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Command-line reference A-Z Arp Assoc At Atmadm Attrib Using batch files Bootcfg Break Cacls Call Chcp Chdir (Cd) Chkdsk Chkntfs Cipher Cls Cmd Cmstp Color Comp Compact Convert Copy Using the command-based script host (CScript.exe) Date Diskcomp Diskcopy DiskPart Doskey MS-DOS subsystem commands Driverquery Echo Endlocal Eventcreate Eventquery.vbs Eventtriggers Exit Expand Fc Using filters Find Findstr Finger For Ftp

Ftp subcommands Ftype Getmac Goto Gpresult Graftabl Help Helpctr Hostname If Ipconfig Ipseccmd Ipxroute Irftp Label Lodctr Lpq Lpr Macfile Mkdir Mmc Mode More Mountvol Move Msiexec Msinfo32 Nbtstat Using Netsh Netsh commands for AAAA Netsh commands for DHCP Netsh diagnostic (diag) commands Netsh commands for Interface IP Netsh commands for RAS Netsh commands for Routing Netsh commands for WINS Netstat Net services overview Net services commands Nslookup Nslookup subcommands Ntbackup Ntcmdprompt Command shell overview Ntsd Logman

Perfmon Relog Tracerpt Typeperf Openfiles Pagefileconfig.vbs Path Pathping Pause Pbadmin Pentnt Ping Popd Print Prncnfg.vbs Prndrvr.vbs Prnjobs.vbs Prnmngr.vbs Prnport.vbs Prnqctl.vbs Prompt Pushd Rasdial Rcp Recover Using command redirection operators Gpupdate Reg Regsvr32 Rem Rename (ren) Replace Rexec Rmdir (rd) Route Rsh Rsm Runas SC Schtasks Secedit Set Setlocal Shift Shutdown Sort

Start Subst Systeminfo System File Checker (sfc) Taskkill Tasklist Tcmsetup TCP/IP utilities and services Telnet commands Tftp Time W32tm Title Tracert Tree Terminal Services commands Terminal Services change commands Cprofile Flattemp Terminal Services query commands Reset session Type Unlodctr Ver Verify Vol Vssadmin Winnt32 Winnt Using the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool Xcopy

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