Choices - Choose the Right Way

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Choices: Choose The Right Way
"Choose The Right Way" - Children's Songbook, p. 160
"One gift that will help us navigate our lives is the gift He has given to all, the
ability an power to choose! ! ! ! This gift is an e"traorinary sign of trust in us an
si#ultaneously a cherishe personal responsibility to use wisely!" - $ose %!
"Say unto this people: Choose ye this ay, to serve the &or 'o who #ae you!"
(oses ):**
Materials Needed: Slice of fruit!
+nvite a fa#ily #e#ber to participate in a e#onstration! Hol out both of your
hans, pal#s up, to show that they are e#pty! %s, the fa#ily #e#ber to choose
which fruit he or she woul li,e! When the person says there is no fruit to choose,
place an actual piece of fruit in one han an say, "-ow choose which fruit you
woul li,e!" %s, your fa#ily if they thin, the fa#ily #e#ber really ha a choice!
(a,e sure they unerstan that to have a choice there #ust be at least two
Have your fa#ily search . -ephi .:./-.0 an fin what &ehi says our two great
choices are! %s,:
⁃ Who wants us to choose eternal life1
⁃ Who wants us to choose eternal eath1
⁃ What o we learn about &ehi2s choice in verse *31
⁃ What oes &ehi want his chilren to choose1
Testify to your fa#ily of your esires for each of the# to choose righteousness!
"Choices" coloring page

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