Commission on Elections Reply (No. 16-02)

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Ateneo Student Judicial Court
In the Matter of the General Elections of Academic Year 2015-2016
Gian Paulo Alberto V. Soliman
To: The Honorable Magistrates of the Student Judicial Court, the concern of the respondent
above named
With regards to the granting of a temporary restraining order, the Ateneo Commission on
Elections (COMELEC) wants to inform the Ateneo Student Judicial Court (SJC) that it will be
holding its Poll Officer’s Training on Monday, April 11, 2016, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.
In the aforementioned training, the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) has given Ateneo
COMELEC the permission to contact scholars in relation to their service hours. As of April 9,
2016, 10:41 PM, there are currently 22 scholars who signed up and are expecting the training
on Monday.
Allowing the temporary restraining order would not only hinder Ateneo COMELEC’s
preparations for the 2016 General Elections but will also hinder said scholars from obtaining
their service hours and might create relational conflict between the OAA, the scholars, and
Ateneo COMELEC. As an organization whose problem revolves around lack of manpower,
the likelihood of the cancellation of the training might pose tension we have never intended.
Now, the Ateneo COMELEC humbly requests the SJC to release the decision regarding the
temporary restraining order as early as possible on Monday, April 11, 2016. It is preferred if
such action is made on or before 12 noon on the said date. The release of the decision will
greatly affect our course of action and our partnership with the OAA and the scholars.
Wherefore, the respondent also prays the Court grants what is truly just under the established
Quezon City, April 10, 2016.

(Sgd.) Ma. Patrice G. Gabito
Chief Commissioner
[email protected]

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