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;---ViewerCommand is the command line to launch the viewer. The path must be rel
ative to the root of the medium,
;---for example: "viewer\viewer.exe /s".
viewerText=View Images
;---ShowWindow is a flag that controls the initial display of the splash window.
Allowed values are:
;---ShowMenu is a True/False flag that controls display of the splash program ma
in meu and toolbar. If False, the
;---menu and toolbar are hidden. The default is True.
;---WindowTitle is the title displayed in the splash program title bar. If the o
ption is present but blank, i.e. "WindowTitle=",
;---then no title at all will be displayed. If the option is simply missing from
the COMMAND.TXT file, the default
;---value "PacsCube Start" will be displayed in the title bar.
;---DisplayHTMLDocTitle is a True/False flag which determines whether the curren
t HTML document title is displayed
;---in the title bar. The default is True.
;---WaitInterval is the time interval in seconds to display the Launching DICOM v
iewer dialog.
;---The default is 10 seconds.
;---SplashPage is the relative path and name of the HTML file to display when th
e program starts.
;---The default is PACSCUBE\START.HTM
;---ResultsPage is the relative path and name of the HTML file for display of cl
inical results.
;---The default is PACSCUBE\FRAMESET.HTM
;---MinimumIEVersion is the minimum version of Internet Explorer that must be pr
esent on the user s machine in
;---order to run the splash program. If this option is blank (which is the defau
lt), no checking of the IE version will
;---occur. If it is not blank, the splash program will check the version of IE c
urrently installed and compare to this
;---value. If the installed version is lower, the program will prompt to install
the version of IE included on the CD.
;---IEInstallCommand is the relative path to the command that will install a ver
sion of Internet Explorer on the CD.

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