken name
on unix (thanks alexander sashnov)
* [L#250149] Retry on more possible Coral errors (emtee)
* [L#260748] Really readded sfv check (was broken by segmented downloading) (emt
* Update bzip2 to version 1.0.6
* [ADC] Dispatch the amount of free slots with INF FS (poy)
* [ADC] Dispatch away mode changes (poy)
* Add a user icon modifier for users with no free slot (when INF FS is available
) (poy)
* Add a user icon to represent bots (poy)
* [L#534242] Better looking settings dialog (fleetcommand, poy)
* Allow regular expressions in ADL searches (poy)

* [L#395464] [ADC] Send "000" as the STA success code
* Add user information tooltips (poy)
* Avoid parallel hub list downloads (emtee)
* Display full country names rather than abbreviations (poy)
* Select a better default font (poy)
* [L#681754] Fonts and dialogs respect DPI settings - mark DC++ as DPI aware (po
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.5 (poy)
* Ameliorate the MiniUPnPc device selection
* Prevent an endless loop on connection failure (thanks bigmuscle)
* More consistent behavior in file lists for back / forward / up, and some butto
ns (poy)
* Rework file and folder icons, add one for incomplete dirs (poy)
* Save and restore the selected tab when re-opening (poy)
* Process file lists only when they first come into view (poy)
* [L#700594] Prevent multiple password dialogs and give them the hub title (poy)
* [L#700593] Add an address bar in file lists (poy)
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone
-- 0.770 2010-07-05 -* [L#550300] Catch more potential file corruptions (thanks bigmuscle)
* Fix socket resolve in *nix systems (thanks razzloss)
* [ADC] NAT traversal to allow passive-passive connections (thanks cologic)
* Reduce donwload reconnect attempts after connection failures (poy)
* Fix crashes related to file lists (poy)
* [L#230973] Add MiniUPnPc for UPnP mappings and make it threaded (poy)
* Be stricter when parsing list-looking %[line:] params (poy)
* [L#326541] [ADC] Customizable search type extensions (emtee, poy)
* Update zlib to version 1.2.5
* Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone
-- 0.762 2010-05-16 -* Stability improvement related to menus (poy)
* [L#539992] Shell menus for directories when browsing own file list (poy)
* Parse separators in titles of user command param boxes (poy)
* Fix painting issues with /clear (poy)
* Smooth text-box menus (poy)
* Add user commands to the chat menu (poy)
* OpenSSL 0.9.8n - defends against a remote crash (poy)
* [L#548743] Fix broken share regression on non-Windows systems (steven sheehy)
* Fix 'Share hidden files' checkbox value saved to a wrong setting (emtee)
* [L#562099] Fix encoding problems (poy)
* [L#556011] Respect the font style in chat windows
* [L#551319] Add %[fileMN] to user command params (thanks darkklor)
* Magnet links are now produced with a size (xl) param
* [L#505450] Extend %[line:] to create combo boxes (thanks sulan)
* Compilation fixes for OpenSolaris (thanks andrew browne)
* Help updates (poy, emtee)
* [L#550300] Fix a possible file corruption (thanks bigmuscle)
* [L#551184] Fix unnecessary move of downloaded filelists (emtee)
* [L#556853] Fix sharing a whole drive (root folder) was impossible in random ca
ses (emtee)
* [L#559544] Don't clear multiline boxes with Ctrl+Alt+A (poy)
* [L#545264] Correct ADC hub counts (emtee)
* Add an "Elapsed" column in finished transfer windows (poy)
* [L#539841] Network settings arrangements (poy)
* [L#556799] Fix positioning and possible queue problems with downloaded file li
sts (emtee)
* Refresh open file lists when they are being opened again (poy)

-- 0.761 2010-03-14 -* [L#533840] Fix crashes with themed menus (poy)
* Fix showing settings from the tray menu (poy)
* Prevent a crash when the app is closed while a modal dialog is up (poy)
-- 0.760 2010-03-11 -* [L#263390] Fix main icon format (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy)
* Handle file lists better in finished windows (emtee, poy)
* [dwt] Implement Richedit text control (cologic)
* Update the file list window title bar when the user online status changes (poy
* Re-open previous windows - no auto-connect/auto-open setting anymore (poy)
* Fix own file list not deleted on closure
* Fix menu title size (poy)
* [L#239895] Display ISTA
* "Recent windows" button in the toolbar (poy)
* Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8m-beta1 (poy)
* [L#350585] Fix sorting issues in finished windows (poy)
* [L#339872] Fix crash when decompression initialization fails (steven sheehy)
* Restore check-boxes in the "Context" user command group (poy)
* CTM protection by domain name instead of ip (thanks poy)
* [L#362598] Fix share crash (thanks emtee)
* [L#367186] Fix crash in waiting users (poy)
* [L#261185] Use standard user menus in PMs, waiting users, file lists (poy)
* [L#210727] Solve file list refresh & hashing sync issues (thanks ben)
* [L#264342] Stop hashing on shutdown (thanks steven sheehy)
* [L#350994] Fix ignored downloads from search (poy)
* [L#362878] Compilation fix for Mac OS X (thanks ximin luo)
* Save user nicks (poy)
* [L#384558] Don't share the temporary download directory (poy)
* [L#385818] More native menu colors (poy)
* [L#385821] Apply the font to check-boxes and tabs (poy)
* [L#213213] Implement bandwidth throttling (cologic, bigmuscle)
* New icons (thanks radox)
* Fix dialog focus issues (poy)
* Fix a crash in queue frame
* Move finished downloads functionality into queue frame
* [L#415965] Hashing can be paused (bigmuscle, emtee, poy)
* [L#414068] No 35-characters limit to nick and description (ullner)
* [ADC] Support the TS param of MSG (poy)
* Convert language codes to real names in settings (poy)
* Improve user command support in ADC hubs (poy)
* Improve context-sensitive help (poy)
* Fix Ctrl+Shift+Tab (poy)
* Readded WTL exception to the license (for mod developers)
* Update to boost 1.40
* [L#463723] Fixed download directory path on non-win32 (thanks razzloss)
* Favorite hub groups (poy)
* [L#206778] Fix issues related to users online in multiple hubs (poy)
* [L#460724] [ADC] Handle self-QUI when sent before INF (thanks sulan)
* [L#431045] Don't overwrite downloaded files in some cases (thanks emtee)
* Fix splitter positioning (poy)
* [ADC] Don't send commands that the hub has forbidden via STA (poy)
* [L#458498] Fix bad bloom error message causing disconnects
* Fix coloring of drop-down controls (poy)
* Show last main chat lines, add a "History" settings category (poy)
* [L#483323] Fix share files instantly after downloaded (emtee)
* Toolbar customization (shift+drag, double-click, right-click) (poy)
* [L#338888] Fix sharing hidden directories (emtee)

* Auto-resize the message editing box when composing a multiline message (poy)
* Remove flicker when opening a window (poy)
* Re-try UPnP mappings after closing settings (poy)
* [L#485018] Handle adcs:// links (thanks emtee)
* [L#484247] Fix memory usage when parsing (unreasonably) large file lists
* [L#242259] Fix a few more cases when adding sources to the queue (emtee)
* [ADC] Filter some status messages
* Drop support for non-xml hub lists
* [L#351393] Fix memory leak during share update
* [L#400080] Improve hub list status messages (emtee)
* [ADC] Allow hubs to send IPs of passive users via INF (poy)
* [L#473173] Fix crash when hashing files on non-Windows systems (thanks razzlos
* Update list-view filters more often (poy)
* Show multiple user-command params in the same dialog (poy)
* [L#509456] Fix pressing Tab in the notepad (poy)
* Register in HKCU instead of HKLM to avoid UAC warnings; ditch magnet.exe (poy)
* Don't use the Vista download dir when running in local mode
* When a static window is opened, check its menu & toolbar buttons (poy)
* [L#321246] Fix crash with debug builds on non-Windows systems (steven sheehy)
* [L#510314] Fix a possible crash in rechecker (thanks poy)
* Don't move files <= 10 MB to weird places
* [L#515646] Remove ADC 0.10 compatibility (not ADCS 0.10) (cologic)
* Change the tray icon on private messages (poy)
* [L#195209] Revise keyboard shortcuts (poy)
* Error message when loading the notepad file fails (poy)
* Remove obsolete default hublists (emtee)
* Chat actions should work better when the user list is hidden (poy)
* Icons and tooltips in status bars (radox, poy)
* Update the installer to cope with new settings directories (emtee)
* [L#512032] Guard against out-of-screen window placement
-- 0.75 2009-03-06 -* [L#243727] "Merge results for the same file" check-box in search (poy)
* [L#306209] [ADC] Send only 5 results to passive users (thanks sulan)
* [L#300993] Status message when a download fails from search (poy)
* [L#264146] Fix the finished downloads check-box sometimes not appearing (poy)
* Remove unsightly border below tab headers (poy)
* Fix wrong mouse cursors (poy)
* [L#312946] Add possibility to recheck unfinished downloads (emtee, poy)
* Fixed lists being matched twice
* [L#206778] Searches and connection attempts go through the correct hub if poss
* [L#254191] Bzr revision in AboutBox
* Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8j (poy)
* [L#256358] Fix multiple instances (poy)
* Fix encoding issues in translated help files (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy)
* [L#259100] Fix upload speed reporting
* [L#275588] Clean up whitespace before sending search
* [L#302376] Clickable paths in the system log window (thanks poy)
* [L#195047] Auto-resizable UI (arnetheduck, poy, emtee)
* Shell menus for multiple selections (poy)
* [L#256357] Fix painting issues (poy)
* Add hub closing confirmation dialog (poy)
* [L#324960] Make sure downloaded chunks are always saved (thanks emtee)
* [L#264479] Double-click on main status bar stats to open the network stats win
dow (poy)
* Double-click on the "AWAY" indicator to switch away mode on/off (poy)
* Add "/dslots <number>" chat command (thanks fusbar)


[L#316475] Fix crash on decompression errors
[L#317339] Fix round-off issue when segmented downloads are disabled
[L#253702] Fix crash on too many connections
[L#228582] Fix crash when dirs share virtual name
[L#261618] Fix crash when finished transfers lists are too busy (poy)
[L#316096] Send base hub address when connecting to other peers
Fix errors and warnings when compiling with g++ (steven sheehy)
[L#241995] Restore word selection in text-boxes on double-click (poy)
[L#220499] Optionally use system paths for queue etc
[L#300268] [ADC] Validate utf8 before processing messages
Updated Polish, German, Finnish, Romanian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese,
French, Bosnian, UK English, Hungarian, Korean, Serbian, Russian, Turkish,
Portuguese, Latvian, Bulgarian, Norwegian and Estonian translations (thank
you all translators)
* Added secure connection status to hub frame
-- 0.7091 2008-11-27 -* Fix packaging issues with regard to the settings dialog
* New GUI translations for Canadian English, Gujarati and Malayalam languages
* Update existing GUI translations
* Help translation system using po4a (thanks poy)
* Partial Help tanslations for Greek, Norwegian, Brazilian Portugese, Russian,
French, Romanian, UK English, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, German,
Turkish, Serbian and Galician languages (thanks to the respective translators)
-- 0.709 2008-11-27 -* Fix favorite users columns (emtee)
* [L#249159] Prevent UI freeze when selecting lots of items in list views (poy)
* [L#261172] Add favorite user & ADLS removal confirmation dialogs (poy)
* [L#263108] Misc fixes related to search results grouping (poy)
* [L#263390] Fix tray icon format (poy)
* Resize finished DL & search spy check-boxes correctly (poy)
* Help updates (poy, emtee)
* [L#268353] Fixed TigerHash regression on big-endian architectures (steven shee
* Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8i (poy)
* [L#262540] Fix crash when closing a busy window (poy, arnetheduck)
* Better header arrows for Common Controls < 6 (poy)
* Fix keys in the "Connections" window (poy)
* [L#289571] Fix non-responsiveness when the download queue has too many directo
ries on Vista (poy)
* Disallow fake connections to a few known hub list servers (poy)
* [L#269098] Fix the users list not clearing itself out (poy)
-- 0.708 2008-08-28 -* Added setting for max characters per tab (poy)
* [L#234458] Added "File size" and "% transferred" columns in finished windows (
poy, emtee)
* Fix absent country code for IPs > in MSVC builds (poy)
* Remove useless chars in some paths that could lead to a Shell menu crash (poy)
* [L#234458] Disable some menu commands in finished windows when files don't exi
st (poy)
* Added option to always display tray icon and reorganized its menu
* [L#234897] Improve error message when file list is too big (thanks steven shee
* [L#234529] Right-alight sizes
* [L#243908] Better nick sorting in search results (thanks emtee)
* [L#231447] Fix file list positioning from search (arnetheduck, poy)
* Fix bogus menus when they contain more than 200 dynamic items (poy)
* Shell menus are now sub-menus, loaded only when requested (poy)

* [L#243728] Make Shell menus Vista-compliant (poy)
* Don't re-log logs when opening PM windows (poy)
* [L#243201] Save excluded search terms correctly in search history (thanks emte
* Search spy tab highlighting (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy)
* Enable keyboard shortcuts in the help file (poy)
* [L#242365] Error message when getting version info fails (thanks emtee)
* [L#203763] Ctrl-A selects all list view items again (thanks poy)
* [L#245474] Error when adding multiple sources to queue (thanks emtee)
* [L#234458] "Only show fully downloaded files" check-box in the finished DL sta
tus bar (poy)
* Count transfers that have run then failed in finished windows (poy)
* [L#247038] Improve SSL connection setup
* [L#249692] Better magnet error message
* Fixed UPnP for TLS port
* [L#242329] Fix SSL assert
* [L#246080] Users with untrusted cert removed from queue
* [L#230991] Add fast hash option
* [L#217082] Remember the positions of transfers and queue splitters (poy)
* [L#251536] Fix file list columns (poy)
* [L#234527] Fix possible crash when auto-downloading ADL Search matches (poy)
* [L#239901] Fix user commands separators (poy)
* Downloaded file lists show up with their correct extension (poy)
* [L#251486] Correct $GetZBlock support announcment
* [L#228283] Sort downloads by % done when sorting by status, resort dynamically
* Up-down control in the main status bar to change upload slots (poy)
* Fix crash with the "unable to open ports" message (poy)
* Add an optional param to the /clear command that specifies the number of lines
to keep (poy)
* Add line history and /ts in private message windows, just like in hub windows
* [L#255370] Fix "View as text" in own file list (thanks emtee)
* Add icons next to tab menu titles (poy)
* [L#256895] Fix behavior when starting minimized (poy)
* [L#257225] Automatch of search results always on
* [L#246596] Partial file list requests visible in download queue
* Queue frame is not marked dirty when file list finishes
* Parse %userCID when logging finished transfers (poy)
* Fix audio file type search filter (emtee)
* Updated Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, Australian, Greek, Norwegian,
Brazilian, Russian, Lithuanian, French, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese,
Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Romanian, Telugu, Hebrew, UK English,
Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Croatian, Italian, German, Dutch,
Serbian and Spanish translations.
-- 0.707 2008-06-22 -* Fixed crash when pressing F1 twice
* [L#203213] Search results with same tth are grouped
* [L#209419] Keep nick when user goes offline
* [L#208615] Fix finished frames being spammed by segments (thanks poy)
* Fixed a potential loss of connection with compressed transfers
* Fixed crash on Shell menu when browsing own file list (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy, bsod, pseudonym)
* [L#217878] Use system messages for file errors on nix (thanks individ)
* [L#185549] Fix connection hang on local hub connection
* [L#226188] Fix small chunks uploaded without slot (thanks pseudonym)
* [L#228059] Fix UI not updating after "Find" in a file list window yields no re
sult (poy)
* Fixed invisible menu items in large owner-drawn menus (poy)

