Collision Detection using IR sensors

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COLLISION DETECTION AND WARNING SYSTEM USING IR SENSOR  A PROJECT REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements  For the degree of 


Achala Shukla Ankit Fanci! B"##$ N%l!"n S"nika Sin&h Un'% Gui'anc% "(  P"() Lakh*in'% +au 

D%,at-%nt "( El%ct"nic! . T%l%c"--unicati"n En&in%%in&

Rungta College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai (India) /R%c"&ni0%' #$ A)I)C)T)E N%* D%lhi1 Acc%'it%' #$ N)B)A)1 N%* D%lhi2  N"34D%c 5678



Run&ta C"ll%&% "( En&in%%in& . T%chn"l"&$1 Bhilai/In'ia2  

Dat% 9

CERTI!ICATE C%ti(i%' that th% c"nt%nt! "( th% ,":%ct %,"t %ntitl%'1 ;C"lli!i"n D%t%cti"n D%t%cti"n . Wanin& !$!t%- U!in& IR !%n!"; i! a #"na(i'% *"k cai%' "ut un'% -$ &ui'anc% #$ Achala Shukla1 Ankit Fanci!1 B"##$ N%l!"n1 S"nika Sin&h in ,atial (ul(ill-%nt "( th% %<ui%-%nt! (" th% '%&%% "( Bach%l" "( En&in%%in& in El%ct"nic! . T%l%c"--unicati"n)



P"()L)P) Bhai$a H)O)D

SIGNATURE9 P"() Lakh*in'% +au 


P":%ct Gui'%



W% a% a% ,l%a ,l%a!% !%' ' t" %= %=, ,%! %!!! "u "u !i !inc% nc%% % & &at atit itu' u'%% t" "u ,":%c ,":%ctt &u &ui' i'%% Prof "ah*inder %aur (" h% n"#l% !u,,"t an' &ui'anc% in th% '%3%l",-%nt "( th% ,":%ct an' "u ,":%ct incha&% Prof Nitin Naiyar (" hi! ti-%l$ -"nit"in& an' (" -%nt"in& th"uh"ut th% 3ai"u! !ta&%! "( ,":%ct '%3%l",-%nt  W% *i!h *i!h t" %= %=, ,%! %!!! "u "u !,%c !,%cia iall than thank! k! t" Prof Prof "alit "alit %u+a %u+arr P Bhai Bhaiya ya1 A!!"ci A!! "ciat% at% P"(%! P"(%!!" !" an' H%a'1 H%a'1 D%,at D%,at-%n -%ntt "( El%ct El%ct"ni "nic! c! an' T%l%c"T%l%c"--un -unicat icati"n i"n En&in%%in&1 (" all hi! acti3% c"4",%ati"n an' an ' kin' c"n!i'%ati"n th"u&h"ut th% ,%i"') W% &at%( &at%(ull ull$ $ ackn"* ackn"*l%' l%'&% &% Dr # M Praann Praanna a %u+ %u+ar, ar, Director, Director, RCET, RCET, Bhilai an' Prof # B Bur-e1 A!!"ciat% P"(%!!" an' >ic%4Pinci,al1 RCET1 Bhilai an' all -ana&%-%nt ,%!"naliti%! *h" ha3% h%l,%' -% in'i%ctl$) W% %=,%!! c"'ial thank! t" Mr Arun %u+ar an' all h%l,in& (aculti%!   (" th%i 3alua#l% &ui'anc%1 !u&&%!ti"n an' h%l, 'uin& th% '%3%l",-%nt "( th% ,":%ct) Finall$1 *% *i!h t" %=,%!! "u '%%,%!t !%n!% "( &atitu'% t" "u Fa-ili%! a! th%i *i!h%! ha3% al*a$! in!,i%' u!)

