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Jit K. Mitra SENIOR IT EXECUTIVE 28 Gregory Road Cos Cob, Greenwich, CT 06807 Tel: (203) 629-1135 Cell: (203) 223-6800 E-Mail: [email protected] Executive Profile: Dynamic, creative and results-driven Clinical Technology Executive, successful i n building state-of-the-art, technology organizations. A Technology Architect, D irector and hands on professional with proven track record in planning, architec ture, World wide implementation of Client/Server, Infrastructure, Operation, Ora cle Financial ERP and WEB based multi-tiered Systems. Experienced in team build ing, problem recognition, tactical approach, technical training, management deve lopment and customer service skills both in large as well as startup organizatio ns. * *Medical & Clinical Technology Asset Management **Technology Deployment and Im plementation * *Global IT Delivery & Project Management **Cross Functional Management * *Budgeting & Cost Control * Staff Management & Team Building **Change Control Management ________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Eagle Landing Residential Care & Nursing Home New England A pr '04 - Present Co-Founder, CIO & Managing Partner * .Provide executive leadership as head of IT Center. Responsible for all aspect s of strategic IT planning and new clinical information Program Management , Fin ancial Systems Management. Responsible for multi-level billing systems, budgetin g, contract manager and support of all technology in 12 facilities. * Implemented clinical care tracking systems in Nursing home and multiple reside ntial care facilities. * Increased monthly cash flow by an average of 20% by implementing HealthTech bi lling systems for Medicaid, Medicare, Tri-care and other private systems. * Worked with Outsourced IT Development Team for Integration of billing system w ith Corporate Financial systems. * Through collaboration with admissions and business office staff, reduced unbil led account in 6 months by implementing systems improvements, automating redunda nt processes and performing process design. * Designed and implemented systems, network Infrastructures for security systems and WAN systems in all 12 facilities. * Lead team of in-house and contract IT specialists for developing server based as well as host based process for payroll systems by Paychex for multiple facili ties. * Started EMR implementation for long term residents with 'HealthTech' software. Elind Inc. New York; NY Aug '02 - Dec '03 Chief Information Officer * Introduced and managed offshore outsourced in India for IT software developmen t for financial services industries. * Implemented and outsourced managed services business (ASP). This comprises 24x 7 NOC support, application support, DB services, Helpdesk support and system adm inistration for UNIX, NT and Linux. JIT MITRA Page 2 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, Inc.), Stamford; CT

May '01 - Jun '02 Senior Director Technology, Operation and System Integration * Directed the Architectural Design and Implementation of new infrastructure, 24 x7 NOC, CISCO based WAN (OC3, T3, T1, ATM), HP SAN, Window 2000, data center (SU N, HP, IBM AIX, NT, AS400) and centralized storage and centralized backup system . Data Center operation SOP was published. Results: Increase in efficiency an d cost savings by $1.5M per annum. 24x7 operation. * Initiated all operational and Infrastructure aspect of Outsourced Project of D esign and Implementation of Decision Support System (DSS). Responsible for Vendo r Management with proper SLA. Infrastructure consists of Win2000, SUN server, O racle RDBMS, Microsoft Exchange, Cisco based Firewall for extranet application. Results: Increase in e_business revenue by 35% and efficiency. * Planned, justified and implemented DR site for Financial Solomon ERP system an d Notara Sales & Marketing system at NYC co-location facility utilizing EMC's Ti me-Finder and SRDF technology. All sites are connected with Cisco based WAN with redundancy circuit. * Undertook initiative to replace existing E_Commerce vendor with outsourced Ven dor with proper SLA. Directed the architectural design of Oracle DB replication to WWF's Data Warehouse. Results: Cost savings by 35% and future market analysis for WWF products. * As a part of CRM Project, directed the implementation of customer Email suppor t for Pay-Per-View and Video-on-demand events. Results: Cost savings in refund a nd customer satisfaction. * As a part of new line of