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PRODUCT 1: FLIPPER-SWEEPER EQUIPMENTS The Flipper is a walk behind sweeping machine and it’s an intelligent solution for quick and easy sweeping. This sweeping machine picks up dust automatically and leaves even corners spotlessly clean.

Side Brush

Dust Hopper 

As shown in the picture the main wheel of the machine, through gear mechanism, transfers rotation to a setoff 10 Brush Rails which being constantly in touch with the floor flips all the dirt and dust into the container. The rotary side brush sweeps the dust and dirt away from walls into the path of the wide main brush which deposits it directly into the large hopper. Rubber flaps seal off the main room chamber, so that no dust is swirled about. It can sweep in both the forward and reverse direction and reduces working time. With its large drive wheels and front guide wheel, the Flipper travels easily over any surface - concrete, wood and asphalt. Adjusting the pressure on the main brush assembly makes it easy to push even on rough areas which offer uninhibited action in halls, workrooms, warehouses, exterior areas and parks. The collecting bin hopper has a capacity of 40 liters. Yet it is so light that emptying it poses no problem at all. The built-in handle enables easy emptying of dust and debris in to the trash bin. Flipper has a robust construction with rust free powder coated steel frame and hopper. This is highly maneuverable and extremely easy to operate. When the operator walks behind pushing this machine, sweeping operation is carried out automatically for the width of the machine   It provides clean working method and large area performance in lesser time. The machine is suitable for daily, industrial use-for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.  This rugged machine has the great advantage of arresting the flying dust while sweeping and is a perfect substitution for conventional brooming system. It has clean working method for both fine dust and larger dirt particles.The product is an ideal solution for trade, industry, property owners and other similar applications. Area performance performance up to 1,500 m2 /hour.

Technical Details Working width without si sid de broom


Working width with side broom Machine width with side broom

650mm 770mm

Height to the top of the handle Total weight ready to use Hopper bin capacity

900mm 32Kgs 40Litres


Flipper - Sweeper Equipment

 Features • • •

It is a manually operated cleaning system. Virtually voiceless  Does not emit any fumes

Applications Workshop Floors Factory pathways Factory parking lots Airports Hospitals Hotels Shopping Complex Offices Railway Stations Petrol Pumps

Advantages •


Economical Effective Consumes no power  Easy to operate Requires no training to operate / fast Maintenance-free. • • • • •



PRODUCT 2: AUTOMATIC SCRUBBER DRIER MACHINE   This is an Automati Automatic c Scrub Scrubber ber Drier Machine. This machine has two differe different nt tanks, one for clean water and another for dirty water. The clean water with detergent flows by gravity to the floor where a disc brush scrubs the floor. The dirty water after scrubbing is sucked back by the machine in to the dirty water tank. Thus the floor is scrubbed and dried in one single pass. The extension squeegee available as an optional attachment reaches all in accessible areas and helps in cleaning the nooks and corners too.

Mechanism of Scrubber Drier Machine

Cleaning Scrubber Drier Fast (Roots Hakomatic E/B 430) This is electrically electrically operate operated d and ideally suitable for Scrub Scrubbing bing and Cleaning floors floors of Oil, Dirt, Sludge etc. It helps maintaining the floor from relaying /regrinding etc. This machine has different brushes and detergents to suit different floorings and levels of dirt. It works on all floor types like Mossaic, Cement, Ceram Ceramic, ic, Marble or  Wood. The machine is extremely compact and robustly constructed and it guarantees a high degree of maneuverability and easy handling.

Roots Hakomatic E/B 430


  Technical Data Roots Hakomatic Number of Brushes Brush diameter/working width Effective suction width Theoretical area performance

Units Cm Cm m2/h

B430 1 43 75 1700

E430 1 43 75 1700

Air flow




Vacuum Nominal Voltage, frequency

mbar(mm/WC) Volt/Hz

110(1100) 24 DC/-

Power requirement, total Power brush motor Power suction motor Working speed Brush Speed Brush pressure Specific brush pressure

W W W up to km/h Rpm kg/N N/cm2

800 450 350 4 280 20/200 0,25-0,35

200(2000) 230 AC/50 Hz 1800 800 1000 4 288 22/220 0,25-0,37

Clean water tank Dirty water tank Measurements/Weight

Litres Litres

22 22

22 22

Light,ready for operation Width(Without/With squeegee) Height,ready for operation Total weight,without batteries/brushes

Cm Cm Cm Kg

100 45/75 95 80

100 45/75 95 76

  Features Efficient and Fast cleaning User Friendly Competitively Priced Compact and highly manoeuvrable Suited for varied surfaces • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Applications Hospitals Industrial floors Airports Offices Hotels Commercial Complexes Dairies Laboratories Canteens Auditoriums Departmental stores Health centres Restaurants Cinema Theatres Auditoriums Showrooms, etc   .,


PROJECT 3: FLOOR CLEANING MACHINE This is a mini floor washing machine designed to clean different types of floors. The compact and high-tech design enable sthe machine to be operate dunder shelves, chords/tables and chairs where other machines normally cannot reach.

