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WHAT IS A COMPUTER? Computer is a device that transforms data into meaninfu! information" #ata can $e an%thin !i&e mar&s o$tained $% %ou in various su$'ects" It can a!so $e name( ae( se)( *eiht( heiht( etc" of a!! the students in a c!ass" Char!es +a$$ae is ca!!ed the ,-rand .ather, of the computer" Computer can a!so $e defined in terms of functions it can perform" A computer can i/ accept data( ii/ store data( iii/ process data as desired( and iv/ retrieve the stored data as and *hen re0uired and v/ print the resu!t in desired format" The ma'or characteristics of a computer are hih speed( accurac%( di!ience( versati!it% and storae" The computer performs $asica!!% five ma'or operations of functions irrespective of their si1e and ma&e" These are 2/ it accepts data or instruction $% *a% of input( 3/ it stores data( 4/ it can process data as re0uired $% the user( 5/ it ives resu!ts in the form of output( and 6/ it contro!s a!! operations inside a computer" •

The $asic components of a modern diita! computer are7 Input #evice( Output #evice( Centra! Processor Unit 8CPU/( mass storae device and memor%" A T%pica! modern computer  uses 9SI Chips" .our .unctions a$out computer are7  acc  accep epts ts data ata Inp Input  processes data Processin  produces output


stor stores es resu resu!t !tss St Stor ora aee   Computer Classification: Classification: By Size Si ze and Power

Computers differ $ased on their data processin a$i!ities" The% are c!assified accordin to  purpose( data hand!in and functiona!it%" functiona!it%" According to functionality, computers are classified as:

: Analog Computer7 A computer that represents num$ers $% some continuous!% varia$!e  ph%sica! 0uantit%( *hose variations mimic the properties of some s%stem $ein mode!ed" : Personal computer: A persona! computer is a computer sma!! and !o* cost" The term ,persona! computer, is used to descri$e des&top computers 8des&tops/" : Workstation: A termina! or des&top computer in a net*or&" In this conte)t( *or&station is  'ust a eneric term for a user;s machine 8c!ient machine/ in contrast to a ,server, or  ,mainframe",


: Minicomputer7 A minicomputer minicomputer isn;t ver% ver % mini" At !east( not in the *a% most of us thin& of  mini" <ou <ou &no* ho* $i %our persona! computer is and its re!ated fami!%" : Mainframe:  It refers to the &ind of !are computer that runs an entire corporation" : Supercomputer:  Itis the $iest( fastest( and most e)pensive computers on earth" : Microcomputer:  <o  <our ur persona! computer is a microcomputer" B a s i c F u n c t i o n s o f S t a n d a r d Ap p l i c a t i o n S o f t w a r e  M S ! f f i c e Microsoft office is a roup of app!ication prorams containin four prorams( name!% = 

Microsoft Word( Microsoft E)ce!( Microsoft Po*er Point and Microsoft Access" These four   prorams he!p us perform a!most ever%thin *e need to do do in ever%da% office *or&" Word is a proram *ith *hich *e can *rite and print documents( !i&e !etters( reports( research papers( chapters of $oo&s( *ith te)ts( ta$!es and charts or raphs inset *ithin te)t" E)ce! he!ps us in numerica! ca!cu!ation ca!cu!ation *ith a hue vo!ume vo!ume of data on *or&sheets( *or&sheets( creation of ta$!es( creation of charts and diarams as *e!! as some performin statistica! ana!%sis of  data" Po*er Point is for presentation $% usin pro'ection of s!ides( *hich ma% $e used in an% discussion( seminar( !ecture( etc" This proram he!ps us preparin the s!ides containin te)ts(  pictures( charts( ta$!es( as *e!! as some animated o$'ects" Access is for data$ase manaement for searchin and 0uer%in and some processin of data( as for e)amp!e %ou ma% $ui!d an access app!ication for !i$rar% data$ase" 9earnin a!! the features of each *ou!d not $e re0uired( since the specia! features ma% $e !earnt as and *hen re0uired ta&in he!p from the He!p Menu in each proram" +ut the  $einners shou!d fami!iarise themse!ves *ith $asic operationa! functions" The operation for creatin a fi!e( openin an e)istin fi!e( and savin the fi!e current!% !oaded 8*hi!e *or&in/( is more or !ess same in a!! the four prorams" .or creatin a ne* fi!e( first start the proram( and then from the .i!e Menu in the top Menu +ar( se!ect >e*" .or savin a !oaded fi!e( 'ust c!ic& the Save +utton in the Standard Too!$ar   $e!o* the Menu +ar" If %ou *ish to save the fi!e( after doin some *or&( under a different name or under a different fo!der in other Hard #is& or in Pendrive 8>ote %ou cannot save a fi!e this *a% in C# or ## *hich are optica! dis&s/( c!ic& open the .i!e Menu and se!ect Save As" <ou *i!! $e  prompted to se!ect the !ocation and ive a fi!ename" fi!ena me" This *i!! $e a ne* updated cop% a nd the oriina! fi!e *i!! remain unchaned"