* [L#230972] Copy any field of hubframe userlist to clipboard (cologic)
* Prevent transfer tabs from being closed (poy)
* [dwt] Improved richedit support (thanks cologic)
* [L#228285] No "beep" sound when starting a search with the enter key (poy)
* Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8h (poy)
* [L#237396] Fix crash when segmented downloads are switched off (thanks bigmusc
* [L#238333] Fix a possible remote crash on partial file list requests (thanks c
* [L#238522] Make translations work with wide path names (poy)
* Extra mouse buttons can be used to switch between tabs (poy)
* Fixed Alt+key combinations in the file list window (poy)
* Added a drop-down menu next to the toolbar icon for favorite hubs (poy)
* [L#237682] Fix bug that would make DC++ not return correct search results
* Fixed directories not being returned when searching for directories only
* Fix wrong default settings in some cases (poy)
* Fixed favorite hubs & ADLSearch windows scrolled down when opened (emtee)
* Fix removal of multiple favorite users at the same time (poy)
* Double-click on status bars to open corresponding log files (poy)
* The number of filtered items shown in public hubs (emtee)
* [L#225592] Fix file corruption when partially downloaded file is corrupted (pa
rt emtee)
* [L#239793] Automagically retry if coral fails (thanks emtee)
* Updated Icelandic, Greek, Polish, Turkish, German, Finnish, Chinese, Slovak,
Arabic, Norwegian, Dutch, Ukranian, Czech, Spanish, Estonian, Brazilian,
Hungarian, French, UK English, Romanian, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian,
Portuguese and Slovenian translations (thanks to the respective translators)
* [L#228271] Right-click selects user in waiting users
* [L#235852] Add 1000 mbit upload speed
-- 0.706 2008-04-24 -* [L#202563] Fixed some missing translations
* Use setenv on unix (thanks yakov suraev)
* Fixed out of focus window when restoring from icon (poy)
* [L#203865] Fixed multiple instances (poy)
* Context-sensitive help (poy)
* Updated help files (poy, mikejj, emtee)
* Fixed toolbar separators (poy)
* Upgraded to bzip2 1.0.5 (thanks mikejj)
* Fixed background color of drop-down controls
* Fixed selection glitches
* Both up&downloads are disconnected if evil users quit (thanks poy)
* Add average share to status bar (thanks mikejj)
* Minor improvements to load / save dialogs
* [L#208917] Fixed menu background colors (poy)
* [L#208344] Fix about dialog up/down stats
* [L#209099] Fixed non-disappearing controls in search (poy)
* [L#208684] Made the Alt key work again for line history in hub window (poy)
* [L#209684] Fixed parsing of non-XML hub lists (poy)
* [L#205660] Readded hub column to transfers (thanks mikejj)
* [L#209277] Fixed crash on bad translation (thanks poy)
* More controls now use the font defined in settings (poy)
* [L#211164] Fixed bug when a new tab row is created while DC++ is minimized (po
* [L#211480] Fixed duplicated settings pages on bad translations (poy)
* Added the title of the currently selected page in settings (poy)
* [L#206785] Fixed a crash when a menu is owner-drawn while the desktop isn't vi
sible (poy)
* [L#211313] Fixed bad virtual name being loaded (thanks kulmegil)
* [L#202801] Allow virtual folders to have the same name

* Allow more characters in virtual names
* [L#190015] Improved transfer speed averaging
* [L#212411] Fixed downloading multiple file lists (poy)
* Added filter already shared from search results (thanks smir)
* [L#206521] Fixed directory not being removable (thanks poy)
* Reduced resize flicker some
* [L#195209] Added various sound options (thanks poy)
* [L#211497] Segment size is automatically chosen depending on speed
* [L#209876] Added option to completely disable segmented downloads
* [L#209885] Fix antifrag not working as it should
* Anti-frag no longer optional - not using it was broken by segmented downloadin
* [L#215779] Fix a few hub list download issues (thanks emtee)
* [L#195209] Changed tab order in hub windows (poy)
* Removed unused rollback option (thanks mikejj)
* Fixed PM history not showing the last line (poy)
* Queued field in connections no longer counts paused items
* [L#185722] Fix missing progress bars (no longer optional)
* Fix a crash when adding a favorite hub that already existed
* Renamed smartwin to dwt since by now it's very different from its roots
* Added some menu icons (poy)
* Updated several translations, we now have complete (or almost) Brazilian Portu
guese, UK English,
Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian,
German and Spanish translations
* [L#210117] View user/hub online/offline status
-- 0.705 2008-03-14 -* Several patches for better *nix compatibility of the core (thanks steven sheeh
y et al)
* Improve segmented download implementation
* Fix search request ip when using multiple ip's (thanks stanislav maslovski)
* Fixed a crash when right-clicking in own file list
* [ADC] Searches filtered by token if available so that each search window only
gets its own results
* [ADC] Implemented test version of bloom filters which will dramatically reduce
hub bandwidth usage for TTH searches
* Fixed a crash with partial list browsing
* Replaced homegrown i18n solution with gettext (thanks david grundberg, mikejj)
* Fixed an issue with nick encodings and nmdc connections (thanks stanislav masl
* Added download view which shows per-file download information
* Chat timestamps on by default
* Added tab drag/drop (thanks poy)
* Changed Pothead to mikejj
* Fixed search spy crash
* Upgraded to bzip 1.0.4 (thanks mikejj)
* Tab tooltips (thanks poy)
* [L#185724] Allow spaces in the description field (poy)
* [L#180321] [ADC] Handle third person formatting (thanks poy)
* [L#186429] Fix right-click issue when chat history is long (thanks poy)
* [L#188107] In waiting users, show requested chunk (since we can't know % done)
* [L#188585] Fixed crash when download connection was disconnected before any da
ta was received
* Fixed crash due to race condition on idle check (thanks bigmuscle)
* Fixed crash when copying identity
* Fixed potential timer race condition (thanks bigmuscle)
* The good parts of partially downloaded segments are now added to queue (thanks
* Fancy menus (thanks poy)


[L#180321] [ADC] Added /me handling (thanks poy)
[L#187288] Fixed issues with scrolling (thanks poy)
[L#190463] Fixed re-add sources showing wrong sources (thanks poy)
[L#190469] Fixed kick message filtering (thanks mikejj)
version.xml now use Coral (ullner)
[ADC] Number of files counts unique files when sending stats to hub
[ADC] Fixed kick handling
[L#190955] Fixed 100% on remove all sources in queue
Fixed a few hardcoded dc++'s (thanks steven sheehy)
Don't always show the tray icon after killing and re-opening explorer.exe (poy
Updated links (thanks pietry)
Fixed clicking on active tab (poy)
[L#195209] Fixed tabbing in hub windows (poy)
[L#195209] Fixed Ctrl+F that opens favorite hubs (poy)
[L#194696] Fixed small memory leak
Some unix compile fixes (thanks pavel andreev and yakov suraev)
[L#199192] [NMDC] Fixed crash on empty private message
[L#198416] Fixed crash when closing the download queue (poy)

-- 0.704 2007-12-14 -* Hub lists added to utilize Coral's distributed network (ullner)
* Use system header arrows on common controls 6+ (thanks poy)
* Fixed badly drawn arrows (thanks poy)
* Fixed transfer view header widths (thanks james ross)
* Fixed about years (thanks james ross)
* Fixed version info (poy)
* Keep selection visible on move up/down in some list views (poy)
* Fixed clicking in the header of the favorite hubs list view (poy)
* Update most things to ADC 1.0
* Fixed pressing enter in the notepad (poy)
* Fixed user commands params (poy)
* Readded list view double buffering (thanks poy)
* Fixed some msvc compile issues (thanks james ross)
* Fixed key handling in file listings (poy)
* Message always focused first in chats (poy)
* Fixed filter in public hubs (thanks poy)
* Fixed missing title changes on tab change (thanks poy)
* Fixed user list filter (poy)
* Readded chat message box auto-scroll (poy)
* Fixed tab order in public hubs (poy)
* Tooltips for toolbars (thanks poy)
* Close tab with middle mouse button (thanks poy)
* Fixed socket ip bind (thanks garg's quasi-friend)
* Finished UCMD extension draft implementation
* Fixed status bars (poy)
* Fixed protocol error STA being sent as type C
* Fixed a multisource download crash
* Fixed state checks for uploads (an invalid sequence could possibly crash clien
t from remote)
* Page up/down in private chat scrolls chat log just as in hub chat
* Fixed crash on right-click in the download queue (poy)
* Readded waiting users frame keyboard shortcut
* Handle some QUI flags (thanks pret/poy)
-- 0.703 2007-11-08 -* Fixed invalid strings (thanks james ross)
* Reverted initial anti-flicker (needs rethinking)
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Fixed background color in settings dialog example (thanks poy)


Fixed disappearing tooltips (thanks poy)
Stats frame work (thanks poy)
Appearance page font cleanup (thanks poy)
Context menu fix (thanks poy)
Magnet dialog fixed (thanks poy)
Reorder some options (thanks poy)
Allow files with $ in them (thanks ullner)
Fixed splitter resizing
Fixed average download speed
Removed test entries from finished frames
Fixed an issue with multisource downloads
Fixed missing hubs on pub hubs reopen
Fixed crash on setting priority on running item
Fixed issue adc connectivity when starting for the first time
Fixed average overall transfer speed in main status bar
Removed max tab rows setting, won't be implemented in the near future
Fixed text not being displayed when opening private chat
Fixed initial focus issues
Fixed search on enter
Fixed window activation on toolbar click
Fixed spyframe crash
Fixed /fav info (thanks ullner)

-- 0.702 2007-10-21 -* Fixed missing sorting in most places
* Fixed crash on startup when missing Certificates folder
* Fixed right-click menu with nested user commands
* Added expiry check to certificate regeneration
* Readded splash screen
* Readded sfv check (always done at end of download due to segmented downloading
-- 0.701 2007-10-18 -* Fixed an upload bug
* Reworked some context menu stuff
* Replaced yassl with OpenSSL, SSL certs no longer require external OpenSSL appl
* Added cipher column to transfer view
* Because certs are automagically generated, ADC transfers will now by default b
e encrypted if both
clients use a recent version (see the cipher column to know)
* Fixed one of several possible crashes at exit
-- 0.700 2007-10-11 -* [B#1102] Fixed move/rename queue folder (thanks mikael eman)
* [B#1124] Fixed thread shutdown on *nix (thanks mikael eman)
* Fixed invalid share size
* [B#1127] Fixed crash on invalid file list (thanks steven sheehy)
* [B#1019] Reworked initial filelist dir (thanks mikael eman)
* Moved to smartwin to enable mingw compiling (thanks cologic, ullner, poy)
* Removed notepad loading compatibility code for notepad texts from versions < 0
* Fixed time issues with DC++ running for more than 49 days
* [B#980] Fixed PM's when popup is disabled (thanks ullner)
* [B#1066] Search for alternates not available on uploads (thanks ullner)
* [B#1104] Better error message on dupe source (thanks ullner)
* [B#1132] Download queue updated when users go offline (thanks stephan hohe)
* [B#1133] Fixed max tab rows being reset (thanks mikejj)
* [B#1134] Use SO_REUSEADDR for connection manager socket (thanks mikael eman)
* [B#1136] Fixed dupe changelog rebuild (thanks mikejj)

* [B#1139] Fixed download delay in some cases (thanks mikael eman)
* [B#1144] Added possibility to add many hub lists in one go (use ; as separator
) (thanks poy)
* [B#1152] Only refresh if there are directories shared (thanks ullner)
* [B#1153] More Shell menus (thanks poy)
* [B#1159] Removed unnecessary resume position reset (thanks cologic)
* Removed rollback support - advanced TTH resume is now always used (thanks colo
* Switched to mingw/stlport5.1
* Uninstaller removes adc registry key (thanks ullner)
* Private message status bar text handling more similar to hub frame
* yassl upgraded
* gcc 4.3 compile fix (thanks steven sheehy)
* Some upgrades to the charset handling (thanks steven sheehy)
* Fixed socket signal interrupts (thanks mikael eman)
* Spy frame average fix
* Fixed "Don't dl already queued" option
* Added segmented downloads
* Improved accuracy of transfer stats
* Files from passive users queued even when passive (in the hopes of finding an
alternative source)
* Tabs are on top with ugly little icons (new icons, anyone?)
* No more MDI
-- 0.699 2006-12-18 -* Switched to VC8/VS2005
* Removed some unused options
* Antifrag is now default
* Confirm hub removal is now default
* SFV checking is now default
* Fixed TLS port not being greyed out
* Automatic hub reconnection is only done if at least one successful connection
has been made
* [B#1080] Better nick tab completion (thanks cologic)
* [B#1081] Added user IP in hub frame (thanks cologic)
* No more STLport for the time being
* Linux checks for invalid file types (thanks steven sheehy)
* Fixed potential crash when search began with space
* [B#1085] Better sound playing settings (thanks cologic / ullner)
* [B#1111] OpenSSL compatibility and some unix fixes (thanks steven sheehy)
* [B#1056] Added option to sort fav users above other users in hub frame (thanks
* [B#1063] Added option to show Shell context menu in finished frame (thanks poy
* [B#1092] Fixed TTH tree being redownloaded (thanks stephan hohe)
* [B#1097] Fixed waiting users being removed (thanks stephan hohe)
* [B#1110] Added new adc hub list (thanks mafa_45)
* [B#1091] Added new nmdc hub lists (thanks poy)
* [B#1112] Port sign cleanup (thanks steven sheehy)
* [ADC] Fixed client-to-client connection sequence
* [B#1064] Updated to YaSSL 1.5.0, should fix crash
* [B#446] Public hub lists are cached and downloaded only when user requests it
(thanks poy)
* [B#1117] Fixed subfolders being created on filelist downloads (thanks mikael e
* [B#1096] Updated credits in about box
* [B#1123] Removed some typecasts (thanks stephan hohe)
* [B#1099] Fixed "Readd all" spin
* [B#1095] Fixed about dialog

-- 0.698 2006-10-10 -* [B#1065] Code cleanup (thanks steven sheehy)
* Fixed readme.txt (thanks ullner)
* More code cleanup
* Fixed trusted/untrusted upload view
* Fixed crash on invalid remote command during upload
* [ADC] Improved GFI command support
* Lowest priority downloads are no longer started if there are other downloads r
* Upgraded to STLport 5.0.2
* Updated compile instructions
* Updated unsigned types to C99
* Removed unmaintained autoconf files
* Reworked match listing to make it slightly faster
* Fixed a few random crashes
* [ADC] Removed obsolete DSC command
* Fixed user list not being updated in some cases
* [B#1071] Added fasthash for unix (thanks steven sheehy)
-- 0.697 2006-09-29 -* [ADC] Fixed a few protocol issues
* Some code cleanup
* Queue frame fixes and memory saves
* TLS port change without restart fixed
* [B#1007] Fixed nick character check
* Fixed some transfer view sorting issues
* [B#59] Added option to match all local lists
-- 0.696 2006-09-22 -* Fixed a possible deadlock
* [B#1058] Removed some whitespace (big thanks to mikejj)
* Removed the possibility to download files without TTH
* Removed the possibility to read *.DcLst files (no TTH, no i18n support)
* Files with no TTH no longer show up in search and directory listings
* Sources in the queue with no TTH support will no longer appear
* Files without TTH in the queue will be removed (finish downloads with an older
* [ADC] Fixed support for uncompressed files.xml as well as proper files.xml.bz2
* Some socket code cleanup
* Removed broken nick save code
* Upgraded yaSSL to 1.4.0
* Fixed some SSL connection issues
* Fixed on-the-fly compression of file lists
* [B#1055] Stopped files.xml.bz2 from being deleted on linux (thanks dorian)
* [B#1061] Log page fix (thanks fleetcommand)
* [B#1033] Altered NMDC hubname/description detection slightly (thanks fleetcomm
* [B#1059] Fixed the possibility for users to become hidden in some cases (thank
s fleetcommand)
-- 0.695 2006-09-10 -* PM popup/ignore options updated, in nmdc a hub is any nick which hasn't sent a
hello or myinfo, and a bot is a nick with myinfo
without connection type
* [B#125] Fixed out-of-order PM/quit
* [B#224] Slots are no longer granted to disconnected users, instead disconnecti
on is delayed a minute
* [NMDC] Fixed extra space in chat
* [B#395] Fixed password being blanked


[B#419] Allowed changing case only when moving file in queue
[B#736] Fixed escaping of menu items
[B#1013] Fixed gcc warnings (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1023] Fixed some large stack allocations (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1026] Fixed some potential buffer overflows (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1027] Improved unix socket support (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1028] Improved big endian support (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1029] Fixed BSD compile issue (thanks steven sheehy)
[B#1031] Fixed a crash after closing hub window (thanks bigmuscle/mikejj)
[B#1032] Fixed certificates help (thanks mikejj)
Added possibility to store configuration files in separate directory
Switched back to unicows for w9x users, opencow was missing too many functions
[B#876] Fixed lost tooltips (thanks poy and bigmuscle)
[B#1041] Fixed about tab order (thanks mikejj)
[B#1042] Fixed experts tab order (thanks mikejj)
[B#1047] Fixed possible nmdc crash (thanks guitarm)
[B#1049] Added tooltip to tab bar (thanks poy)
[B#1053] Fixed vista detection (thanks ullner)
[B#988] Fixed duplicate nicks
[B#1015] Fixed chevron text
Default hub lists updated

-- 0.694 2006-07-10 -* Fixed crash in certificates page
* [B#1005] Fixed linux compile issue (thanks tpo)
* [B#1004] Fixed browse file list on self
* Both .crt and .pem files are read as trusted certificates
-- 0.693 2006-07-09 -* Fixed crash bug
* Added language code to example language xml
-- 0.692 2006-07-09 -* [B#927] Fixed OP detection bug really (thanks mikejj)
* [B#938] Added a few more ADC info fields (thanks ullner)
* [B#939] Fixed hub info update (thanks ullner)
* [B#940] Fixed a 64-bit compile error (thanks steven sheehy)
* [B#942] Fixed atomic operations on unices (thanks tobias nygren)
* [B#943] Fixed unix utsname compile issue (thanks tobias nygren)
* [B#944] Fixed unix string conversion bug (thanks tobias nygren)
* [B#945] Fixed unix mutex initialiser (thanks tobias nygren)
* [B#946] Tiger hash supports big endian and 64-bit architectures (thanks tobias
* [B#941] Updated usercount display (thanks mikejj)
* [B#951] Fixed issue with high port numbers (thanks tpo)
* [B#958] Search spy tth option automagically saved (thanks ullner)
* [B#959] Code cleanup (thanks mikejj)
* [B#966] Max hash speed fixed when fast hashing method is not used (thanks stev
en sheehy)
* [B#967] Fixed path case-sensitivity issue (thanks steven sheehy)
* Fixed auto-reconnect
* [B#936] Fixed duplicate entries in search hubs
* Fixed some hub title display issues
* Some spring cleanup
* [B#970] Unix file permissions correctly set (thanks steven sheehy)
* [ADC] Allowed $ and | in nick/description
* Fixed targetdrive bug for temp target location
* Fixed a crash bug when hash data cannot be saved
* Possibly fixed issues with queue items not being updated
* Added warning when someone tries to spam or with your cli

