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Command abs acker  axis  bode c#dm clf co conv nv

Absolute value Compute the K matrix to place the poles of A-BK, see also place also  place Set the scale of the current plot, see also plot, figure Draw the Bode plot, see also logspace, margin, margin, n!uist" Continuous sstem to discrete sstem Clear figure $use clg in %atlab &'() Conv Convol olu utio tion $use $usefu full for for multi ultipl pl ing ing po pol lno nom mia ials ls), ), se seee aals lso o deco deconv nv

ctrb deco deconv nv det dimpulse dl!r  dlsim dstep eig eps feedback  figu figure re for

*he controllabilit matrix, see also obsv Deco Deconv nvol olut utio ion n and and pol polno nomi mial al divi divisi sion on,, se seee al also so co conv nv +ind the determinant of a matrix mpulse response of discrete-time linear sstems, see also dstep inear-!uadratic re!ulator design for discrete-time sstems, see also l!r  Simulation of discrete-time linear sstems, see also lsim Step response of discrete-time linear sstems, see also stairs Compute the eigenvalues of a matrix %atlab.s numerical tolerance +eedback connection of two sstems' Crea Create te a new new fi figu gure re or rede redefi fine ne the the cur curre rent nt figu figure re,, see see al also so su subp bplo lot, t, ax axis is +or, next loop

form format at function grid gtext help hold if imag impulse input inv

/umb /umber er fo form rmat at $s $sig igni nifi fica cant nt digit igits, s, ex expo pone nen nts) ts) Creates ffu unction mm-files Draw the grid lines on the current plot Add a piece of of tteext to to the cu current pl plot, se see al also text 0123 0old the current graph, see also figure Conditionall execute statements 4eturn rnss th the iim mag agiinar part o off a co com mplex nu numbe berr, see also rea eall mpulse response of continuous-time linear sstems, see also step, step, lsim lsim,, dlsim 2rompt for user input +ind the inverse of a matrix 6enerate grid lines of constant damping ratio $7eta) and settling time $sigma), see sigrid,, 7grid also sgrid, sgrid, sigrid 6raph legend ength of a vector, see also si7e 4eturn rnss a li linearl rl  sp space ced d ve vecto ctor  2roduce a /!uist plot on a logarithmic scale, see also n!uist" natural logarithm, also log"89 common logarithm 2l 2lo ot usi sin ng lo log g-l -lo og scal scale, e, also also se sem milog ilogx: x:se sem milo ilog 4etu 4eturn rnss a loga logari rith thmi mica call ll  spac spaced ed vect vector  or  inear !uadratic regulator design for continuous sstems, see also dl!r  Simulate a linear sstem, see also step, step, impulse, dlsim' 4eturns the gain margin, phase margin, and crossover fre!uencies, see also bode also  bode /orm of a vector   Draw the /!uist plot, see also ln!uist"' ln!uist"' /ote this command was written to replace the %atlab standard command n!uist to get more accurate /!uist plots' *he observabilit matrix, see also ctrb

 5grid legend length linsp spac acee ln!uist" log logl loglo og logs logspa pace ce l!r  lsim margin norm n!uist" obsv



ones  place  plot  pol  poladd  polval  print  p7map

4eturns a vector or matrix of ones, see also 7eros Compute the K matrix to place the poles of A-BK, see also acker  Draw a plot, see also figure, axis, subplot' 4eturns the characteristic polnomial Add two different polnomials 2olnomial evaluation 2rint the current plot $to a printer or postscript file) 2ole-7ero map of linear sstems

rank real rlocfind rlocus roots rscale

+ind th the nu number of lliinea earl rl  in independen entt ro rows or or co columns of of a mat matri rix x 4eturns the real part of a complex number, see also imag +ind the value of k and the poles at the selected point Draw the root locus +ind the roots of a polnomial +ind the scale factor for a full-state feedback sstem Set$gca,.;tick.,xticks,.<tick.,ticks) to control the number and spacing of tick marks on the axes Series interconnection of inear time-independent sstems 6enerate grid lines of constant damping ratio $7eta) and natural fre!uenc $=n), see also 5grid also 5grid,, sigrid, sigrid, 7grid 6enerate grid lines of constant settling time $sigma), see also 5grid also  5grid,, sgrid sgrid,, 7grid

set series sgrid sigrid si7e s!rt ss ss#tf  ss#7p stairs step subp subplo lott text text tf  tf#ss tf#7p title

6ives the di dimension of a vector o orr matrix, see also length S!uare root Create state-space models or convert * model to state space, see also tf  State-space to transfer function representation, see also tf#ss State-space to pole-7ero representation, see also 7p#ss Stairstep plot for discreste response, see also dstep 2lot the step response, see also impulse, impulse, lsim, lsim, dlsim dlsim'' Divi Divide de the the plo plott win windo dow w up up int into o pie piece ces, s, se seee als also o plo plot, t, figu figure re Add Add a piece iece of text text to th thee cu curr rren entt plo plot, se seee al also so titl title, e, xl xlab abel el,,  la lab bel el,, gte tex xt Creation of transfer functions or conversion to transfer function, see also ss *ransfer function to state-space representation, see also ss#tf  *ransfer function to 2ole-7ero representation, see also 7p#tf  Add a title to the current plot 4eturns the bandwidth fre!uenc given the damping ratio and the rise or settling wbw time' Add a label to the hori7ontal:vertical axis of the current plot, see also title, text, xlabel:label gtext 7eros 4eturns a vector or matrix of 7eros 6enerates grid lines of constant damping ratio $7eta) and natural fre!uenc $=n), 7grid see also sgrid, sgrid, 5grid,  5grid, sigrid 7p#ss 2ole-7ero to state-space representation, see also ss#7p 7p#tf  2ole-7ero to transfer function representation, see also tf#7p

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