4G"u, M%-#%! Achala Shukla Ankit Fanci! B"##$ N%l!"n S"nika Sin&h



Th% ai- "( th% ,":%ct ha! #%%n t" '%3%l", an %-#%''%' !$!t%- ca,a#l% "( '%t%ctin& an$ "#!tacl% *h%n it c"-%! *ithin th% ,%4'%t%-in%' an&% "( th% !$!t%-) Futh%-"%1 th% !$!t%- ha! t" al%t th% u!% a#"ut th% "#!tacl% ah%a' "( th% !$!t%-)

Th%% a% -an$ '%3ic%! that (it th% cit%ia (" th% '%t%cti"n "( a %-"t% "#:%ct) In "u ,":%ct1 th% In(a%' '%t%cti"n '% t%cti"n -%chani!- i! u!%') An IR tan!-itt% i! u!%' (" tan!-ittin& th% !ai' IR a$! an' th%!% a'iati"n! a% %(l%ct%' #ack ("- th% (a "(( "#!tacl% t" #% '%t%ct%' #$ an IR !%n!in& -"'ul%) Th% !$!t%- !hall ha3% a C"nt"ll% that can -"nit" th% ",%ati"n "( th%!% !%n!"! an' th%n al%t th% u!% #$ an$ au'i" " 3i!ual ai' a#"ut th% i-,%n'in& c"lli!i"n c" lli!i"n !" that u!% -a$ th%n a#"t it " u!% thi! in("-ati"n a! %<ui%')









5)7 P":%ct R%<ui%-%nt!


5)5 P"*% Su,,l$ Cicuit . it! *"kin&


5)8 P":%ct Cicuit D%!ci,ti"n


5)? C"-,"n%nt D%tail!


5)@ PCB La$"ut!




8)7 Fl"*4chat "( th% ,"c%!!


8)5 A!!%-#l$ C"'%









"I#T ! TAB"E# #No Ta:le no

Ta:le na+e

Page no



A#!"lut% -a=i-u- atin&!




El%ctical . O,tical chaact%i!tic!


"I#T ! !I'$RE# #No !igure no

!igure na+e

Page no

7 5

5 )7 5 )5

P"*% !u,,l$ P":%ct Cicuit 'ia&a-

77 75

8 ? @     76 77 75 78

5 )8 5 )? 5 )@ 5 ) 5 ) 5 ) 5 ) 5)76 5)77 5)77 8 )7

6@7 Int%nal Achit%ctu% Mic"c"nt"ll% #l"ck 'ia&aSch%-atic . F%atu%! Pin Dia&aTSOP8758 Bl"ck 'ia&a- "( TSOP A,,licati"n Sch%-atic W"kin& "( TSOP At*"k PCB la$"ut R%al W"l' PCB la$"ut P"c%!! Fl"* Chat

7? 7@ 7 7 7 56 56 57 55 55 5@




AIM & #CPE ! PR;ECT<

Th% ai- "( th% ,":%ct ha! #%%n t" '%3%l", an %-#%''%' !$!t%- ca,a#l% "( '%t%ctin& an$ "#!tacl% *h%n it c"-%! *ithin th% ,%4'%t%-in%' an&% "( th% !$!t%-) Futh%-"%1 th% !$!t%- ha! t" al%t th% u!% a#"ut th% "#!tacl% ah%a' "( th% !$!t%-)

Th%% a% -an$ '%3ic%! that (it th% cit%ia (" th% '%t%cti"n "( a %-"t% "#:%ct) In "u ,":%ct1 th% In(a%' '%t%cti"n '% t%cti"n -%chani!- i! u!%') An IR tan!-itt% i! u!%' (" tan!-ittin& th% !ai' IR a$! an' th%!% a'iati"n! a% %(l%ct%' #ack ("- th% (a "(( "#!tacl% t" #% '%t%ct%' #$ an IR !%n!in& -"'ul%) Th% !$!t%- !hall ha3% a C"nt"ll% that can -"nit" th% ",%ati"n "( th%!% !%n!"! an' th%n al%t th% u!% #$ an$ au'i" " 3i!ual ai' a#"ut th% i-,%n'in& c"lli!i"n c" lli!i"n !" that u!% -a$ th%n a#"t it " u!% thi! in("-ati"n a! %<ui%')





