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Memory people Rick Phelps clinical trials



Rick Phelps 1/4/2014 $200 billion the cost of dementia in 2012. This cost is expected to reach $1.1 trillion in 2050. A figure that will cripple the health care system as we know it. Dr Rudolph Tanzi the leading neurologists at Harvard Medical says that all the studies that have been done, all the clinic that have been preformed have done nothing but take them back to square one. All the drugs used in clinical trails have failed says Dr. Tanzi. What has been going on he goes on to explain is that the patients in these clinical trials have been given drugs to treat early on-set of the disease, when in fact they are in the later stages. In other words, they have failed miserably. They now know what should have been done was to treat these patients with a drug that could react to later stages in the disease. The problem with that, there is no drug. In other words, if you are in a clinical trial, you already have the disease, and are past the early stage where the drugs they have to use are useless. What needs to be done is they need to come up with drugs that treat this disease in after it has been detected. To which like he said so far they have failed. I have long been against clinical trials myself. This just confirms why. Some will say we need trials to learn how to combat and come up with new drugs. This is true, just not in the way they have been conducting the thus far. If you are contemplating a clinical trial you may want to read up on the medical writings of Dr. Rudolph Tanzi. This man speaks the truth. What drugs there are now using are to try to slow the progression in the early stages, not only have they all failed, but they should not even be used in a clinical trial. There is a good and bad to this. The good is, they now know what they have been doing isn't and hasn't worked. The bad is, they are indeed back to square one...

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