revenue, I directed Media Asset Management Project ($ 6M). The project enables Video, Still assets and Tape management into digital fo rmat with Video editing, Nesbit tape management. Result: Increase in efficiency in Video editing by 200% and new revenue generating line of business. * Technology used: Oracle, CISCO, Window 2000, EMC's Control Center, EMC BCV & SAN, SRDF, Sql2000, SUN, Linux server, WebSphere, Convera, LDAP, Virage, Nesbit, Artesia. Remedy ARS, Rem_Mail and helpdesk system, Iplanet, OADW, Suresource ba sed Fulfillment centers in US and Europe. Cisco, StorageApps, StorageTEK, Verit as, IBM Risc6000, HP, AS400 and ArcServ. MessageClick.Com (Unified Messaging Systems, startup company), NY March '99 - Feb '01 Chief Technology Officer As a member of the executive management team I was responsible complete IT archi tecture design, services, which consists of Infrastructure design, Oracle RDBMS architecture, CISCO based WAN, software development, professional services, cust omer Care, Systems and Network operations (24x7) in USA and Europe. * Designed the system architecture and implemented Remedy based customer support center and directed outsourced 24x7 NOC center. Results: Increase in efficie ncy, uptime, customer satisfaction and cost savings. * Implemented multi-tier distributed systems based on open system standard (30 U nix nodes, Oracle). The system was designed for unified messaging based on open IP architecture. The system is highly scalable and subscribers increased over 2 000 daily, serving both B2B and B2C environments. Results: Scalable architecture to meet customer requirements with high availability * As a part of Unified Messaging system, we offered local telephone number any p lace anywhere. The product and network was designed to transfer area code and ph one number to centralized places for load balancing and disaster recovery. Resu lts: New line of revenue generating business. * Planned and implemented the increase of WEB based broadcast faxing capacity fr om 1 million minutes per month to 10 million minutes per month within a year. Im plemented 3 tier faxing system over the IP network. Results: Increase revenue b y 45% and customer retention. * Technology used: SUN Cluster, Genuity Voice over Internet (VOIP), LDAP, CISCO and Oracle, HP Openview, EMC, BMC Patrol, Unix, Cisco works, Sqlserver, Netcent ric application and Sybase. CABLEVISION SYSTEMS CORP. Bethpage, New York 1996- Mar '99 Senior IT Executive, Open Systems Technology Group.

Spearheaded the Architectural design, Development and Implementation of Client/S erver technologies, Oracle Financial ERP and manage enterprise-wide for the Open Systems Technology Department at Cablevision. Scope JIT MITRA Page 3 of responsibility has included implementations of numerous major projects. Manag ed annual budget of more than $100 million for Client/Server technology implemen tation and support. * Pioneered innovative team building and cross-functional management techniques to expedite workflow, simplify processes and reduce operating costs. Responsible for architectural design, selection, purchase, design and implementation of ent ire Client/Server architecture which consists of 125 Unix servers, 400 Intel fil e servers, 250 TB storage, Centralized backup system, System cluster/fail-over, CISCO based WAN, and Intranet/Internet E_Commerce sites. Results: Creation of s calable Corporate Data Center with high availability and built-in redundancy. * Led the project to merge Madison Square Garden's, The Wiz and Radio City Music Hall's client/server technology environment and data centers into Cablevision's Open Systems technology environment upon completion of Cablevision's acquisitio n process. Result was increase in efficiency, cost control and creation of disas ter recovery site. Results: Cost savings of over $3.5M per annum for merged ope ration, SW license, maintenance, NOC and application supports. * As a part of total CRM solution for Telephony service, group was responsible f or system and Oracle DB architecture, implementation of workflow process with Te lephony fault detection system, Results: Increase in market share with the use o f data mining operations. * Responsible for system architecture, fail-over, report management, daily feed to Customer data warehouse (DSS) and deployment of Oracle Financial ERP system i n the Campus and over 200 remote locations. Implemented Citrix system for remote users. The ERP trouble ticket interfaced with Remedy trouble ticket. Results: I ntegrated ERP systems with 24x7 operation. 