P"*% !u, !u,, ,l$ Un Unit9 7) 75 75> > @66@66-A A Ta Tan! n!(" ("-%  % 

5 8 ? @ 

5) Di"'%! 8) Ca,aci Ca,acit" t"!! /556u /556u(1 (1 76u(1 76u(1 766u(2 766u(2 ?) R%!i R%!i!t !t" " /? /?"h "h-! -!22 @)  6@ 6@ >"lt >"lta& a&%% R%& R%&ul ulat at"  "  ) % %" " PCB PCB #"a #"a' ' ) Wi%!)) ))%%tc PCB #"a' Mic Mic"c "c"n "nt t"l "ll% l% /AT /ATC C@7 @722 ?6 ,in IC #a!% C$ C$!tal !tal /77 /77)6 )6@ @5M 5MH0 H022 IR tan tan!!-it itt% t% LED LED

   76 77 75

IR !%n !%n!" !" /TS /TSO OP875 P8758 822 P" P"t% t%nt nti" i"-% -%t% t%/ /@6 @66" 6"hh-!2 !2 Ca,a Ca,aci cit" t"! ! /88, /88,(1 (176 76u( u(22 R%!i!t"!/ R%!i!t"!/)5k1886 )5k1886"h-!1 "h-!1556"h556"h-!2 !2 Bu00%  R%' LED


PER #$PP"2 CIRC$IT & IT# R%IN'


!igure 1/< Po*er u??ly Circuit

Th% cicuit !h"*n a#"3% i! u!%' (" (ul(illin& th% ,"*% %<ui%-%nt! "( th%  ,":%ct) It! *"kin& i! a! ("ll"*!9 7) Th% 5@6> !"uc% !"uc% !i&nal !i&nal at -ain! -ain! i! !t%,,%' !t%,,%' '"*n '"*n #$ a tan!("-% tan!("-% t" t" 75> !"uc%) !"uc%) 5) Th% (ull *a3% %cti(i% %cti(i% #i'&% cicuit cicuit "( "( 'i"'%! th%n th%n c"n3%t! c"n3%t! int" int" a ,"!iti3% ,"!iti3% "n$ *a3%("-) 8) Th% CRC (ilt% (ilt% !h"*n !h"*n th%n th%n (ilt%! (ilt%! "ut th% th% ac c"-,"n%nt! c"-,"n%nt! t" an %=t%nt %=t%nt ("("- th% !u,,l$) ?) Th% %&ulat %&ulat" " th%n th%n %&ulat%! %&ulat%! a c"ntant c"ntant @> !u,,l$ at it! it! "ut,ut) "ut,ut)

Th% cicuit u!%' a#"3% ,acticall$ ,"3i'%! a @)7> 'c 3"lta&% a! !%%n 'uin& (inal u!%)





!igure 11< Pro-ect circuit diagra+


CMPNENT CMPNEN T DETAI"# 9@7/ Microcontroller

ch i, *ith a ,"c%!!" an' "th% !u,,"t A +icro controller i! an int%&at%' cicuit " a chi, '%3ic%! lik% ,"&a- -%-"$1 'ata -%-"$1 IO ,"t!1 !%ial c"--unicati"n int%(ac% %tc int%&at%' t"&%th%) Unlik% a -ic","c%!!" /%= < Int%l 6@21 a -ic"c"nt"ll% '"%! n"t %<ui% an$ %=t%nal int%(acin& "( !u,,"t '%3ic%!) Int%l 6@7 i! th% -"!t ,",ula -ic"c"nt"ll% %3% ,"'uc%' in th% *"l' -ak%t) Int%l (i!t ,"'uc%' a -ic"c"nt"ll% in 7 un'% un' % th% na-% MCS =?1 *hich *a! an    #it -ic"c"nt"ll%) Lat% in 76 th%$ %l%a!%' a (uth% i-,"3%' 3%!i"n /*hich i! al!" al!"  #it21 un'% th% na-% MCS4@7) Th% -"!t ,",ula -ic"c"nt"ll% 6@7 #%l"n&! t" th% MCS4@7 (a-il$ "( -ic"c"nt"ll%! #$ Int%l) F"ll"*in& th% !ucc%!! "( 6@71 -an$ "th% !%-ic"n'uct" -anu(actu%! %l%a!%' -ic"c"nt"ll%! un'% th%i "*n #an' na-% #ut u!in& th% MCS4@7 c"%) Gl"#al c"-,ani%! an' &iant! in !%-ic"n'uct" in'u!t$ lik% Mic"chi,1 il"&1 At-%l1 Phili,!1 Si%-%n! %l%a!%' ,"'uct! un'% th%i #an' na-%) Th% !,%cialt$ *a! that all th%!% '%3ic%! c"ul' #% ,"&a--%' ,"&a--%' u!in& th% !a-% MCS4 MCS4@7 @7 in!tucti"n !%t!) Th%$ #a!icall$ 'i((%%' in !u,,"t '%3ic% c"n(i&uati"n! lik% i-,"3%' -%-"$1 ,%!%nc% "( an ADC " "  DAC %tc) Int%l th%n %l%a!%' it! (i!t 7 #it -ic"c"nt"ll% in 751 un'% na-% MCS4 9@7/ Microcontroller Architecture