* [B#968] Fixed unix compile issue (thanks mikejj)
* [B#975] Fixed silly warning (thanks mikejj)
* [B#978] Fixed 64-bit compiler issue (thanks steven sheehy)
* [B#988] Only unique nicks diplayed in title bar
* Added protection from hubs/clients sending junk data resulting in high memory
usage / crash
* Updated to yaSSL 1.3.7
* Added a few TLS options; [U] in transfer status means untrusted TLS (encrypted
but certificate not validated)
* Added certificate generation, OpenSSL must be installed and in PATH for this t
o work
* [B#996] Fixed an issue where directories that are hard to delete were created
* [B#1000] Fixed linux compile issue (thanks steven sheehy)
* [B#949] Fixed a crash when reading invalid XML files
* TLS port may now be specified in settings and is only opened if TLS is enabled
* Added TLS port to /connection
* [B#977] Added copy hub address to hub right-click menu (thanks mikejj)
* [B#1001] Fixed assertion on unix (thanks steven sheehy)
-- 0.691 2006-06-03 -* Links to bugzilla in html changelog
* [B#122] Added userlist filter (thanks trem)
* [B#578] Added search for alternates to transfers menu (thanks trem)
* [B#861] Fixed auto-prio not being set correctly (thanks trem)
* [B#878] Added close all ... to window menu (thanks trem)
* [B#903] Holding shift while minimizing will use opposite tray setting (thanks
joakim tosteberg)
* [B#923] PM history always read (thanks trem)
* [B#927] Fixed OP detection bug (thanks mikejj)
* [B#929] Fixed list view flicker issues (thanks trem)
* [B#931] Improved keyboard navigation (thanks trem)
* Added "all" to hub list field search (thanks trem)
* Fixed bug when sending active ADC search results
* Updated to ADC 0.11
* Passive users now also get ADC search results
* Changed nmdc bot-detection to what it was before, should fix pm-to-bot bug
-- 0.69 2006-05-21 -* Small linux / old gcc fixes (thanks jens oknelid)
* Fixed an issue where client could be crashed from remote
* Fixed an issue bad nicks could cause directories to be created in log / file l
ist download folder
* Changed autodrop default to 2 for fewer unexpected autodrops (thanks paka)
* Saved users file more often to have fewer missing nicks around
* CID of user shown if nick is missing (in queue for example)
* Added display of CID in a few places
* Updated yaSSL to 1.2.2
* Fixed ADC hubname display (thanks ullner)
* Advanced TTH rollback no longer performed if tree is invalid (thanks garg)
* Option not to auto-disconnect favorite users (thanks ullner)
* Fixed auto-disconnect delay (thanks ullner)
* Another fix for opencow
* Fixed user command parameters not being remembered
* Fixed ADC op commands
* [B#464] Added option for masked password prompt (thanks ullner)
* [B#922] Updated help links (thanks xan)
* Fixed op count
* [B#230] Added settings to tray menu
* [B#403] Unfinished file lists deleted since they're never resumed anyway


[B#639] Separated remove user from queue menu option
[B#766] Fixed broken app titlebar
Removed support for generating NMDC-style file lists (old clients won't be abl
to download from you)

-- 0.689 2006-04-01 -* Fixed displaying of available bytes when user list is off
* Fixed a potential crash when not showing user list
* Fixed 100% CPU bug on upload
* [B#853] Fixed missing function in opencow
-- 0.688 2006-03-18 -* Fixed public hubs sorting (thanks mikejj)
* Fixed a ZPipe issue (thanks jove)
* [B#858] Fixed a 100% cpu / crash bug
* [B#872] Fixed a pm issue hopefully
* [B#812] Fixed pm's being sent to bots
* Files with invalid crc-32, as per their sfv file, are no longer shared
* [B#873] Added connect to hub option (thanks joakim tosteberg)
* Fixed an issue with linux file reading (thanks bart vullings and steven)
* Added back/forward mouse/keyboard navigation to directory listing frame
-- 0.687 2006-02-26 -* Fixed XML file list generation for invalid filenames from other os's
* Fixed a rare refresh crash
* CID is now shown if no nick name is currently available for a user
* Fixed another crash when loading file lists
* Played some more with bufferedsocket performance
* Fixed some VS 2005 issues (thanks trem)
* Installer now removes old unicows library
* Updated to yaSSL 1.1.5
* Added possiblity to sort transfer view by all downloads first (thanks guitarm)
* Some cleanup for frame creation (thanks martin)
* Fixed some translation strings (thanks fleetcommand)
* Fixed some finished transfers frames issues (thanks trem)
* /pm and and a few other things work without user list in hub frame
* Added support for the ZPipe extension (test version) (thanks jove)
* Moved to subversion, CVS will no longer be maintained
-- 0.686 2006-02-13 -* Fixed active search (oops)
* Fixed a crash when clicking on dchub links
-- 0.685 2006-02-12 -* Fixed "browse list" being available for NMDC users
* [ADC] Removed obsolete CI field
* Fixed missing upload progress
* [B#89] Readded dynamic compression disabling
* Added filelist download speed to filelist browser status bar
* Added advanced hublist filter (thanks trem)
* [B#579] Fixed 0-byte files not being created if directory doesn't exist
* [B#804] Cleaned up project files (thanks mikejj)
* Socket buffer size = 0 now means use system default
* [B#789] Fixed wrong nick being copied (thanks ullner)
* [B#794] [ADC] Fixed automatic reconnect (thanks ullner)
* [B#806] Fixed description for favorite hubs (thanks ullner)
* Updated to latest ADC specs, this will break 0.68/0.681/0.6811 queue sources a
nd fav users (for NMDC as well)
* Fixed a bufferedsocket crash
* [ADC] Fixed quitting user processing (thanks ullner)

* Clarified upload speed setting (thanks mikejj)
* Manual away setting no longer cleared when un-minimizing (thanks mikejj)
* Search result automatching waits with match until file list is downloaded if a
uto-matching enabled
* Slight performance improvement when sending files
* Fixed an issue with nick names disappearing from hub
* Added customizable maximum user count when autosearching
* Changed to open source version unicows for win9x users, perhaps this one will
work better for you (see it as a
last attempt; if it doesn't work, w9x support will be phased out completely un
less someone else solves the win9x
* [B#774] Fixed invalid description being sent if hub modifies it
* [B#818] Fixed default exit mnemonic
* Fixed some more crashes (thanks bigmuscle)
* Fixed some shutdown issues
* Updated country database
-- 0.6811 2006-01-21 -* Fixed a socket race condition leading to failing connections and crashes
-- 0.681 2006-01-21 -* Fixed a crash when using slow sources disconnect
* Fixed system log overflow
* Minor user command fix (thanks garg)
* Removed some duplicate code (thanks trem)
* Ctrl-a to select all items in a list (thanks garg)
* [B#484] Added a check for multiple refreshes running at the same time (thanks
* Fixed a few crashes here and there
* Fixed no-slots message not being sent out always
* Fixed yassl build locations (thanks mikejj)
* Added ip resolve cache when searching (thanks trem)
* [B#413] Failed file moves are now reported to the system log
-- 0.68 2006-01-08 -* Changed the user identification process completely to work better with ADC. Th
is leads to a more strict interpretation of
which users are actually the same for NMDC (essentially, NMDC users are now id
entified by nick+hub always, not only nick)
* Removed saving of directories scheduled for download, since the individual fil
es should appear in the queue fast enough that
this will rarely be used (since file lists are free and downloaded almost inst
* Fixed international timestamps (thanks ullner)
* Fixed targetdrive docs (thanks ullner)
* [B#485] Fixed transfer list view flicker on WinXP
* New connection settings, please check settings page
* Connection type strings changed
* No longer falls back to passive mode on failed UPnP
* Janitorial cleanups (thanks garg)
* Removed some old favorite file format compatibility code
* Added country to search frame (thanks paka)
* Strftime fix (thanks garg)
* [B#521] Help instead of readme shown on first startup (thanks paka)
* [B#553] Minimize to tray and confirm appexit default to true (thanks paka)
* [B#452] Fixed example.xml language file generation (thanks tpo)
* [B#556] Fixed last searches purge (thanks sulan)
* [B#73] Added option to disconnect slow sources (thanks paka)
* ADC hub counts updated correctly (thanks ullner)

* [B#325] Added error message when adding dupe fav hub (thanks ullner)
* Updated bzip2 to 1.0.3 (thanks garg)
* Some small *nix fixes (thanks poison)
* Source path no longer saved for TTH enabled clients (saves memory and queue fi
le space)
* [B#335] Search window settings saved automatically (thanks mikejj)
* Open folder selects file in explorer (thanks mikejj)
* Local echo in pm window formatted as the other side should see it (thanks paka
* Fixed debug assertion (thanks tpo)
* Dirty tabs settings improved (thanks ullner)
* ZLib upgraded to 1.2.3, possibly fixing security issues (thanks garg)
* Slot grants now last one connection instead of 10 minutes
* [B#632] Subtotals shown when selecting users in hub frame (thanks cologic)
* [B#625] /u chat command opens url (thanks pur)
* [NMDC] The first word of hub name is taken as short name for displaying purpos
es when space is limited
* [B#629] Waiting users frame added (thanks cologic)
* Removed old versions check (thanks cologic)
* [B#635] Added option to limit maximum file list size to open (thanks paka)
* Filelist transfer logging default to off (thanks paka)
* Added some checks when creating fav hubs (thanks tpo)
* More settings screen updates (thanks ullner)
* Fixed linux file moving (thanks naga)
* [B#260] Added option to only download files with TTH (thanks ullner)
* [B#708] Fixed registry creation functions used (thanks ullner)
* Updated WTL
* Rewrote socket code to remove some old hacks and add some new (major change)
* Now using standard windows error messages for socket errors
* [ADC] Added basic SSL encryption support
* Fixed a bug with file list loading and filenames differing in case only
* Fixed a few standard compliance issues
* Added dirtying to waiting users frame (thanks ullner)
* Changed so that a few flags are shown in transfer status, [T] = TTH check on,
[Z] = zlib on, [R] = rollback performed, [S] = secure
* Parameter names all updated, your current %[xxx] macros will break all over, o
n the upside they're now more or less unified
* [ADC] All hubs a user is online on are shown where only one was shown before
* Fixed some log page issues
* Replaced small buffer size option with the possibility to set recv/send buffer
sizes manually
* Consolidated bolding options, you'll have to reset them to your preference
* Removed support for old hash index files (pre-0.670)
* Improved hashing error reporting
* Fixed hash database rebuild
* Added /removefav command to remove a favorite hub (thanks ullner)
* [B#717] Fixed search combo box (thanks mikejj)
* Added option to change auto-refresh interval (thanks ullner)
* [B#740] Removed tab completion option (thanks ullner)
* [B#743] Added registry key creation failure notification (thanks ullner)
* [B#717] Fixed dropdown sizes (thanks mikejj)
* [B#760] Fixed list subtraction issue (thanks cologic)
* Added some right-to-left support, but it probably needs more work
* [NMDC] Minislots are no longer given to old DC++ clients (<0.304)
* [ADC] Directory size returned with search results
* Fixed a rare deadlock
-- 0.674 2005-04-10 -*** WARNING ***
This version fixes a security bug, upgrade unless you want to risk losing data

anywhere on your drive, this error affects all clients from 0.307 to date (tha
nks cologic for finding it)
*** WARNING ***
* Added stats window to autoopen (thanks paka)
* Fixed context menu open for multi-screen setups (thanks trem)
* Changed country database to the original format so that users can update by th
emselves (thanks paka)
* Fixed some registry issues (thanks trem)
* [B#443] Fixed localised number encodings (thanks trem)
* Updated sorting to use a more windows-like order (thanks trem)
* Fixed an issue with restore all (thanks krzysztof tyszecki)
* Added list view tooltips
-- 0.673 2005-03-22 -* Added auto-prio by file size settings (thanks paka)
* Fixed yet another context menu fix (in case anyone wondered, it should now
be possible to use the context menu key for all context menus)
* Fixed a search crash with search history set at 0
* Updated unicows W95 unicode support
* Updated to latest WTL
* Fixed directory listing total sizes (thanks trem)
* Fixed empty oplist issue
-- 0.672 2005-03-20 -* Fixed an issue when loading pre-671 file lists
* Fixed the context menu fix
-- 0.671 2005-03-19 -* Added possibility to set minislot size (thanks ullner)
* [B#22] Added possibility for multiline away messages and user commands (thanks
* Added file type to queue frame (thanks ullner)
* Changed stats frame to use standard colors (thanks yoji)
* [B#439] Fixed purge button (thanks ullner)
* Fixed search frame only tth issue (thanks naga)
* Updated to ADC 0.9
* Fixed a crash bug (thanks trem)
* Fixed a geoip init bug (thanks trem)
* Fixed a prio setting bug (thanks tpo)
* Fixed some font settings (thanks tpo)
* Fixed ADC password sending
* Magnet registration fix (thanks ullner and farcry)
* Finished partial file lists for ADC
* Fixed some ADC crashes
* Basic ADC searches now work
* Basic ADC pms now work
* Basic ADC transfers now work
* Added option to specify bind address for sockets (thanks sed)
* Made the connection flood trigger slighly less sensitive
* [B#58] Fixed strange user list behaviour
* [B#83] Consolidated auto-open window options
* Fixed some context menu stuff
-- 0.670 2005-02-04 -* Fixed an issue with international formats of float numbers (also fixes UDP por
t setting)
* Fixed a minor crash log output address issue
* Split off color and sound to a new page (thanks ullner)
* [B#359] Fixed an issue with negative search terms (thanks naga)
* Added option to filter TTH results in search spy (thanks joakim tosteberg)

* [B#184] Updated log functionality to allow users to customize log filenames (t
hanks naga)
* Fixes to log edit function (thanks naga)
* Added possibility to filter all searches without tth (thanks naga)
* More preferences splitting (thanks ullner)
* Small socket fix (thanks tremor)
* Search tab goes bold if set to (thanks naga)
* Hopefully fixed an UPnP crash
* [B#302] User commands in file lists (thanks joakim tosteberg)
* ADC url's clickable (thanks naga)
* [B#117] Improved search timer to avoid spamming hub (thanks naga)
* Redid some of the hash storage code, should be slighly more efficient
* [B#94] Share is cached for faster startup
* Temporary targetnames are now filled in when download starts, not when item is
added to queue,
which makes temp target dir changes happen for current queue items as well, pl
us we get a huge
memory save on huge queues.
* [B#363] Added "Remove All Sources" to queue (thanks izzzo & garg)
* Queue menu items greyed out when there are no items (thanks izzzo)
* Fixed a crash with certain empty lists (thanks garg)
* Added "restore all" to undo "minimize all" (thanks guitarm)
* Added optional pm history (thanks trem and ullner)
* Better log file managment (thanks trem)
* [B#412] Fixed a queue count issue on removal (thanks ullner)
* [B#9] Fixed a queue move issue (thanks paka)
* [B#20] Fixed upload auto-slot granting (thanks naga)
* Redid adl search to accomodate for partial list browsing (thanks garg)
* Added initial ADC file transfers support
* ADC hub connectivity improved
* Fixed unnecessary COM initialisation (thanks garg)
* Some linux compile fixes
* Added readd all sources (thanks garg)
* Fixed a deadlock when closing hub windows (thanks trem)
* Added user ip logging in up and downloads (thanks ullner)
* Small spy frame fix (thanks garg)
* Small pm fix (thanks garg)
* Added password warning for n00bs (thanks sed)
* Help file updates (thanks ullner, garg)
* Probably fixed the list redownloading bug
* Hash index format change (as a side effect, it's very easy to find dupes
in the new format, someone should make a tool)
* Download manager changes in preparation for partial list browsing and other
ADC features
* Improved efficiency for small files (<=64KiB) in the hash storage
* Added advanced resume that detects and tries to repair rollback inconsistencie
using tiger trees
* Fixed a rare invalid zlib decompression error
* Autosearch and automatch queue is now done by tth only (!) (thanks garg)
* Automatch search done by tth only, should make things slightly faster
* Search for alternates automatically uses tth if available (thanks garg)
* Lowered compression level so that uploads will take less cpu
* Added exact file size to directory listings (thanks paka)
* Remove confirm fix (thanks trem)
* Added option for the new tab select behaviour (thanks trem)
* [B#116] Added possibility to download to temp folder on the same drive as targ
et (thanks sed)
* Fixed user command string for file list context (thanks sed)
* [B#290] Added more correct escaping of search strings (thanks sed)

