Choose the Right Airsoft Guns

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Always buy airsoft guns that suit the way you will play. This is the best advice on buying an airsoft gun for your new hobby. However, for those who have just t aken interest in this activity, here is a short list of these guns based on your intention of using it. 1. Assault Rifle â This is probably the most popular type of airsoft guns. Amon g them, the M4 is a favorite version. Like most assault rifles, the M4 is used i n a terrain where medium to long range engagements are necessary. This is recomm ended to those who are playing outdoors or large indoor facilities with more tha n 100 feet engagement. 2. Airsoft Machine Gunsâ They come in several varieties. They are very easy to use yet they are used for powerful games. They have shorter barrel that causes l ess accuracy when used in longer distances. This is the reason why they are usua lly employed in indoor Close Quarter Combat (CQB) scenarios. To comply with the safety rules specific in indoor fields, they can shoot at low er levels of 300-350 feet per second. Airsoft machine guns should be your first choice when you are planning to play indoors or in CQB situations. 3. Sniper Rifles â These are specialized tools which are used for shots made in longer ranges. Even though they have a great accuracy, they may not be apt to b e used in every type of battlefield. These are not recommended to be used when p laying indoors or in CQB conditions since the scopes canâ t be used effectively. They are also made to fire single shots which will make you easily outgunned by your enemy. Sniper rifles should be taken outdoors where you can hide in a dista nce and take your enemies down, one by one.

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