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Children’s Pediatric •

At Children's center Saudi German Hspital prvides ph!sical chec" up# vaccinatin and speci$c pediatric s!mptms  &n the $rst phase  the hspital we have ( separate rms n the )nd *r e+clusivel! designated r ur little patients

 ,hese rms are n the same *r as the P and P&C.  ,he ward ward is served b! highl! ua uali$ed li$ed 0urses and 1ctrs wh are available )2 Hr./da!

3e prvide pssibilities# childcare therap! thatdiagnstic can be btained neither at hmeand r in the

ut atient de artment


Services •

&nectius 1isease Pediatrician - Pediatric Allergist - Pediatric Cardilg! - Pediatric 1entist - Pediatric &ntensive Care - Pediatric 0eurlg! - Pediatric 0ephrlg! -

Pediatric Pediatric Pediatric Pediatric

rthpedic Pulmnlgist Surger! rlg!

- Pediatric 4accinatin Clinic


Children’s Pediatric •

All cases reuiring intravenus *uids and antibitics such as : Pneumnia# 1eh!dratin# Gastrenteritis# rinar!-,ract-&nectin etc. - All 5espiratr! &llness that reuire &nhalatin therap! such as   - Acute asthma   - Crup   - Pneumnia and thers. - 6ducatinal nclear 1iseases that need urther investigatin and 1iagnsis. activities# teaching parent and child child hw t handle diabetes mellitus# asthma and thers. - 6ating disrders.


 ,han" 7u 7u Service Hours 1ail! 89 1a!s / wee" - ;:<< am t ;:<< pm Contact Us Phne: =;>? [email protected]; <<<< 6mail : [email protected] Location Al Barsha @# Hessa Street @@? 3est  6+it @9 Shei"h Da!ed 5ad# ppsite  American Schl  1ubai# P..B+ 0. - @;?< @;?<;@# ;@# 1ubai# A6

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