Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials and SAP



Track and Trace
 Single application to perform Clinical trials supply management  Forecasting involving patient recruitment history and other parameters  Efficient sample distribution processing considering lead times and shelf life details  Randomization and Blinding  Patient kit replenishment and destruction  Study summary

 Lack of visibility of clinical supplies at the Investigator site  Wastage of medicines due to shelf life expiration  Inventory visibility across complex clinical trial supply chain network  Lack of necessary skills to complete tasks  Inefficiently use critical resource  Subject drop out from trial without any valid reasons  Insufficient knowledge of lead times  Lack of pro-active planning and co-ordination between sites  Manufacturing challenges include, availability of approvals in time and aligning the scheduling with internal capacity  Reporting and analytics that are needed for effective demand planning

Single Stand Solution

 Prevention of delays in the clinical trial, due to missing items  Reduction in the lead time of a clinical trial  Improved forecasting  Reduction of wastage of Medicines  Improved medicines inventory visibility  Improved demand response  Usage of medicine based on shelf life

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