It! ,"!!i#l% t" %=,lain -ic"c"nt"ll% achit%ctu% t" a &%at '%tail1 #ut *% a% li-itin& !c",% "( thi! aticl% t" int%nal int%nal achit%ctu%1 achit%ctu%1 ,in c"n(i&uati"n1 c"n(i&uati"n1 ,"&a- -%-"$ an' 'ata -%-"$ "&ani0ati"n) Th% #a!ic achit%ctu% %-ain! !a-% (" th% MCS4 @7 (a-il$) In &%n%al all -ic"c"nt"ll%! in MCS4 @7 (a-il$ a% %,%!%nt%' #$ @71 *h%%  can tak% 3alu%! lik% 61  %tc) 7) At-%l 6@7! achit%ctu achit%ctu% % ,"3i'%! ,"3i'%! th% ("ll"* ("ll"*in& in& u!%(ul u!%(ul (uncti"n! (uncti"n! 94 5) 4#it ALU1 ALU1 Accu-ulat Accu-ulat" " an' 4#it 4#it R%&i!t%! R%&i!t%! h%nc% h%nc% it i! i! an 4#it -ic"c" -ic"c"nt"ll nt"ll%  %  8) CPU1 RAM1 RAM1 ROM1 ROM1 IO1 int% int%u,t u,t l"&ic1 l"&ic1 ti-%1 ti-%1 %tc) in in a !in&l% !in&l% ,acka&% ,acka&% ?) 4#it 'ata #u! #u!  It can acc%!! acc%!!  #it! "( 'ata 'ata in "n% "n% ",%ati"n ",%ati"n @) 74#it 74#it a''%!! a''%!! #u!  It can acc%!! 57 57 -%-"$ -%-"$ l"cati"n! l"cati"n!  ? +B /@@8 /@@8 l"cati"n!2 %ach "( RAM an' ROM ) On4chi On4chi, , RA RAM M  75 75 #$t%! #$t%! /'at /'ataa -%-" -%-"$2 $2 ) On4chi On4chi, , ROM  ? kB$t% kB$t% /,"& /,"&aa- -%-" -%-"$2 $2 ) F"u F"u #$t% #i4'i #i4'i%c %cti" ti"nal nal in,ut in,ut"ut "ut,ut ,ut ,"t ,"t



UART UART /! /!% %ia iall ," ,"t2 t2

76) T*" 74#it 74#it C"unt%tiC"unt%ti-%! %! 77) T*"4l%3%l T*"4l%3%l int%u,t int%u,t ,i"it$ ,i"it$ /1 P"*% !a3in& -"'%


!igure 14< 9@7/ Internal Architecture


Baic tructure of +icrocontroller<

Mic"c"nt"ll% i! a !-all /-ic"2 !in&l%4chi, c"-,ut% '%!i&n%' t"  ,%("- a !,%ci(ic (uncti"n1 an' th% !,%ci(ic (uncti"n i! t" c"nt"l /c"nt"ll%2 /c"nt"ll%2 "#:%ct!1  ,"c%!!%! " %3%nt!) It i! '%'icat%' t" "n% ta!k1 " a !%t "( cl"!%l$ %lat%' ta!k) It i! !i-ila t" a ,%!"nal c"-,ut%1 it ha! !i-ila c"-,"n%nt! #uilt "n t" a !in&l% chi,)