* [B#432] Fixed download directory for adlsearch matches (thanks ullner)
* Some UPnP fixes (thanks nils maier)
* ADL Search byte prefix fixes, might screw up your adl search settings on first
load (thanks ullner)
* Linux download path fix (thanks jens oknelid)
* Added purge button for search history (thanks sulan)
* Added column reorder to file listing (thanks ullner)
* Fixed alt source download starts (thanks paka)
-- 0.668 2004-11-30 -* [B#311] Fixed crash on open own filelist (thanks sulan)
* Added option to make /join open a new window (thanks ullner)
* Added mailto: to link-clicking (thanks ullner)
* Fixed stack overflow with excessive xml nesting (thanks farcry)
* Fixed virtual name issue with invalid chars in the virtual name (thanks farcry
* Fixes to ADC implementation, see for
somewhat compatible hub in development
* Some linux patches (thanks tim burton)
* PgUp/PgDn now scroll the chat window (thanks jonathan stone)
* Small fix with line history (thanks jonathan stone)
* Added option to use separate TCP and UDP ports
* [B#303] Fixed a raw command guessing bug (thanks garg)
* [B#345] Fixed an xml listing parsing bug
* [B#309] Hopefully fixed nt4 startup
* Hopefully fixed an issue with downloading international search results from ol
d clients
-- 0.667 2004-11-15 -* Improved multiple hublist support (thanks garg)
* Fixed some favdirs issues (thanks naga)
* Fixed a status logging issue (thanks naga)
* [B#289] Fixed annoying login issue
* Added possibility to rename shares (thanks naga and tremor)
* [B#106] Fixed show joins for fav users (thanks ullner)
* Fixed some unnecessary connects when download slots are full
* Fixed magnet registration issue (thanks garg)
* Some code documentation work (thanks jonathan jansson)
* fixes (thanks garg)
* A connection attempt is made when you grant a slot to potentially start the ot
fella's transfers (thanks sed)
* Fixed passive search results issue with international nicks (thanks garg)
* Fixed search frame extension vs tth again
* FAQ added to the help file (thanks bsod)
* Upgraded to zlib 1.2.2, fixing a security issue (thanks garg)
* Added %[file] to the transfer view user commands (thanks naga)
* Fixed myinfo update issue (thanks sulan)
* Added option to use only up/down for command line history (thanks jonathan sto
* Improved installer (thanks bsod)
* Fixed so that a connection attempt is made when changing a transfer to highest
-- 0.666 2004-11-03 -* [B#173] Fixed copy nick to clipboard (thanks trem)
* Removed some old code (thanks garg)
* Added tth to log codes (thanks garg)
* Added # of locally filtered results to search frame (thanks garg)

* Fixed a crash in the upnp code
* Fixed wide formatting of time (thanks garg)
* [B#166] Added local filtering of searches with "-" in front of the search term
(thanks cologic)
* Fixed a missing hubframe stats bug (thanks trem)
* [B#87] TTH's are now correctly searched for in search spy (thanks trem)
* [B#256] Fixed an issue with utf8 user commands (thanks trem)
* Moved to a less intrusive build procedure where stlport and wtl are local to t
DC++ build (see compile.txt)
* Added /log to show log for current hub / user (thanks garg)
* More internationalization (thanks garg)
* Updated some template code (thanks farcry)
* Extended log command (thanks ullner)
* [B#212] Fixed issue with utf-8 nicks during login to some hubs (thanks garg)
* Fixed issue with utf-8 time formatting for certain languages in certain locale
* Removed search optimisation obsoleted by tth's and bloom filters (those of
you with a large number of files in your share, post on the forum if you notic
any big increase in CPU usage)
* [B#69] Added option not to download files already in share (by TTH) (thanks TP
* Help file work (garg, ullner)
* Added petabytes (PiB) (thanks garg)
* Clicking on active tab will deactivate it (thanks garg)
* [B#227] Fixed an issue with loading invalid virtual names when upgrading (than
ks garg)
* [B#256] Fixed another issue with user commands (thanks garg)
* Updated to WTL 7.5.4291
* [B#183] Hopefully fixed a few issues with w9x and Unicode
* Fixed common control initialization
* Unix makefile now generates a shared lib (thanks jeremy huddleston)
* Slight memory save for hash database
* [B#130] Added favorite hub removal confirmation option (thanks ullner)
* [B#5] Fixed broken redirect (thanks garg)
* Added spy frame column saving (thanks garg)
* ADL Search autoqueue saved now (thanks garg)
* Window minimization issue fix (thanks garg)
* [B#129] Fixed some issues with downloading >4GiB files
* [B#15] ADL Search goto directory fixed (thanks garg)
* Some fixes for compiling on osx (thanks jonathan jansson)
* Removed Makedefs in favour of a python script
* FastAlloc disabled in debug builds
* [B#266] Fixed a crash with offline users and user commands (thanks naga)
* [B#165] Fixed a case insensitivity issue (thanks farcry)
* [B#18] Added favorite download directories (thanks naga)
* Fixed MyINFO spam when hashing
-- 0.4034 2004-10-03 -* Help file additions (thanks naga & ullner)
* [B#170] Fixed a few issues with files not being hashed correctly (thanks garg)
* More ADC fixes (thanks sed)
* Fixed some ADLSearch stuff (thanks garg)
* Added item count to finished frames (thanks garg)
* Fixed user commands encoding (thanks garg)
* Added last search time to search spy (thanks ullner)
* [B#3] Fixed queue size growing on queue item move
* Fixed missing file list on 0 byte share
* [B#185] Fixed missing search results (thanks garg)

-- 0.4033 2004-09-27 -*** WARNING ***
This update will change all your config files and queues, and it is
very probable that you won't be able to revert back to an older version
once the update has been done!!!
Also, finish your queue file before upgrading if you care for your
international filenames in it - they will not be correctly converted.
*** WARNING ***

Fixed a rare download crash (thanks farcry)
Fixed tab dropping in the last position (thanks trem)
Fixed directory sorting in the file listings (thanks trem)
Files that can't be moved to the target drive from the temp folder
are now renamed to their real name
* Text with unix and mac line end encodings should now be correctly displayed
* [B#35] TTH Values are used for right click download menus when available
* Upgraded to WTL 7.5.4196
* Updated license to allow others to release legal binaries compiled against WTL
* Moved the core structures to UTF-8 to allow correct internationalisation (majo
r change)
* Moving towards full unicodization of the user interface, MS layer for unicode
now needed for old crappy windows versions, and I don't know how good that wor
ks. The
rest of us can now see correct names being displayed in file listings (for XML
filelists anyway)
* Rewrote the share manager so that it doesn't lock the whole of DC++ while read
ing the
directories of shared files when refreshing the list
* Added virtual share name
* Removed autosearch string, it's not used any more
* Fixed a tth hash speed bug (hashing should be much faster now)
* File listings are now generated on the fly when someone needs them
* [B#127] Added UPnP support (thanks mark gillespie)
* Ctrl-L now opens file lists (thanks garg)
* Various ADC patches (thanks sedulus)
* Slightly changed temporary download name
* TTH Leaf uploads no longer logged (thanks garg)
* Added (initial) support for xml hublists, now default
(you have to change your hub list address to
if you want to benefit)
* Fixed an issue with invalid TTH inconsistencies due to files being downloaded
to the same
target filename as a previously downloaded file (.nfo's usually)
* Some memory savings for people with large queues
* Fixed a bug with autosearch repeating the same search needlessly (this should
result in fewer
autosearches, good for the hubs)
* Files scheduled for viewing are always set to highest prio
* Added rudimentary automake and autoconf support for the client part, perhaps t
his will encourage someone
to finish a nice linux port
* [B#162] Fixed dupe usercommands on reconnect (thanks sed)
* Links now clickable in PM's and notepad as well (thanks naga)
* Files are no longer hashed if the shared directory is removed while hashing
* Added hash progress dialog, hashing is run at a higher priority when dialog is
* Fixed a crash issue with invalid DcLst:s (thanks garg)
* Better strategy for removing old filelists on exit (thanks garg)


Added Geo-IP license and fixes (thanks garg)
Added Help file - make sure you read it (thanks garg)
[B#169] Fixed a memory leak with rollback buffers under certain conditions
ADC INF updates only send the necessary info (thanks sed)

-- 0.4032 2004-08-08 -* Fixed issue with autosearch not getting filelists
* Fixed an issue with autosearch by tth not being done
* Added folder histore for single file downloads (thanks slowmo)
* Fishing locale from os, changes string representations in some places (thanks
* Caseless icon optimization (thanks garg)
* CTRL-E shortcut for refresh (thanks garg)
* Fixed a process termination issue (thanks defr)
* DCTC file not available detected (thanks defr)
* Fixed bad window size being saved for minimised windows (thanks trem)
* Fixed an issue with the ADC parser (thanks trem)
* More WTL 7.5 preparations (thanks garg)
* Added a switch to ease the life of the UPX compressor (exe compressors suck bt
w) (thanks garg)
* Added irc:// as web link (thanks ullner)
* Fixed an issue with the adc parser (thanks sed)
* TTH trees no longer require a slot
* Added options to open file lists and pm's in background (thanks sed)
* Minor number formatting fixes (thanks palm and garg)
* Some more linux compile fixes (thanks palm)
* Additional translation strings (thanks garg)
* Fixed own search results bug (thanks garg)
* <64KiB files auto-highest priority (thanks garg)
* Fixed search in utf-8 file lists (thanks fleetcommand)
* Fixed utf-8 encoding/decoding, chinese and other multi-byte scripts should
now work ok (thanks liny)
* Removed obsolete Import from NMDC queue (blame cologic)
* Added option to disable bolding for hub frames (thanks ullner)
* Fixed a small leak in the Search Frame (thanks psf8500)
* Added lookup and magnet link copy (thanks garg)
* Removed .bz2 lists from "open file list" types (thanks garg)
* Fixed a download-to crash (thanks farcry)
* Fixed dialog modality in several places (thanks garg)
* Fixed some debug assertions (thanks garg)
* Queue sorted sensibly (thanks garg)
* Added customizable timestamps (thanks ullner)
* Added extended dupe logging (thanks xan)
* Some code pedantry cleanup done (thanks garg)
* Unfinished files now have a slightly different naming scheme (thanks garg)
* Added default unfinished folder (thanks garg)
* When matching queue, users marked with file not available are readded (thanks
* Added (limited support for) magnet link handling (thanks garg)
* Uninstaller now removes the one registry key DC++ creates (thanks garg)
* Fixed a few link click bugs (thanks garg)
* Added quick connect (thanks tpo)
* + and - in the queue change priority (thanks tpo)
* Network stat colors are now the same as in the transfer window (thanks tpo)
* Fixed a rare automatch crash (thanks farcry)
* Allowed sharing of network folders (thanks garg)
* Added option to automatically add finished files to share without refresh (tha
nks farcry)
* Fixed a few closing window crashes (thanks farcry)
* Fixed a tab moving issue (thanks farcry)


Sources with rollback errors are now automatically removed (thanks garg)
Fixed compile.txt and readme.txt (thanks garg)
Magnet handler included in installer (thanks garg & magnethandler author)
New icon with alpha channels for xp (thanks olle svensson, sorry all other ico

submitters who sent it before him, neither aestethic nor personal reasons why
yours wasn't chosen =)
* Fixed another download to crash (thanks garg)
* Stringdefs automatically rebuilt (thanks farcry & garg)
* DC++ will only share files that HAVE BEEN HASHED!
-- 0.403 2004-06-27 -* Fixed 100% cpu / crash bug
-- 0.402 2004-06-27 -* Fixed transfer view crash (thanks garg)
* Removed default sort in search frame
* Window sizes / positions of favorite hubs saved (thanks trem)
* Begun work on the ADC protocol (major change)
* Fixed issue with the exceptioninfo growing indefinately (recursive behaviour)
* Readded missing TTHSearch to hub $Supports
* Fixed unnecessary $MyINFO being sent out
* Removed time left and speed from waiting transfers (thanks garg)
* Documented %[line:reason]
* Fixed a bug with hanging queue display
* When searching by hash, size mode set to normal (don't care)
* Hash speed tweaks, check if it's any better.
* Fixed a crash when moving files
* Fixed directory sorting in directory listings
* Fixed an unnecessary disconnect on file not available
* Fixed missing write buffering
* Added drag-drop of directories onto the shared dirs view (thanks trem)
* Added option for specifying max hashing speed
* Updated installer to optionally create a backup of the settings when upgrading
* Changed to a more convenient observer implementation (no, not a functor (or so
mething more fancy) based one)
* Fixed an invalid XML file list crash
* Copy address to clipboard from public hub list (thanks joakim tosteberg)
* Changed to IEC binary multiple units (MiB, KiB etc)
* GETSETREF templetized (thanks farcry)
* Small files size increased to 64KiB
* Op's that use a client that supports minislots always get a minislot (for smal
l files / xml file lists),
regardless of how many minislots are already taken.
* Matching by name removed for queue items with a TTH root (for autosearches)
* Autosearch is done by TTH for queue items that have a root
* Removed GetTestZBlock (no more safe/compressed transfers from old clients)
* Added support for automatic user command clearing (code 255) (thanks sedulus)
* User country shown in ip field (thanks pofis)
* Automatic search matching is now done exclusively by tth for those items that
have a TTH root and
by exact filename for those that don't.
* Dropped support for bzip2 file lists
* Show joins parts for fav users only option added (thanks psf8500)
* Added possibility to log hub status messages (thanks naga)
* Removed full-row-select option (blame garg)
* Added possibility to drag-drop tabs (thanks trem)
* Added toggles for transferview showing (thanks trem)
* HTTPS added as chat click link (thanks naga)
* Autoconnect postponed if no nick has been set (thanks sed)


Various unix compile fixes (thanks christer palm)
Fixes for IEC in settings pages (thanks slowmo)
Remove multiple directories from share (thanks slowmo)
Added executable TTH to about box (for reporting bugs)
Changed exceptioninfo.txt format to prepare for automatic crash logging
Added download by TTH root instead of share path. This feature enables
the downloading client to find the file even if the uploader has reorganized
its share.
Fixed number formatting in search and queue frames (thanks slowmo)
Workaround for WTL75 bug with menus (thanks garg)
.mkv and .flac added as file formats (thanks garg)
Added warning about non-shared files with $ in them (thanks garg)
Fixed a rare deadlock when autosearching
Search by TTH greyed out for items that don't have a TTH root (thanks slowmo)
Added default menu items to finished frames (thanks slowmo)
TTH leaves (TTHL) exchanged between capable clients to verify data integrity
Fixed a disconnecting bug caused when $UGetBlock and $GetZBlock are given an
unknown number of bytes to send

-- 0.401 2004-03-28 -* Fixed the dupe file issue
* Hopefully fixed the dupe op issue
* Rephrased remove dupes option (thanks garg)
-- 0.400 2004-03-27 -* Fixed escape in user commands (thanks garg)
* Probably fixed search frame hang
* Exact size in queue frame (thanks cologic)
* Ip in search frame (thanks cologic)
* Small fix to transfer view sorting (thanks naga)
* User commands in transfer view (thanks naga)
* Extra logging in main status bar (thanks garg)
* Option not to bold queue tab (thanks garg)
* Option not to send unknown /-commands (thanks garg)
* Hopefully fixed some encoding issues with the xml filelist
* Hashing is now mandatory (stop whining, it was only meant to be optional in 0.
* Match files now works correctly with TTH's in queue
* Hub name more or less correct on TTH results in search frame
* Added search by TTH to queue frame
* Large speed improvement in user list loading when lists sorted on user name
* Fixed inverted ratio of uploads
* New icons in window menu (thanks garg)
* SFV failure message (thanks garg)
* Bolds for defaults in some menus (thanks garg)
* Fixed random filelist crash
* Performance improvement in background match queue
* Dupe file check done by TTH value
-- 0.307 2004-03-10 -* Experimental release, lots and lots of core code has changed => high fatal bug
* Fixed full name being displayed in user commands with submenus
* Bloom filters dramatically improve cpu efficiency on incoming searches (if you
have a large share)
* Auto match results shown in status bar
* Added option to match autosearch filenames exactly to further avoid the wrong
file being downloaded (default on)
* End of zlib transfer test period, semantics slightly changed ($GetTestZBlock > $GetZBlock, $Sending changed)

