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Business Description
Firm identification : Aroma Café
Business History : there is no any history of our café because we are the first one to
operate this business.

Management /Key people :
A full time manager will be hired to oversee the daily operation.2 Barista with at
least 3 yrs. of experience will be hired and 3 waiters will be hired.
Here the manager’s job is to manage the staff, ordering, inventory ,dealing with
suppliers developing a marketing strategy and perform daily managerial duties.

Products and Services :
Aroma will offer its customers the best tasting coffee beverages in the area.this will
be achieverd by using high quality ingredients and strictly following preparation
The store layout,menu listing and marketing activities will be focused on maximizing
the sales of higher margin espresso drinks as of the standard of Starbucks.
Along with the espresso drinks, brewed coffee and tea, beverages,pasteries,
sandwiches will be sold and also we are planning to sell coffee beans.
The menu offerings will be supplemented by free books nad magazines so that
customers can read inside the coffee bar. There will also be facility of free wifi.

Product description :
The menu of Aroma coffee bar will be built around espresso bassed coffee drinks
suchas latte, mocha, cappuccino etc.
Each of the espresso based drinks will be offered with whole skimmed or soy milk.
Each of the coffee beverage is based on a shot of espresso which is prepared in the
espresso machine by forcing heated water through ground coffee at high pressure.
Such espresso shots are combined with steamed milk or other additives like cocoa,
caramel etc to prepare the espresso based beverages.
Proper preparation techniques are of paramount importance of such drinks. A minor
deviation from the amount of coffee in the shot, the size of the coffee particles, the
temperature of milk etc can negatively affect the quality of the prepared drink.

Operating Plan
Location :
Our shop will be located at Lainchor, ktm where there is proper proximity to
transportation as well as it is near British Council so that we can attract the
members of the Council.
The coffee bar is open and clean.Interior design with modern wooden décor will
convey the quality of the served beverages and snacks, where peole can relax and
enjoy. The clear window display through which passer by will be able to see
customers enjoying their beverages

Facilities and Layout :
Like the layout design strategy of Himalayan Java and starbucks, we also focus on
higher prices for leg space in the café. We will hire interior designer
Tables : 5
Chairs : 20
A kitchen, storage area and two bathrooms.
The space in the coffee bar will be approxiamately distributed in the following way:
55% for seating area
26% for production area
19 % for Customer service area.

Inventory Management and Control
Inventory management is linked with the firms supply chain and various facilities. At
our café, inventory management involves office automation and manual monitoring.
Automation will be more comprehensively used. We will try to minimize stock out
and ensure continuous supply of coffee beans are made available by our
Inventory is done twice a week as coffee are highly perishable we should not store
it for longer time. Freshly roasted coffee last for no longer than 7 to 10 days so
coffee beans are bought twice a week.and roasted coffee are kept in air tight
For quality control, there will be supervisor at every outlet, manager will overlook all
the overall activities.

Operation Procedure

We see how our staffs are working, what is the satisfaction level of the customers,
we test product quality , randomly try beverages and take customers feedback.
Oraganization Plan
Management Philosophy
We give first priority to Business units, profitability is must for business success but
in a responsible way. Customer satisfaction, social responsibility ,meeting
expectations of business, and taking care of employees.
Legal form of ownership
We are opening our business through partnership of 5 people with total of 25 lakh of

Industry Analysis
Industry Description :
The speciality retail coffee business in Nepal HIMALAYAN JAVA began in 1999 after
Gagan Pradhan initiated in opening a coffee shop at Thamel. Before that there was
no such place which offered differnent varieites of coffee.
After the initiative of Gagan Pradhan in todays context there are nearby about 200
coffee shops within the valley.basically it was Himalayan Java’s success tat has
encouraged others to enter this potentially luractive business. Twenty years ago,
almost nobody consumed espresso or espresso based drinks in Nepal.but now
Nepalese people coffee drinking habits are changing. Mainly in Nepal Arabia coffee
is preffered.

Industry Competition :
Leaders in the specialty coffee chain category in Kathmandu Nepal includes:
Himalayan Java (14 stores all over Nepal)
At today’s context Himalayan Java is the leading coffee industry in Nepal, moreover
it has also extended its brands towards Toranto,

It entered in the era where people didn’t knew about coffee.

Stores in Nepal :,
Jhomsom, thamel, Rising Mall, Civil Mall, Basantapur, Durbarmarg, Airport , U S
Embassy, Lukla,Pokhara and next year they are opening in Namche.
In foreign countries like Canada, US , Malaysia , Doha, Thailand ,Poland, Australia

Barista Lavazza Café
The café is an initiative of Shyam Kakshyapati the chairman of NangloPvt.Ltd. to
bring the Italian coffee experience in Nepal.There are also standards and
consistency that come along with international franchise at barista beside Italian
Beside lavazza coffee it is also popular for some other classic beverages like mojito.
It also offer some signature bits like sandwiches, puffs and pastries.

Industry Growth
Before coffee was just a product for tourists but now people take it as a business.
Today Coffee shop is not only about coffee, it is about experience. You can visit
coffee shop, relax can do your work through wifi , with hospitable staffs, good
environment , ambience. It is the third place for people to go. It is the way to
experience international living , it is different from resturants and hotels.

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