!igure 16< Controller Bloc Diagra+

A! '%,ict%' a#"3% th% #a!ic !tuctu% "( a -ic"c"nt"ll% inclu'%! th% ("ll"*in& c"-,"n%nt! inc","at%' "n a !in&l% chi,9 K c"-,ut%K ,at "( th% / Micr Micro? o?ro roce ce or orC CP$ P$<< Th% CPU c"% i! th% Kc"-,ut%K Mic"c"nt"ll%) It! :"# i! t" un th% ,"&a- !u,,li%' #$ th% '%!i&n%) It '"%! thi!  #$ u!in& -%-"$1 !"-% %&i!t%!1 an' th% ,"&a- -%-"$) It ,%("-! ,%("-! th% 3ai"u! aith-%tic . l"&ical ",%ati"n! "n th% 'ata) 1 RAM: RAM -%an! Ran'"- Acc%!! M%-"$) It i! &%n%al &%n %al ,u,"!% -%-"$ that can !t"% 'ata " ,"&a-!) RAM i! K3"latil%K1 *hich -%an! *h%n th% ,"*% i! !hut "((1 th% c"nt%nt! "( th% -%-"$ i! l"!t) Mic"c"nt"ll%! ha3% a #uilt4in RAM ha3in& a &%n%al ca,acit$ "( a"un' 5@ #$t%!) 4 RM: ROM i! R%a' Onl$ M%-"$) Thi! i! t$,icall$ -%-"$ that i!  ,"&a--%' at th% (act"$ t" ha3% c%tain 3alu%!) It cann"t #% chan&%'1 #ut it can  #% %a' a! -an$ ti-%! a! $"u *ant) ROM i! t$,icall$ u!%' t" !t"% ,"&a-! ,"&a-! an' 'ata that '"%!nKt chan&% "3% " 3% ti-%) It! u!%' (" !t"in& th% c"'%! . in!tucti"nal 'ata) 6 Port: P"t! all"* (" int%(acin& "( th% -ic"c"nt"ll%! *ith "th% %=t%nal IC! an' '%3ic%!)


7 Ti+er< P"3i'%! th% -ic"c"nt"ll% *ith an in4#uilt cl"ck c"-,"n%nt (" !$nch"ni0in& all th% unit! t"&%th%)  ADC: An anal"& t" 'i&ital c"n3%t% all"*! th% -ic"c"nt"ll% t" tak% anal"&"u! <uantit$ a! in,ut an' ,%("- ",%ati"n! "n it) 0 Bu: Finall$ all -ic"c"nt"ll%! ha3% th% #u!%! that c"nn%ct all th% unit! "! th%

-ic"c"nt"ll% t"&%th% th"u&h a ,ath an' al!" ,"3i'% a ,ath (" 'ata c"--unicati"n *ith th% "ut!i'% *"l' " %=t%nal '%3ic%!) Si-ila t" th% -ic","c%!!"! th% -ic"c"nt"ll%! al!" ha3% th%% kin'! "( #u!% 3i0) the address bus, the data bus & the control bus. #che+atic and !eature

