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Basic Business Plan
Description of the Business Name? Product/Service offered? Logo/Slogan? Product/Service How will it be different or better? How will it be made or provided? Price What price and how decided? Consider break-even costs?

Promotion Who will the customers be? How to keep the customers satisfied? Place Business Location? Accessibility? Hours of Operation? Competition Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What will your strengths be? Management/Operations Establish Leadership Team? Identify roles?

Cost of Operations Space available or lease space? Inventory/supplies/equipment costs? Other needs that cost? Budget Start-up funding sources? Start-up budget? Operating budget? Accounting System? Marketing How/where to advertise? How to target customers? Promotional incentives for customers?

Critical Risks Identify threats to business? Plan to deal with threats? Plans for Proceeds Percentage reinvested in business? Plan for remainder of profits? Future Plans for Business

Scenes from ENTREPRENEURSHIP at Marine City High School

Mariner’s Cafe

Before We Sold Coffee
Mrs. Wolfe’s English classes participated in a WebQuest to develop a coffee shop business plan.
COFFEE ANYONE? A Webquest to Simulate Setting Up a Coffee Shop

Before We Sold Coffee
• Grants were written for equipment purchases. • Speakers came to discuss different coffee options. • Students were surveyed to find out their coffee preferences.

Before We Sold Coffee
Students went on a field trip to view different coffee shops.


Quantity 25 cups 1500 2000 2000 2 2 50 per box 100 per box 20 per box 50 per box 15 oz 70 cups 7 ils 4lbs 1 bag 23 oz 400 napkins 140 servings TOTAL

Price $12.50 $38.75 $12.60 $2.25 $1.05 $1.30 $9.50 $5.00 $3.95 $7.50 $2.35 $1.65 $6.29 $4.99 $1.50 $5.99 $2.49 $2.99 $122.65

Millstone Coffee cups Millstone cups Millstone lids Stir sticks Powdered cream can Sugar canisters Cocco Lipton tea Earl or Green tea Spiced cider 1 Whip cream Halh and Half Chocolate syrup Carmel syrup Marshmellows Sprinkles Napkins Sugar

Mike, Kateri, and Kristina making coffee.

Mike helping a customer select a flavor of coffee.

• Students attended an Appreciation Day field trip and received the Mouse Trap Award.

We have expanded our selection and bought a Granita (slurpee) machine.

This Year…
Last year the Mariners Café was located in the Student Activities Center. Now we have our own room to sell coffee in.

Scenes from ENTREPRENEURSHIP at Marysville High School

Marysville Balloon Gallery

Putting up the sign…

Balloon Options….

Making a Sale


Scenes from ENTREPRENEURSHIP at St.Clair High School

St. Clair High School The Hallway Card shop

The First Year

Seven students in our emi class made a presentation to the “bankers” to “apply” for a loan to start the Hallway card shop.

A community business made and donated our store sign to us.

Year Two

One of our student council projects is to give each student a card on their birthday. (1,000 kids)

The newer students in our class, The (freshmen & sophomores), did a presentation to the student council leadership class and we became “business partners”.

They purchase the cards from the hallway card shop now.

The principal donates the card stock, so our main ongoing expenses are for print cartridges and envelopes.

The second year the card shop made approximately $400.00 profit. most went into the business. the students got a small pay check.

Being part of the hallway card shop has allowed students to travel and do two presentations, at TSP’s summer institute and this past spring, in Frankenmuth at the Michigan Transition Services Association Conference.


Scenes from ENTREPRENEURSHIP at Algonac High School

School Store Logo

Ready for Customers!!!

Taking Inventory

Lunchtime Business

Improved Grades and Attendance Grade Point Average Student #1 01-02 School Year 02-03 School Year Student#2 01-02 School Year 02-03 School Year 1.1 2.2 1.7 2.1 Attendance 21 absences 0 absences 18 absences 10 absences

Fewer Behavior Problems Increased Self-Esteem Increased Acceptance by General Ed Peers Fewer Dropouts

Future Plans for Entrepreneurships
Continually Modify Businesses Young Entrepreneurs Conference Highlander Sea Project

The POTENTIAL is endless… and the RESULTS keep kids in school and motivated while learning real life skills….


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