"# $ e a r n i n g B a s i c F u n c t i o n s o f W o r d A# Page $ayout Selecting Paper size = A5( 9etter etc"@ 9a%out = portrait or !andscape(

section( header footer same or different in odd and even( vertica! a!inment top( centre o r   $ottom@ Marins = top( $ottom( !eft( riht( utter for $indin( header( footer( f ooter( mirror marin option" B# Paragrap% Style .ont and .ont si1e = tit!e( headin( $od% te)t( norma!@ A!inment = !eft( centre( riht@ !ine spacin = sin!e( 2"6( dou$!e@ space $efore and after pararaph" C# &a'le Creation and Formatting Insertin and de!etin ta$!es( ro*s and co!umns@ resi1in

ro*s and co!umns( merin and sp!ittin ce!!s and ta$!es@ ta$!e properties for a!inments and si1e of ta$!e( ro*s( co!umns( and ce!!s" +o!d( Under!i Under!ine( ne( Ita!ics( Ita!ics( supersc superscrip ript( t( su$scri su$script( pt( endnot endnotes es and footno footnotes tes@@ (# Formatti Formatting ng  +o!d( +u!!ets and num$erin@ $orders and shadin@ Ta$ t%pes and positions@ vertica! and hori1onta! ru!er to measure positions@ Indentin !eft( riht and first !ine" )# )diting .ind and Rep!ace@ -rammar and Spe!! Chec&@ -o to pae@ sp!ittin *ord *indo*

to vie* t*o different paes simu!taneous!%@ cut cop% and paste( undo operations( repeat !ast operation 8.5 &e%/@ F# *nserting Pae $rea&( section $rea&( Pae num$ers( s%m$o!s@ cop% past e E)ce! ta$!es@

cop% paste pictures( and charts( dra* *ord o$'ect@ format picture@ positionin and *rappin o$'ects in pae" +# Printing Chec&in Print Previe* $efore printin@ print se!ection( current pae or paes

from to( copies to print( print order odd and even" # $ e a r n i n g B a s i c F u n c t i o n s o f ) - c e l A# .nowing t%e Works%eet Cell address  = ro* and co!umn positions( Insertin and de!etin

*or&sheet under the same fi!e( renamin and movin *or&sheets@ .ree1in and unfree1in  pane $% *or&sheet ro*( co!umn or $oth for data entr%( entr %( Hidin and unhidin ro* or co!umn( Se!ectin entire ro*( co!umn( or a portion of the *or&sheet" Usin n &e%$o &e%$oard ard cu curso rsorr &e &e% % an and d >um$ >um$er er !o !oc& c& fo forr da data ta en entr% tr%@@ te)t te)t an and d B# (ata (ata )ntr )ntry y Usi numerica! numeri ca! data entr%@ te)t !a$e!s for ro* or co!um co!umns@ ns@ .ormat ce!! for vario various us t%pes of data =  chanin decima! p!aces of numeric data( *rap te)t the ce!! a!inment for !a$e! te)ts in fi)ed co!umn *idth" C# Works%eet Calculations Auto sum of ro* tota! and co!umn tota!@ Sum of se!ected ce!!s in

a ro* or co!umn@ cop% paste of ca!cu!ation from one ce!! to fo!!o*in ce!!s in a ro* or a co!umn( cop% paste ca!cu!ation from more than one ce!! into an arra% of ce!!s in ro*s and


co!umns@ .ormu!a $ar = *ritin formu!a in formu!a $ar for simp!e arithmetic ca!cu!ations@ formu!a paste function for other ca!cu!ations" (# *nserting and Formatting Works%eet  Insertin and de!etin ro*( co!umn( or ce!!( mere