Th% &%n%al !ch%-atic 'ia&a- "( 6@7 -ic"c"nt"ll% i! !h"*n a#"3%) W% can !%% 8 !$!t%- in,ut!1 8 c"nt"l !i&nal! an' ? ,"t! /(" %=t%nal int%(acin&2) A >cc ,"*% !u,,l$ an' &"un' i! al!" !h"*n) N"* l%t! %=,lain an' &" th"u&h %ach in '%tail) S$!t%in,ut! a% n%c%!!a$ t" -ak% th% -ic" c"nt"ll% (uncti"nal) S" th% (i!t an' -"!t i-,"tant "( thi! i! ,"*%1 -ak%' a! >cc *ith a GND /&"un' ,"t%ntial2) With"ut  ,",% ,"*% !u,,l$1 n" %l%ct"nic !$!t%- *"ul' *"k) TAL 7 an' TAL 5 a% (" th% !$!t%- cl"ck in,ut! ("- c$!tal cl"ck cicuit) RESET in,ut i! %<ui%' t" initiali0% -ic"c"nt"ll% t" '%(ault'%!i%' 3alu%! an' t" -ak% a n%* !tat) Th%% a% 8 c"nt"l !i&nal!1 EA1PSEN an' ALE) Th%!% !i&nal! kn"*n a! E=t%nal Acc%!! /EA21 /EA 21 P"&a P"&a- St"% St"% Ena#l% Ena#l%/PS /PSEN2 EN211 an' A''%!! A''%!! Latch Latch Ena#l% Ena#l%/AL /ALE2 E2 a% u!%' u!%' (" %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin&) C"nt"l !i&nal! a% u!%' (" %=t%nal -%-"$ C"nt"l -%-"$ int%(acin&) int%(acin&) I( th%% i! n" %<ui%-%nt %<ui%-%nt "( %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin& th%n1 EA ,in i! ,ull%' hi&h /c"nn%ct%' t" >cc2 an' t*" "th%! PSEN an' ALE a% l%(t al"n%) Y"u can al!" !%% a 6)7 -ic" (aa' '%c"u,lin& ca,acit" c"nn%ct%' t" >cc /t" a3"i' HF "!cillati"n! at in,ut2) Th%% a% ("u ,"t! nu-#%%' 6171518 an' call%' a! P"t 61 P"t 71 P"t 5 an' P"t 8 *hich a% u!%' (" %=t%nal int%(acin& "( '%3ic%! lik% DAC1 ADC1  !%&-%nt 'i!,la$1 LED %tc) Each ,"t ha! h a!  IO lin%! an' th%$ all a% #it ,"&a--a#l%)

!igure /7


9@7/ Pin Diagra+ & Decri?tion

F" F" '% '%!c !ci i#i #in& n& ,in ,in 'ia& 'ia&a a- an an' ' ,in ,in c" c"n( n(i& i&u uat ati" i"n n "( 6 6@7 @711 *% a a%% ta taki kin& n& in int" t" c"n!i'%ati"n a ?6 ,in DIP /Dual inlin% ,acka&%2) N"* l%t! &" th"u&h ,in c"n(i&uati"n in '%tail) Pin=6@ < Na-%' a! >cc i! th% -ain ,"*% !"uc%) U!uall$ it! @> DC) Pin 41=43< +n"*n a! P"t 6 /P6)6 t" P6)2  In a''iti"n t" !%3in& a! IO ,"t1 l"*% "'% a''%!! an' 'ata #u! !i&nal! a% -ulti,l%=%' *ith thi! ,"t /t" !%3% th% ,u,"!% "( %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin&2) Thi! i! a #i 'i%cti"nal IO ,"t /th% "nl$ "n% in 6@72 an' %=t%nal ,ull u, %!i!t"! a% %<ui%' t" (uncti"n thi! ,"t a! IO) Pin=4/<=  ALE 9 A''%!! Latch Ena#l% i! u!%' t" '%-ulti,l%= th% a''%!!4'ata !i&nal "(  ,"t 6 /(" %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin&)2 5 ALE ,ul!%! a% a3aila#l% (" %ach -achin% c$cl%) Pin=4@<=  EA E=t%nal Acc%!! in,ut i! u!%' t" %na#l% " 'i!all"* %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin&) I( th%% i! n" %=t%nal -%-"$ %<ui%-%nt1 thi! ,in i! ,ull%' hi&h #$

c"nn%ctin& it t" >cc) Pin=13<=  PSEN " P"&a- St"% Ena#l% i! u!%' t" %a' !i&nal ("- %=t%nal ,"&a-%-"$)

a' 'iti"n t" !%3in& a! IO ,"t1 hi&h% Pin 1/=19<= +n"*n a! P"t 5 /P 5)6 t" P 5)2 in a''iti"n "'% a''%!! #u! !i&nal! a% -ulti,l%=%' *ith thi! <ua!i #i 'i%cti"nal ,"t) Pin 1@<= Na-%' a! >!!  it %,%!%nt! &"un' /6>2 c"nn%cti"n) Pin /9 & /3<= U!%' (" int%(acin& an %=t%nal c$!tal t" ,"3i'% !$!t%- cl"ck)