* Speed increase when loading shares with many files of the same size (thanks fa
* Added file hashing, turn it off in advanced settings (experimental)
* Merkle trees and tiger hashing added for TTH hash support
* Compression totally rewritten, should also fix a few minor issues
* Compression (GetZBlock) and hashing (TTHSearch) is advertised to hubs through
$Supports, I advise hubs to advise
its users to keep at least hashes on so that searching by hashes will work eff
iciently (as it's only useful if
all clients on the hub support it).
* Fixed bug where no/invalid file listing would be written if there was no disk
space (the old one is used now
* XML File lists that contain hashes if available, and support full utf-8 names
(correct viewing is not guaranteed,
but download should work)
* Upgraded to zlib 1.2.1 (thanks garg)
* Extra column for hub in transfer list (thanks naga)
* Copy nick to clipboard in transfer list (thanks naga)
* Files starting with a '.' are no longer shared if hidden files are not shared
* Fixed a minor memory leak when an invalid search result is returned (exploitab
le minor security issue)
* Slight speedup of file list loading
* File IO rewritten (major change)
* Rollback no longer depends on buffer size
* /rebuild rebuilds the hash database and potentially reduces the size of the ra
w hash data file (also checks
its integrity)
* Ip column in transfer list (thanks cologic)
* Scrollbar for multiline messages (thanks garg)
* Fixed an issue with icon transparencies (thanks garg)
-- 0.306 2004-01-09 -* Fixed an issue with UNC paths (those starting with "\\")
* Changed autosearch so that it only searches if less than 5 sources are online,
this should stop galloping
filelist downloads as well
* Upgraded to WTL 7.1, should fix a few UI issues
* Fixed brightness of compressed transfer progress bars
* Fixed a crash with badly formatted compressed transfer requests
* Some work on memory managment, dramatically improving DC++'s behaviour with la
rge queues / shares
* Auto-match queue is only done on exact match
* Fixed a bug in the compressor that may have caused compressed uploads not to f
inish and/or 100% cpu
* The sound part of partially corrupted queues is now recovered
* When opening a file list from search results, the file's directory is automati
cally shown
* An extra buffer flush is done to ensure that file lists are fully written to d
* Readme automatically shown for new users (thanks johnny)
* Filename is shown on transfer error (no slots etc) (thanks ciber)
* Ctrl-tab order is now the standard last-seen
* Added support for user command menu subitems (add a '\' to the name)
* Fixed locale setting bug
* Added option to automatically add items to queue from ADL search (thanks twink
* Fixed share sizes not being updated with the "share hidden" box (thanks thepar

* Directories with '$' in the name are no longer shared (they can't be downloade
* Favorite users can now have descriptions
* Added filesize and filesizeshort to search frame %[...] macros (thanks gadget)
* Added option not to log filelist transfers
* Fixed some issues with being / not being op
-- 0.305 2003-12-04 -* Fixed disappearing queue items bug
* Fixed displaying of upload compression in progress bar
* Added compression ratio column and %[actualsize] and %[actualsizeshort] to log
formats available
* Fixed doubled name when downloading directories from search frame
* Fixed a mem leak for safe transfers
* Fixed a crash during downloads
* Fixed speed problems with user list
* Added "open download directory" to file and tray menu
* Shift-clicking tab will close window (thanks twink)
* Added support for $UserIP, %[ip] as user command parameter and server side ip
detection (automatically used
if the ip field in settings is blank)
* Transfer bar colors updated and user-configurable (thanks garg)
* Fixed possibility to share same folder twice (thanks theparaniodone)
* Fixed translations of kick & redirect user
* Fixed missing subdirs when moving directories in the queue
* Really fixed hublist space trimming =)
* Added ".wmv" and ".ogm" as video extensions
* Fixed some issues with same-named fav users
* Fixed small mem leak in fav users
* Max download slots default changed to 3
* Max 3 slots more than max download slots are used for highest priority downloa
* Added option to automatically download filelist and match it on autosearch mat
ch. This will dramatically speed up
autosearching, lessening the strain on the hubs as less searches have to be do
* Added accelerator for filtering in public hubs (thanks garg)
* Fixed some translations (thanks ciber)
* Added "downloaded bytes" to queue (thanks ciber)
* Fixed refresh file list from main menu
* Switched user and filename column in search frame so that the image will be at
tached to the correct column (thanks
* A few message boxes updated (thanks garg)
* Added supports NoHello, a hub bandwidth easing feature for the hubs that suppo
rt it
* Fixed a problem with matched list downloads not starting
-- 0.304 2003-11-19 -* Fixed missing usercommands (thanks sed)
* Added option not to receive usercommands
* Fixed a bug with bad search result type (hub owners, make sure your users upgr
ade if they use 0.302-0.303)
(thanks saurod)
* Added "$Supports MiniSlots" for other clients to profit from dc++'s free small
files and filelist free slots
(thanks sed)
* Added /getlist command to get users list from chat (thanks twink)
* Added check so that temp directory cannot be added to share list
* Hopefully speeded up hub connect a little

* Fixed transfer view sorting I think, this is how it should be: running downloa
ds, running uploads, waiting
downloads, waiting uploads
* Fixed missing string (thanks garg)
* Fixed invalid date added formatting
* Fixed trimming of spaces for http downloads (hub list...)
* Fixed a bug in autosearch when using auto search strings (thanks ilkka seppälä)
* Fixed typo in user commands help
* Fixed missing sort arrows
* Added time last seen online to fav users (thanks gargoyle)
* Changed auto-grant slot ui (thanks gargoyle)
* Fixed error removing recently added share directory
* Fixed open folder in finished frames
-- 0.303 2003-11-14 -* Fixed reversed free and open slots in search results (oops...=)...upgrade or y
ou're likely to be banned!
-- 0.302 2003-11-14 -* Added a small menu to the tray icon (thanks orkblutt)
* Added port to hub log files
* Some fixes so that \client will compile better under linux (thanks christer pa
lm, he's working on
a linux version using dc++ as base...)
* Speedups, code cleanup to GUI list handling
* New STLPort again (4.6) (a lot of the match queue crashes are probably STLPort
's fault,
so I'm changing again, to see if the latest is better, + that I changed two li
nes in it)
* Fixed some bugs in the &-translation
* Can be compiled in MSVC 7.1 without stlport, make sure to undefine HAS_STLPORT
in config.h
* Updated the antifrag feature to recover from crashes (thanks distiller)
* Fixed so that tab completion works with multiple [xxx] tags (thanks sed)
* More code cleanup, keep a backup of your queue handy while upgrading, queue co
de extensively
rewritten to ease future changes
* Updates to the autosearch feature
* Added (well, enabled) GetZBlock, a feature that makes all transfers safer by c
hecking CRC's
during the transfer and if possible, compresses. This is an experimental featu
re, and it might
require some extra cpu, so it can be turned off in settings, turning it off wi
ll turn it off for
both up- and downloads. If both users have it enabled it will automatically be
used. Compression
is automatically turned off file files that don't compress well (.rar's for ex
ample), but the extra
CRC check is still done. Safe transfers are marked by a * in the active transf
ers list (I'll think
of something better later on...)
* New, very nice progress bars for the transfers window (thanks citruz)
* Multi-shade progress bars to show how much was resumed and compressed
* Added auto-grant option to favorite users (thanks saurod)
* Improvements of robustness and speed of the XML reader
* Fixed some minor Examples.xml issues ("\\" and "\t" are now correctly shown)
* Fixed a queue crash bug
* Changed transfer view sort order (active downloads, active uploads then connec

fine day perhaps it'll be configurable...)
* Added date added column to queue
* Temporary downloads folder no longer shared
* Fixed a bug where the socks5 proxy was used for http proxy connections (thanks
dan fulger)
* Added command history scrolling using ctrl-up/down/home/end (thanks cologic)
* Fixed match queue crashes
* Fixed sending of unknown '/'-commands to the hub (thanks sedulus)
* Added support for once-per-nick usercommands (and made kick/redirect work like
* Filename and path in finished frames split ut in two columns (thanks twink)
* Fixed NoGetINFO so that it actually doesn't send any getinfo's
-- 0.301 2003-10-28 -* Fixed usercommands in hub frame (kick for example)
* Other fixes to usercommands (thanks sedulus)
* Fixed reading of DCTC file lists I think (haven't tested) (DCTC of course has
to be different
from all other clients and create file lists with multiple directories with th
e _same_ name
for no reason)
* Fixed "open folder" in finished frames
* Added new search for alternates algorithm with possibility to set search strin
g yourself
(thanks saurod)
* Added selection of which hubs to search in (thanks saurod)
* Fixed link opening in some browsers
* Added NoGetINFO extension support
-- 0.300 2003-10-27 -*** WARNING ***
Security update, upgrade unless you want to risk losing files anywhere
on your hd (this is for all versions prior to this one) (thanks fusbar for bri
it to my attention)
*** WARNING ***
* Some code cleanup
* Added vertical tiling of windows
* Nick and password are now taken from favorite hubs on redirect (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a case sensitivity bug in favorite hubs (thanks saurod)
* Locale formatting of exact size in search (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a bug where directories were not correctly returned (thanks saurod)
* Replaced the tab control in the settings with a tree, expect many more setting
s soon
* Fixed a bug when changing priorities from paused
* Reduced transfer view flicker somewhat when sorted by status
* Reconnect time is randomized a little to reduce stress on hub when everyone re
* Small i18n fix in uploads settings (thanks atomicjo)
* Numbers only on search size box (thanks atomicjo)
* Delete multiple favorite users (thanks garg)
* Autocomplete turned off when using shift-tab (to tab between the windows inste
(thanks garg)
* Small fixes (thanks garg)
* Toolbar updates (thanks garg)
* Speeded up match queue a lot (I mean a _lot_)
* Added a network statistics view
* Added tab-specific context menus

* Added support for hub $Supports
* Added hub-sent usercommands
* Usercommands changed to raw in save file
* New %[ parameters in user commands
* &amp; is used to escape the & in chat (currently only escapes when really nece
ssary, i e
| or $ escape is used)
* Added "Match Queue" to various right-click menus
* Internationalised settings (thanks garg)
* Fixed finished frame lockups
* Moved to Visual Studio 7.1, 7.0 project files are available, but won't be main
* Own icon always set to blue (DC++) (thanks atomicjo)
* Edges around the settings (thanks opera)
* Fixed right-click issue in the hub frame (thanks twink)
* Fixed a problem with detecting protocol extensions
* Updates to the queue frame (bugs fixed and smarter when using with multiple dr
* Fixes to zblock sends (thanks sandos)
* Links are opened in a new browser window
* New STLPort again (4.5-1020)
* Increased some buffer sizes to increase high-speed transfer performance
* Added tooltip to hub window status bar that shows last 5 status lines
* /-commands that don't exist are now sent to the hub
* Added /pm
* Added /g to search google
* Added /imdb to search imdb
-- 0.263 2003-09-30 -* Fixed a mouse click crash (thanks sed)
* Fixed so that donating is done in euro's from the help menu (why don't you try
it out? =)
* Port can now be seen in the hub frame title (thanks sed)
* Fixed a major bug with filename case sensitivity (causing strange queue behavi
* Fixed another queue crash bug
* Queue now starts fully expanded (makes sense with smart queues)
* Fixed compiling issue on vc6
-- 0.262 2003-09-24 -* Added arrows and tri-state sorting (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a crash with certain queues when opening queue frame
* Fixed a bug in the search frame not setting b/kB/MB correctly when searching f
or alternates
* Fixed bad loading of menu translations
* Fixed tag not being removed when someone turns it off
* Added connection flooding protection
* Fixed a bug with file extension being cut off when moving files in certain win
dows setups (I think, not tested)
* Small fix to ip detect code (thanks fusbar)
* Fixed a file read crash
* Fixed so that DC++ correctly returns hub port in search results (thanks sed)
* Now correctly reacts to multiple $Hello's with own nick
* When moving items in the fav lists, items are scrolled into view if moved outs
ide the window
* Added "View as text file" option when downloading files (only shows the first
32k though...)
* Made it possible to compile using the stl supplied in msvc 7.x, it's untested
though, and I won't maintain it

(I just wanted to see if it works)
* Already existing files are prioritised when queueing
* Changed so that files are downloaded in alphabetical order when first added (t
his makes opening large user file
lists a little bit slower)
* Upgraded to STLPort 4.5.0725 (should be compatible with msvc 7.1)
* Fixed right-click menu in hub frame when the username comes last on a line (th
anks sed)
* Added stored password sent notification when connecting to favorite hubs
-- 0.261 2003-07-15 -* Fixed user list problems
* Fixed a queue frame crash
-- 0.26 2003-07-15 -* Search for alternates now sets file type as well (and should work correctly wi
th sizes...)
* Search now returns results for exact size matches on at least/most searches
* Some minor fixes
* Fixed a crash on adding items to the queue
* Progress bar now has different color for selected items
* Added notification for which file was not available for downloading
* Added H: to main window status bar
* Hub developers: Added section about $Supports scheme for client-hub communicat
ion to extensions.txt that
dc++/dch++ will (probably) use to extend the protocol (if it ever happens =).
* Default hub list now points to one that works
* Minor code cleanups
* M:5 in the <++ tag means socks5 mode (this should have worked since 0.20...)
* If no nick is set the settings dialog pops up at startup (to help newbies...)
* Added a smarter queue tree display, to make it less deep
* Fixed downloading of files with ? and * in name
* Fixed downloading of filelists from users with \ in name
* ADLSearch: Added Break on first option and special 'discard' target (see help)
(by henrik as usual)
* Added time left and speed columns to transfer window
* Add to favorite user available from search frame
* <++ tag is now shown in a separate column in the hub frame
* Different tab types are now colored differently (some day I might actually mak
e the colors configurable...)
* Tabs are back at using the system menu font instead of the custom one
* Added tab completition in hub frame, turn it off in advanced settings to get o
ld tab behaviour (it can also
be used as a user search...)
* Added move up/down controls to favorite hubs
* Added options to open the finished downloads and favorite hubs window at start
* Fixed a bug where bad results were being given when searching for directories
-- 0.251 2003-05-28 -* Fixed 100% cpu bug in new search (thanks opera)
* Fixed a bug with queue selection counts (thanks sed)
* Fixed a problem with percents not being escaped correctly in user commands (th
anks sed)
* Added so that you can use time formatting in the away message (%Y, %m ...) (th
anks vladimir marko)
* Added %[file] to search frame user commands (that becomes the current filename
) (thanks sarf)
* Fixed some of the vc6 compile errors/warnings
* ADLSearch: now accepts %[nick] (see help)

-- 0.25 2003-05-20 -Major:
* Implemented a faster substring search algorithm for share and file listing sea
rches (the QuickSearch variant of
* User commands now work from search as well
* Fixed a major bug where queue items without sources were not loaded from disk
on restart
* Fixed slow favorites opening / excessive saving (thanks garg)
* Large speedup in file listing search (QuickSearch + unnecessary processing add
ed earlier removed)
* Added selection size info to queue frame (same as file listing)
* Fixed some crashes when closing windows (and perhaps added some new ones...)
ADLSearch: (by Henrik Engström)
* Keyboard shortcuts.
* Context menu (back again).
* Removed 'Active' column and made it a check box.
* Unified button texts to the rest of DC++.
* Fixed bug with multiple destination directories, some search results only en
ded up in the first of multiples.
* Memory savings for users with many files in share
* Hyperthreading / multicpu users, try again and report back if it works
* Fixed %[hub] in upload log
* Some code cleanup
* Fix for buggy HTTP servers sending Content-Length with wrong case (thanks sand
* Added link to change log in help menu (thanks garg)
* Fixed link to faq (thanks garg)
* Fixed public hub list mouse clicks and reopening (thanks garg)
* Fixed so that "3/4 users offline" can be translated to polish
* Fixed tabbing in search frame
* Added option for not downloading zero-byte files
* Added handling for dchub:// in main chat (opens the hub)
* Fixed a bug with strange nicks causing problems with file list opening
* Fixed a bug with orphaned file lists
* Fixed a bug with socks5 password length (thanks dwomac)
* Double-clicking text selects the word (as in old versions, thanks garg)
* Directories are no longer returned for "at least" searches with bytes > 0 (i e
directory size is assumed 0)
* Fixed another issue with accesses to invalid drive letters (thanks sarf)
* Holding shift during startup (when the main window shows) will disable autocon
necting to hubs
* Fixed user description saving and updating (thanks garg)
* Large files are now moved in a separate thread to avoid losing connection whil
e moving (if using temporary download dir)
-- 0.242 2003-04-19 -* Updated compile.txt with some notes on submitting patches
* Perhaps fixed the multicpu/hyperthreading issue (could someone try and report
to the bug tracker?)
* Various optimizations of the socket code to regain some of the upload performa
nce that some seem to have problems
with (keep in mind that SFV-checking, when enabled, slows things down on the d
ownloading end when a file is checked...)
* Fixed problems with changing active port
* Fixed favorite hub properties saving

* Added option not to send away message to bots (users that have not sent a myin
fo that is...) (thanks sedulus)
* Fixed 302-moved code a bit (thanks sedulus)
* Added match queue feature to the file listing window. This will take every fil
e in the file listing and see if there
is any matching file in the queue (exact filename & size match). Every match w
ill then be added to the queue as an
extra source. Depending on your queue size and the number of files in the list
ing this might take some time to do...
* UI updates to ADLSearch (by Henrik Engström)
-- 0.241 2003-04-01 -* Made the XML parser a bit more robust against bad XML data (to avoid embarassi
ng situations such as the last one...)
* Favorite users and hubs are now saved on edit instead of on exit.
* Added support for "302 file moved" for hublist downloads (thanks sedulus/sand
* Fixed error reporting for hublist download
* Same server but different port is now properly considered a different hub (tha
nks sedulus)
* Last entered parameter for user commands is now remembered (%[line:...])
* VC6 projects files brought up-to-date
* Added a DLL to the installation procedure to make sure we get good debug info
under older windows versions (research
by garg)
* Fixed attempt to access f: I think (it seems that the debug info generator tri
es to access f: when dc++ crashes,
because microsoft compiled their stuff from f:...untested, I don't have any f:
* Update to some confirmation dialog (thanks garg)
* Partially changed back to the 0.233 code for uploads (since the new one seems
to cause upload performance problems)
* The queue is now only bolded when an file is finished.
* Added away indicator in the main status bar (thanks garg)
* Added finished uploads frame (thanks garg)
* Added finished bold disable option (thanks garg)
* Minor adjustments to the sort order
* Added anti-fragmentation feature. When downloading, it creates a file of the e
xpected target size with unspecified
content. If the download fails, the file is truncated to the size DC++ thinks
it has downloaded, and
resume should work fine. If DC++ crashes, you'll lose the whole downloaded par
t + any resumed part as well, as
there's no way to know how much valid data there is in the file. Disabled by d
* Added a few keyboard shortcuts here and there
* Fixed bug with SFV retrying (files will now properly be retried _once_ beforer
a source is discarded)
* The maximization state of the inner windows is now remebered, default to maxim
ized first time.
-- 0.24 2003-03-11 -* The splash screen is now correctly centered (we thank Vladimir Marko for this
important patch =)
* Added ADLSearch, a new search filter for browsing files, submitted/made by Hen
rik Engström.
* Local ip handling improved, so that a per-hub ip is used if nothing is entered
in the active field (good for
people who connect to local hubs or through different network cards)
* You can now use $ and | in the chat. DC++ uses the HTML standard &#36; and &#1

