Commission on Elections Reply (No. 15–05)

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[Commission on Elections]
[February 24, 2015]
We, the Commission, already observed and received complaints on the second day
of elections, February 18, regarding unmanned poll stations. We apologize for
lacking on this matter. After the second day of elections the Commission was already
veering towards extending elections because of the aforementioned issue. With
unmanned poll stations students who were present at the time were not able to cast
their votes. We acknowledge our fault in not immedietly issuing a reason with
regards to Memo No. 201527. However, our main concern is not to reach quota but
rather to make up for the lost opportunity due to unmanned stations.
We likewise admit that some candidates were in the immediate vicinity of the
COMELEC headquarters. Their presence was due to concern for the voter turnout.
However the commission made sure that they did not touch the ballots nor viewed
the official partial tally per candidate.

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