," t al!" !%3%! !"-% "th% (uncti"n! lik% int%u,t!1 Pin /@/0<= +n"*n a! P"t 8) Thi! ,"t ti-% in,ut1 c"nt"l !i&nal! (" %=t%nal -%-"$ int%(acin& RD an' WR1!%ial c"--unicati"n !i&nal! R=D an' T=D %tc) Thi! i! a <ua!i #i 'i%cti"nal ,"t *ith int%nal  ,ull u,) Pin 3<= A! %=,lain%' #%("% RESET ,in i! u!%' t" !%t th% 6@7 -ic"c"nt"ll% t" it! initial 3alu%!1 *hil% th% -ic"c"nt"ll% i! *"kin& " at th% initial !tat "( a,,licati"n) Th% RESET ,in -u!t #% !%t hi&h (" 5 -achin% c$cl%!) Pin /9<=P"t 7)Unlik% "th% ,"t!1 thi! ,"t '"%! n"t !%3% an$ "th% (uncti"n!) P"t 7 i! an int%nall$ ,ull%' u,1 <ua!i #i 'i%cti"nal IO ,"t)


!ig 1< Pin Diagra+ of 9@7/


IR Receier Module (T#P4/149)


Th% TSOP8751 TSOP87? !%i%! a% -iniatui0%' %c%i3%! (" in(a%' %-"t% c"nt"l !$!t%-!) A PIN 'i"'% an' a ,%a-,li(i% ,%a -,li(i% a% a!!%-#l%' "n a l%a' (a-%1 th% %, %,"=$ "=$  ,acka&% act! a! an IR (ilt%) Th% '%-"'ulat%' "ut,ut !i&nal can #% 'i%ctl$ '%c"'%' #$ a -ic","c%!!") Th% TSOP875)) i! c"-,ati#l% *ith all c"--"n IR %-"t% c"nt"l 'ata ("-at!) Th% TSOP87? i! ",ti-i0%' t" !u,,%!! al-"!t all !,ui"u! ,ul!%! ("- %n%&$ !a3in& (lu"%!c%nt la-,! #ut *ill al!" !u,,%!! !"-% 'ata !i&nal!) Thi! c"-,"n%nt ha! h a! n"t #%%n <uali(i%' acc"'in& t" aut"-"ti3% !,%ci(icati"n!) !EAT$RE#<

7) 5) 8) ?) @) ) )

>%$ >%$ l"* l"* !u, !u,,l ,l$ $ cu cu% %nt nt Ph"t" Ph"t" '%t%ct '%t%ct" " an' ,%a ,%a-,l -,li(i i(i% % in "n% "n% ,acka&% ,acka&% Int%n Int%nal al (ilt (ilt% % (" (" PCM PCM (%<u (%<u%nc$ %nc$ I-," I-,"3%' 3%' !hi%l' !hi%l'in& in& a&ain!t a&ain!t EMI Su Su,,l ,,l$ $ 3"l 3"lta ta&%9 &%9 5)@ 5)@ > t" t" @)@ @)@ > I-," I-,"3%' 3%' i--un i--unit$ it$ a&ai a&ain!t n!t a-#i a-#i%nt %nt li&h li&htt In!%n! In!%n!iti iti3% 3% t" !u,,l$ !u,,l$ 3"lt 3"lta&% a&% i,,l i,,l%% an' n"i!% n"i!%

!igure 1< T#P4/149

Pinnin&9 7  GND1 5  >!1 8  OUT



!igure 10


Fi&u% 5)