24; to replace them...some people
might not like this because it's different than the escape sequence used in th
e lock, but I prefer a standard way
of escaping that's not limited to numbers below 999...later on, perhaps I'll a
dd full &-escaping support so that
people will be able to send all kinds of strange characters. The same escpace
sequences are used in the description
and email.
* Incoming connections are now handled in a completely different, more effective
way (one thread less...). This could
perhaps help with the multicpu/hyperthreading issue, but I doubt it...
* Fixed a crash-at-exit in the debug build
* Fixed a bug causing missing search results (thanks opera)
* Another go at the case insensitive string comp bug (tried with a queue file th
at was reported not to work so...)
* Added custom per-hub user description to favorite hubs (thanks garg)
* Some code cleanup and minor fixes
* Updated H: tag. It now looks like H:x/y/z where x, y, and z are normal, regist
ered and op hubs respectively. It
is updated roughly once a minute, but if you're disconnected, the count won't
go down until the window is closed
(i e hubs you're trying to reconnect to count as well, to avoid too many updat
es being sent to the hub). Also,
note that there's a problem with the op count. All op's will first be counted
as registered users, and then,
when they're fully logged in the count will be updated. This is a protocol lim
itation and there's not much to
do about it (although, most of the time you shouldn't notice, if the hub sends
the op list fast enough...). This
release also fixes a bug where the count was not correctly updated across all
* To avoid confusion when receiving text pasted from the chat, "- " is inserted
whenever a line starts with '<' or
'[' in the main and private chat (so that it won't look like somebody else is
writing a message)
* I think you can now use %-shortcuts in the nick when specifying user commands
(%[line:] does not work tho...)
* Doubled interval between autosearches (2 minutes now, and 60 between each rese
arch of the same file), this to
ease the bandwidth load on busy hubs
* Favorites, users and user commands are now saved to a separate file. The old o
nes will still be loaded for a
few versions...
* Added info about current directory/selection to the file listing browser
-- 0.233 2003-02-24 -* Back to normal...
* Fixed a small bug with disappearing tray icon (thanks vladimir marko)
* Fixed a major bug in the case insensitive string compares resulting in 100% cp
u/crashes in certain cases
(specially with filenames that contain international characters). This should
also fix sort problems
and perhaps some search problems as well...
* Fixed some problems with file lists not refreshing correctly when they were be
ing downloaded at the same time.
* Added option to disable the hourly automatic share refresher
* Fixed another Finished Files crash -- now it *should* work, I actually tested
it once this time...
* Fixed a "dc++ would not shutdown" bug (thanks garg)
* Fixed another thing with hub lists being unnecessarily downloaded (thanks garg

* Fixed a bug with opening faulty .bz2 file lists (thanks who)
* Fixed a bug with whole descriptions not being visible in the settings
-- 0.232 2003-02-14 -* Fixed a bug when temp download directory was missing '\' in the end
* Fixed another crash when disk full bug
* Files containing $'s are no longer added to share (can't be downloaded later o
n...) (this is a protocol limitation)
* Changed the "download whole directory" back to the old way of working (see 0.2
3 notes), it turned out that i didn't
like it and neither did anyone at the forum seem to do...maybe I'll think of s
omething better later on...
* Fixed the move file thing (properly this time, I hope)
* Fixed edit boxes being enabled when option was not in logs&sound settings (tha
nks garg)
* Fixed "add shared directory" modality (thanks garg)
* Fixed finished files crash
* Added an icon for the finished downloads to the toolbar (thanks garg)
* The main icon now contains a 48x48 icon as well (thanks garg)
* I hope the owner of the picture doesn't sue me / mind =)...
-- 0.231 2003-02-04 -* Minor speedup in the string tokenizer (silly...)
* Fixed missing search results when searching without type (fix also provides a
tiny speedup when being searched)
* Fixed a silly assertion fault in the debug build
* Fixed the single file move crash (together with "wrong file moved", same bug)
* Fixed so that a user won't be granted a slot when using a "free" slot if disco
nnected because of the
autodisconnect feature (thanks garg)
* The tab control now supports more than one row
* In the tab chevron menu, those windows that have updated (that would have been
bold) now have a dot
* The download queue tab now goes bold if something about the queue has updated
(download finished/added/failed/etc)
* The message edit box in the hub and pm windows now uses the font selected in t
he settings
* The finished files frame now goes bold when new items are finished
* Fixed some of the problems when not viewing the directory tree in the queue. T
here might be some bugs left tho,
haven't tested...
-- 0.23 2003-01-30 -* New release policy, I'll wait a few days with the "new version" nag, just to s
ee if a release is ok (doesn't have
any fatal bugs in it). If you want to be on the bleeding edge, either subscrib
e to the release notification on
sourceforge or check it every now and then. The same goes for the link on http
:// (i e the download
will only be available from in the files
* Removed the -Debug zip file. The debug information is now included in all publ
ic releases of DC++, this to rid
the debug forums of crash reports with missing debug information. There are no
performance penalties from having
the debug symbols, they are loaded on demand (and if you're really deperate fo
r disk space, you can remove the .pdb
file). This of course makes the distribution download a bit bigger, an unfortu
nate side-effect...

* Fixed a bug in the uninstaller (it didn't remove DCPlusPlus.pdb if installed)
* Fixed a bug with the user commands (PM didn't work)
* Some fixes to queue moving (moving to targets that already exist in queue now
adds the sources of the old file
to the existing target instead of just ignoring them...)
* Changed the way "download whole directory" works. It now downloads the files d
irectly to the directory you've
chosen, i e if you download the directory "mp3" to "x:\down" all files from "m
p3" will end up in "x:\down"
instead of "x:\down\mp3". This makes it easier to add files when somebody's ch
anged the directory name but not the
filenames (common with rar/ace sets). If you download to the default download
directory, the directory is created
(i e "default\mp3" in the example). Now I only have to decide whether I like t
his change or not...
* Cleanup of the VC7 Project files
* The number of uploads slots is now shown as negative if it exceeds the specifi
ed number of slots (because of autoopen or granting). We'll see how long it takes until someone reports this as a
* Added ability to set default away message (hm...perhaps this should use the la
st message set?)
* Redesigned the appearance dialog a bit (like the advanced options now)
* If DC++ receives "banned" during the login phase, it'll stop automatically rec
onnecting (n�jd nu, nev? =)
* The splash screen no longer shows on the task bar (avoids flicker when loading
is fast) and is not topmost (use
alt-esc instead of alt-tab to switch to it if you lose it...and it can't be an
option because it's shown prior to
any settings being loaded).
* Hublist is no longer loaded in the background by default when starting the app
* Fixed some proxy connection problems for the hublist (thanks Ondrea (or is it
Ondra or Ondrej? =))
* Disabled automatic opening of the hublist. You can reenable it in the settings
(this is to save some
bandwidth on the hub list servers).
* The hublist has been re
placed by (the same, but bzip
ped, sourceforge didn't like
the load on their servers...)
* Fixed a bug when returning compressed file search results
* Changed the way string compares are done, this should fix the sorting and sear
ching problems with different
charsets. All string compares are now done based on the user's locale, so sear
ching users that use a different charset
might yield unexpected results.
* Automatic search now searches with type if possible (to ease the load on clien
* Fixed a disk full crash
* Added "Close all disconnected hubs" to the Window menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhed
* Added /favorite to pm window to add user as a favorite user (/fav also works)
(thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added /favorite to hub window to add hub to favorite hubs (/fav also works) (t
hanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added "Grant slot" to transfers right-click menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added "Add to favorites" to transfers right-click menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhed

* Added "Open folder" to finished downloads frame (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Performance increase in search 1: When somebody searches with a type (document
, video, etc), directories that
don't contain the specified type are not searched. If people use search types
a lot, this should be a significant
improvement. To make this work out good, keep different file types in differen
t directories, and smaller parts of
your share will be searched. This will work better when more people have updat
ed their clients so that autosearch
uses types as well.
* Performance increase in search 2: Words frequently searched for are filtered o
ut earlier in the search, so that
only directories that contain a specific word are searched. This is based on t
he observation that a lot of the
contain either their suffix (mp3 or avi for example), or some other frequently
searched words. By only searching
directories that for sure contain one of these words, we eliminate a lot of us
eless searching. In this first
implementation, the list of words is static, but later on I'll add dynamic ada
ption, so that it's really only the
most frequently words that make it to the list (thanks to Vladimir Marko for i
dea and research, to find out more
see his post on in Protocol Alley (perfincrease
1 is based on the same kind of thinking))
* Fixed the hourly automatic share refresher (this is done with a low priority t
* Highest priority downloads are now always started (even if the exceed the spee
d & max downloads limits), this way
important files, file lists and small files always get downloaded...(uhm, this
might have the side effect that a
list download might disconnect another slot if a file change for the other one
occurs during the list transfer...
if this becomes a problem, I'll look into it "later" =) (completely untested..
.hope it doesn't break downloading =)
-- 0.22 2003-01-05 -* The forums are up again! On a new address though,
* Added nice installer. It's big because it comes with the debug info, if you ju
st want a zip as in the old versions,
you can find it on
* Fixed a bug with files being added to the queue without target directory. This
caused quite a lot of strange
behaviour ranging from hang at startup to empty queues and crashing deletes. H
opefully, I fixed it proper,
but rereport the bugs if you still have problems...
*** WARNING ***
If you upgrade to 0.22, all old queue items that are missing a directory in th
target file-name will be removed. Don't upgrade if your queue is precious to y
ou, and you didn't have anything
in the default download directory box in the settings (finish it with version
or edit your queue.xml file and add a directory to all targets without...). (t
hanks fusbar for finding it)
*** WARNING ***
* Added so that only files with the same extension are visible in the download t
o menus (this was actually done in 0.21

but I forgot to write it down...=)
* Fixed a bug where dc++ would stop listening to incoming connections, causing c
onnection timeouts in active mode
* Right-click menu now works for all nicks (even outside < and >)
* Fixed width of some status bars when font size differs from mine (I think...wh
y would anyone want to change anyway? =)
* Fixed height of edit controls when font size differs from mine
* Added the hub the user was last connected to to the finished downloads.
* Added hub to the logging (see readme for available parameters)
* Fixed a bug in speed calculation in the finished downloads frame (for resumed
* Last known hub is now shown in pm window when user goes offline
* Progress bars can now be disabled in the advanced settings
* Added user-customizable right-click menu commands to the hub windows (to send
commands to hub bots)
* Advanced settings dialog remade a bit
* Fixed missing default setting for default download directory, making a lot of
queue items miss a target directory =)
* Fixed case sensitivity in search right-click menu
* Fixed crash when opening file lists
* Added on-the-fly SFV checking, enable it in the advanced settings. Failed file
s are removed and requeued.
* Added sfv parameter to the logging (for full list, see readme.txt) and finishe
d files frame
* Fixed startup crash when settings file was incorrectly saved (unfortunately, t
his makes you lose your settings tho)
* Fixed vc6 project file (zlib wasn't in the dependencies...come on guys, this m
uch you should be able to figure out)
* If you're translating and find any untranslated string or have problems becaus
e something can't be done in your
language (strange plurals?), add it to the bug report...(settings excluded)
-- 0.211 2002-12-26 -* Oops, forgot to remove the transfer slowdown code when I was testing the progr
ess bars...=)
-- 0.21 2002-12-26 -* Some DLLs are now delay loaded, speeding up startup and initial memory usage a
tiny little bit
* Fixed so that the default copy-menu appears when rightclicking outside a nickn
ame in the hub chat
* Added "copy nickname to clipboard" to the hub chat right click menu
* Fixed a directory searching bug (no directory search results when hubname cont
ained a space...*sigh*) (thanks xeroc)
* Fixed returning of own search results (oops, some debug code left...)
* More work on the queue internals (should hopefully fix the bug when an item is
reported as running even though it's
* Fixed some issues with 0-byte files in the queue (an unnecessary disconnection
* More work on the queue window; File lists now have a separate folder, fixed vi
ewing of right-click menus so that
they only show the commands that actually work depending on selection count.
* Fixed / Improved the sorting of the transfer status. It is now always sorted a
s running downloads connecting downloads - uploads (unless you flip the sort order...doh!)
* Added beautiful progress bars to the transfers area (hej ullis =)
* Added exact byte size to the search window
* Fixed a bug with directory downloading from other dc++ users (that use the .bz

* Incomplete file lists are now deleted on failure.
* Fixed the socks resolve setting bug (somebody will have to try the DNS resolut
ion itself though...can't do)
* Added "no-tree-mode" to the queue. The queue window then shows the full list o
f queueitems (if possible,
the number of items it can show depends on your operating system)
* The search window now uses non-colored icons (system or dc++), I didn't like t
he coloring anyway, will think
of something better later on...
* Some minor changes to the settings dialogs...preparing for making translation
* Fixed port changing bug (DC++ would still listen to the old port until restart
* Added debug-build-type error reporting to the release builds as well. Now, if
supported by the OS, dc++ will emit
a useful bug report whenever it crashes. If you have a lot of problems with dc
++ crashing, you should download
the debug information from, and then,
when reporting the bug, include
the generated "extenedinfo.txt" file. Do not report the crash unless you have
this file and have downloaded the
debug information file.
The extended tracing code is in part written by Zoltan Csizmadia (zoltan_csizm
[email protected]), found it on
some web site. (
* Added moving of files in the queue (experimental)
* Fixed bug when a '\' was not added to the temp downloads directory
* Right-click menu works for joins and parts as well now (changed the format of
the join/part message =)
* Fixed a lockup bug (transfer speeds would not update among other things...)
-- 0.20 2002-12-06 -* Collective thanks to all who have donated $$$ to me, I didn't think people wou
ld do it, but they
actually have, amounts ranging from $1 to $200...keep 'em coming =) (keep in m
ind tho that paypal steals 30 cents
and some percentage (4 i think) from me when you pay with a credit card). Oh,
I think you can also donate in
� (euros) now, which is, of course, my preferred currency =)
* The forum and are currently down for maintenance, and the owner i
s waiting for new network equipment.
I would open an alternative forum if I could get the old posts, but because al
l network connections to the server are
broken it's difficult to get the old posts out of it for the moment (physical
access to the server is somewhat
limited). For the most desperate ones, I opened a new conference on sourceforg
e (where the old forums were) that
you can use, or if you feel like it, try one of the forums that people have pu
t up on their own (I won't read
them though, don't have time). Anyway, lichlord should be up soon I hope...
* This release is completely untested (more or less, i'm in the third world (ita
ly...amazing that this country made
it to the G7, and is still actually there...)), and is most problably not very
stable. If it crashes, I don't
want to know about it unless you're using the debug version (that most probabl
y doesn't work with w98), that
generates an exceptioninfo.txt file. If you report a crash bug ("unhandled exc
eption"), make sure you include
this file in the report, otherwise it's a waste of your time writing and my ti
me deleting. I do not recommend

