Chocolate-Earl Grey Sorbet

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Chocolate-Earl Grey Sorbet



Chocolate-Earl Grey Sorbet
Earl Grey tea is flavored with the peel of bergamot, a small citrus fruit grown in Italy. Bergamot flesh is very acidic, but the peel is prized for its fragrant oil. The tea adds a hint of citrus and tannins to make this cool chocolate sorbet even more refreshing. 6 servings, 1/2 cup each Active Time !" minutes Total Time # !$# hours %including chilling time&

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4 cups water 3/4 cup sugar 4 Earl Grey tea bags, (see Tip) 1 cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder, (see ngredient note) 1 ounce good-!uality bittersweet chocolate, "inely chopped

1# $ring water and sugar to a boil in a large saucepan# %dd tea bags and re&o'e "ro& the heat# (o'er the pan and steep "or 1) &inutes# *# +e&o'e the tea bags and discard# ,lace the pan o'er &ediu&-high heat and slowly add cocoa, whis-ing until s&ooth# $ring to a boil, reduce heat to low and si&&er until the &i.ture thic-ens slightly, about */ &inutes# 3# +e&o'e the pan "ro& the heat# %dd chocolate and stir until co&pletely &elted and s&ooth# ,ass through a strainer into a &ediu& bowl# (o'er and re"rigerate until thoroughly chilled, at least * hours#

4# Trans"er the &i.ture to an ice crea& &a-er and "ree0e according to &anu"acturer1s directions# (%lternati'ely, "ree0e in a shallow &etal pan until solid, about 2 hours# $rea- into chun-s and process in a "ood processor until s&ooth#) The sorbet should be thic- and icy a"ter processing# " you pre"er it "ir&er, place in the "ree0er "or 3/ &inutes#

#er serving !#' (alories) * g +at) , g -at) ! g .ono) " mg (holesterol) */ g (arbohydrates) * g 0rotein) " g +iber) * mg -odium) *1! mg 0otassium , (arbohydrate -erving E%changes , other carbohydrates, !$, fat

Tips & $otes

Make Ahead Tip3 4tore in an airtight container in the "ree0er "or up to * days# " it beco&es too "ir&, let so"ten in the re"rigerator "or about 3/ &inutes be"ore ser'ing# 5 E!uip&ent3 ce crea& &a-er or "ood processor Tip: " you are not "ond o" Earl Grey tea, use 1 tablespoon "reshly grated orange 0est instead# Ingredient note: Dutch-process cocoa is treated with al-ali to neutrali0e its natural acidity# This process produces cocoa that is dar-er and has a &ellower chocolate "la'or than regular cocoa# 4o&e brands to loo- "or3 Droste, 4cho-inag, $ensdorp, ,ernigotti (www#-ingarthur"lour#co&6 www#pen0eys#co&6 www#worldpantry#co&)#

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