Ta:le 1/




Ta:le 11


!igure 13


Th% TSOP875))1 TSOP87? !%i%! a% '%!i&n%' t" !u,,%!! !,ui"u! "ut,ut ,ul!%! 'u% t" n"i!% " 'i!tu#anc% !i&nal!) Data an' 'i!tu#anc% !i&nal! can #% 'i!tin&ui!h%' #$ th% '%3ic%! acc"'in& t" cai% (%<u%nc$1 #u!t l%n&th an' %n3%l",% 'ut$ c$cl%) Th% 'ata !i&nal !h"ul' #% cl"!% t" th% #an'4,a!! c%nt% (%<u%nc$ /%)&) 8 kH02 an' (ul(ill th% c"n'iti"n! in th% ta#l% #%l"*) Wh%n a 'ata !i&nal i! a,,li%' t" th% TSOP875))1 TSOP87? in th% ,%!%nc% "( a 'i!tu#anc% !i&nal1 th% !%n!iti3it$ "( th% %c%i3% i! %'uc%' t" in!u% that n" !,ui"u! ,ul!%! a% ,%!%nt at th% "ut,ut) S"-% %=a-,l%! "( 'i!tu#anc% !i&nal! *hich a% !u,,%!!%' a%9 7) DC li&ht li&ht /%)&) /%)&) ("("- tun&!t tun&!t%n %n #ul# #ul# " !unli& !unli&ht2 ht2 5) C"ntin C"ntinu"u! u"u! !i&n !i&nal! al! at at 8 kH0 " " at an$ an$ (%<u%n (%<u%nc$ c$ 8) St"n&l$ St"n&l$ " *%akl$ *%akl$ -"'ulat%' -"'ulat%' n"i!% n"i!% ("- (lu"%!c%nt (lu"%!c%nt la-,! la-,! *ith *ith %l%ct"ni %l%ct"nicc  #alla!t!)


PCB "A2$T#



!igure 13<Art*or "ayout

!igure 1/@< Real *orld "ayout




!" C.ART ! T.E PRCE##


!igure 4/< Proce !lo* chart


A##EMB"2 CDE ORG 6666H

initial a''%!!

AJMP RESTART :u-, t" %!tat !u# "utin% ORG 666BH CPL P5)6

ti-%46 int%u,t "utin% c"-,l%-%nt ,in6 "( ,"t5


%tun ("- int%u,t "utin% t" -ain "utin%

ORG 6686H

-ain "utin% a''%!!


initiali0% !tack ,"int% 

MO> IE1 5H

initiali0% int%u,t %na#l% %&i!t% t" %na#l% "nl$ t6 int%u,t

CLR P5)6

initiali0% ,in a! "ut,ut

CLR P7)7

initiali0% ,in a! "ut,ut

CLR P7)5

initiali0% ,in a! "ut,ut

MO> TMOD1 65H

initiali0% t-"' %&i!t% (" ti-%6 in -"'%5

MO> TH616F?H

initiali0% th% t6 %&i!t% *ith th% a,t c"unt


!tat ti-% 


i( ,in5 "( ,"t8 i! !%t th%n %ch%ck 

CLR P7)7

l%' "n

CLR P7)5

#u00% "n


i( ,in5 "( ,"t8 i! %!%t th%n %ch%ck 


l%' "(( 


#u00% "((  :u-, #ack t" ch%ck at AGAIN




Th% C"lli!i"n '%t%cti"n an' a3"i'anc% !$!t%- u!in& IR !%n!"! ha! #%%n c"n!tuct%' a! ,% th% n"-! an' ("un' t" #% *"kin& a,tl$) Th% !$!t%- i! ca,a#l% "( '%t%ctin& an "#!tacl% a! it c"-%! in th% an&% "( th% !$!t%- an' th% an&% can al!" #% alt%%' #$ th% u!%) Th% !$!t%- al!" *an! th% u!% a#"ut th% "#!tacl% " th% i-,%n'in& c"lli!i"n 3ia #u00% an' l%')




Alth"u&h th% !$!t%- i! !%l(4'%,%n'%nt an' ca,a#l% "( (uncti"nin& in'%,%n'%ntl$ $%t it can #% %=,an'%' int" a ,at "( a la&% !$!t%- in -an$ *a$!)

Th% -"!t int%%!tin& an' <uit% %=,%ct%' utilit$ u tilit$ "( th% ,":%ct *"ul' #% a! a ,at "( h"-% ,"t%cti"n !$!t%- t" -"nit" th% l"ck%' !tat%! "( '""! an' ala-in& in ca!% an an$ $ intu'% #%ak! int" th% h"u!%)

An"th% int%%!tin& %=,an!i"n *"ul' #% th% '%3%l",-%nt '%3 %l",-%nt "( a !%l(4cali#atin& aut"-at%' c"lli!i"n '%t%cti"n an' *anin& !$!t%- *"kin& "n " n !i-ila c"nc%,t)

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