ce!!( ad'ustin heiht of ro* and *idth of co!umn@ se!ectin font and font si1e in ce!!s( ro*s( co!umns( or in entire *or& sheet@ $orders and $ac&round co!ours( Insertin and removin  pae $rea& = hori1onta! and vertica!( Insertin data from Word Word Ta$!es Ta$!es and pastin E)ce! ta$!es to Word@ Creatin and Insertin Charts@ Cop% paste E)ce! Charts in Word document and resi1e" operations@ Specia! Paste functions functions = paste va!ue and paste )# )diting  Cut( Cop% and Paste operations@ formu!a( formu !a( transpose ro* and co!umn@ .i!! series in co!umns e"" seria! num$ers@ num$ers@ #ata sortin and su$tota!s" F# Printing Pae set up@ Print Previe*@ settin print area( settin pae tit!e = ro*s to repeat at

top or co!umns to repeat at !eft@ +# (ata Analysis  Ca!cu!ation usin formu!a paste function 8f)/ = statistica! formu!a for 

ca!cu!atin mean( median( ca!cu!atin median( mode( Corre!ation( Corre!ation( etc@ #ata Ana!%sis Ana!%sis = simp!e reression reression and t va!ues /#$earningBasicFunctionsofPowerPoint A# Creating 0ew Presentation +!an& presentation or usin desin temp!ate@ Settin !a%out

 $% S!ide Master ie*@ ie*@ se!ectin s!ide $ac&round for tit!e s!ide and te)t s!ides@ Insertin s!ides( B# Formatting and *nserting  Insertin and de!etin s!ides( insertin s!ide num$ers( date@

.ontt and font .on font si1e( si1e( +u!!et +u!!etss and num$eri num$erin( n( a!i a!inm nments ents(( inserti insertin n Te) e)tt +o)( +o)( Inserti Insertin n Microsoft Word Word Ta$!e as Picture and editin Word Word Ta$!e@ Insert Movies and sounds@ Materia! = Computer App!ications C# Slide Slide S%ow S%ow ie* s!ide sho*( s!ide naviation for*ard and $ac&*ard( animatin s!ide sho*  Send to Word and Print Out!ine on!%" (# Printing Printing matters in Slides   Send 1#$earningBasicFunctionsofAccess A# Concept of 2elational (ata'ase Management System 32(BMS4 The art of $rea&in

do*n a !are data ta$!e into sma!!er ta$!es *ith fie!ds and uni0ue!% re!atin the ta$!es throuh  primar% fie!ds@ B# Creatin Creating g &a'les Creating Creating data ta'les of t%e data'ase data'ase  = Ta$ a$!e !e desin desin *ith fie!ds

8co!umn names/ and settin data t%pe and properties@ Settin one Primar% Be% .ie!d or  mu!tip!e mu!tip !e Primar% Be% .ie!ds@ .ie!ds@ savin ta$!e@ previe* ta$!e@ Esta$!ishin Esta$!ishin uni0ue re!ationship re!ationshipss


amon ta$!es@ t%pes of re!ationships = one to infinit%@ one to one@ Edit re!ationships = set referentia! interit%" C# (esigning 5ueries 'ased on &a'les (esigning simple 6uery   ne*   ne* 0uer%( sho* ta$!es

and add ta$!es@ se!ect 0uer% fie!ds( set 0uer% criterion@ parameter 0uer%@ save 0uer% 80uer% name/@ datasheet vie* of 0uer% resu!ts (# (esigning Forms 'ased on &a'les and 6ueries Form   Wi1ards for creatin Ta$u!ar  .orms( .or ms( Co!umn Co!umnar ar .orms@ .orms@ #ata #ata Entr% Entr% .orms( .orms( Ta$ stops stops and Ta$ order@ order@ fie!d fie!d proper properties ties@@

 printin Customised +i!!in .orms@ sin!e vie* and continuous vie*@ previe* of forms@ su$ forms@ forms as s*itch for enterin parameter va!ue of 0uer% criterion@ save form 8.orm name/ )# (esigning 2eports #esinin Reports of data = Report Header( .ooter( Pae Header( #ata

#etai!s( .ie!d 9ists( Te)t $o) $ound to fie!ds( 9a$e!s@ Te)t +o) properties@ various t%pes of  Reports

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