Dirty Water Tank Clean Water Tank

Side View Of  Working Machine has a set of two counter rotating rotating brushes which scrubs and dries the floor. The machine contains two tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty water . This is a compa compact ct machine easy to be taken from place to place during cleaning.

Roots Wizzard This is mini floor scrubbing machine ideally suitabl suitable e for scrubbing and drying drying small to mediu medium m areas. areas.The The rugged design of the mini floor washing machine ensures trouble free and continuous operation. Different types of brushes are available to suit any type of floor including escalators. 4 stage brush pressure adjustment device is provided to compensate for the wear of the brushes which ensures optimum use of the brushes.

W34T Model Model Cleaning

W44P 450m2/hr

W34P 350m2/hr

W34T 350m2/hr

W34N 350m2/hr

W24N 250m2/hr 


Capacity Cleaning width Brush Speed Fresh water  capacity Motor 











4 litre

4 litre

4 litre

1.7 litre

1.2 litre


750+26 W

750 W

750 W

550 W



69 db

68 db

1114 mm

1118 mm

210 mm

210 mm

440 mm 378 mm 23.5 kg

340 mm 378 mm 20 kg

Rating W Power  230VAC 230VAC 230VAC Supply   All 60 Hz Single Phase with 6 % Variation Noise Level 71 db 69 db 69 db at (1 m Dist and 1.6m height) Overall   dimensions Height with 1118 mm 1114 mm 1114 mm handle Height 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm without handle Width 540 mm 440 mm 440 mm Length 378 mm 378 mm 378 mm Weight 29.5 kg 25 kg 24.5 kg

Specification of various Wizzard Models Features • • • • • •

Floor washing machine ideal for small & medium size Super-markets. Floor washing machine ideal for hospitals because of the low noise level. Essential tool for maintaining high level of hygiene for Hotel - kitchens and restaurants. Safety feature includes pedal to secure the handle intact. Floor washing machine's easy manouverability and easy to reach beneath the furniture. No tools required to change brushes. 

PRODUCT 4: HIGH PRESSURE JET CLEANER This is continuous rated, three phase machine for heavy duty application. It has a rugged and sturdy construction with powder coated steel frame. The machine features a Turbo Nozzle for high pressure cleaning. Vario Zoom Nozzle adjustable pressure with operation on soap solution and disinfectant. • •


High Pressure Jet Cleaner (Jet E 150) This is ideal equipment for tasks that require extremely powerful cleaning like that in Construction Industries, Hotel Industries, Tea Industries, Canteens, Dairy Farms and Automotive Sector. 

JET E 150 Technical Specification   S.No 1 2

Description Power Voltage

Units Kw V

Values 2.25 415±10%

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Current Frequency Phase Insulation Class Discharge @ rated Pressure Pressure Rating

A Hz F

5.2Max 50 3 F 8 150 Max Continuous duty

10 11 12 13 14

Solution Tank Capacity Length of Lance Hose length Cable length Temperature of inlet water  

L Mm M M 0 C

5 900 15 10 500C Max









Lpm Bar

  Standard Equipment High pressure hose 15m Gun with extension Lance Vario nozzle and turbo hammer 

Technical Features Chasis Set Pump Set

Powder coated mild steel Reciprocating 1450 rpm with crankshaft, Brass head,

Pressure Gauge

3 Ceramic pistons, Pressure regulator valves Glycerine filled 0-220 bar  


Electric Motor HP Hose

Extension Lance Electric Chord Set

440 rpm, 50 Hz, 3 Phase continuous duty, F class insulation, Gravity casting 15 M, R2 at 5/16”, Pressure 350 bar, Connections M22*1.5F, Spray gun with extension, Pressure 250 bar  Metallic, Brass, 900mm 4 pair socket, 4 core, 10m,1.5 sq. mm

  PRODUCT 5: INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER The wet and dry Vacuum cleaner with standard steel container which are rustproof and mounted on trolley for  easy movement. Each machine is supplied with one set of accessories to suit cleaning of Oil sumps, drip trays etc. The availability of various sizes and capacities makes it widely oriented.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Single Phase)