this version for those who are comfortable with 0.181...
* I've decided to clear the bug and feature request forum of all posts, regardle
ss of whether they have been
fixed/implemented or not, because of the ridiculous amount of duplicates. I ap
ologize to those that made valid, new
fresh and interesting requests, but because of all double-posting idiots, I ca
n't keep up with things. I've tagged all
the closed requests as "out of date", and I kindly ask the original authors to
reopen their posts if they still
consider them valid and non-duplicate. You can find them by browsing for close
d posts. Also, before posting a feature
request, check that the feature is not already implemented (by looking in the
settings for instance). It is not
exactly a sign of intelligence to suggest features that already exist...and th
ere seems to be an alarming number of
stupid people out there...
* The CVS is not up to date (because of the retarded firewall at my school...)
* Clicking on a users name with ctrl pressed opens a pm window (thanks opera)
* Clicking on a users name with shift downloads the users file list (thanks oper
* Right-clicking on a name in the chat will bring up the user menu (thanks opera
* Fixed a bug in the startup procedure resulting in a crash sometimes
* Fixed bug that window size was set to 0 when dc++ was turned of while being mi
nimized, resulting in "missing
dc++ window" on startup
* Added socks5 support (more or gssapi support), works like passive mo
de. M:5 means socks5 in the <++ tag.
(No, I won't be adding socks4 as it doesn't support UDP forwarding)
* Myinfo is now sent out roughly every 1-2 minutes if something has changed hubcount-wise (was 10-20 min before)
* Added directory downloading (from the search window, unfinished, not sure if i
t works, experimental,
kids, don't do it at home, dangerous...)
* Fixed some random bugs and very uncommon memory leaks
* Fixed the ordering in the right-click menus so that "browse" and recent dirs a
ppear first
* Added directory (folder) searching
* .ogg and .wma are now returned when someone searches for audio files
* .txt and .nfo are now returned when someone searches for documents
* .divx is now returned when someone searches for videos
* .gif and .jpg (!) are now returned when someone searches for pictures (oops, m
ust have missed them
when reverse engineering the original .exe...=)
* Note; the extended search results only work if the client being searched is a
new dc++...
* Improved XML handling (much less memory used on queue load)
* Speeded up queue save a lot, shouldn't take any notable amount of memory eithe
r (for those with large
(10000+ files) queues), although if you have a queue that large you should per
haps consider your queuing
* Added total bytes and average speed to finished downloads window
* A random free port between 1025 and 32000 is now used in active mode, unless a
port specifically has been set. This
port is changed on every restart to avoid problems with networks where traffic
on certain ports is limited or
banned. If you have a firewall that requires a certain port to be used (incomi
ng traffic), go to the settings
and set it (your best pick is a random one in the above noted range) (setting

not kept from previous version).
DC++ requires that both TCP and UDP data can reach the client on this port. To
find out the ip/port currently
in use, type /connection in a hub window.
* Failed downloads are now not put at the beginning to avoid having partial unfi
nished downloads
* The queue window now has a tree instead of a list to the left
* Added a common controls version check to rid the support forum of (at least so
me of the) stupid questions
* Spaces are now trimmed from most ip addresses
* Added O: in the <++ tag, it means that the user is using the speedautoopen slo
t feature, and the number is the kb/s
setting. IMHO this is a much better way of measuring the whole slots thing, an
d in future releases S: may become
optional if the min upload speed feature is turned on (a good topic for the dc
++ forums...). Uhm, in other words,
if the current total upload speed of a user is lower than the number after O:,
dc++ will automatically open another
* Some internal changes in the queue handling (might cause trouble, untested)
* The notepad content is now saved in a file called "Notepad.txt" in the dc++ ma
in directory instead of the xml file
* Fixed the file search and made it search a bit more accoring to the sort order
* Fixed so that the same string won't be added to the recent searches list
* Queue is now indexed by a map instead of a hash resulting in slightly more cpu
use (if you have a huge queue)
but queue is ordered accoring to filename to avoid partially downloaded direct
ories (when saved, queue is now sorted
by target location and will be downloaded in that order when reloaded from dis
* Fixed so that focus is correctly set to the message input edit box in the hub
chat window when changing back to dc++
* Recreates filelisting if it's missing on request from another user (if it's be
en deleted that is...). This effectively
stops the "delete filelist"-cheat.
* Added automatic disconnection of uploads if a user leaves the hub. This is a s
omewhat controversial feature
that disconnects any uploads to a user if the user leaves the hub (or is kicke
d...). If an upload is cancelled
in this way, a free slot is granted to the user being kicked, in case that the
user was unwillingly disconnected
from the hub and returns within 10 minutes. This effectively prevents the "jum
p into hub, start a bunch of downloads,
and exit the hub"-cheat, without the cheater being able to do anything about i
t. It is off by default, turn on in
the settings.
* Alt-S sends a message in the chats
* The PM window now correctly shows when a user goes on/offline and doesn't send
the message if the user is offline
(so that you don't lose it from the edit box)
-- 0.181 2002-08-12 -Fixed a nick changing bug
Fixed some vc6 project build settings
Fixed some minor vc6 compatibility issues
Fixed some issues with invalid filenames (names containing invalid characters,
should also fix
the file downloaded but missing from the download directory error) (thanks Kyr
re Aalerud)
* Added so that the user name appears at top level of the directory tree in the

browse file list window
so that directory totals for the top directories can be seen, untested, might
cause problems but shouldn't...
* Main window state (maximized and so on) and size are saved on exit (and restor
ed I think =)
* Kick messages are now correctly filtered (even when status line in chat settin
g is on)
* Fixed an issue with very long path names (win9x can't handle path names longer
than 260 chars),
these will now generate an error
* Fixed the speed display of very fast transfers (>4 mb/s)
* Fixed a bug where a bad file list could cause dc++ to crash
* Fixed the loading of list view column orders
* Added so that doubleclicking on usernames in the main chat (<nick>) will selec
t the user in the user list
* Added so that doubleclicking words starting with http://, www. and ftp:// will
open the link
* Fixed a bug with bad hublist server names (empty ones, not starting with http:
* Added WM_ENDSESSION handling so that the queue and settings are saved when shu
tting down the computer
* Added auto-away on minimize option
* Fixed restoring window to maximized state after minimizing to tray
* Added a "small send buffer" option that should help users that are having down
load problems when others leech
from them...basically, this makes the outgoing packet size smaller (1k instead
of 16k), leaving more bandwidth
for acks to flow also makes sending less efficient, specially for
high bandwidth users, so don't
turn it on unless you have to...hard disk reading performance will be worse as
well with this option enabled...
* Added paypal-donate menu option to help
-- 0.18 2002-07-01 -Added a finished downloads window
Added temporary download directory option
Added support for dchub://hubip:port and dchub://hubip:port/nick (will downloa
that users filelist) (partially
by Luca Rota, thanks) (completely untested)
* Sort by slots in search is now secondarily sorted by open slots
* Fixed sort by priority in queue window
* Fixed "don't remove dupes" option
* Improved performance a bit when there were a lot of "no free download slots"
* Fixed missing join messages
* Shift-enter in hub send message instead of adding a newline to the text (use c
trl-enter for newlines)
(because a lot of people can't type properly and keep holding shift when press
ing enter...I hear old (60+)
people often do this...=)
* More changes to the autosearch, it should now be more random and therefore yie
ld better results...
* Old download queues (pre 0.174) are no longer loaded
* Added better error handling on failed downloads
* Added a column to the queue window that shows which sources have failed and wh
* Major changes in the connection queue handling for better stability in the fut
* Added doxygen configuration file. To generate a very nice overview of the dc++
download doxygen ( and graphviz (search google), then check do

for the proper paths, and then type start doxygen in the project directory
* Removed sources are no longed automatically readded by the autosearch feature
* Added option to readd a removed/bad source from the queue window
* Added option to remove a user from all queued downloads from the transfer wind
-- 0.177 2002-06-07 -* Improved performance on "File not available" (connection / slot is now kept)
* Remove source on "File Not Available" is no longer an option. Don't ask why.
* Changed the queue back to the old behaviour, that files are downloaded in the
order they're added (to avoid
having all the smallest files of multiple unfinished directories)
* Fixed some queue random crash bugs
* Fixed the wrong transfer icon bug (I think...)
* Improved overall queue performance (again...=)
* Fixed a small bug that caused some unnecessary traffic to the hub (nmdc works
this way, every time a user logs
on, his info is requested from the hub, but this request is unnecessary as the
info is sent out automatically
to all users, in nmhub v1.0.25 at least...complain if I'm wrong...)
* Fixed the long shutdown time when a _very_ slow transfer was in progress
* Added some other minor bandwidth saving features (only the users that need to
be updated are updated when
reviewing the user list after having closed it for a while)
* More potential connection timeout fixed (go, farcry, go!)
* Fixed some minor client-client protocol issues
* Fixed some more faulty "user offline" errors
* Made autosearch more effective (much less hub bandwidth usage...)
* Added a tiny splash sceen (no gfx, just text...)
* Added a search hit counter to the search spy
* Fixed a small redrawing bug in the tabs at the bottom
* Fixed the sort by slots in search results
* Fixed the slow upload speeds I least it should be a bit better...
* Switched to'll see if it's any good...
-- 0.176 2002-05-26 -Various optimizations of search handling and list sorting for better perfomanc


Fixed a small bug in the search frame
Made "Full row select" default
Fixed some serious random crash bugs
Fixed a w95/98 bug that sometimes caused text not to be displayed
Fixed some socket issues with worthless tcp implementations (read: win95/98/me
that don't provide a decent buffer
Worked some more on the socket handling in general
Fixed a crash when trying to use an invalid %[...] log message
Fixed some issues with online users being reported as offline
Added option to disable the user listing. This saves _a lot_ of CPU, memory an
bandwidth for both user and hub
(Note; this also disables hub share and user totals, as well as connection typ
e in the search)
* Fixed some issues with reloading user lists
* Added so that autogranting upload slots is done with a minimum 30 second delay
(to avoid slot races where everyone
gets a slot before the average upload has adjusted itself...)
* Limited description length to 35 characters (excluding the <++ tag...)
* Changed so that second "/away <msg>" updates the away message instead of disab
ling away mode. "/away"
without message still enables default msg first time and disables away mode se

* Fixed so that only one connection / hub is opened (even when being redirected.
* Fixed a connection timeout bug (thanks farcry)
* Fixed the update speed of a few lists (thanks farcry)
-- 0.175 2002-05-18 -* Fixed a 100% cpu bug (thanks zc...stoopid nmdc hub, sending strange things...)
* Fixed dupe search filter
* Fixed bad total transfers info (you have to edit/remove dcplusplus.xml to make
it display correct values
if 0.174 got it wrong)
-- 0.174 2002-05-17 -* Fixed a tray icon bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
* Fixed a minor search results bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
* Fixed a redirection bug
* Changed so that the average speed is calculated as a running average over the
last 30 seconds (instead of
the whole transfer time...the value in the log file is still a whole file aver
* Added some advanced logging options (log format now customizable)
* Found a bug in the msvc7 optimizer...after a small workaround, my vc7-compiled
build seems quite stable
* Search spammers are now ignored for 2 full minutes before they're given respon
ses again
* Fixed so that multiple search results from the same user are not shown
* Fixed a few case (in)sensistivity issues
* Huge performance increase on large queues with many sources / download
* Changed the order of downloads, smaller files with equal priority are now down
loaded first
* Added two more priorities
* Tray icon is now redisplayed if explorer crashes
* Queue is now saved to a separate file, and updated 6 times as often (old queue
will still be loaded in
this version)
* Fixed some minor hublist bugs
* Fixed unknown error 0x0 (I think...)
* Fixed min speed autogrant slot (was counting bytes instead of kilobytes...=)
* Fixed hidden directory sharing (not sharing...)
* Added a few icons to the search list
* Added some all time stats to the about window
* Fixed some searching issues
* Added quick links to files of the same size when selecting multiple files with
same size in
the search (thanks patbateman)
* Added right-click menu to the directory bar in the download queue
* Fixed a crash when closing dc++
* Added support for dns names in the ip field in the active mode settings (untes
* Users with same nick but on different hubs are no longer added to the queue
* Added an icon for the download queue (thanks zc), more icons to come
-- 0.173 2002-04-29 -* Fixed some minor debug mode bugs
* Fixed some vc7 compatibility issues, but some initial experiments show that th
ere are stability problems
when compiling with optimization on..._STL::list seems to generate a lot of cr
* Fixed win95 missing explorer icons bug (?)

* Fixed the <16kb and file list extra slots bug
* Added some stuff to the search spy (useless features are the best...=)
* Fixed some hub counter issues, and updated the counter so that it only counts
hubs that you've logged in to
at least once (this should lead to a more stable hub count, especially when co
nnecting the first time...)
* Fixed automatic redirect following
* Improved user list performance and fixed a few user list bugs
* Fixed various user and share counting bugs
* Added file searching to directory listings
* Improved the autosearch algorithm a little bit
* Fixed some issues with autoconnecting to favorite hubs
* Changed the way rollback works, it is now more tightly integrated with write b
uffer size. Write buffer
size will now be used as a cutoff, so that the last <writebuffersize> bytes wi
ll be removed and then
<rollbacksize> bytes will be compared to see if it's the same file. Recommende
d values for write buffer
is 64kb or your hard disk cluster size (Low-speed connectees might wish to use
a lower buffer, as it
this many bytes are redownloaded if the file has to be resumed). If you set wr
ite buffering to 0 the old
(pre-writebuffering) routines will be used which are still considered safer (w
hen ++ crashes...).
Recommended rollback is 1024 bytes, or 4096 if you want to be extra safe.
* Fixed search for alternates bug
* Fixed so that dupe searches are not added to the drop-down box
* Fixed some right-click bugs in the tab at the bottom
* Fixed tab click minimization bug when window was maximized
* Added minimize all windows (thanks Anton M)
* Improved viewing performance of most list views (less unneccesary sorting)
* Fixed bzip2 list file opening
* Disabled connecting to oneself. Use "open file list" to see what your share lo
oks like!
* Added so that op:s always can download the file list (regardless of open slots
-- 0.172 2002-04-28 -* Changed so that only bz-lists can be downloaded using the extra slot (since th
ey're smaller...)
* Fixed size column in download queue
* Added last known hub viewing for users that are offline (not saved between dc+
+ sessions, this would take too many resources...)
* Added /-commands to pm windows as well (most of them anyway...)
* Added /grant to pm window
* Added /close to close a window
* Added a very short /help message
* Added latest version to about dialog box
* Fixed windows maximization state change
* Added an option to use system icons when browsing files
* Added support for bzip2-compressed hub list downloading (also, the full hub li
st will only be available in bzip2 format to
ease the load on the dc++ list server)
* Added some info to the tooltip when dc++ is minimized to the tray (stats are f
or transfers only, hub traffic is not counted in...)
* Changed the slots info at the bottom to show free slots instead of taken (to a
void confusion when viewing the search results...)
* Added deleting from search results window (use the delete button on the keyboa
* Added option not to popup a new window for pm:s (message is shown in main chat

instead unless there's already a pm window open)
Added opening of previously downloaded user file lists menu option
Fixed some minor UI issues
Set default sorting to nick in the users list
Fixed a bug that caused some temporary files not to be deleted
Increased number of search results returned when searching in active mode to 1
(instead of 5...10 is much better as you can search
for 10 disks at a time in a rar/ace-set), passive mode is still 5
* Added option to automatically open an extra slot if current upload speed is le
ss than a certain kb/sec
* When sorting users by nick, op's are now put on top/bottom (ascending/descendi
* Added automatic reindexing of file list every now and then...

-- 0.171 2002-04-21 -Fixed version number in changelog and exe-file =)
Fixed downloading bug
Fixed queue frame size column
Fixed favorite users right-click menu
Fixed sort by file type in file list
Fixed missing font settings


-- 0.17 2002-04-20 -* Fixed the disk full crash
* Fixed some minor memory handling issues
* Fixed sorting in the search frame
* Fixed window looks in winxp ugly mode (added manifest file kindly supplied by
* Added right-click menu to the tab control
* Replaced the password dialog by a /-command in the main chat (to avoid problem
s with lost password dialog boxes)
* Changed so that a second "/away" disables away mode (/back is still working)
* File lists are now saved in a separate directory to avoid clutter in the main
dc++ one...
* Added option to send status messages to main chat
* Added option to show joins/parts in main chat, and /showjoins command to toggl
e for the current hub
* Upgraded to new WTL, which should fix a lot of minor UI bugs. This should also
make it possible to compile the application in VC7.
* Fixed a bug where multiple notepad frames were opened
* Source code reorganization, all UI specific code moved to a separate directory
(to ease code maintenance and future unix port)
* Code cleanup, to be more compilant to the ISO C++ / C99 standard
* First test compile with gcc (note; does not mean that I'm porting to linux...t
his is just for fun...lotsa' errors tho...)
* Fixed a potential file corruption issue
* Fixed a bug with write buffer size = 0
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed a bug where logs were not written if log directory was changed and DC++
not restarted
* Some more guessing at the 100% cpu bug...the fact that I never get it doesn't
make it easier...if someone could profile it...
* Fixed some issues with changing nicks while being connected to hubs / users
* Fixed some minor bugs in the incoming connection handling
* Fixed some transfer window reporting issues (a few more details on connection
progress now...)
* Improved the search flood protection a bit
* Removed the public hublist multi-select feature (high abuse factor...)
* Added a file type column to the directory listing
* Fixed some errors in the up/download log