50% increase in back office operation . * Project Director and outsourced to KPMG of Enterprise Management systems ($12M ) with Tivoli10 framework for software distribution, network management, user ad ministration, fault management, helpdesk (Remedy). The co-relation engine was bu ilt to suit Cablevision's business specification to co-relate network fault with user based notification and corrective action. Oracle ERP application monitorin g was integrated with Tivoli10. Results: 35% cost savings in system and network management and data center operational cost. * Responsible for capacity planning and implementations of Data Warehouse projec t (DSS 3.2 TB). System was designed with daily update from transactional systems such as Oracle 11 Financial ERP, Telephony service, retail service such as WIZ, Radio City and Madison Square Garden as well as Cable subscriber service (based on Tandem System). Ad-Hoc report and all campaign report were generated from DW system. Results: Increase market share due to data mining of Cable, Telephony and consumer products. * Implemented new Point-Of-Sales (POS) system was installed in 42 'The Wiz' stor es due to change of business process. The system was designed to be centrally co ntrolled, integrated to real time inventory system and Oracle Financial ERP syst em for 24x7 operation. Results: Increase in revenue due to online product offer ings and increase in efficiency due to online inventory control. * Group was responsible for Infrastructure design for Intranet and Internet site s. Responsible for launching E_Commerce site for 'The Wiz', Radio city Music Hal l and Madison Square Garden. Results: 15% Increase in cross sales of tickets an d consumer goods.

* Technology used: Oracle RDBMS, CISCO, Oracle Financial 10.7SC, Upgrade to Orac le 11 NCA, PeopleSoft HR, HP AUX, HP Service Guard, Remedy, EMC Time Finder, EMC SRDF, IBM Risc 6000, SUN, HP, EMC, SAN, NAS, Storage TEK, Veritas, Legato, SRDF integrate with Oracle, HACMP, IBM's HACMP Geo-cluster. Siebel, EMC, small world and EIS, Tivoli10, BMC Patrol, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), Oracle express, Crystal report, Oracle OADW, GERS pos, Oracle, Clariion and Data General AV 250 0 system, Open Market WEB application server platform. TIME-WARNER: HOME BOX OFFICE, New York 1992 - 1996 Director, Distributed and Office Systems Group As an IT Director, managed a staff of over 45 professionals. Responsible for des ign and support HBO's Infrastructure technology in 15 locations throughout the w orld. Responsible for Users' support of desktop systems, email, LAN and helpdes k operations. JIT MITRA Page 4 * Directed all migration activities of financial and cable TV network programmin g systems from Mainframe to UNIX (over 35 Unix servers) based distributed system s in a client/server environment. Technology used: IBM Risc6000, EMC, Oracle, C ISCO based WAN and IBM HACMP. * Responsible for Infrastructure architecture for "Media Asset Management' syste m with Video tape Bar-coding system. Directed Customer care, NOC, Network suppor t, Training, Unix systems, DBA and all distributed system engineering. Technol ogy used: Oracle, EMC, SUN, RF Scanning and Barcode Senior Consulting Engineer 1991 -1992 Project Leader, systems integration and support * Performed daily System Administration of Sun SPARCSTATIONS (50 Unix nodes) bas ed network at financial institutions such as Kidder Peabody and Nomura Securitie s. PERKIN-ELMER CORPORATION, Norwalk, Connecticut. 1978-1991 Senior Manager of Medical Engineering Information Systems, Planned, justified, organized and implemented multiple computer systems in a net worked installation for engineering and manufacturing operation. * Provided technical support and training of Chromatograph, Spectrograph instru ments.. * Planned, justified, implemented and supported technical staff for corporate Ca d/Cam systems in 12 worldwide locations. Responsible for integration of Engineer ing and Manufacturing workflow and database. * As a manager of engineering services I had overall responsibility of Network d esign, Technical support, operations of Engineering Computing systems to support over 150 Engineers. EDUCATION: Polytechnic Institute of NYU , New York Master Of Science in Electronics Engineering (MSEE) National Institute Of Technology ( NIT), India Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) USA

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