  Features Strong, Silent, Heavy Duty, Single Phase Industrial vacuum. For Wet and dry application Constructed with Stainless steel recovery container  Volumetric recovery capacity from 15 ltrs-77 ltrs •

• • • • • • •

Highly maneuverable with polyurethane wheels Available in single, dual and trio by-pass motors Options with 0.3 Micron HEPA filter  High vacuum and airflow Standard accessories for wet and dry application

Applications Hotels Industry Hospitals Resturants Knitting Industry Printing & Packing Industry Rated Mains Supply Water lift Power 2 (1 Phase) (mm of  Stage ByVolts WC) Pass Motor  • • • • •

Model Name



220-240/50 Hz


Air flow (Ltrs/sec)


Tank Capacity (in Ltrs) 15

Dimensions L*W*H(in mm)



BASE315 BASE 303 BASE 429T BASE 433T

1200W 1400W 2400W 3600W

220-240/50 Hz 220-240/50 Hz 220-240/50 Hz 220-240/50 Hz

2200 2400 2200 2400

50 60 95 180

23 23 77 77

390*390*640 390*390*640 640*550*1006 640*550*1006

Phase-Industrial Vacuum  Heavy Duty -3 Phase-Industrial


Features  • •

• • • •

Robust, Versatile, Continuous rated, three phase Industrial vacuum Constructed with stainless steel container and powder coated steel body.

High vacuum and airflow. Highly maneuverable with large Main wheels and castor wheel High volumetric capacity. Polyester Pocket filter   

Application Areas: • Tea Factories • Textile Industry • Engineering Industry Automobile Industry • Model Name

Taurus 100


Rated Power 2 Stage ByPass Motor  4 HP

Mains Supply (1 Phase) Volts 400±5%

Water  lift (mm of  WC) 2200

Air flow (Ltrs/sec)

Weight kg

Tank Capacity (in Ltrs)

Dimensions L*W*H(in mm)






Company Profile Company Name

Roots Multiclean Limited


R.K.G. Industrial Estate,Ganapathy,Coimbatore641006, Tamilnadu,INDIA

Contact person

Mr. J Krishna Kumar  






 [email protected]  [email protected]  , [email protected]

Web Site

Year of Establishment


Product(s) Manufactured

Roots Flipper 

Roots Hakomatic E-430

Roots Wizzard

Roots Jet Cleaner 

Roots Soteco Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 

Production (FY-05) (Products contributing most to the sales)

760 Nos. of Hakomatic E430

Sales Turnover

FY 05: USD 7.77 Mn FY 04: USD 5.21 Mn FY 03: USD 3.81 Mn

Conformity to Standards

Indian Standards

Compliance to ISO

ISO 9001-2000

Foreign Collaboration

Foreign Equity 26%, Joint Venture with HAKO WERKE GMBH ,Germany

Manpower Total (Nos.)


Raw Materials / Equipment used

Switches, Capacitors, Capacitors Terminals, Ha Harm rmon oniz ized ed Ca Cabl ble e (L (LAP APP) P),, Po Poly ly Ca Carb rbon onid ide( e(GE GE), ), Delrin(Dubo Delri n(Dubont),C nt),CRCA RCA Shee Sheet, t, ABS BO Whi White, te, Nylon 6GF 30% Black

Effluent Generated



Broad Profile of Project Offer  Pr Proj ojec ectt

To Manu Manufa fact ctur ure e Equipments

In Indu dust stri rial al//

Capacity per Annum

1000 Equipments

Land Lan d Req Requir uireme ements nts// Bu Build ilding ing Requ Require iremen ments ts

180 1800 0 Squ Square are M Mete eter  r 

Plant lant & Mac ach hiner inery y and Te Test st Equ quiipme pment

Appen ppende ded d Bel elow ow

Electrical Installation

125 KVA

Implementation Period

18 Months

Manpower Required


Raw Materials / Equipment Required

Appended Below

Total Project Cost

USD 0.44 Mn (Approx.)

Expected Annual Sales

USD 0.5 Mn



Form of Offer

Turnkey Project

Do Dome mest stic ic

Cl Clea eani ning ng


CNC Milling


Surface Grinding

Cylindrical GR






Tool & Cutter Grinder 

• •

Testing and Measuring Equipments

Bench Grinder  Power Rack Saw •

Digimatic Vernier Caliper 

Vernier Caliper 


Metric/Inch Height Guage

Bever Protractor 

Digital Ammeter 

Digital Voltmeter 

Coating Thickness Guage -Digital

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