* Updated the queue frame
* Yet more internationalization, everything except the settings dialogs should b
e translatable now
* Improved the formatting of the output XML file
* Improved XML loading speed a lot
* Added a chevron menu to the tab bar at the bottom that shows the missing windo
w tabs
* Added current search string to the title of the search window
* Fixed missing/bad connection type bug
* Fixed some user handling problems (when having the same nick on multiple hubs.
* Added a second "users" string so that translating into finnish will work ok
* Fixed a small bug that might have caused some firewalls to complain (UDP packe
ts were sometimes being sent to port 0)
* Added abilitly to use bzip2 compressed file lists resulting in _a lot_ faster
file list downloads (bzip2 compresses 2-4 times better than
the simple huffman encoding done in nmdc. Note; this requires DC++ >0.164 in b
oth ends and was mainly added to test the protocol extension
scheme, but should be fairly useful for all the low bandwidth people out there
* Added an optional annoying noise when a private chat window is opened and / or
when a pm is received
* Changed the way notepad is saved, old notepad contents will disappear when you
update from older versions
-- 0.163 2002-04-04 -* More internationalization
* Added public hublist filter
* Minor UI fixes
* Changed error messages in public hubs frame
* Fixed some minimize to tray issues (window popping up...)
* Reduced flicker in the bottom tabs when resizing window
* Added simultaneous downloads limit option, as well as max download speed to st
art new downloads
* Added a favorite users frame
* Added proxy support for downloading the hub list
* Fixed a crash when loading invalid hub lists
* Added transfer window sorting
* Fixed kicking the same user multiple times from search
* Added last kick/redirect reason to the search frame as well
* Reordered some of the right-click menus so that "dangerous" options are at the
* Worked some on the cpu bug, should a bit better now...
* Fixed a bug where some data was unnecessarily requested from the hub, causing
a little extra load (thanks dan kline)
* Added some new menu options to the help menu
* Added search spy window with counter
* Added NMDC queue importing (thanks luca rota)
* Added some simple logging, more will probably come...
* Removed option to keep finished downloads in queue (replaced by log...and yes,
the log will be improved later on...)
-- 0.162 2002-03-18 -* Fixed another hub counting bug (this is becoming annoying...gee, I should be s
* Fixed a bug where the kick message was not sent correctly
-- 0.161 2002-03-18 -* Fixed a hub counting bug (this should also reduce the number of redunant descr
iption updates, thus lessening the load on the hub)

* Hopefully fixed the 100% cpu bug (found a very likely candidate at least...=)
-- 0.16 2002-03-15 -* Fixed a resource leak that might have caused the sudden deaths (thanks carxor)
* Added saving of last kick & redirect reasons (and server...)
* Added hub name to the password dialog
* Changed default port to 1412, should improve compatibility with a lot of firew
(that only allow incoming data on port >1024)
* Updated user handling, issues related to diffent users with same nick should w
ork out better now
(also increased performance in user handling) (Major change...)
* Fixed some minor ui bugs
* Added options to ignore or popup messages from bots and other offline users
* Fixed some more minor memory and resource leaks
* Improved incoming search performance, also fixed some minor search result bugs
* Improved general window updating performance (when getting info about users an
d closing windows)
* Should have fixed the scroll problem (although I've never experienced it mysel
* Increased time between kickmsg and actual kick...wonder if it's enough or need
s to be increased more...
* Fixed a bug where files that already existed on the target location were being
added to the queue
* Did some more work on the queue managment to reduce crash frequency
* Improved file transfer perfomance a bit
* Fixed so that priorities are saved / loaded
* Improved rollback buffering, the app now discards the last <rollbacksize> byte
s, and
then checks the <rollbacksize> bytes before that for inconsistensies.
* Fixed so that the correct edit box gets the focus when switching windows
* Fixed a bug with renaming share directory names when refreshing
* Some code cleanup
* Added option to keep duplicate files in the dclist (but their sizes are not ad
ded to the file share total in any case)
* More random crashes fixed
* Added timestamps to private frames as well
* Added possibility to change column order and widths
* Added write buffering to reduce fragmentation when downloading multiple files
* New search window with new search options (file types, free slots)
* A first go at internationalization...many of the texts in DC++ can now be chan
ged by loading a different language XML
* Added some information to the description field, <++ V:x,M:x,H:x,S:x> where V
= client version, M = mode (a=active, p=passive)
H=number of hubs connected to where you're not a registered user, S=number of
slots you have open. This is updated every 10-15 minutes.
* Small performance increase in loading dclists (thanks geoff)
* Added total queue size and number of queue items to the download queue window
* Added path column to download queue
* Added a limit so that only 15 users and 1 op kan be kicked at a time from the
hub user list
* Fixed the download directory name bug
-- 0.154 2002-02-25 -* Added passive user detection, those that are behind a set of bricks are passiv
(detected when the user searches or tries to connect to you)
* Added a primitive search history
* Fixed a slot freeing bug
* Added option to grant extra slots to specific users

* Changed order of kick message sending, to increase the chances of the user act
ually getting the message
* Improved XML loading speed a bit (there's more to be done if necessary...)
* Fixed some XML parser bugs
* The XML is now backed up before writing a new one, so that you don't lose your
queue when ++ crashes
* Added a quick-fix so that the XML file can be displayed in ie...
* Fixed crash when trying to send a message to an unconnected hub
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed default download folder error (when missing '\')
* Fixed multiline posting
* Reworked ip detection once more, should now be able to detect changing ip's as
* Fixed various invalid display bugs in the download queue
* Fixed missing users and bots in the user list
* Upgraded STLport (4.5.3 now...)
* Hopefully fixed the growing threads issue
* Fixed the connection type icon being reported to nmdc users
* Partially fixed the connection timeout bug (++ now correctly shows reconnectio
n attempts...)
* Added chat timestamps (/ts)
* Added exit confirmation dialog (optional)
* Fixed search bug when part of the search string was in the directory and part
of it was in the filename
* Added dupe file removal, files with same name and size are automatically remov
ed from your share
* Fixed another search results bug
-- 0.153 2002-02-11 -* Fixed some potential deadlocks
* Fixed some potential crashes
* Code cleanup, no more level 4 warnings
* New STL (STLport 4.5.1), to improve standards compatibility and stability (maj
or change...)
* Added new favorites properties dialog
* Added possibility to add unlisted hubs to favorites
* Fixed a lot of minor instability issues
* Added a slot counter to the status bar, shows the number of taken slots
* Fixed the memory leak
* Fixed a search bug
* Fixed a rollback bug
-- 0.152 2002-02-07 -* Fixed a queue saving bug (resulting in overwritten resumes...yes, this is _the
_ resume bug...)
* Improved network efficiency and application responsivness
* Started improving the threading, which will result in less crashes.
* Fixed disconnection from hubs at startup
* Hopefully fixed "unknown error 0x2747", please report if you get "Ran out of b
uffer space"
* Fixed circular pm:s (away messages are now only sent once per user when the wi
ndow is opened, and only when he/she initiates the pm session...)
* Hopefully fixed pm away message crashes
* Fixed annoying scroll in hub window (when scolling up to view previous message
* Added option to minimize to tray
* Fixed a connection timeout bug
* Fixed "Get User List" in transfer window crash
* Fixed _some_ of the random crashes
* DCLists are now removed from the download queue even if "keep finished downloa

ds" is set...
* Fixed bug where dc++ continued to try to establish a connection to a user even
though there were no downloads in the queue
* Fixed a bug where connections were not correctly removed from the transfer win
* Added options to disable automatic opening of queue and public hub list window
* Fixed full row select in queue window
* Fixed multiple copies of the same user as download source
* Removed many of the annoying error boxes. The error message now appears in the
status bar.
-- 0.151 2002-02-03 -* Fixed stupid resume file bug (abnormal progam termination...)
-- 0.15 2002-02-03 -* Added a new queue window, to reduce clutter in the transfer window at the bott
* Totally reworked the queue managment code, queue related bugs should now be a
lot easier to find...=)
* Added a check to ensure the minimum 1 slot
* Added option to keep finished downloads in the queue
* Fixed a small error with the rollback
* Fixed incorrect search results for nm search by file type
* Fixed lost slot problem, slots are now kept until the connection is broken (no
te; you do not get a slot for downloading the
dc list, only when you start downloading real files...)
* Fixed another small incompatibility with search results
* Fixed description cheat
* Added download priorities
* Fixed redirect compatibility
* Fixed dns resolution bug (for url:s beginning with a number)
* Added option to filter away kick messages from the chat window
* Fixed a memory leak when reconnecting to hubs
* User list is now cleared upon hub disconnection
* Added /clear in the chat
* Added /away <msg> and /back (no, you don't have to specify an away message, th
ere's a default...)
* Added private message to search window menu
* I've not had much time to test the new features, but hey, that's what I have y
ou users for...=)
-- 0.14 2002-01-26 -* Fixed upload slots bug
* Fixed download resume bug
* Fixed security bug (allowing people to download arbitrary files on the
anx Simon E.)
* Added new settings dialog
* Added client version option
* Added rollback size option
* Added auto-follow redirects option
* Removed some level 4 warnings when compiling
* Almost made compatible with VC++ 7.0 (You still have to change one line in the
WTL to compile due to changes in ATL...)
* Fixed some performance issues with large download queues (the app was doing a
lot of unnecessary saving...). This should also
solve the problems people have had with unsaved settings...
* Corrected transfer list display (Offline/Online users)
* Added search flood detection (If more than 5 searches are received from the sa
me user within 7 seconds, DC++ will send

out a warning)
* Added /dc++, /search <string>, /slots #, /refresh and /join <hub> commands in
the main chat
* Added option to disable clearing of the search box
* Added option to select full rows in all list boxes
* Added option to automatically remove download sources if "File Not Available"
is received
* Fixed close hub window bug
* Hopefully fixed another crash bug
* Added text and background color selection
* Added font selection (Only for chat windows so far...)
* Added option to remove hidden files from share
* Increased the size of the toolbar icons a bit
* Fixed another bug where users could download files that were not shared
-- 0.132 2002-01-21 -* Fixed a bug when downloading tiny file lists (people with 0b share...)
* Removed the empty line in the chat windows
* Set default focus in the chat window to the box where messages are entered
* Fixed aborted uploads bug
* Fixed the add similar directory bug
* Added sound when new private message window opens
* Added hub address to hub frame title
* Added bold text in the window tabs whenever chat text changes...
* Added time stamp to private messages
* Fixed a bug where DC++ was returning bad search results ("At least" was not wo
rking correctly)
* Because of a design flaw in the original dc client, I had to remove the small
files and dc list extra slots
feature for original dc users, but hey, it's their loss really (there's a prob
lem with file listings closing
just because "no free slots" is reported as soon as they try to download)
* Fixed a private message crash
* Added automatic saves every time the download list changes (now you only have
to hope it doesn't crash while saving...=)
* Added notepad (stupid feature really, what's wrong with windows' notepad?) (on
ly visible in menu so far...)
* Fixed missing close button on pm window (I think...can't find a window without
at least...)
-- 0.131 2002-01-20 -Fixed the lock at start bug
Fixed the write to full disk bug (hopefully...)
Fixed a small transfer queue bug
Added an icon for the "follow redirect" thing...will probably change soon...
Added a maximum dc list slots (3 more than currently open slots...)


-- 0.13 2002-01-19 -* Added directory listing sort
* Fixed missing '\\' in the default download directory bug
* Fixed a small bug where search responses sometimes reported -1 free slots
* Fixed "Download to..." bug in search frame
* Fixed some application lockups
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed a bug in the user connection procuedure
* Fixed data corruption bug (in rare cases, dc++ was filling files with "$send")
* Changed the default directory in "Download to..." to the default download dire
ctory (instead of "My Computer")
* Added op commands in search window
* Added "Download to" for each file of the same size already in the download que

* Reorganized transfers menu
* Running downloads are now moved to top of transfer list, and running uploads a
re put at bottom
* Files smaller than 16k and file lists are now downloaded before any larger one
s from the same user
* More work on the multihub feature
* More work on the resume rollback, it should now work a bit better
* Made sure that the settings file is never shared (DCPlusPlus.xml)
* Reworked local ip discovery, hopefully it will work better on machines with mu
ltiple ip's...
* Made sure transfers stop when the disk is full (also added more verbose file e
rror messages)
* Users can now download files <16kb and file lists regardless of free slots (!)
* Readded tooltips for the toolbar buttons
* Added a "Follow last redirect" to the menu (will add to toolbar later on)
-- 0.122 2002-01-16 -* Fixed search bug
* Hopefully fixed download bug, please report...
-- 0.121 2002-01-15 -Fixed resume bug
Fixed rollback bug
Fixed upload slots bug
Fixed some minor download queue bugs
Tried a different approach to the download problems in 0.12. When implementing
different user nicks on different hubs,
I had to change some of the download code to something that I'm not sure will
work with the original client,
that's why you've had so many problems with 0.12. Please remember that this is
still alpha software, and that
I release these versions this frequently so that 1) you have the latest of the
latest and 2) so that I have someone
who does the testing for me to speed up development...anyway, keep on reportin
g them bugs and one day, they will be gone!!

-- 0.12 2002-01-14 -* Improved search efficiency a tiny bit
* Changed default option in the search window to 'At Least'. All files are at le
ast 0 bytes long anyway...
* Added file extension field in the search frame
* Fixed a bug where the application could stop working if a right-button menu wa
s displayed
* Added PM and browse file list to uploads right button menu as well
* Huge performance increase in the user list (most noticeable when connecting to
the hub and getting the initial list...)
* More general ui performance fixes, it should now be a lot more responsive even
when the cpu load is significant
* Fixed empty search fields bug (I hope...)
* Fixed some of the random crashes (major code rewrite, so I might have introduc
ed some new ones...we'll see...=)
* Changed background color to white (or whatever you have as window color), don'
t worry though, soon you'll be able to choose it yourselves...
* Fixed case of connection type strings
* The bots are now visible in the user list (Seems like they don't answer to get
info requests...)
* Added user connection type to search frame
* New icons and colors for the user interface (Thanx mongomaster...)
* Fixed menu bug in NT4, hopefully it works in W95 as well now...btw, I'm consid

ering removing the menu...
* Fixed multiple connections per user bug
* Fixed remove last source bug
* Added list of favorite hubs
* Added right-button menu to Public Hubs
* Added auto-connect feature for favorites
* Added automatic password for favorites
* Added option to use different user names for different hubs (unknown stability
, might work, might not...)
* Added a new developer, peli...
* Changed some of the keyboard shortcuts
* Limited the buffer for the chat windows to 20000 characters, after that it wil
l start removing lines from the top (untested...)
* Added a graphics fellow/developer, mongomaster
-- 0.11 2002-01-08 -* Fixed annoying reconnect bug
* Fixed annoying Private Messaging bug
* Fixed search filtering bug
* Fixed search sorting bug
* Made more compatible with Win95 (Right-button menus should now work there as w
ell...haven't tested though)
* Fixed some other minor bugs
* Resume rollback, DC++ now checks the last 1024 bytes for exact match when resu
ming and aborts the download on failure
* Added a separator between each user in the transfer right button menu (I'll do
something better later on...)
* Added some keyboard shortcuts
* Public hubs automatically appears on startup
* Thanks for all the bug reports and feature request, keep on adding them!
* DC++ will now detect other DC++ users as soon as a connection attempt is made.
..look out for blue icons...=)
-- 0.10 2002-01-06 -Search results sorting
Multiple selections in search results
Removed some diagnostic messages
Default action in search window is now file download, not list download
Only one downloading connection per user now
Removed some download queue bugs
Added basic icons that distinguish op's from normal users
Right-button menu in the transfer list
Responds to incoming searches
Automatic update notification


-- 0.09 2002-01-02 -Right-button menu in search window
Download queue saving
Fixed a nasty download queue bug
Added some transfer statistics
Multiple download sources (Very alpha...)
Fixed some problems with case insensitivity in filenames


-- 0.08 2001-12-27 -Private messages
Right-button menues
OP / Registred user login (with password)
OP Commands (Kick, redirect)
Optimized file listing (a lot faster now...should barely notice it unless it's
a _very_ large list)


* Optimized shared files compression
* More work towards application stability...although focus is still on functiona
* More work on the download queue
* Connection saving, i e connections to users are not released until two inactiv
e minutes have passed, giving time to browse the user's
files without worrying about slots
* Fixed file size sorting
* Fixed searching a bit, one should now be able to have two concurrent searches
* Fixed upload removing (?)
-- 0.07 2001-12-18 -Passive searching (I hope...)
Reworked the download queue, it should now be a bit more stable...
Some ui work
bugfixes as usual...although, now it's starting to become fairly stable...


-- 0.06 2001-12-13 -* A lot of UI work, the app should be at least a tiny bit more comfortable to wo
rk with
* Automatic reconnections (to hubs and users)
* Yet another slew of bugs killed (hm, where are all those bugs coming from? =)
* Downloading of directories and multiple files at a time
* Default download directory
* Some work on the search window, although searching is far from finished...
* Quicker startup (huffman encoding of the file list is now done in a separate t
* Automatic ip detection (if nothing's entered in the settings dialog...)
* Changed to case insensitive sorting...
* Download deleting
-- 0.05 2001-12-08 -Searching (A very basic first version, only in active mode)
More information about things (Hub statistics)
A lot of bugs fixed, still a lot of them left tho...
More bugfixes...
Improved Huffman en/decoding speed quite a bit


-- 0.04 2001-12-05 -Downloads
Uploads (file sharing)
A bit better thread handling
Transfer list
Upload/Download statistics
Automatic reconnection attempts when no slots are available
Bug fixes
New about box =)


-- 0.03 2001-11-27 -Hub list sorting.
Users get deleted from user list when logging off
User list sorting
File sizes reported in B, kB, MB, GB and TB respectively
Downloads!!! (Only user file listings so far)
Improved UI a tiny bit
New settings, including passive mode and active port selection.
Some thread work, but more needed to be done, current model really sucks...


-- 0.02 2001-11-22 --

* Settings dialog, to set user name and connection info.
* Search command recognised.
* New buttons.
-- 0.01 2001-11-21 -* Initial release.
* List hubs, connect to them and chat

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